Eric and Nikki swinging
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“Mmmmm, look at that pretty pussy,” Nikki purred for Eric’s benefit.
Nikki made a quick swipe across the top flap that hid Tori’s sensitive
her tongue feeling the sparse blonde hairs that surrounded the area.
This position wasn’t any good for Eric and Nikki wanted to get out of
her own clothes. Reluctantly, she rose from her crouch and told Tori to
sit down on the edge of the vacant bed. She pulled Tori’s jeans and
panties off her shins and cast them away. Her co-hort left her legs open,
giving their invited voyeur who sat not three feet away, a good look.
Nikki looked at him as she began to unbutton her halter top.
“Tori’s such a bad girl,” Nikki said tittilatingly and Eric tore his
from the beaver he was being flashed. His eyes drank in her sloping tits
as she pulled her halter top off. Unlike Tori’s, which welled up in the
center of her chest, Nikki’s tits sort of spread naturally to the sides,
seeming to sprout out of her sternum and thicken as they dove to the
“Nice tits,” Eric said and he drained his beer. “Let’s see the rest.”
“You want to see the rest, do ya?” Nikki said, slowly unbuttoning her
jeans. She could tell that Eric was sorting some major wood; his pants
were tented almost obscenely.
“Yeah, trot out some more pussy,” Eric said, looking again at Tori’s
tasty twat.
‘This guy’s got a nasty streak in him,’ Nikki thought. ‘I like that!’
“Let’s see what you got, Red?” Tori countered and pulled her T-shirt
over her head.
“Sure, babe,” Eric said with a smile and he began undoing his pants.
“I’ve got something in here I think you little girls are going to like.”
Nikki pulled her jeans down and kicked them off. She had gone sans
panties that evening and she straightened to find Eric holding a nice fist
of cock – maybe seven inches long and the underside was crisscrossed
with a system of prominent veins.
“Oooooo, Nikki! We got ourselves a player,” Tori purred.
“Very nice,” Nikki said, falling back on the bed alongside Tori,
her legs in a similar fashion. She ran the fingers of her right hand into
her curly dark muff and gave Eric a quick wink of pink. “When we’re
through, I want to feel that dick right up here.”
“I’ll give it to ya right now!” Eric proposed and began to take off his
tanktop. Nikki was ready for him; the stripping and exhibitionism had her
all slickery. Tori, however, steered her back onto the script.
“You heard her, Eric,” Tori said, rising to her knees beside Nikki’s
reclining form, running a hand down Nikki’s thigh. Nikki knew what her
friend had in mind. “First, you got to watch.”
“Yeaaahhh,” Nikki said, falling back and Tori quickly moved over her
body in a 69 position. Nikki wrapped her arms around Tori’s lower back
and gazed up at Tori’s hovering sex crease as she felt Tori’s fingers
surrounding her own furry slit, pulling it open, letting Eric see all of
charms, up close and personal.
“Look at that pussy,” Nikki heard Tori toying with their audience
She heard the other bed creaking and clothes rustling. Eric was
probably stripping the rest of his clothes off. She wished she were Tori;
it was always so fun to watch the guy squirm.
“Watch, Eric, watch this,” Tori said nastily and Nikki felt her tongue,
feather-light, begin delving into her pussy folds. Just the tip and a
little of
the underside of Tori’s tongue searched through her springy pubes as
she kept her face above her excited sex, she was giving Eric an
unobstructed view of the beginning of her licking.
“Mmmmm,” Nikki trilled at the delicious feeling and Tori shifted her
own legs wider, bringing her own pussy down toward Nikki’s face. Nikki
arched upward to meet it, mashing her lips on it’s length, sucking on it
lustfully as her hands rode up to hold Tori’s butt.
“OOOoooooo,” she heard Tori gasp and then a similar smothering
sucking was on her own open snatch. Nikki blew hot air in Tori’s cunt at
the electric jolt of Tori’s hot cunnilingus and then went to work on the
hot, oily tissue of her friend’s crotch.
It was a particularly good session, maybe because it was their last
night. Tori got her off first, which was rare. Nikki flooded Tori’s tongue
and felt her pull away and knew she was letting Eric see the juices
dripping out of her shuddering, saliva-soaked slit.
