My Roommate Knocked Up My Girlfriend
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Like most people, I grew up believing that the trick to
getting ahead in life is to go to college and get an
education. Well, I got an education, all right, but it
wasn’t in any classroom. As it turned out, I learned
my biggest lesson right in my own damn apartment.

It was my senior year, and I had every intention of
making my last year of college a memorable one. My
best friend, Jim, and I had decided to find us an
apartment off campus. It wasn’t fancy, but it was
home, and we were cruising right along and having the
time of our lives.

Girls came and girls went, but it wasn’t until I met
Cindy that my life as a love-’em-and-leave-’em bachelor
came to a screeching halt. I’d met her at a party, and
I just knew right then and there that she was the girl
for me. Blonde hair, hazel-green eyes, a gorgeous face
and body, and a personality to match. I mean, Cindy
was the complete package.

Cindy and I just seemed to click, and we locked right
in on each other. Well, I locked in on her anyway.
She was a freshman and still adjusting to college life
and adjusting to being away from home for the very
first time. As far as I was concerned, she was just
too pretty to leave out there on the open market for
very long. Besides, it was my senior year and I wasn’t
going to waste it sitting on the sidelines waiting for
her to lock in on me the same way I was locked in on

So I really turned on the charm and made her my number
one priority. Before long, her and I were pretty much
inseparable. I was twenty-one and perpetually horny,
but when it came to sex with Cindy, I took it slow and
easy. She was still only eighteen, and she had been
brought up a strict Catholic, so, as you can imagine,
she was pretty old fashioned when it came to sex.

I worked on her though, and little by little she
started to respond. All in all, though, Cindy was
still really uptight about sex with me. Hell, in the
beginning, the closest she’d come to letting me fuck
her was a little heavy petting-and the few times I was
able to finesse her into jacking me off with her hand,
that was as far as she’d go.

I kept working on her, however, and eventually she gave
in and started letting me fuck her. Cindy was always
very careful about it, though, and she’d only let me
fuck her on certain days of the month. I’ve never been
thrilled about using condoms and due to her Catholic
upbringing Cindy didn’t want to use condoms at all.
Instead, she monitored her menstrual cycle and only
allowed me to fuck her on days she was “safe.”

So we had sex during those periods of time when she
wasn’t ovulating, and when she was ovulating she’d jack
me off with her hand. She was strictly against any
type of oral sex whatsoever, so it took quite a while
for us to finally cross that hurdle.

After a few months together, we had settled into a very
comfortable and fulfilling relationship. We were
definitely in love, and Cindy was spending more and
more time hanging out with me at the apartment.

She was a little bit shy around Jim, at first. But he
had a girlfriend too, and sometimes the four of us
doubled or just hung out together at the apartment, and
little by little she lost some of her shyness around

Linda, Jim’s girlfriend, sometimes paraded through the
apartment in just her panties and bra, or in just a
towel or maybe one of Jim’s sweatshirts. And before
long, Cindy was strutting around the apartment in her
underwear too. She was much less uptight and prudish
than she had been when we first started dating.
Everyone seemed to get along with everyone else, and we
were just one big happy family.

Well, at least we were until Jim and Linda had a fight
and broke up.

After the breakup, Jim dated another girl for a while,
but it didn’t seem to be going anywhere. One day, a
couple of weeks or so after he and Linda broke up, Jim,
Cindy and I were hanging out at the apartment and
drinking some beer. Cindy preferred wine, because beer
always seemed to make her sleepy, but, anyway, she was
drinking beer with us that day because we were out of

I remember it like it was yesterday. Cindy and I were
on the sofa and Jim was stretched out in his trusty
beanbag chair. We were watching a “Star Trek” rerun
and lampooning the show. You know, shouting things
like, “Phasers on stun, Spock.” I mean, there’s
nothing like a few beers and a “Star Trek” rerun to
throw a couple of immature college guys into high gear.

Anyway, by the time “Star Trek” was over, Cindy had
nodded off, and, while Jim was surfing the channels for
something else to watch on the tube, I decided I’d
straighten up in the kitchen. A few minutes later I
came back into the living room and caught Jim staring
up at Cindy’s sleeping form on the couch.

