Swinging gone to the dogs
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Amy’s pussy was soaking wet from being eaten out by our three year old golden retriever, Bella. Usually, at this point, Bella’s pussy was also dripping with my cum and I was recouperating for round two with my beautiful, petite, dark-haired, blue eyed wife but this time was different. Tomorrow we were going to embark on a kinky journey that would take us well outside the bedroom and expand our horizons like nothing ever before. We’d started swinging with Tom and Jenna a few months back and during a get-together last weekend, Jenna suggested to Amy that they should trade husbands for an extended period of time. Amy was quick to agree because Tom had a larger cock than I did and she loved how rough he got with her. After Tom fucked her raw on the weekends, she’d come home to me, too sore for sex and give me a handjob while she told me how hard he banged her pussy and slapped her ass, how he treated her like the little slut she was. It didn’t take much of Amy telling me how Tom fucked her before I was spraying cum on Bella’s muzzle and letting her lick me clean.

We all talked about how much of an extended time we wanted to spend swapped and the details of how we’d go about it and came to the conclusion that we’d swap everything for a year. Tom would move into my house, drive my car, wear my clothes, own my dog, Bella, and of course, fuck my wife, Amy. I would move into his house, drive his pickup, wear his clothes, own his german shepherd, Max, and fuck his blond haired, hazal eyed wife, Jenna. We all agreed to continue meeting up once a week for drinks and to share stories and pictures of how things were going but neither of us would have sex with our own wives until the swap ended.

“Put this condom on, Mark!” Amy yelled at me amidst a series of moans and gasps as our dog brought her to orgasim with her long, pink tongue. “I want you to feel my pussy one last time before my new husband moves in tomorrow and owns me like a real man.” I hastily slipped the condom over my throbbing shaft and made my way between her and Bella. I held Amy’s legs high in the air and plunged my dick into my wife’s dripping wet cunt, thrusting like it was my last time, ever. Bella eagerly started lapping at my balls and then running her tongue inside my wife’s twat, underneath my dick. I exploded instantly and the three of us passed out in a haze of lust and fantasy of what was to come.

The next day, I woke up to Tom knocking on the door and quickly made a last minute bet with Amy about how far we could corrupt Tom and Jenna during our year swap. They didn’t know that we had sex with Bella, our dog and I bet Amy that she couldn’t get Tom to fuck her like I did. Likewise, Amy bet me that I couldn’t get Jenna to fuck Max, their german shepherd. It was a deal. Bella ran to the door to greet her new master and Amy followed close behind, scantly clad in a pajama top with no bottoms. I waved to Tom as I made my way out and could hear Amy moan and scream his name before I even made it down the street.

Jenna greeted me with a smile and Max with a wagging tail as I walked into Tom’s house and sat down to the kitchen Table. Jenna had made me breakfast and coffee and after a few minutes, a full stomach and some light conversation, my awkward feelings went away. I made my way out to the pool and laid out to work on my tan when shortly after I was followed by Jenna in a bikini. My jaw dropped as she walked by and bent over to pick up Max’s tennis balls. My mind raced to pervy thoughts as I drifted off to nap, the warm sun on my skin and a throbbing boner in my shorts.

Chapter 2 – Week One

I woke up to find my shorts pulled down around my knees with Jenna giving me what was undoubtedly one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had. I grabbed Tom’s cell phone to take pics and video before brushing her hair back and guided her head gently, up and down on my cock until my balls screamed for release. I then motioned her to stand up and turn around and pulled her back down onto my lap in reverse-cowgirl position while I pulled her bikini to the side and slid my cock deep into her pussy. The thought of neighbors possibly catching a glimpse through the privacy fence must have made her hot because her pussy was wetter than I’ve felt it before. She moaned and dug her fingers into my leg as she rode with skill and experience, her hips gliding back and forth without effort, her big, juicy butt wiggling in front of me. Jenna was a little chubby, more so than Amy. It was cute and gave her some awesome curves. I made a joke about how sexy she would look if she were pregnant. “A lot could happen within a year, Mark” she said, looking back and grinning at me while I lost control and slammed into her, filling her cunt with my seed.

After fucking Jenna out by the pool, I went for a swim and then decided it was time to find the lawnmower and cut Tom’s grass. Jenna and I spent some time with Max that evening, she taught me his basic obedience commands and I thought of teaching him some of my own but that would have to wait for later. The three of us went for a walk in the park and then came home, my new home with my new wife and new dog, Jenna cooked dinner and we all settled in for the night. Jenna and I fucked again that night, missionary style, in her and Tom’s bed. I set the alarm clock so I wouldn’t be late for work and we faded off to sleep.