Nikki began fucking Tori with her fingers and sucking on her clit and
Tori then let go, her crouching body jerking on Nikki’s pumping fingers.
When she’d calmed down, Tori climbed off her and stood in front of Eric.
“Ready for me, Eric?” she asked.
“Look at this and tell what you think.” His dick looked painfully hard
after watching 15 minutes of cuntsucking and feminine moaning.
Tori opened the drawer of the nightstand and pulled out a string of
rubbers. Nikki saw Eric’s face cloud with some disappointment; he’d no
doubt been looking forward to some bareback riding. Tori must have
saw the look, too.
“No glove – no love,” she said as she ripped one of the condoms off
and opened the packet. Nikki got off the bed and walked over to the
desk, feeling like a cigarette before her turn with Eric. She flicked out
Virginia Slim and lit up, turning back to the beds.
Tori was down on her knees sucking Eric’s latex-protected cock as he
held her head. Nikki was happy for Tori. She’d really come out of her
shell under her tutelage.
“Jessuussss! Come on…let’s fuck!” Eric pleaded. Tori sort of jumped
his lap and before Eric’s back had even hit the bed, he was fucking his
dick up into her squealing girlfriend….


Nikki pulled her BMW into Tori’s parent’s driveway around noon the
next day and cut the ignition.
“Back in exciting Brentwood,” Tori muttered, opening her door.
“Hey, come on,” Nikki said trying to cheer her up, “It might get
….O.J. might kill someone else!”
“It’s just my folks…they’re such a drag!”
“At least you are still going to school….imagine how they’d treat you
you told them you were going to drop-out for awhile,” Nikki said, opening
the trunk. Things had been awfully tense when she’d dropped that
bombshell on her parents.
Tori’s mother came out of the house.
“Hi, you two! How was your trip?” she said, coming up to hug her
“Oh, great! Just great,” Tori said, giving Nikki a weak smile over her
mother’s shoulder as she slipped into the ‘good daughter’ guise.
‘If her mother only knew!’ Nikki thought as she closed the trunk.
“Good…I think it’s so wonderful that you girls have the chance to get
out and see California. Nikki, you want to come in, dear?”
“No thanks, Mrs. Sperling. I just want to get home and take a nap
the driving wears me down.” Nikki went to her car door and opened it,
hoping to get away before Mrs. Sperling got on one of her talking jags.
“Oh, I know what you mean. We once drove…” Nikki slammed her car
door and gunned the engine, cutting off Tori’s mother in mid-sentence.
She pulled out into the street and lowered her window to wave good-bye
to them.
“See you, Tori.”
It was a drive of only 5 or 6 minutes to her own house. She pulled up
in the long carport and went inside with her bag.
“Mom, I’m back!”
She sat down her bag by the stairway and found her mother in the
kitchen, sitting at the dining table with a cup of tea.
“Hi, darling,” her mother said, not getting up. She was wearing her
bathrobe and it was almost one in the afternoon. “Have a nice trip?”
“Yeah, it was O.K….are you feeling all right?” Her mother would wear
housecoat this late if she was ill, maybe.
“Nikki, sit down…..we have to have a talk.”
‘Oh shit! I bet she’s been snooping around my room,’ Nikki thought as
she sat down. She had a little cocaine up there, hidden away good, she
had thought. She didn’t need her mother coming down on her. Or her
“Nikki, your father and I are having some problems. He’s moved out to
the beach house.”
Nikki inwardly sighed a breath of relief; at least this talk wasn’t
her. Her parents had a lot of arguments so she wasn’t all that concerned
about what her mother had told her.
“I’m sorry to hear that….you’re working things out, right?”
“Not this time, Nikki….your father and I are going to be getting a
“God, mother, what brought this on?….Things have been pretty quiet
around here lately. I thought you guys were O.K.” The idea of her
parents divorcing didn’t really blow her away; most of the parents in the
area had divorced at one time. It was just what people were doing.
“Nikki, I’ve hid a lot of things from you…about your father. But
20 now and I’m not going to keep all this from you. Your father has been
having affairs…for years.”
Nikki wasn’t totally surprised by the revelation; her father was away
from the home a lot and she could see women coming on to him. He was
a good looking guy for 40-whatever-he-was. She put on a sympathetic
face as her mother continued.
