Giving Karen
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My wife, Karen and I had tried most things in our marriage to keep the sexual activities fresh. She’d flashed her shaved cunt and large tits to truckers and busloads of unsuspecting people. Shoe store sales clerks, both male and female got regular looks at her beaver whenever Karen needed new shoes. In fact whenever Karen felt a bit down she’s head off to the mall and flash her cunt or tits, it always seemed to raise her spirits. Karen was quite well known at most shops at the Del Amo mall in south LA. Quite often she’d have several young men bringing her shoes to try, while other customers waited in vain for service. Karen rarely wore panties and never wore them when shopping for shoes, much to the delight of the sales clerks. Whenever she shopped for a new brassiere or dress she made sure she left the curtain slightly open so the waiting husbands and boyfriends of the other women saw her boobs or pussy.
We’d tried swinging and threesomes but found it a bit predictable and not very exciting after a while. Quite a few times over the last few months we’d gone to bars separately and I watched as guys hit on her and felt her up. Several times Karen ended up being fucked in the carpark or giving blowjobs in the male restroom. Two of her work colleagues at the bank were fucking her on a regular basis and this helped our own lovelife enormously. Having Karen describe how the guys fucked her or how many times they emptied their balls into her cunt or ass made me extremely hard.
Karen had complete freedom as to who she fucked and when or where she fucked them. She’s saved us a fortune in household bills by fucking the tradesmen. In the five years we’ve been married both TVs, the refrigerator, the washing machine and the water heater have been repaired free of charge. Free of charge to me but Karen had to expend some energy, quite willingly I might add. The four tradesmen responsible for the maintenance of those items are on call 24 hours a day. Karen just has to phone them and I hide in the guestroom while she pays the bill. I insist she pay the bill in our bed so I can hear her moans while she’s being fucked. There is something quite sensual about making love to your wife’s sperm filled pussy. Especially on the wet spot just left by your wife’s lover. I’m sure their work is deliberately temporary so that they get to fuck my wife more often. Karen doesn’t seem to mind and I surely don’t.
Our pool is the best maintained in the street. The pool man comes twice a week and cums in my wife at least four times a week. In the four years we’ve used the same poolman he’s only taken two holidays and even then he arranged for other guys to service the pool and Karen for free. I’d posted nude photos of my wife on hundreds of sites on the Internet and she really enjoys the comments posted and emailed to her. She has cybersex with four guys in different parts of the States and intends to travel to Alabama to meet one next year. I’ll go with her but will have to wait at the hotel to hear about the sex. None of her cybersex friends know that I am aware of her emails. Karen thinks the guys find it more exciting doing things behind the husbands back. For all the varied sexual games we play, there is still one thing I want to see. I want to see my wife gangbanged till she begs for mercy and then ignore her pleas. Karen has agreed to be gangbanged but wants it to be organized in a hotel room or private house, not our own house. I want it to be more of a gang rape then a gangbang. I don’t want my wife hurt but I don’t want her choosing the guys. To my mind, in a gangbang the woman doesn’t get to select the guys but takes on all comers, regardless of age, race or size.
My chance to have my type of gangbang came sooner then expected. Chris, one of the guys fucking her at the bank was into the swinging scene in a big way. Chris had been invited to Swingers Convention in Ft Lauderdale and had no one to take. Single women were OK but men had to bring a woman. It was for five days and Chris asked Karen to be his partner. Chris was unaware that I knew he was fucking Karen so it was a big ask. It meant that she would have to take a one-week vacation. Karen desperately wanted to go, not just for the sex with strangers but for the week in the sun. Karen waited till she’d had a night out with Chris to ask if she could go. We were in bed and she’d described how Chris had cum in her mouth and then shot a big load of cum deep into her cunt. My face was buried between her creamy thighs sucking Chris’s load from her cunt when she popped the question. I sucked the last drop from her cunt and licked the dried cum from her thighs before answering her. I told her that I didn’t want her away for so long and that I wouldn’t get to suck the cum from her pussy. I said that I’d rather she didn’t go, as I’d miss her too much. Karen pleaded and promised she wouldn’t shower after the last night and would bring her cunt home overflowing with strangers’ cum. I resisted her pleas and said I didn’t want her to go. I could tell she was desperate to go and had probably already told Chris she would. Chris was her department head at the bank and she was more then a little intimidated by him. She had fucked Chris to get a promotion at the bank and he was more then capable of demoting her if she didn’t go.
Karen was becoming more and more agitated at my refusal to let her go to Florida. She said she would join the ‘mile high club’ with Chris on the way back to make sure she had fresh cum for me to eat. I still wouldn’t be swayed and she promised to let a complete stranger fuck her in the airplane restroom to add to her pussy load. I then played my trump card and asked about the gangbang that I wanted her to do. I would let her go if she agreed to let me arrange the gangbang that I wanted. Karen knew that she would have to agree to my plan. While she sucked my cock, I told her the night I would arrange for her two days after getting back from Florida. I would select a bar at random in one of the rougher areas around Long Beach, frequented by bikers and longshoremen. She would be wearing only a mini skirt, blouse, high heels and thigh high stockings. Absolutely no underwear and enough makeup to look like a slut on the make. I would take her into the bar and introduce her as my wife and ask her what she wanted. Karen was then to say. ‘I want to be gangbanged by everyone here.’ She as then to remove her blouse and skirt and wait for the onslaught. I would the announce that I’d be back to pick her up in three hours and until then I was giving her to them to use however they wanted.
Karen listened to my plan without comment and I knew she would go through with it. She blew me till I shot my cum down her throat to join Chris’s cum in her belly. Karen kissed me and thanked me for letting her go to Florida and promised to make me proud of her when she was being gangbanged. I told her I was always proud of her and to make sure she fucked as many guys as possible at the Swingers Convention. We went to sleep, Karen thinking of all the cocks in Florida and me thinking of her being gang raped in Long Beach.

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