The next morning, Jenna fixed me a cup of coffee, made my lunch and kissed me goodbye before I headed off to work. while Tom and I had swapped everything else, the one thing we couldn’t swap was jobs. In my spare time, that day, I couldn’t stop thinking about what kinky things Jenna and I would get into in the coming year, nor could I stop thinking about how Tom was probably fucking my wife, Amy until she could no longer walk. I wondered where we would all wind up at the end of this year and if we’d choose to go back to our normal lives or wish to remain swapped. At lunch time, I got a few messages from Tom, pictures of his 11″ dick inside my wife on our kitchen counter and of her bent over our sofa with her pussy dripping his seed. I sent pictures back of Jenna’s mouth full of my cock and her beautiful ass riding me out by the pool.

As the week went on, we all gained a lot to talk about and photos/video to share once we met up with each other on the weekend. Saturday night eventually rolled around and we met up for drinks and to share each other’s kinky stories. Jenna revealed that she was curious to explore the risk of getting caught and how excited it made her to fuck me outside. Amy talked about how her pussy felt so stretched and how she wanted to take Tom’s 11″ cock in her ass next. We exchanged pictures and videos, laughs and stories before heading back to our new homes to fuck out new wives only Jenna and I didn’t wait until we got home. As soon as we left the bar, Jenna told me she wanted me to pull into an alley and fuck her on the hood of Tom’s truck which I egarly met her request. She became much more vocal this time, moaning loudly and screaming when she came on my dick. I grabbed her thick, juicy hips and pulled her onto me, burying myself deep within her folds as I filled her.

Back at my house, Amy tore off her clothes as soon as she walked through the door and started begging Tom to stuff his huge meat up her ass, She called Bella over to lick her as she lay in doggie position, in our bed. Tom seemed a little surprised at first but made no protest as our beautiful golden retreiver bitch went to work on my wife, her tongue darting in and out of Amy’s sweet cunt, occasionally pulling out and giving a lick to Amy’s ass. This excitement made Bella horny and her puffy dog pussy started to drip and demand attention. She stopped licking Amy and looked back at Tom, her tail raised high to expose her furry sex. Tom hesitated to say anything for a minute, a look of shock on his face before Amy interrupted. “Tom, baby, if you want to fuck my ass you’re going to have to get your dick wet, first and Bella here has just the thing for you. Just imagine how hot it’ll be to show Mark next week that you fucked BOTH of his bitches instead of just one” she said with a grin.

Tom stammered for a minute, his mind reeling at the thought that Amy had just planted in it. Before he could oppose, Amy turned around and started sucking his dick and massaging his balls, she called Bella to him and guided his behemouth member right into my golden retriever’s hot, tight pussy. Tom let out a grunt and Bella wagged as Amy petted her and told her she was a good girl. Amy took Tom’s hands and guided them to my dog’s hips, motioning for him to thrust and claim his new dog as his bitch. Tom obliged and began to fuck Bella’s tight twat. She barked happily a few times, looked back at him and began panting heavily. Bella had never had that much dick inside her pussy before, either and she must have loved it just as much as Amy did. Once Tom brought Bella to climax, she spun around and slathered his dick with her tongue before curling up on a corner of the bed and licking herself.

Amy was already back in position and begging Tom to fuck her ass. He grabbed my wife and pulled her onto him, pressing his giant cock head against her anus and then inside. Amy gasped and cried a little at first but as Tom began to fuck and as Amy stretched, her cries turned to screams of pleasure. Tom smacked her on the ass, leaving welts and pulled her hair, his huge balls slapping against her clit as he buried himself in my wife’s tight ass. Bella had finished licking herself and decided to nose her way under, between Tom and Amy’s legs so she could lick his balls and eat my wife’s pussy while she took Tom’s dick up her ass. The feeling of Bella’s tongue, Amy’s tight ass and the thought of what he’d done with my dog, his new dog now, sent Tom overboard and he filled Amy’s ass with his cum.

