A Warm Summer Day
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I was strolling near the water in the park on a warm, breezy summer day. My mind wandered as I looked at the beautiful setting that surrounded me. Most folks were stuck at work, so there weren’t very many people out. I wanted to enjoy my free day.

In the distance she immediately caught my eye. Her colorful sundress sparkled in the bright sunlight. Her boots clashed a little with more color. As she drew closer, something else took ahold of me. I didn’t know exactly what.

I felt a glow, an energy, that was powerful. Her smile showed both intensity and confidence, reaching out to me. Was she connecting with me, or was it all my imagination? Why would she, an attractive woman, want to interact with me?

I decided to reach out and said: “Good morning! It’s a nice day isn’t it?”

She responded: “Every day is beautiful, but today is special.”

I ,naturally a little nervously, said: “Why?”

This mysterious woman responded confidently:

“I know that we’ve met in a prior life. You were meant to meet me again today. I came with the wind and the sun, and I’m very happy that we are finally connecting.”

I was both totally baffled and intrigued.

I reached out to shake her hand and she took a hold of it. A shiver went through my spine. I felt something totally new; something totally different. I couldn’t begin to take in my intense feelings. There was warmth and coolness, but mostly an electricity that quickly overwhelmed me.

I started to stumble. She quickly pulled me up. My breath grew short in my nervousness. The sensations coming only (I thought) from her hand said:

“Slow down, relax, take it easy”. I took a deep breath, blinked and said to myself:

“Wow, what is happening?”

She pulled me along, not saying a word. I was confused and intrigued. We moved towards the water, away from where others were. We were walking slowly surrounded by a few trees, some beautiful bushes and many colorful flowers.

What was happening? I hadn’t a clue. It felt challenging. I had to let go and be in the moment. What was going to happen next. On impulse, I reached out with my other hand and pulled her towards me.

My gentle kiss greatly changed the momentum.

She smiled, and in a soothing tone said:

“Are you finally starting to wake up and be here with me?”

I laughed and responded:

“I’ve had many dreams. I desperately wanted something, but hadn’t a clue what it was.”

She pulled me into a sheltered little nook. Her hand gently touched my face. I felt many sensations. There was softness. There also was an intense strength, a power, that I’d never felt before. I shut my eyes, relaxed and breathed in deeply.

Opening my eyes, her smile broke down my resistance and doubt. Her eyes seemed to change color with the sun and rapidly moving shadows. Her dress showcased her curves. It accentuated all that I desired in a woman. I love luscious breasts. Her dress left little to my imagination. Her earrings were a perfect match for her dress. A necklace drew me to her beautiful face.

I passionately kissed her with a confidence I didn’t know I had. She responded in kind. We both took in each other’s essence. We comfortably accepted each other, knowing that it was our moment. Our hands wandered, exploring, taking each other in, like there was tomorrow.

Her back was soft, relaxed and smooth. Her hair tickled my hand, as I explored her head. Her arms were toned and showed clearly part of her incredible strength. Her hands were soft, but strong.

She seemed intent upon getting to expeditiously know my body deeply. She explored my neck and felt my shoulders, both digging deeply into me, and softly taking in my texture. Her hands reached underneath my shirt, giving warmth to my back, relaxing my muscles nicely. She reached down, rubbing my thighs, sending shivers throughout me.

As she continued to touch me, she unbuttoned my shirt and gently kissed my chest. I had never known how sensitive my nipples were before her tongue stimulated them.

I tried to pull down her dress down, but she stopped me, softly asking me to wait a little longer.

I pulled her boots off and began sucking her toes. Her guttural responses made clear how turned on she was. My hands gently rubbed her ankles and feet, as my hands moved up her legs. I was surprised at her powerful leg muscles, as my hands got higher and higher. Soon her purple striped briefs became visible.

When my mouth got high enough, my tongue began exploring her soft, but strong, inner thighs. Her breath became tighter as the stimulation continued. I was getting very turned on from my touching her body, as well as from her warm touch, as her hands moved wherever she could comfortably reach.

I pushed her dress gradually towards her head. Her incredible, well-proportioned breasts came into view. Both of us were getting increasingly excited. She shoved my pants down as far as she could. I briefly assisted her, as both of our bodies became increasingly visible. She finished taking her dress off as my pants also were now also fully off.

We warmly hugged each other as our bodies molded together. The few minutes we snuggled against each other felt much longer than they were. Our breathing and energy became one. We kissed passionately as our tongues explored each other. I grasped her warmth, hungrily, afraid that my dream would suddenly end.

She pulled away from me suddenly, pulling down both her panties and my briefs. She said intensely:

“I want you Now!”: to which I replied:

“Relax, there is no rush.”

I began softly licking her neck and around her lips, as she squirmed expectantly. Her earlobes were very sensitive. My tongue darted down to her nipples which were firmly erect. Her breasts were so smooth and warm, but I couldn’t stay there very long.

I moved lower and lower, enjoying her soft stomach, reaching my hands underneath her to nuzzle her soft, but firm butt. I was enamored with how incredible it felt. I circled her sweetness, as her breath grew labored. As I moved in, she got more and more turned on. She was very wet and inviting, and tasted wonderful. I explored her essence, and began gently touching her clitoris. I was where I wanted to be, and she seemed to love my attention. Both of us got more and more excited.

She suddenly pushed me down, impatient at my deliberate teasing. My erect cock was engulfed in her warm mouth, and I was scared that I would come instantly, but I held on. Her bobbing head was heavenly!

I tried to pull away, but she was too determined and too strong. Then her lips left me, her hands grasped me tightly and her mouth was replaced by her warm essence. We both moved with all our energy towards our respective eruptions. She was so smooth, soft, warm and accepting as I felt the pressure building.

After a few minutes of intensifying passion, she began to get extremely vocal. I heard my own voice deepen as I began to lose control. We both enjoyed ourselves incredibly, as our respective orgasms took us higher and higher.

As we slowed down, our breath eased, and we relaxed into each other’s arms. We had a few minutes of eyes closed, snuggling soothingly together, until we fell into a gentle slumber together. As we softly eased back into consciousness, our bodies slowly parted. Our kisses were soft and relaxed.

We dressed and prepared to go with our hands locked warmly together.

As we returned to civilization, I calmly said to her:

“Maybe we should get together again. What’s your name?”

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