Taboo fantasies
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I could hear the water running. I knew that my father was taking a shower,
and I stood there outside the door, fingering myself, imagining what his hot
cock looked like as he soaped it and stroked it. I wanted so much to just
open the door and walk in and fall on my knees and put his cock in my mouth.
I wondered what he would do. He would be shocked, for sure, but would he
enjoyit, or would he feel bad, knowing that his daughter wanted his hot
cock? I looked with anticipation for the keyhole, or some other way to look
in the bathroom. There was nothing. I reached out and touched the doorknob
and turned it. The door wasn’t locked. It opened noiselessly. Hot, moist air
floated out of the bathroom as I stood there in the door way, looking at the
moving form behind the frosted glass of the shower stall. I could see him,
moving around, a dark blotch of hair on his head and another at his groin.
His pubic hair. I could feel myself tingle with excitement, thinking about
it, looking at it. I moved quickly and took off my clothes. Reaching
forward, I opened the shower door all at once, standing there naked in front
of my father. I looked at his naked body, taking in the sight of his
semi-hard cock, the black pubic hair wet and clinging to hisbody. He didn’t
say a word, didn’t cringe, didn’t cover himself. There was a look of shock
on his face. His mouth hung open and he raised his eyebrows. He opened his
mouth as if to say something, and then he looked at me, at my tits, and then
at my pussy. I stared at his growing cock and licked my lips. I reached in
and took the soap from his hands, and then stepped into the shower stall
with him. I ran the soap over my hands, and then reached down and rubbed the
soap on his cock. I wrapped my fingers around it, and I could feel it grow
as I slowly stroked his cock. Within a few seconds, he had a full-blown
erection, throbbing and hot. “Oh, Melissa,” he said. “Let me wash that for
you,” I said with a big smile. “Let me washthat hard cock.” I stroked him
faster and faster, and I saw his hand dart out and touch one of my hard
nipples. He ran his finger around and around it. The feel of his touch was
terribly exciting. I closed my eyes for a second, enjoying the thrill of my
father playing with my nipples. I ran my hand further down, getting soap on
my father’s balls. I took the bar of soap and ranit all over his balls,
working up a lot of lather in his hair. Ipushed the soap further back, and
built up a lather around his asshole as he pinched first one of my nipples
and then the other.Then, I let the jet of water wash the soap away from his
stiffprick and hairy balls. He stood under the spray of water, not moving
his eyes from my naked body. I fell on my knees in front of himand grasped
his cock at the base. I leaned forward and stuck out mytongue, licking the
head of his hard cock. “Melissa, that feels so good. Suck my cock, suck
it!”I took it into my mouth, running my tongue around and around thehead of
it, tasting the salty pre-cum on my tongue. I took it all the way into my
mouth, sucking on it hard as he stood there andmoaned. I pulled it out of my
mouth and licked it all the way down theshaft, to his hairy balls. I scooped
his balls into my hands and pressed them against my lips, licking and
sucking them to criesof ecstasy from my father. I licked each one, sucked
each one into my mouth and ran my tongue around on it. Then I kept his balls
cupped in one hand as I returned to his hard cock. I took it back into my
mouth and sucked on it hard. I could feel his knees get weak as I held onto
his balls. I moved my mouth faster and faster, and his legs began to shake.
His stomach protruded outward, and he moaned as he shot hot cum into my
mouth. His cock jerked again and again, and my mouth was filled with the
flavor of my father’s saltycum. I pushed my mouth down on it, trying to get
his cock all the wayto the back of my throat. I swallowed his cum, loving
the taste and the feel of his hot cumrunning down my throat. I kept my mouth
on his hard cock, and he didn’t go soft. He just stood there, his eyes
closed, his cock in my mouth. I sucked on it until I could feel that there
was no more cum, and I let my tongueswirl around and around his cock. I
released his dick and stood in front of him. Then, I turnedaround and bent
over. “Fuck me, Daddy,” I said. “Put your dick in my cunt. I’ve wantedyou to
fuck me for a long time.”He pressed against me, and I could feel his hard
cock pressagainst my cunt. Then, he was inside me, and he wrapped his arms
around me and fondled my titties as he pushed into me all the way.He began
thrusting faster and faster, and I felt myself filledwith my father’s hard
cock. I could feel his balls against my pussy as he thrust forward. His
pubic hair was thrust against myasshole as he pushed forward again and
again.”Fuck me, Dad,” I said. “Fuck me faster!”He began moving in earnest
then, his balls slamming against me ashe thrust forward. I could feel myself
getting ready to cum, and I knew that he was going to cum again, soon. I
bent furtherover, giving him greater access to my cunt. Then, my stomach
jerked and my legs became weak as I felt his hardcock in me, and I shivered
and moaned as I came with my father’s cock buried deep inside me. Then, I
could feel his cock jerk again, and he actually shouted”Fuck!” as he shot
another load of cum into me. I could feel my pussy fill with his cum, and as
he kept stroking in and out of me, I could feel it run out of my pussy and
down my leg. We stopped moving, and he held on to me tightlyas he stabbed me
with his dick, and it jerked for the last time,sending another load of hot
cum into me. We held that position for a few minutes, and then he pulled
away. He reached out and spun me around, looking me in the eyes. “What the
hell brought all this on, Melissa?”I looked down at his still-hard cock,
then back up into his eyes. “I’ve wanted you for a long time, Dad, ever
since I graduated from high school. I never had the nerve to do or say
anything, though.”He pulled me to him and hugged me. Feeling his hard body
pressagainst mine began to turn me on again, and I smiled, pushing him away.
We continued soaping one another, and finally, we rinsed off. Dadtook me and
spread my legs, letting the stream of water clean my soapy, cum-filled
pussy. He bent down and began licking my pussy, moving his tongue up anddown
both sides of my swollen lips. I lifted one leg and hung it over his
shoulders, giving him better access to my hot hole.It wasn’t long before my
knees shook, and I began to cum, myfather’s tongue buried deep in my cunt.
We never shower alone now.

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