Eric’s Stepmom
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Eric hadn’t had much time to get to know his new Step Mother Tracy after his father divorced his Mother. The relationship between his Father and Mother had deteriorated to the point that there was no salvaging the relationship. Eric’s Father wasted no time in finding a new wife and getting remarried. It seemed like it was a prerequisite for the business that he was in that he have a trophy wife. The relationship between Eric and his Step Mother was tumultuous at first, but as they got to know one another, Eric realized there was more to her than just a being a trophy wife.

Tracy was definitely beautiful, with shoulder length red hair, long sexy legs, and a body that just wouldn’t quit. At thirty two, she looked like she was twenty two. Eric could see that his Father was starting to go back to his womanizing ways, and was gone on business more than he was home. He was almost sorry to leave Tracy behind, and go off to college. Eric would write to Tracy, and she would write back telling him what a jerk his Father was and what a mistake she had made marrying him.

Time went by quickly and soon Eric was going to graduate. Of course his Father couldn’t be there, he was away on business, and unfortunately Tracy couldn’t make it either….seems she wasn’t feeling well enough to make the trip. Eric arrived home unannounced hoping to surprise Tracy. Eric looked around, but didn’t see her. Finally he came across her in the library. When she saw him, Tracy squealed and ran over hugging and kissing Eric on the cheek.

“Eric, why didn’t you tell me you were coming?”

“Oh it’s so good to see you.”

“It’s good to be home, I didn’t call because I thought you were sick, at least that’s what you said.”

“I’m sorry Eric, I lied.”

“I didn’t come to your graduation because I had an appointment with a divorce lawyer.”

“I’m not surprised, and it’s OK….I understand.”

Tracy hugged Eric again, this time mashing her gorgeous tits into his chest. Eric couldn’t help getting aroused. Her tits felt so good against his chest, and her hair smelled so good. Eric sensed that Tracy was a little more than happy to see him, it was as if she was starved for someone to hold onto. Eric hugged her back, hoping that his cock, that was now rock hard, and pressing against her thigh wouldn’t make her mad, but then she had to feel it. It didn’t seem to matter, Tracy was still hugging him. Finally she let go, looking down at the bulge in his jeans. She paused, and seemed to smile, then as if nothing had happened she told him to come sit with her and tell her all about school.

They talked for a couple of hours, with Tracy doing most if not all of the talking. Eric didn’t mind, he loved looking at her breasts, watching them as they rose and fell with each breath she took. He even found himself wondering what her breasts would look like without the bra. He loved the soft little freckles that dotted her chest, making him want to lean over and kiss them. Finally Tracy realized that she’d been doing all the talking, and started to apologize.

“Listen, it’s OK…you’ve had all this pent up inside you for so long you needed to get it off your chest.”

Tracy leaned in and hugged Eric, kissing him as she held him. The kiss lingered, and before either one of them realized what was happening, they were in a deep soulful kiss, their tongue caressing as they continued hugging. Tracy suddenly pulled back,

“I’m so sorry Eric, you must think I’m so wicked.”

“Why, because you expressed a basic human need….a need to feel that someone cares?”

“I’m not sorry it happened, why should you be….forget about it.”

Tracy smiled, “Eric, you are wise beyond your years.”

“Ya, and I’m starved to….lets eat something.”

Tracy laughed, asking Eric what he wanted. Eric suggested they call out for pizza, that way they could continue their talk and relax. Once the pizza arrived, Eric had gotten a twelve pack and the two sat and watched old movies, talking, eating pizza and drinking beer till they were both feeling no pain. At around midnight they decided to call it a night. Tracy looked at Eric thanking him for coming home and being there for her.

The next morning Eric got up finding Tracy was still asleep. He left her a note saying he was going out to put in some applications. Over the next few days, Eric looked for work, coming home and sharing his day with Tracy. Each day the sexual tension between them was building, but neither one had the courage to act on it. On afternoon Eric arrived home sooner than he had expected, frustrated that most people weren’t even taking application because of the lousy economy.

As he looked for Tracy, Eric walked down the hall to the master bedroom wondering if Tracy was in there. He looked in the open door of Tracy’s bedroom as he walked by. She was sitting in front of her dresser combing her long red hair. She was hardly wearing anything, just a flimsy robe that you could practically see through. Eric started getting a hard on almost immediately. Eric knew he should probably walk away, but Tracy looked so damn beautiful, his cock starting to ache as he watched her continue to brush her hair. She suddenly turned and smiled saying,

“Come on in Eric, it’s OK.”

Eric hesitated, his cock was making an enormous bulge in his jeans.

