A couple discovers the joys of swinging and take full advantage of their opportunities
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For the benefit of those who didn’t read stories one
and two I’ll repeat that Sue is petite at 5’4″ 115lbs.
34B, with a nice waist and curvy hips. She has very
light brown hair and green eyes. She is very good
natured and laughs a lot. Whenever we go somewhere men
notice her cute face, then her nice ass. During the
events I related in the earlier stories, I found that
sexually Sue was quite submissive and was willing to do
anything I asked of her. When we talked about our
experiences we would get hot and have great sex. Sue
told me she liked being nasty and letting Jim and
Dennis fuck her.

In the few weeks and big experience we had known Dennis
he must have figured out that Sue was submissive for
himself. A few days after our big sex party Sue told
me Dennis had come over during the day. I was quite
surprised as he hadn’t said anything about it at work.

She said he told her “They needed to talk.”

I jumped in and asked her “Did he fuck you?

“Well, yes, I hope you’re not mad. I didn’t know what
to do” She sighed.

I was both upset and excited, upset that she had done
it on her own and excited she had been fucked, so I
just listened as she told me what had happened.

He told her he had a girlfriend for making love to,
what we had done was not make love but sex and fucking,

She said “yes.”

He told her he liked the fucking, and they both wanted

He told her he wanted to keep it simple, just come over
for a fuck once in awhile, no mess or fuss, “do you

She told him “I understand that.”

He next said “do you want it?”

Sue asked him “do you mean right Now?.”

His reply was yes, right now. She was a little worried
at this point and told him she should talk to Jess

Dennis put it to her again and said “do you want it or
don’t you.”

By now I had a huge bulge in my pants and Sue was
looking at it and I could tell she was relived to see
it. I told her I was hot and to go on and tell me the
rest of what happened.

“Well” she said, “I told him, yes I want it”

He then told her to pull down her panties. At this
point I had to feel her pussy to see what condition it
was in, it was wet but not all sticky and she told me
she had showered afterwards.

“Damn”, tell me what happened.

“Okay, after I removed my panties, he bent me over the
couch and lifted my sundress up over my back and he put
it in, I spread my legs and was all wet and he just put
it in straight away.”

I asked her if it felt good and she said “oh yeah, real
good, he fucked me sinfully”. “Your not mad?” she
wanted to know.

“No its okay” I told her, “what happened next?” He had
fucked her like that for five or ten minutes, she
didn’t know how long, and when he was ready to cum he
had pulled her off the couch like a rag doll and stayed
jammed into her while he unloaded his cum in her. After
letting her back down to the couch he asked her if she
liked that.

Sue told him “yes, your cock is magnificent, I’ve never
had anything so good.”

Dennis said “good, then I’ll come around and give you
some more from time to time” and then he left.

I was really excited now and told Sue to get her
panties off and bend over the couch with her legs
spread. I pulled her one piece up under her arms and
put my dick at the entrance of her pussy, rubbing it
around and feeling she was already very wet. After
pushing into her I could feel she wasn’t that loose,
just wet, and I asked her if Dennis had fucked her

“Yes” she said, “almost too hard, but it was good, he
fucked me really hard and my pussy is a little

I eased back and looked, I could see her pussy lips
were puffy and it was making her pussy a bit snug.
While I was gently moving in and out of Sue, she
started telling me he had come over and used her, just
fucked her silly and left.

She said it was alright, she liked getting fucked and
asked, “Is that okay with you?”

I gave her a liquid answer as I pumped the second load
into her pussy that day.

Once in awhile Dennis would come over at work with a
big smile and tell me, “Jess, you like that sloppy
pussy, you can go home and get some right now.”

He would chuckle and I knew he had been over at the
house fucking Sue with his horse cock. If things were
slow enough at work I got right home and had some of
those sloppy seconds from my young wife. Whether he had
been with her for ten minutes or an hour, she seemed to
love it. I had witnessed the first shagging he had
given her, her small tities bouncing around as he
deftly stroked her pussy.

It had been unnerving to hear her, “Oh god, it feels so
good” and “I’ve never had anything like this, I love
your cock Dennis.”

A few weeks before Dennis was transferred to the bigger
city near us with the company he had a friend visit him
from there. He must have talked to this guy because he
wanted to fuck this woman that just let Dennis come
over for a fuck whenever he wanted one. Dennis had told
him she was really cute and petite and did what ever he
wanted. Dennis called my wife and told her he was
sending this guy over for a fuck. At first she
refused, but Dennis said just this one time as a favor,
it was just a fuck, and hadn’t he been good to her?
Giving her what she wanted? And that he would still be
only an hour away in the future. I think that is the
part that got to her and she relented and asked if he
was cute? Soon he was on his way to get fucked by my
bride. Later that day Dennis came over to my
department and said he didn’t have time to get over to
my house today but he had sent his friend and
introduced him to me. The guy popped off it was the
greatest fuck he had ever had.

Dennis could see I was upset and said “relax, it was
just a little fuck, you know she likes it, heck, you
like it.”

As I was leaving the guy was saying, “hope to see you
again Jess.”

The short drive home seem long and I was worried.

Sue met me at door and started telling what had
happened, “he made me do it Jess,” she was worried too.

Apparently he hadn’t left that long ago as Sue was
still a mess.

I didn’t want her to worry so I told her “its alright,
Dennis told me he sent the guy over. I am not happy
about it so I hope it was good.”
Sue smiled, glad it was okay and said “He was too rough
but it was a good fuck”. She went on “He wanted a blow
job and he came pretty quick, but by then I was
thinking he was pretty cute so I kept sucking him so he
stayed hard. His cock is uncut and the foreskin slides
a long way over the tip and back.”

I could see she had enjoyed herself. From what she
said he had fucked her on the couch, on the floor and
had her get on the counter so he could do her there. He
must have listened well to Dennis and gone all out,
doing whatever he could dream up. He had told her he
was fucking a slut and she said she had mixed feelings
about that, when he was fucking her it made hot and
feel nasty, later she thought she didn’t want to be
known as a slut.

Then she told me the big one, he had fucked her in the
ass, he just pulled out of her pussy while on top of
her and pushed his cock right in her ass.

She said “it just slipped in, it didn’t hurt much and
soon it felt really good.”

Hot damn, I hadn’t even fucked Sue there, I reached for
her pussy and found she didn’t have on any underwear,
her pussy and bush was soaked. I had to know so I stuck
a finger in her ass and it slid right in, then I tried
two fingers, still no problem. I couldn’t wait so I
took her to the couch and set her on the edge, she drew
her knees up and spread her legs far apart like she
knows I like. Her bush was all matted and soaking with
juice and cum, it was heaven to stick my dick in her
cunt. After a few strokes I pulled my saturated dick
out of her pussy and placed it at the opening of her

As I pushed forward it popped right in but Sue was
making some noises that it hurt so I remained still and
she said “that’s better, I think you are bigger than he

Soon Sue moved her butt around and I knew she was
comfortable and I started fucking her ass pretty good,
it was tight and wet and I was filling it with my load
as she told me how good it felt.

The next day Dennis came over and said he was sorry if
it had upset me, but it was just a great gift to give
his friend, who really had enjoyed it. He asked how
Sue had liked it in the ass.

“Pretty good,” I replied, “I gave it to her again last
night. Don’t try to put that monster in her ass
Dennis, it won’t fit.” Dennis was soon transferred but
not before he had gotten over to the house for a few
more fucks.

Sometimes, I think, Sue misses him.

This was our third experience, but there are many more.

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