“Forget it, buddy,” I grinned, naively assuming that
Jim was trying to check with Cindy about which TV
program she wanted to watch. “Just flip to any show
you want to see. Cindy’s out like a light.” I grabbed
up our empty beer cans and headed for the john,
dropping the empties in the trash on my way.

I couldn’t have been gone for more than two or three
minutes, and as I came back down the hall to the living
room I stopped short and stared in disbelief. The room
was dark, except for the flicker from the TV screen,
but it was light enough to see that Jim was kneeling in
front of Cindy with his back to me. It was obvious
that she was still passed out from the beer. Jim had
her legs apart, her skirt was pushed up to her crotch
and he had his hands on (or in) her panties. I mean,
even in the dim light I could see her white panties,
but Jim was blocking my line of sight enough that I
couldn’t quite make out what he was doing to Cindy.

As unbelievable as it might sound, I didn’t quite know
what to do, but I just knew I had to do something-and
quickly! I sneaked back down the hall and then called
out to Jim, asking him if he wanted anything from the
kitchen. Jim didn’t answer me, so I stalled for a few
more seconds and then started toward the living room.
By the time I got there, Jim was back in his chair, and
Cindy’s skirt was back in place.

I asked him why he hadn’t answered me and he said he
hadn’t heard me call, that he must’ve been dozing off.
Well, I was furious, and I wanted to call his bluff and
tell him straight to his face that I had seen what he
was up to…but I didn’t. Instead, I sat back down on
the sofa, next to Cindy, and stared blankly at the TV
screen, trying to come to grips with what had just

It took me a while to sort it all out, but little by
little I went from feeling angry to feeling curious and
even a little aroused by what I’d seen. After all,
Cindy was a very attractive girl, and the more I
thought about it the more I came to the conclusion
that, if I was Jim and I’d found myself in the same
situation, I’d have probably done just about the same.

The more I turned the incident over in my mind, the
hornier I became. Then I did something really

While Jim was in the bathroom I adjusted the blinds
just enough to ensure I could peek into the living room
from outside. Then I went into the kitchen and hid the
few cans of beer we still had on hand. When Jim
returned I shrugged and told my roommate that I was
still thirsty and was going out for more beer.

“See ya in a quick fifteen or so, buddy,” I called as I
headed for the door.

My plan was perfect-or so I thought when I concocted
it. I drove around the block, parked and jogged back
to the apartment, circling around to my vantage point,
peering through the crack living room curtains.

Apparently my roommate hadn’t wasted any time. By the
time I’d taken up my position at the window, I could
see that he had shifted her hips forward on the sofa
and had already removed her panties. From the
flickering light of the TV I could see her panties on
the floor by her feet. Jim was kneeling between her
thighs and he appeared to be working his tongue up and
down her slit. Hell, each time I’d tried to go down on
her, she would always stop me-and now my damn roommate
was beating me to the punch. But got it mad me hot to
see him working on her pussy like that.

I saw him work his finger into her cunt and then go to
work on her with his tongue again. He repeated this
twice more, and that’s when I realized he was trying to
get her wet enough with his mouth to get his cock into

This might sound stupid, but it still hadn’t dawned on
me that he’d take this all the way. I was absolutely
dumbstruck. On the one hand, I wanted to scramble back
around to the front door and make enough noise to let
him know the party was over, but, on the other hand, I
kept expecting that he’d gone as far as he was going to
go and that he’d stop any second. And I really was
enjoying this little trip into voyeurism.

Well, while I was just standing there like a damn fool,
waiting for him to stop, he was busy stripping off his
jeans and shifting into position to jamb his cock into
my girlfriend’s cunt. My mind was racing, trying to
decide if I had time to make it back to my car and then
back to the apartment before Jim could get his cock
into Cindy.

