A couple goes on vacation with wife’s ex
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Last summer my wife and I went on a vacation to the
south of France in a camper. The area around our
parking space was large so we were secluded and had
some privacy. My wife is a handsome German blonde
beauty with a firm body, great breasts and long legs.
Sexually she’s a slow starter but when she’s hot
there is no stopping her.

I myself after my back surgery am not able to do all
the wild stuff that she likes.

We have a good relationship with her ex-husband Nick
and when we heard that he hadn’t made any plans for
his vacation, I asked him if he wanted to join us. So
here we were in France, just the three of us.

On the first day Elly wore a very sexy blouse were
you almost could see through it and she teased Nick
mercilessly making him very horny by the end of the

The first night we slept in a cheap hotel in one room
with one king-size bed and an extra cot from room
service. After dinner we went to our room to sleep
because we wanted to leave early the next day.

We took turns with the shower. After I was finished
showering and came back to the bedroom I caught them.

Nick was standing behind Elly with his hands on her
breasts and was softly kissing her neck. I heard her
saying, “No Nick don’t…. You can’t do this I’m
with Ricky now and he’ll be back soon.”

I saw clearly that she didn’t mean what she was
saying because she pushed her butt against his cock
and moved sideways rubbing up against him as if
egging him on.

Nick didn’t care that I was standing there looking
on, he just opened her blouse and started to fondle
her breasts. Then Elly turned around toward him and
started French-kissing him.

After kissing for a few minutes they lay down on the
bed. Nick started licking her nipples. I watched them
as Nick played with my wife’s body and as she
responded to his touch. I could tell that Elly was
getting a charge from my watching her being felt up
by him.

“Oohhh, darling, don’t, it’s not fair… Ooohhh,
darling, yes, yes, that feels wonderful Nick! But…
don’t….please…” whispered my horny wife, pushing
her very willing tit in his mouth. “Stop now,
darling… maybe….when Rick asleep…”

On purpose I made a lot of noise like I just had
finished showering and entered the bedroom, then they
took their turn with the shower. I know that they
knew that I had seen them messing around, but I was
willing to go along with their little charade. I said
I was tired and was going to sleep and gave my horny
little wife a goodnight kiss. She followed me to bed
with only tiny panties on her body parading her big
tits in front of Nick shamelessly.

Nick got into his bed and because I was very curious
about what would happen I snored to make them think I
was asleep. Not even five minutes went by before
there was movement; Nick whispered, “Elly don’t I get
a goodnight kiss too?”

“Just one kiss” she whispered back. She slipped out
of our bed and snuggled up next to Nick. Then she
knelt down beside his bed and offered him her hot
lips, after kissing a few minutes he asked her to get
in bed with him. But Elly said, “Okay Nick, but just
kissing nothing more. I’m with Rick now so you can’t
fuck me.”

She crawled under the blanket and they continued
kissing but then I saw the blankets move and heard my
wife saying, “No Nick don’t, we don’t have any
condoms… no, darling, no… oh, yes, sweetheart…
yes.. just this once… quiet, or else he’ll wake up.
Hmmm, what are you doing to me, oh darling, yes!”

Nick was now lying on his back and Elly was on top of
him. Their lips were glued together, they tongued as
if their lives depended on it. I could see the
blanket moving rhythmically.

After a few minutes Elly slid off and took her
panties off and because the blankets fell off I could
now see every thing. Nick was totally naked, his cock
standing at attention awaiting my lovely wife’s
affections. Elly leaned over and put her lips around
its head! And it seemed that his cock got even
bigger as she started to ride him with her lips.

“Ooh, babe, you’re fantastic with your lips,” I heard
him whisper huskily. Then my wife stopped and
offered him her breasts, he started to hold them in
his hands. She pushed them to his lips and now it was
her turn to moan. “Ooh, darling, you are doing it
great, for now they belong to you take them and suck

But Nick couldn’t wait anymore, he lifted my wife up
and laid her on her back. She quickly spread her legs
and Nick placed himself between her legs and put the
head of his against her wet pussy slit and let it
slide into her.

Nick started to fuck my wife very hard and fast. I
could see every detail. Elly’s wonderful legs
outstretched to allow him better access and his hard
tanned body humping into her with only one thing on
his mind.

Elly crossed her long legs over his butt and their
bodies melted together. By this time I had taken my
cock out and was helplessly pulling it. Believe me,
it is a great experience to see your pretty wife
fucking a stud like Nick.

Before long they were screaming out their lust for
each other, the passion between them was that great
that they had forgotten about me.

Especially Elly, she encouraged him with words and
her playful tongue, “Ooh, darling, oh sweetheart,” I
heard her say, “fuck me deeper, and harder, oh

She was really going for it, in fact she was the one
who was fucking. Time after time she took his cock
deep in her womb. It wasn’t long before I heard Nick
moan and realized that he was shooting his seed in my
wife’s womb.

The two lovers came to a rest and god-damn it, my
wife was still rubbing her sexy body up against Nick.
I saw his cock thicken again. His dick wasn’t even
fully erect when she got on top of him. I saw her
eyes open wide when his cock slid through her cunt-
lips deep into her pussy, and I heard her whisper,
“Ooh Nick your cock is so big and hard, I love it!”

Nick reached for her breasts with his big hands and
played with them for a bit as Elly started to ride
his buried cock. Elly bent forwards and offered him
her nipples so he could suck on them and lick them in
time with her raising and falling body.

This time their game of love took much longer and
they did it in several different positions going mad
with lust. At one point Elly got out off the bed and
onto all fours, beckoning Nick directly behind her.
He wasted no time in pushing his cock back in to her.
She started to crawl over the floor and Nick’s cock
never left her cunt as the couple moved around the
room moaning and grunting.

Elly really loved this and came a couple of times and
shortly after that Nick came too, putting his hot
seed deep in her womb again.

They kissed and then she crawled quietly back in to
my bed and fell asleep.

This vacation was just starting and it was already
perfect from my point of view, with much more to

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