Couple Get Crazy
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I travel to Asia a lot and my wife made this trip with
me. We arrived in Singapore on a Wednesday night and I
worked Thursday and Friday as my wife shopped and sat
in the sun by the pool. When I got home Friday evening,
to my surprise my wife was waiting on the bed naked for
me on all fours with her ass towards me and all she
said was, “Fuck me.”

I quickly got my clothes off joined her on the bed and
fucked her hard ramming it as fast and deep as possible
until we both came and me unloading my cum inside of
her. She was obviously in a raunchy mood and she rolled
over and spread her legs as cum started to trickle out
of her and she said clean me up before we go to dinner.
This is not something we do often but once in a while
she likes me to suck my cum out of her.

I did as told and buried my tongue into her cum filled
pussy and licked and sucked out as much cum as I could
and then worked on her clit until she came again. I was
hard again so I brought my cock to her mouth and she
sucked me off until I came in her mouth.

After this we both took quick showers and headed to
dinner. My wife wore a very sexy black dress she had
brought that was skin tight and showed off her very
sexy 40 year old body that most women 20 years younger
would be proud of.

We were both starved and we walked to a nice restaurant
a couple blocks away. My wife got more than a couple
stairs from guys wishing they were me. When we got
there we found out there was a long wait so we decided
to just eat at the bar. The bartender was Kate who I
had talked to on previous trips. She was a hot 20 year
old whose parents lived there and she comes back from
college for the summer.

I introduced her to my wife and even my wife commented
that she was hot. We got some drinks and ordered up
some food and chatted with Kate. Kate and my wife Jane
hit it off quickly almost to what I would call
flirting. As we were getting ready to leave we talked
about meeting up for a drink. I had to go back to the
room for a conference call and Kate said she got off
work at 10pm and would walk over to our hotel.

We got back to the room and Jane pushed me back on to
the bed pulled down my pants and sucked me off until I
came in her mouth. I looked and I was already a couple
minutes late for the call and my wife head off to shave
her legs and take a bath in the large Jacuzzi type bath
made for 2, maybe even 3. I made the call and it lasted
a long time.

Before I realized it the hour was up and as I was on
the phone I heard a knock at the door. All I had on was
my underwear and a t-shirt. I stayed on the phone and
answered the door and there was Kate. I let her in and
pointed to the bathroom and said Jane was in there and
I would be finished in a minute. The call lasted for an
eternity and I finally finished up and headed to the
bathroom. The ladies were both in the tub.

My wife was holding Kate leaning back on her chest
relaxing. It was quite a sexy picture. They said to
hurry up and come on in before they have to get out. I
joined them in the tub opposite them. I was pretty sure
Kate had her fingers in my wife’s pussy under the
water. Jane was definitely enjoying it. My wife told me
later they both got each other off while I was still on
the phone. As we were all just relaxing Kate’s foot
also started to touch my crotch area and it was hard
and ready to go. It was time to get out and my wife
opened the drain but we all were too relaxed to move.

When most of the water was out Kate moved over to me
and got into my lap and lowered herself onto my waiting
cock and leaned forward and gave me a kiss and started
riding me, she definitely knew what she was doing. She
started coming pretty quickly and I was right behind
her and unloaded deep into her pussy. It was quite a
sensation to be cumming in another women for the first
time in 20 years and have my wife right there watching.

As we were drying off, Kate got a text message from her
boyfriend asking her to meet him and a friend of his at
a club. Her boyfriend Mark and his friend Jason were
heading to a dance club and she asked if we wanted to
go meet them. My wife always likes dancing and said
sure. Kate said Jason is “hot and has a big cock” and
she winked at Jane.

As we were leaving Kate told Jane she needed to lose
the mommy undies, the lines were just not working. Kate
said don’t worry about it, I don’t have any on either
and she lifted her skirt. When we got there the guys
were in a corner booth. It was dark and I am sure
people can get pretty friendly in these corners. Mark
and Jason quickly took notice of my wife. My wife
seemed to like them both but was definitely into Jason
who was black and I would agree was a good looking guy
and could probably fuck any woman in the place.

The guys took Jane onto the floor and danced with her
and Kate and I stayed behind. We talked some but also
we did some kissing and she rubbed at my crotch. She
then surprised me and unzipped my pants, helped me get
them down some and then got on top of me and lowered
her wet pussy onto my rigid cock. She said don’t worry,
no one in here cares. I knew this was crazy but I
figured what the heck and I grabbed at her ass as she
rocked on my cock.

I put one finger in her ass and she seemed to like it.
She then whispered in my ear, “You can fuck me in the
ass later.” We were both extremely turned on and she
came and I was getting close. She said, “Don’t cum in
me, not here,” and she got off me put her mouth on my
cock and stroked and sucked me until I came in her

When we were done I noticed Jason up getting some
drinks and Mark and Jane were no where to be found.
Jason brought a round of shots for everyone. The three
of us got up and danced some and a while later I saw
Mark and Jane come back from towards the bathroom.