Once again I convinced myself that he would stop any
second. Maybe he just wanted to see what it felt like
to pump his cock into Cindy’s cunt a couple of times, I
rationalized. Just a few strokes, maybe. In any case,
Jim was being very gentle, slow and easy as he started
to fuck her, hoping, I’m sure, that she’d just sleep
right through the whole thing.

Jim was well aware that Cindy was a notoriously heavy
sleeper anyway, and alcohol (especially beer) just
seemed to make her even sleepier. He humped her a few
times with those slow, gentle strokes and then stopped.
I thought he was going to pull out, but, instead, he
grasped her hips and starting humping her again, and
then he stopped again. Finally, he started humping her
again, but this time the strokes were shorter and
quicker. I waited for him to stop, but he didn’t this
time. Moments later, I saw his body tense and he threw
his head back, and I knew he was shooting his load into
my girlfriend’s unprotected, fertile womb.

I gazed at the spectacle before me, transfixed and
suddenly feeling sick to my stomach. My roommate had
just fucked my girlfriend and shot his sperm into her
womb at the time of the month when Cindy was ovulating.
And the worst part of it was that I’m the one who had
set the whole thing up in the first place, and then I
just stood there and watched him do it. I could’ve
done something…should’ve done something. But I’d
done nothing but stand there and watch it happen.

Meanwhile, he pumped her a few more times, then
withdrew. After a moment or two he reached between her
legs and felt inside her cunt. He paused, looked
around, and then plucked his underwear off the floor
and used them to wipe at her cunt. Then he stood up,
checked his watch and quickly pulled on his jeans.
Almost as an afterthought, he wiped Cindy’s cunt once
again with his underwear and then hid them under the
sofa cushion.

I watched as Jim put Cindy’s panties back on her, and
then I backed away from the window and ran for my car.
I drove straight back to the house, trying to collect
my thoughts and regain my composure.

“Hey, buddy boy, where’s the beer?” he chirped.

“Oh, uh…I-I left my wallet on the dresser,” I

“Well, never mind,” he shrugged. “Pull up a seat.
Boris Karloff’s on, man.”

As I sat there watching the movie, and looking over at
poor Cindy. She was fucked. And…so was I. She was
my girlfriend and I loved her. But now, thanks to me,
there was another man’s sperm flooding into her fertile
womb. She was a devout Catholic, so abortion certainly
was not an option.

My only hope was that Jim hadn’t knocked her up. Later
that same night, after I’d put Cindy to bed, I
undressed her and noticed a small telltale wet spot on
her panties, and I noticed that her pussy was still
slick with his spunk. I felt a twinge of panic and
then that queasy feeling again in the pit of my

The next few weeks were pure hell, but even worse than
the waiting was when she broke down and told me she had
missed her period. She was ashamed and humiliated,
and, needless to say, things went downhill in a hurry
after that.

However, our relationship held together and weathered
the storm. I loved her, and I was sure as hell
responsible for her being pregnant- even if indirectly-
so, I had very little alternative except, of course, to
marry her.

Cindy looked absolutely stunning in her white lace-
wedding gown, and, unless someone happened to be among
the select few who were privy to the fact that Cindy
was pregnant, they’d have never suspected that my
beautiful bride-to-be was, in fact, with child.

And, believe it or not, the friendship between Jim and
me endured the ordeal. In fact, Jim was the best man
at my wedding. To be honest, I don’t think he
deliberately tried to knock Cindy up. At least that’s
what I’d like to believe.

In any case, Cindy and I couldn’t have ever hoped to
have a more gorgeous and adorable little baby girl than
the one Jim planted in Cindy’s womb that fateful night.
In Cindy’s eyes, I’m a hero and she thinks I’m
wonderful for having given her the most beautiful baby
in the world. And Jim…well, he was smart enough to
keep his mouth shut and not take any bows for having
fathered our baby.

Hey, maybe Jim doesn’t even know for sure that he’s the
one who knocked Cindy up. But, in any case, the dude
sure wasn’t foolish enough to risk rape charges and a
paternity suit by saying anything to anyone about it.
So, in the end, Jim got the honor of knocking Cindy up,
and I got Cindy’s undying love.

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