“I tried to put on a brave front for you but I have been unhappy for a
number of years. Your father just didn’t seem to care….. I came to hate
him for that. But while you were gone, he just stooped so low that I had
to tell him I wanted out.”
“What did he do?” Nikki asked curiously. She couldn’t wait to hear
what her father had done. She might have some ammunition against him
in their next argument.
“You’re going to hate him too when I tell you….but I don’t want you
worry. We’ll be staying here in the house and he’ll have to support us
and pay for your college when you go back…”
“Mother, just tell me.”
“He wanted me to go with him and … be with another couple. He
wanted me to be with another man, sexually.” Nikki’s mouth did drop
open at that. Her mother was talking about wife-swapping….major
league wild. She saw her father in a new light. Her mother wasn’t
through, “He wanted me to sleep with your Uncle Lance.”
‘Yoohooooo…’ Nikki thought, letting her face show the surprise.
Lance and her father! Jeez…this is wild!’ Nikki had always had a crush
on her uncle. He was in his thirties but he was still cool. Wore his hair
a ponytail, drove a motorcycle, had a nice bod….there was a lot there
a young girl to long for. And her father….he seemed to have the same
streak as she had.
“I can’t live with a man that thinks so little about our relationship.
sorry, baby. He’s a …pervert…and I don’t think you should have
else to do with him.”
A pervert…Nikki wouldn’t put that label on her father. She’d have to
categorize herself one also, if that were the case. She’d just spent the
night fucking a total stranger with her best friend. Any deviation from
conventional husband and wife, man-on-top, set-up would be perverted
to her mother.
‘What was Dad thinking, asking mother something like that?’ That was
the question.
“Mom, he only just asked you….did he get angry with you? Or was it
just that he asked you that made you ask for a divorce?” There was
definitely something missing in the picture.
“Of course, I was shocked when he asked me…but I know him, he
wasn’t going to let it stop him. I hired an investigator to follow your
father…and he went out to your uncle’s during a workday. Sneaking
around behind my back again.”
“And you think he….”
“I know he did. He’s not denying it. He couldn’t with the pictures that
were taken.” Her mother got up and walked over to pick up a file that
was laying on the kitchen counter.
‘God, she’s gonna show me pictures of Dad…. and Uncle Lance,’ Nikki
thought. She could just imagine some long range photos showing actual
adultery by her father. It was sort of exciting in a weird way.
Her mother handed her the file and she opened it. There were several
pictures inside but nothing racy. Only some outdoor shots of her father,
uncle and a women, all fully clothed. The women did look sexy in that
outfit; it left little to the imagination. She could hardly blame her
for wanting something like that – she wouldn’t mind something like that!
“This is a lot to take in right now, Mom,” Nikki said, standing,
for being so straight with me. I want you to be happy. If that means
getting a divorce, then you do it. I’m not going to take sides in this
you’re both my parents. Everything’s going to be O.K.” She hugged her
mother and excused herself to go up to her room and unpack.
She went upstairs, thinking about the crazy family unit that suddenly
found herself a part of. It seemed she was no longer the sexual black
sheep of the family.
She went into her bedroom and locked the door behind her. She’d
really have no excuse if her mother tried to open the door but she didn’t
want her coming in when she was unpacking.
She placed the suitcase on her bed, unzipped it and fished out the two
small bags of coke. Her bed had posts with round balls on the corners
and she went to the top one, opposite the door to her room, and began
unscrewing it. It came off after a few turns and she tucked the bags into
her secret hiding place.
With her stash safely hidden, she began to undress. She was going to
try and catch some sleep despite the bombshell her mother had laid on
her. It was wild to think her father had been committing adultery with her
uncle’s girlfriend, if that was what she was, while she and Tori had been
up in Big Bear seeking out strangers to shack up with.
She stripped down to her panties and lay on her bed, not bothering to
pull down the covers.
‘My father is a wantta-be-wife-swapper … definitely an adulterer. All
those talks with him telling me not to sleep around…pretty
Nikki thought. She found herself wondering about what he, her uncle
and that woman had done out in the desert.