Later I found out they had fucked in the ladies room,
something I would have never imagined my wife doing but
obviously she was turned on tonight. We went back to
the table and they drank their shot and we decided to
head out. The three of them took one taxi and Kate and
I in the other. We arrived first and Kate said she
wanted to take a shower so we went in and jumped in the

As we were getting in she handed me a tube of lubricant
and a condom and said, “Your choice of holes,” and

We washed up and she took her time to give me a massage
as she rubbed me down. It was quite a relaxing showed.
I did the same for her and she turned away from me
sticking her ass out basically inviting me to take her
from behind. I started to rub some lube into her ass
and then put on the condom and gave that some extra
lube. I put myself to her opening and started to work
it in. I do not know if it was her or just all the lube
but it sure went in easier than ever with Jane.

Jane never liked it so it was once every 3-5 years for
us. I started to drive it in and out slowly and then
she said, “Don’t worry about me, fuck me as hard as you

Those are words I think most guys would like to here
when they were in a girls ass. I grabbed her hips and
started pounding as fast, deep and hard as I could. It
was a really tight sensation and as I was about ready
to cum I pulled out, ripped off the condom and erupted
all over her ass. She turned and gave me a deep kiss.

We finished washing up and got out of the shower. I was
pretty spent for the night. I peaked into the other
room and saw my wife on all fours with Jason’s monster
of a cock in her mouth and Mark fucking her from behind
with his condom covered cock driving into her. I put on
one of the house coats and went in and sat down on the
couch and watched the guys have their way with Jane.

Kate joined me and snuggled up to me and we both ended
up dozing off for a little while as we watched the
show. I woke back up and Jane was now on her back and
Jason was driving his monster cock into her. His cock
seemed like at least 3 inches longer and much bigger
around than mine or Mark’s 6 inches.

He pulled out for a second and drove it all back in. It
was then I realized that he was not wearing a condom.
He kept hammering her for what seemed like 30 minutes
and I think she came at least twice and then he buried
himself one last time and I could tell he was unloading
his cum deep into her. He pulled out and I could see
the cum oozing out.

Mark was right there and buried his uncovered cock into
her and fucked until she came again and then he came in
her also. I found out late that was the 4th time that
Mark had fucked her that night, once at the bar and
once in the room with a condom and then twice without.
Jason had fucked her twice both without a condom. So
she had four loads of cum in her.

Everyone was pretty much spent and it was early morning
at this time. Mark and Jason said they had to work in
the morning and left pretty quickly. Kate stayed
sleeping on the couch. I joined my wife on the bed and
she was pretty much done but saw I was hard and said
fuck me like I am your whore. I fucked her cum drenched
pussy and added the 5th load and then she said come one
clean me up, you know you want too.

I then put my tongue to her pussy and sucked out as
much cum as I could. It was clearly more than I had
ever got before and it was a turn on to taste the
mixture of all three of us. I went in to the back room
to wash my face up and when I came back Jane was
totally asleep and I had Kate move to the bed with us
and we all went to sleep.

I woke up to Jane and Kate in a 69 with Kate on top. I
sat back and watched the women enjoying each other and
stroke myself slowly. I watched as the brought each
other off to their first orgasm and then Kate looked up
and saw me with my cock in my hand and said, “Fuck me.”

So I got behind her placing my cock near her pussy only
inches from my wife’s face. I slid it in once and held
it there and felt my wife lick my balls. I pulled out
with my cock full of Kate’s juices brought on by my
wife and slid my cock into Jane’s mouth and let her
taste the juices off my cock. I then put my cock back
in Kate and started to fuck her, pounding her right
above my wife.

I could feel wife lick my balls when she could and I
kept pounding her until I hear her cum again and then I
started thrusting faster until I came deep into her
pussy. As I was still cumming I pulled out and shot
some on my wife’s face and put my cock into her mouth
and she helped me finish off.

We ordered some breakfast and relaxed for a while. Kate
and Jane took a long shower together while I went back
to sleep and then Kate came over and gave me a kiss and
said she had to leave. Jane came out and to my surprise
was shaved clean which got me hard right away. Then she
handed me the tube a lube and said Kate lubed her up

She got on all fours and I entered her from behind and
her ass was tighter than Kate’s but slid in easier than
ever before. I started to pump it in and out and for
the first time ever Jane seemed to finally enjoy it
some and as I sped up the thrusting Jane rubbed her
clit some and started cumming. I kept pounding her ass
until I was ready to cum and then pulled out and came
on her ass.

We collapsed naked in the bed and laid there for a
while. Jane said Kate and the guy wanted to get
together again tonight and we dosed off to sleep.

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