Unrequited love of an older sister

“I love you, Lars,” she whispered. “I always have.” Words, whispered with shaky voice. Words, almost drowning in the roaring sea of thunder. Words, painfully proven by the tight wetness that surrounded me. Words. The truest words. Haunting, cursed words they were, but nonetheless, I knew them to be true. I always have. My name […]

Eric’s Stepmom

Eric hadn’t had much time to get to know his new Step Mother Tracy after his father divorced his Mother. The relationship between his Father and Mother had deteriorated to the point that there was no salvaging the relationship. Eric’s Father wasted no time in finding a new wife and getting remarried. It seemed like […]


Nora Webster was writting some math problems onthe chalk broad , she heard the door open she looked at the young man walking in . She took the piece of paper he gave her :have a seat Mr.Rodgers, and remove your hat she said . Mark Rodgers was a star on the basketball team he […]

Moms And Girls

It was early. The sun was beginning to drag forth the first traces of dawn from behind the mountains off in the distance to my left. I was driving South towards Taylor’s apartment. It had been a couple of weeks since my last visit. Her sister Chloe and her mom had arrived over the weekend. […]

Multi-orgasmic Morning

I was on my way to Mounika’s in Escondido on this sunny Tuesday morning, when the prepaid beeped. I looked at it, it was a message from Mounika. “Priya, isn’t feeling well this morning. Fourth day this week she has complained of it when she woke up… should I take her to the doctor?” I […]