‘Did they take her one at a time or did they all three do it at once
…God, that must be something….to have two men to satisfy.’ It was
something she’d never experienced before, although she had thought
about it prior to this; the right situation with the right guys had never
come up. She briefly imagined herself doing it like that as she turned on
her side, moving her hand under the pillow to bring it more under her
There was something under the pillow. She sat up and lifted the pillow
and saw an envelope with her name on it. Her name was written in her
father’s handwriting.
Nikki knew he had hid it under her pillow to avoid her mother finding
out. She picked up the envelope and opened it. There was a letter inside
and she began reading it.

Your mother has probably already talked with you about what is
happening but, in case she has not, I will try to explain.
Over the years, your mother and I have grown apart, or more
accurately, I have grown away from her. I have been restless for a
number of years with a feeling that I can not explain.
I have not been faithful to your mother. Not to hurt her, which it most
certainly has, but because I felt it would make my life fuller.
I am not the kind of person that should be married, that is clear to me
now. Marriage is a great institution and I hope my actions will not
discourage you from it. When you find that special man, do not be afraid
to make the commitment. No man would take the chance of losing you
once he has won your heart.
In closing, your mother is a kind, gentle woman and the best thing that
ever happened in my life was marrying her and having a wonderful
daughter like you. And I will always be there for you, if you want.
Love, Dad”

Nikki wiped away a tear that had threatened to run down her cheek.
The letter really got to her. It conveyed to her the sadness that her
felt over the impending divorce, at least with how it would affect their
own relationship.
And all because he wanted to have a little fun, sleep with some other
women. Nikki understood her father better than her mother ever would.
She felt she ought to go see him, to tell him that she didn’t hate him,
she understood.
She used her phone to call his office, thinking he would be there.
“Brendan, Mackie, Fister & Elliot.”
“Hi, Marylin, it’s Nikki Elliot……Is my father available?”
“Why no, Nikki. He said he would be working out of your house today.”
“Oh, O.K.,” Nikki said, realizing he was out at the beach house. “I’m
calling from Big Bear. I didn’t realize he was at home. Thanks.”
Nikki got up and picked out some shorts and a sleeveless blouse to
wear, planning to sneak out of the house so she wouldn’t have to tell her
mother where she was going. Running off to see Dad might give her the
wrong idea, make her think she was taking sides.

Jonas Elliot sat in a beach chair on the back deck, looking out at the
Pacific, as he polished off his third margarita. It felt good to just
relax on
a Friday. He’d worked too hard recently. He might even retire if his
financial advisor said he could swing it with the alimony he’d be paying.
‘Hell, maybe she’ll go for a lump sum plus the house,’ he thought, like
an attorney.
It also felt good to think that, in a few months, he’d be a free man,
least socially. Until then, he was going to keep a low profile. There was
no sense in rubbing Stella’s nose in it if she had her private eye still
watching him.
From inside the house came the sound of bells.
‘Christ, who can that be?’ Jonas thought as he listened to the door
chimes fade to silence. There was no sense trying to act like he wasn’t
there; his Lexus was parked outside. He put his glass down and walked
to the front door, pulling up the swim trunks that he was wearing, for the
first time noticing the effects of the alcohol. He was feeling a little
The door bell sounded again and he put his eye to the peephole.
“Well, well.”
He opened the door and Carmen gave him a big smile. She was
wearing a black Spandex pants and a pink blouse.
“Hi, Jonas…mind if I come in?” she asked.
“No, come on in. Where’s Lance?”
“He had to go to Vegas on business. I came to see how you were
doing. I feel so bad about all the trouble,” she moved past him into the
entry hall.
“You shouldn’t feel bad about it. It was bound to happen at some point.
I certainly don’t regret that afternoon.” He ogled her ass and legs though
her tight-fitting pants. God, she was bred for the bed!
Carmen turned her gaze from the ocean through the glass living room
wall and back to him.
“I loved every minute of that afternoon myself,” she said
before looking back out at the ocean. “What a great view…I just love the
ocean. It reminds me of home.”
“Would you like a drink?” Jonas asked, walking by her toward the back
deck. “I’ve got some margaritas made.”
“That sounds great.”
Jonas got another glass from the kitchen and led his attractive guest
out onto the deck. He poured her a glass and a little more for himself.
“Cheers,” Carmen toasted and she leaned against the railing.