“Eric, did you hear on in….I’d like some company.”

Eric stepped into the room, just a few feet inside.

“Eric, come over here and talk to me, do I repulse you or something?”

“Oh no, you look beautiful, I just thought I should leave you alone since you’re not dressed.”

“Nonsense, now get over here.”

Eric walked over, standing behind Tracy as she continued brushing her hair.

“My hair is a mess isn’t it.”

“Not really, it’s beautiful…you’re beautiful.”

“Why thank you Eric, that’s sweet of you to say.”

“Would you like to help me brush my hair?”


Eric took the brush from Tracy, running it through her hair, as she watched him in the mirror. Eric could see the Tracy’s breasts though the filmy fabric of her robe. Her nipples were so hard, and her aureola’s were about the size of silver dollars. He couldn’t look away, but then he didn’t want to. Tracy asked Eric, her voice soft, and quivering,

“Do you find me attractive Eric?”

“Yes, you’re very beautiful.”

Then with her fingers trembling slightly she pulled her robe open exposing her breasts for Eric so see. Her breasts were so full, like two beautiful melons, just begging to be caressed. Her skin was so soft, so perfect. Still brushing her hair, Eric watched as Tracy cupped her breasts in her hands, moving her fingers up to her nipples where she began to slowly roll them between her thumb and forefingers. She looked into the mirror making eye contact with Eric. She smiled and said,

“Eric, I have a confession to make.”


“I’ve watched you at night, when you were in your room, stroking your cock.”

“I watched you till you made yourself cum, then I went back to my bedroom and masturbated, thinking about your cock, and how the cum shot from the tip.”

“Does that make you angry, or think bad of me?”

“No, I had a sense you might be watching, but I didn’t care….I wanted you to watch me jack off.”

Tracy smiled, “Then would you mind taking out your cock now, and letting me see it?”

Eric stopped brushing Tracy’s hair, as he unzipped his jeans, letting them fall down around his ankles, kicking them aside, followed by his shorts. Eric placed his throbbing cock next to Tracy’s cheeks, watching as she slowly raised her hand, taking his cock and placing it against her soft cheek. She began rubbing his cock along her cheek, turning her head and kissing his rock hard shaft. Tracy paused long enough to pull her robe all the way off, letting it fall down onto the chair behind her. Then Tracy parted her legs as Eric looked at her beautiful pussy, a neatly trimmed tuft of fiery red hair, that adorned her mound.

As she held his cock in her left hand, and running her tongue along the length of his shaft, Tracy moved her middle finger along her pussy lips, teasing herself, as her pussy started to moisten. Eric watched as she moved her middle finger in slow circular motions over her labia, watching it become more and more wet from her juices. Finally, Tracy eased her middle finger between her lips, sliding her finger in, up to the bend in her finger, then all the way up to her knuckle. Tracy moved her finger around inside her pussy, still kissing and running her tongue along Eric’s stiff shaft. After several minutes, she pulled her finger from her pussy.

“I want to taste it,” Eric stammered, his voice raspy from arousal.

He took Tracy’s hand, raising it to his mouth, where he first moved his nose along her finger, taking in her feminine scent. Then he opened his mouth, placing Tracy’s finger between his lips, running his tongue over her finger, tasting her sex. Tracy gasped, as she tugged at her nipple. Once he was finished Eric said,

I want to taste you, please let me taste you.”

“Soon, I promise.”

Then Tracy turned around facing Eric, holding his cock in her hand and swirling her tongue around the head of his cock. Eric gasped and started caressing her cheeks as Tracy started chewing gently on the head of his cock, eventually taking his length down her throat. Tracy started sucking Eric’s cock, the hair tickling her nose as she opened her throat in order to take his full length. She held his balls in her hand, rolling them in her fingers as she started bobbing her head up and down as she sucked Eric’s cock. Eric had never had a woman suck his cock….not like this. He gasped when Tracy eased her finger up his ass, causing his cock start throbbing.

“I’m going to cum,”

Eric warned her, but then Tracy already knew that…it was what she was waiting for. Eric’s knees started to buckle, as he held onto her chair, balancing himself as powerful jets of cum shot down Tracy’s throat. Eric watched as she took each jet of cum, lapping it up until he was spent. She looked up and smiled at him, squeezing the last drops from his still hard cock, whisking away the last drops as they appeared. Tracy placed a knee on the chair, raising up, and kissing Eric, as he tasted his cum on her tongue. Tracy sat back down, her legs spread wide as she whispered,

“Now you can taste me.”