Later that week, Amy sent me pictures of Tom’s massive cock inside my sweet Bella’s pussy and I about came in my pants at work when I recieved them. Both of my batutiful girls were being fucked until their hearts were content by Tom’s 11″ dick. The look on Bella’s face was priceless. She looked even happier than when I gave her bacon treats! I wondered if she’d even want my dick again after this year was done. What if Tom spoiled both of my bitches beyond the point I could reclaim either of them? That night, I went back to Tom’s home horny as hell. As soon as I walked through the door, I began groping and teasing Jenna, I had an idea…

I suggested we go for a walk in the park after getting her revved up and we did, the thought of having sex in a public place in broad daylight set Jenna’s pussy on fire. We decided to leave Max at home this time but he would have plenty of oppertunity, later and Jenna more than made it up to him. Once we were on the walking trail, Jenna and I began looking for a good place to fuck that was just secluded enough to keep up out of sight but not so far away that we couldn’t hear people walking past us. It didn’t take long before we found just the spot and before I could even get my zipper down, Jenna was on her hands and knees, behind some thin bushes, with her summer dress pulled up, giving me full access. overcome by the lusty thoughts of Tom fucking Bella and Amy, I plunged my dick deep into Jenna’s pussy and fucked her for all I was work, grunting and groaning loudly. Jenna met my grunts with her own loud moans and we’re sure someone walking past must have heard us. She squealed and squirted as I came and in the midst of our climax, neither of us noticed or heard the bushes rustling behind us. Once our orgasims had subsided, Jenna gasped in shock at the large Rottweiler that had wandered up behind us and was now looking over her and I, curiously. He had a collar and tags but no leash attached so we knew his owner couldn’t be far behind him. He was a big boy, probably 110lbs or so with a massive sheath and I could see his knot growing just a bit at the smell of sex.

“Jenna, you want to do something REALLY risky?” I asked, quickly in the heat of the moment. Still lost in the haze of her orgasim and caught up in the thrill of what we were doing, Jenna nodded and moaned “Uhhh huh”. I hiked her rump back up in the air and took my position in front of Jenna, patting her on the ass to lure the rotty in to snif her dripping cunt. Jenna moaned and started to question what was about to happen just before the rotty began licking her, her moans of question quickly turned to lustful begging. “Mark, I want that huge beast inside of me. I want him to fuck my pussy in this public park and I hope we get caught by his owner!” she exclaimed. Without hesitation, I guided him into a full mount and soon the rottweiler was balls deep in Jenna, ravaging her pussy with his thick dog meat. She squealed and screamed at his girth and the ferocity with which he fucked her, the massive beast’s paws wrapped around her waist and he buried his growing knot to the hilt. Jenna squirted and squirted, waves of climax washing over her as his knot grew to the size of a softball in her, locking them together and filling her with his seed. While we were waiting for his knot to subside, I took pictures of Tom’s wife being bred by a giant animal while sucking my dick and would later share them. It didn’t take much for me to blow my load down Jenna’s throat.Once the rottweiler pulled out, we quickly got tried to fix ourselves but Jenna’s dress was ripped and torn from the dog’s claws. She looked dirty and disheveled and she loved it.

Chapter 3 – Down the Rabbit Hole.

Fucking that rottweiler in the park served as a catalyst for Jenna and, as we would all discover later, it was the point of no turning back. Tom was thrilled to see his chubby blond wife being used as a breeding slut by such a large and powerful dog. Before we started swinging with each other, she had been reluctant to try new things or let her slut side come out. I sensed a bit of jealousy from him that night at the bar but knew that as soon as he got home with Amy, he’d take his jealousy out on my wife’s pussy and then send me pictures of his massive dick being milked dry by my golden retriever’s tight cunt. As the weeks went on, I found myself more enthralled by the idea of Tom fucking my dog than I did my wife. Needless to say that his dog, Max, was getting more than his share of attention by Jenna. The first rule that Jenna laid down for me was that from now on, I could only fuck her after Max had filled her pussy with his dog sperm which suited me fine. After they fucked she was super slick and hot inside and it made me cum even harder.

The catalyst for Amy was the night that two young black guys hit on Amy at the bar. She was quite forward with asking about how long and big they were and much to my surprise, they were even bigger than Tom. The four of them left shortly after and Tom started sending me pictures of him and the two black guys gangbanging my wife in every hole. He teased me about how he should suggest that she come off of her birth control and maybe I’d get to reclaim her with a mixed baby on the way. After they finished, Bella licked Tom and Amy clean and Tom blew another load in Bella’s pussy, he tried to fuck Amy but she refused. The first rule that Amy laid down for Tom was that her pussy was to be black owned from here on out and that he could only fuck her in the ass. This was incredibly hot.

