Waiting for my wife
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When I started this story I was sitting at my computer waiting for my wife to come home. A few months ago we met a couple for some swinging times it went well for the both of us but the other woman I will call Karen had already had a steady fuck buddy. This left her husband I will call Ken kinda out of it, my wife feeling sorry for Ken asked me if I would mind if he joined us for a three some. Since I had already met ken and he had already fucked my wife I said sure and we had several three some’s after that. Now tonight my wife is at Kens house and I am patiently waiting for her return and know when she gets back she will have a pussy full of cum and wanting my cock to finish her off. Ken is younger that us he is 30 yrs old as me and my wife are in our 50’s and since he is in the prime of his life he can cum several times and gets hard quick.Heu00a0 has a small cock about 5 and a half inches and average thickness but cums a lot , he has a nice body and is pleasant to be around and is very appreciative for having my wife to have sex with. He is respectable, clean cut and has good hygiene . when we first started playing my wife insisted in always using condoms but the first time we had a three some we did a double vagina and my cock being much bigger pushed his condom off not knowing and he came in side her . It was so much hotter fucking her with his cum in her that after that we didn’t use them with him so that’s why I know her pussy will be dripping when she comes home.
While I am waiting for her I look back at some of the photo’s we took the last time he was here, it always makes me hard looking and remembering that evening. It turns me on watching her kiss him and them making out , the way he fondles her small breasts and sucks her nipples getting them hard. Hearing her moan with pleasure when he reaches between he legs and finger fucks her all the time she is pulling on his cock . I sit back on the bed watching them and stroking my cock as he says her on her back and get into a 69 position getting a good look as she takes his small cock all the way in her mouth .Her hips rising off the bed as he ferociously bury’s his face into her pussy and the sounds they are making gets me super hard .
I know tonight is going to be more exciting since today she shaved her pussy I can envision seeing him pull his face away dripping in cum , she’s not a squirter but her pussy gets real juicy when she is excited. I can imagine his cock plunging in and out of her cum covered and glistening and the sounds of their pelvic area slapping together. She has been gone now for about three hours which is the norm for them so I will Finnish this tomorrow and tell you how it went .
My wife usually gives me all the details when she gets home since I normally take an hour to cum she knows by being graphic about what went down I will blow my load even quicker. Well last night went well, My wife woke me up when she climbed in be naked and smelling of sex and when she put her thigh over mine in bed I could feel just how wet her pussy was.As she kissed me her had was rubbing my cock not surprised I was hard as a rock . She began to tell me the details of what they did , she said he went nuts when he found her shaved pussy and was licking her pussy all over including the mound above it she didn’t get a chance to even touch his cock for almost a half hour and even then she had to beg him to stop. she said she had three orgasms by him just eating her.When he came up to her mouth to kiss her his cock slid right into her wet hole and with in minutes he was cumming flooding her pussy .She said she never seen him so turned on and his cock didn’t get soft he rolled her over and they fucked doggy style for another half hour or so. before she made him pull out so she could get a break by sucking his cock.She said she had at least three more orgasms and her pussy was starting to get sore. As she sucked his cock she said she had to get up off the bed so he would keep his hands off her dripping pussy to give it a rest.She said she kept getting him to the edge of cumming each time she felt him him tense up she would slide up and make out with him until he had calmed down.She gives good blow jobs but never swallows she can be a tease like that but this time was different she said after getting him to the edge he grabbed her head and held her tight as he blew his load deep in her throat. She said she had to swallow but since it was way in the back of her mouth she didn’t taste it so it wasn’t that bad. She said they laid there and fell asleep until she was waken up by his wife getting into bed startling her a bit but since they knew each other it didn’t bother her. My wife and started sucking and playing with his cock until ken woke up then karen climbed up on kens face and started grinding her pussy my wife rode his cock until he blew another load in her then got up and got dressed and said good bye. She said she knew I was going to want her pussy dripping with cum and with that I rolled her over and slid my cock deep into her. with in three minutes I was cumming. we laid there making out until my cock slid out and said good night. she also promised that she would give me a blow job and swallow some time soon

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