Eric knelt down, the aroma of her sex filling his nostrils, making his head spin. He had never smelled anything so erotic in all his life. Eric started running his tongue over Tracy’s labia, licking up the juices that flowed form her sex. He could hear Tracy moaning softly as he parted her folds, as more of her juices flowed out onto his tongue. Eric explored every inch of Tracy’s sex, licking, kissing and sucking her pussy, easing his tongue inside her and tongue fucking her as she squeezed her breasts and moaned. He worked his way up to her clit, taking it between his lips, sucking it and flicking it with his tongue as she slid his fingers into her pussy.

Tracy placed her hand on the back of Eric’s head as she started cumming, gyrating her hips as she ground her pussy into his face, covering it with a coating of her cum. Once she was finished cumming, the two of them went over to her bed, with Tracy laying down, and Eric hovering over her, kissing her, as Tracy kissed her juices from his face. Their tongues caressed as they kissed, with Eric finally breaking the kiss as he kissed his way down Tracy’s neck to her breasts, where he kissed and sucked her nipples, while the head of his newly aroused cock, brushed against Tracy’s pussy.

Tracy reached down, grabbing Eric’s cock, guiding it into her pussy, then wrapping her legs around his waist, pulling him into her. Eric started fucking Tracy, slowly at first….her pussy felt like a tight, velvet vice gripping his cock. He had never experienced anything like it before, she was truly amazing as her pussy gripped and milked his cock. Eric started slamming his cock into Tracy’s pussy, pummeling her as his balls slapped against her ass. Tracy grabbed the bed sheet wadding it up in her fingers as another series of powerful orgasms swept over her.

Tracy had Eric stop momentarily, long enough for her to turn around and grab the headboard and instruct Eric to slid his cock back into her pussy and start fucking her again. Eric started out slowly again, because this was a different sensation as Tracy’s pussy gripped his cock, in a little different manner this time. Soon though, he was pummeling her pussy again, as Tracy grunted and moaned with each thrust of his cock. As he fucked her she told him to slap her ass.

“Won’t that hurt…I don’t want to hurt you.”

“It’s OK sweetie…it hurts so good.”

“Do it….it feels so fucking good….go on, slap my ass…please, you won’t hurt me.”

Eric started slapping Tracy’s ass, lightly at first. Then she yelled,

“Harder Eric…slap my ass harder!”

Eric started slapping her ass harder, each slap a little harder than the last.

Tracy squealed and said,


Eric was really getting into it, Tracy’s arousal and enthusiasm was contagious, then harder he slapped her ass, the more she liked it, making him even more excited. Soon Tracy was cumming yet again, amazing Eric that anyone could cum so much, but then, it had been so long since Tracy had been fucked, and never like this, not with his Father. Once she stopped cumming Tracy lay on her back with Eric straddled over her.

“Have you ever tit fucked a woman Eric?”


“Mmmm, then you’re in for a real treat.”

Tracy reached over and grabbed some lotion, spreading it over her breasts, and then more over Eric’s cock.

“Now, I put your cock between my tits…ya that’s it….now start fucking my tits while I squeeze them together.”

Eric placed his cock between Tracy’s tits, and started fucking her as she had instructed.

“Yes, how does that feel Eric?”


“Yes, I love it too…now fuck my tits and then cum all over them.”

Eric started tit fucking Tracy, working his cock back and forth between her glorious tits. Each time his cock appeared at the top, Tracy would open her mouth, sucking the head of his cock. Eric quickly timed it so that he paused, allowing Tracy to suck his cock, sticking her tongue in the opening at the tip, which drove him crazy with lust. Eric reached down, and began tweaking Tracy’s nipples, as she cooed and moaned. Eric could finally feel his orgasm nearing telling Tracy he was about to cum. She reminded him to cum on her tits.

Finally Eric pulled his cock from between Tracy’s breast, having waited until the last possible second, then he stroked his cock a couple of times, aiming at her nipples. Eric grunted and sent his load of cum, spewing forth onto her nipples, giving her a nice coating of cum. Eric started running the head of his cock over her nipples while he reached back and slipped two fingers into her pussy, getting her off one last time. Tracy massaged the cum into her breasts, licking the rest from her fingers. Eric and Tracy cuddled, as Eric licked and sucked her nipples lapping up any excess cum.

Later Tracy and Eric showered together, then slept together that night. the following day they discussed what had transpired, both coming to the conclusion that while most would condemn and criticize, they had no problem with it, and continued to carry on their relationship when his womanizing Father was gone. They knew their relationship would eventually come to a conclusion once Tracy divorced his Father, but until that time, there were no bounds. Eric and Tracy both were excited to test the boundaries of their new found passion for one another….time will tell where it leads.

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