In the weeks and months to come, Amy began serving as Tom’s hotwife whereas she’d date black guys, trying to find the biggest cock she could to punish her tiny, white twat. Tom got to fuck her less and less, only in the ass and usually he’d bury his cock deep in my dog’s pussy while my wife was in the other room with her boyfriends. Jenna had been fucking me less and less as well although her sex drive grew insatiable. We began sneaking around the neighborhood late at night and into other people’s yards to see if she could get laid by any male dog she could find. She especially liked it when the other male dogs in the neighborhood started barking and lights came on in whatever house we were at. I sent Tom pictures of his wife fucking all breeds of different shapes and sizes from Cocker Spaniels to a St. Bernard. She’d always come home to Max, though and let him mount her sore, swollen pussy while she gave me a blowjob.

Missing my time with Bella, I grew closer and closer to Max as we shared the same house, bed and bitch and I started missing having a warm hole to fuck aside from an occasional blowjob from Jenna. One day while Max was fucking away at her, I decided to lube up and test my luck to see if Max would mind me fucking him in the ass while he pounded my beautiful, blond, psuedo-wife. He stopped for a second when I pressed the tip of my cock on his asshole but soon continued as I gently pressed inside of him like nothing was even going on. I could feel when he came inside of Jenna from how tightly his ass contracted and released around my dick and the feeling plus the idea of what we were doing made me spill my load in him instantly. As I cleaned up, I had an idea that I brought up at our weekly bar meeting.

Jenna had been suggesting that Amy try max on for size since she had become such a size queen and I now encouraged this because I wanted to teach Bella a new trick. The girls agreed that we could have an encounter together but I was not allowed in Bella’s or Amy’s pussy and that Tom wasn’t allowed to fuck Jenna at all. We agreed and met up the next weekend at Tom’s house. Jenna helped Max get positioned and mount Amy, who squealed in delight as what she’d been missing all these years and once those two got fucking, Jenna sat back and fucked herself with a horse dildo to watch the rest of us.

I instructed Tom to lay down and called Bella over to us. “Hey girl, did you miss me? I bet you’re in love with your new stud, aten’t you, girl? I bet his dick makes you real happy.” I petted her and carressed her for a minute while she licked my face. I loved Bella deeply and it made me happy that her and Tom got along so well. With Tom hard at the thought of fucking my dog in front of his wife, I gently guided Bella’s hips down and told her “sit”, guiding Tom’s dick inside my sweet puppy’s cunt. She started bucking her hips on him and he thrusted up into her to meet her drive. My golden retriever wanted her human stud to fill her, badly. I leaned over and sniffed at her scruff, running my fingers through her fur sensually and petting her head, she barked happily and licked my face and that’s all I needed from her. I lubed up and gently slid my cock inside of my canine lover’s ass for the first time. She whined a little but quickly became too excited to care as Tom thrust his massive cock deep into her, his balls slapping up against mine, now. I took hold of her hips and began bucking into her ass, gently at first, then going harder, faster, picking up the pace and force. Bella wagged her tail happily, brushing it’s soft golden fur across my stomach and I felt Tom shoot his load deep inside of her, pumping her full and making her tight. I felt my golden retriever cum on his dick and milk it for all it was worth as her ass clenched down on mine and lost my load in my beautiful puppy’s butt.

Chapter 4 – Final Fantasy

It was nine months into our swap when Jenna and Amy both agreed that it was time for both of them to stop taking birth control. Jenna had lost interest in human dick all together and said that after that night, she’d never take a human penis in any of her holes ever again. Amy had been dating a black guy named Tyrone who was hung over 13″ long for about three months and she told me she was going to have his baby and that he was going to move into our house until the swap was over to breed her every day. When we went back home from the bar that night, Jenna rode me and bent over to let Max knot her in the ass. I came almost instantly as she’d been denying me her pussy for over six months. She snapped a picture and sent it to Tom along with a caption. “Not your dick, not your baby and the last time any man will ever fuck me”. Tom grinned and sent a picture back of his massive cock deep inside Bella’s ass while Tyrone was holding Amy’s legs high in the background and drilling her pussy deep to make a mixed baby. In the spirit of things, Tom decided to leave Bella chained up out front on her heat and let random street dogs come and fuck her at will to give her puppies, too, he sent me plenty of pictures and videos of my beautiful girl being violated and made pregnant by a pit bull.

We ended the swap just as it has started, Tom knocked on his door and I walked back to my own house, all of our girls had baby bumps at this point and we all knew that our lives would never be the same.

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