Sissy stories – How about me?
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Paul and I were just sitting there as usual on a Friday night getting high, Paul filling me in on the chicks he saw at the pool that day. Listening to him describe their boobs, explaining the subtle differences between their mounds, “a bikini doesn’t cover much and they lie face down ass up, legs spread to tan evenly…” Paul said. I tried sooooo hard to seem interested, it just wasn’t doing anything for me, but….. when he started a video with girls getting fucked and sucking cock…well…uh..that got my attention. Next Paul started giving a blow by blow (parden the pun) commentary in a sportscaster manner howling “yes, yes, it’s gonna go all the way”. The girl sucking cock took about 2/3 of it, gagged and stopped, I blurted out “girl that’s not how you suck a cock” quickly laughing it off hoping Paul didn’t ask me how I knew. Now Paul really details out what he would do with a girl, if only he had one, now I was turned on.

OK…rewind, need a little back story here…I started crossdressing when I was about 10, always private I never told anyone and never got caught. Over time I got deeper and deeper into it, partly because of the excitement it gave me and partly because I didn’t seem to have any luck with the girls. When I turned 18 I moved 2 states away and started doing website creation and support. This was perfect allowing me to work from home only dealing with customers via email and the occasional video conference. Finally my own place, where nobody knew me, it was time to go all out. The very first night I removed all my body hair and put on panties and a bra I had bought for the occasion. It was easy to conceal my hairlessness except for my lower arm so I either wore a long sleeve shirt or jacket (thank goodness for cool weather). Still no one knew my secret. Next I started taking photos (no facials) wearing sexy outfits, moving quickly to close up nudes. I loved being smooth as a baby, my small tits looked cute in a tight halter top plus when my nips got hard you could not miss them. Once I was applying hair remover to my penis and discovered my ball slipped into my body so I tucked my small penis backwards between my ass cheeks, “wow that looks like a real vagina” I thought. Fascinated I took some photos of my new found pussy …a After that, almost every night found me getting REALLY stoned while watching tutorials on makeup, sissy hypno or crossdresser porn, taking more pictures (never any facials) but everything else was feminine gender never showing my little bitty clitty. So this had been my life since moving into this apartment complex, purposely not making any friends or having unplanned visitors I settled in to this dual life. Content with fantasy and toys (oh yes I had toys) I accepted being alone until I met Paul.

Paul had a good buzz and really got into the video, cheering it on like a ball game…lol..when all of the sudden he looked at me and said “if I could only find a chick to party with once in a while, then go back to hanging with you”. “I know to have her for the fun stuff you gotta give up other things you like, to bad you can’t be friends and party when you feel like it” I added. Then I ask ” so any girl would do. I opened my phone and brought up some pics some pussy shots, nipples, ass and some in clothes you know short skirts and such. “Will she do” I asked. “Well she is kinda flat chested but I don’t care, fuck yes she will do” he replied. At a crossroad now I had to decide if I should invite Becky over to meet Paul, or should I say for Paul to “meat” Paul told me to call her and ask her to come hang out. “You do realize I only know her from work and never seen her in person only on video chat so all I know is what I have heard” I answered quickly….”tick tock do you want that cock” a voice in my head chanted. I stood up and headed for the door before I could change my mind. Where are you going was the last thing I heard as I closed the door and huurried to my apartment down the hall.

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