“So, what’s Lance doing in Vegas?” Jonas asked. Maybe Carmen
could give him dome insight on what his brother did exactly.
“I don’t know. He just said business. He’s very secretive, you know.”
“Yeah, he sure is,” Jonas agreed.
“Sometimes secrets are O.K.,” Carmen said, running a finger around
the rim of her glass. “For instance, Lance doesn’t know that I’m here
Jonas could see the implication. From her body language – the finger
on the glass, the smile following her statement, the tilt of the head –
probably wanted to have sex. He certainly wouldn’t mind that. But Lance
probably would. Swinging was all right; fucking behind someone’s back
was not.
“Maybe you ought to leave,” he said, though his voice inflection hinted
that he was be facetious.
“No, I don’t want to leave,” Carmen said, walking over to stand in
of him and run her cold fingers in his chest hair. “I told you how much I
love the ocean…I don’t think I ever want to leave here.”
“So, you’re going to dump my brother for me?” he said, his voice with a
little edge at the suggestion.
“A girl’s got to look out for herself…..part of the whole swinging
thing is
networking, meeting other people and moving on. Lance is a great lover
but I’m looking for some….security.”
‘So, that’s the way it is! Carmen’s looking for a sugar daddy…. I
hate to
burst her bubble but I’m not looking for any waves right now… she
doesn’t need to know that right away, however.’
“So, you’d like to apply for a position here at the Elliot beach
he said, wrapping an arm around her slender waist and openly eyeing
her bountiful cleavage. Carmen ran her hand up around his neck and
leaned into him, looking triumphant.
“I like all kinds of positions, Mr. Elliot,” she said, loaded with
“Good…..I can think of a few that we haven’t tried yet.” He kissed
and she teased him with a little tongue, pressing her flat belly against
crotch and her firm tits into his chest.
He dispensed with any more talk and led her back inside, taking a right
turn in the foyer to bring them to the master bedroom. The bed was still
unmade from the previous evening, the covers kicked down to the end of
the bed, but Carmen didn’t seem to notice. She looked again out at the
Pacific and the Jacuzzi just outside the glass wall of the suite; it had
been hidden by a row of plant boxes before.
“How about a Jacuzzi after we’re through?” Carmen asked as she
kicked off her heels and began unbuttoning her blouse.
“That can be arranged,” Jonas said, pulling of his swim trunks and
getting on the bed naked. “But you’ll have to wear some clothes. The
house next door can look over at us in the daytime.”
“Ooooh. You’re no fun!” Carmen kidded him, taking off her blouse. Her
tanned tits looked good enough to eat, just as perfect as science could
make them. She reminded him of some of the strippers down at the Jet
Strip club; just sexier than hell and she seemed to love being naked.
He bunched some pillows up behind his head and watched her strip
down naked, pulling on his rising cock to get it ready for his little
She pulled her pants and panties down at the same time, bending over
facing away from him to give him a nice look at her saucer-shaped sex
nestling up at the top of her thighs.
‘God, I’m sorry I ever doubted you!’ he thought as Carmen succeeded
in freeing her ankles from the clothing and turned back to him.
“We’re going to have such a good time here,” she promised, crawling
up over his legs on her hands and knees, her tits looking so large,
hanging down like grapefruits.
‘A good time today….then I’m packing you back to Lance unfortunately.
I’d love to keep her but the downside’s too great,’ he thought.
She stopped with her hands on either of his hips and looked down at
his rising manhood which he continued to pump erect. The sight of her
lovely face hovering just above it was enough to double the flow of
“You’re all man, baby,” Carmen stroked him verbally. She dipped her
shoulders quickly and planted a light kiss on the underside of his glans,
then rose back up, teasing him.
Looking forward to another great suck job, Jonas spread his legs and
she shifted her knees off the bed one at a time to accommodate the
maneuver. Now he was ready to lay back and enjoy her lips on his
nearly-erect prick.
But she had other ideas. She walked slightly further over him and then
lowered her hips onto his, supporting herself on her straight arms and
her knees. He removed his hand from his hard-on, letting it move up
onto her lower back as she began a humping motion with her ass,
grinding her trimmed line of snatch along the underside of his shaft.
“Oooooo, that dick feels so hard,” she cooed down at him.
“Mmmmm, all for you, my dear,” Jonas promised.
As she continued her crotch-to-crotch masturbation, he moved both
arms under her armpits, letting his hands caress her upper back. She
might have taken this as an invitation to snuggle because she lowered
her body further down on his, squashing her augmented titties into his
hairy chest. As her torso was shorter than his, she moved a little further
up his body to kiss him again. As their lips danced, he ran his hands
down her back, tracing the bumping outline of her backbone and then
swooping them up the rise of her sexy ass which she was still wiggling
against him.
‘I’m gonna fuck this girl ’til she’s bowlegged!’ Jonas swore.

Nikki waited to make a left turn from the center turn lane of the
Coast Highway in front of her family’s beach house, on-coming cars
whizzing by.
Her father’s Lexus was parked in front of the wall that hid the house
from passing cars and minimized traffic noise; there was only twenty feet
of gravel from the wall to the edge of the busy road. As you were driving
between Malibu and Santa Monica, all one really saw on the ocean side
was a bunch of walls; only from the beach or water could you really get
an idea of the luxury of the homes, standing up on elaborate stilts to
protect them from the occasional storm tides.
Seeing a break in the traffic, Nikki quickly gunned her BMW across the
on-coming lane and pulled her car beside her father’s car and a black
Mustang which she took to belong to the neighboring house.
She got out, locked the car and walked over to the wall gate. This they
usually left open and it was open that day. She walked down a few steps
through the planted entrance atrium to the front door and used her key
to open the front door.
Stepping inside, she began to call out a greeting.
She cut her call off as a high pitched shriek reverberated down the
hallway from her parent’s bedroom. Nikki had made that kind of noise
before in the midst of a regular activity of hers – having sex.
She stood stock-still, the door still open. She heard other noises but
there was some car noise coming through door which masked what they
were. Slowly, she closed the door and the sounds turned into faint gasps
and some voices but they were too faint to make out.
‘Nikki, you should get the hell out of here,’ her common sense told
It was apparent that her father was entertaining someone at the moment.
But she was unable to bring herself to go back out the door.
She’d been thinking about her father’s sexual activities all the way
over there – what had gone on at Uncle Lance’s condo, how many other
women he had cheated with, if he fucked them at work, or maybe here at
the beach house. God, knows she’d had! An empty beach house to
which she had the keys – this place had been her little love shack many
a night. She’d even banged guys back in Daddy’s bed. Just thinking
about it got her blood flowing.
Nikki moved slowly down the hallway, keeping close to the wall. The
hallway was about twenty feet long and it was apparent that the door
was open to her parent’s room. She’d have to be careful looking in the
room; her father’s bed was against the wall she was keeping close to,
facing the ocean. If he was facing the headboard, a simple turn of his
head might catch a glimpse of her in the hallway.
“Fuck…..yeahhhh…..move that ass,” her father’s voice came from the
room, quite clear now that she was only a few feet away. Nikki could
hear the faint sounds of linen and mattress springs and feminine sighing.
Ever so slowly, she peeked around the door frame and got an eyeful.
There was a drop-dead, gorgeous woman on top of her father; Nikki
recognized her as the woman in the photos from the desert. The woman
was almost laying on her father, kissing him as she humped her ass
back and forth, obviously fucking herself on her papa’s manhood.
Because she was looking at them from a little above their heads and
from the side, she couldn’t see any penetration, just their two bellies
pressed together and the flexing hips and thighs of Ms. Hardbody.
‘God, she is totally hot!’ Nikki thought, appreciating the woman’s
as a sometime lesbian. Skin so tanned, great tits and ass. She wouldn’t
mind making love to a woman like that.
“Ooooooooh, mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm,” Hardbody gasped as
she ended their long kiss and raised herself up on her straight arms.
She started throwing her hips back and forth, rutting away on her
cheating father. Nikki pulled her face back slightly in case she should
happen to look over but it seemed pretty unlikely – the two fornicators
were oblivious to anything except each other.
“Fuck that pussy at me!” her father encouraged, digging his fingers
into the woman’s thighs. It almost took her breath away to her him
talking like that. He was the authority figure in her life and hearing him
spout off like any other hot-blooded male was strange. It made him more

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