Sweet Payback
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The drunken young blonde gyrated in front of the hotel mirror, squeezing her breasts together with one hand as she gulped the tequila-laden drink. Eddie sat at the edge of the bed, whiskey glass in-hand, his hungry eyes, stalking her every move like a tiger ready to pounce. His plan was going as scheduled and he couldn’t wait to fill the sex kitten with his hot cum.

Caitlin wasn’t even born or yet conceived back when Eddie and her mother, Teresa, fresh out of junior college, were still living together in Collegeville, 19 years ago. While he was away at the police academy the next year, Teresa had an affair, had gotten pregnant, then conned Eddie into wiring home a couple hundred dollars of his pay for “supposed” car repairs. It was in fact to cover a security deposit on a new apartment with her new lover. When Eddie got home, he discovered she had moved out, with no forwarding address. Eddie was left a clueless cuckold with three months of overdue rent and an angry landlord. He’d become a walking punchline for all the neighbors who knew about Teresa’s affairs. Even some of his so-called close friends had gotten a piece of her before she started shacking up with his replacement. Eventually he discovered it was his high school bully-rival, Butch, a popular jock who thought an “ex-stoner” like Eddie didn’t deserve to have a hot piece of ass, like Teresa, even if he was training to be a cop. It was Butch who stole her away and gotten her pregnant. Butch was also jealous of Eddie’s prized 1974 day-glow orange Mustang with the black stripe. Butch moved in with her, just to spite Eddie, then moved her in with his parents. Eddie, depressed, stared at the homemade tattoo Teresa drew with a heated paperclip on his wrist when they were still teens. “Teresa LOVES Eddie”. His little T-Bird had broken his heart.

Push forward 20 years later, and Eddie had channeled all of the humiliation and bitterness into a new life. He’d shaved off his mustache and dyed his viking-red hair and eyebrows brunette. He’d also become a gym rat, working out 2-3 hours a day, five days a week, and dropping 35 lbs. He was in the best shape of his life and had turned his formerly dumpy and husky frame into a chiseled, god-like Olympian statue that made him look ten years younger than his 39 years. The tinted eyeglasses and the dragon tattoos on his defined forearms and hands made him totally unrecognizable to anyone who remembered him as the all-around slacker/stoner/weed dealer back in the day.

Eddie sneered as he drove pass the “City of Collegeville” sign. Though almost a generation had passed, he’d still been seething about the betrayal but let it go when he left town a few years later. He’d been a cop in the neighboring county for a few years before becoming a state cop and moving about 50 miles away. This enabled him to get the bad thoughts and self-loathing out of his head. He hadn’t even thought about Teresa until a week ago when learned he had to attend the funeral of an old classmate. Driving through town conjured images of Teresa again. Her sexy, voluptuous figure and strawberry blond hair. That luscious, thick ass and those perfectly-shaped breasts. He wondered what she looked like now. But then he figured she was half way across the country by now since he’d heard Butch joined the army and was supposedly stationed in Texas.

On his way into town, Eddie stopped at the old Burger Hut to grab a meal. As he walked inside, he noticed a kind-of familiar face at the register.

“Hello, handsome. Can I take your order??” she said. Her voice was immediately familiar though physically she wasn’t. It was Teresa. She hadn’t aged well at all. Her face was puffy, with a few extra chins and she had gained a lot of weight. Some rolly love handles, some bigger tits, wider hips and definitely a fatter ass. Despite the extra weight, she still had a nice pear-shape filling out that unflattering fast food uniform. She was still fuckable in a trailer park/village slut kind of way with the trashy eye shadow and liner she was wearing. One look at her name tag confirmed it was her.

“Hi, Teresa, is it?. Can I get the grilled chicken salad combo with a diet Coke.”, looking up at the overhead menu, he feined recognition of his ex. He figured she didn’t recognize him though he really wanted to embarrass her and see the look of shame and fear on her face, knowing he’d found her working at a fast food restaurant after all the big talk she threw around town about not wanting to end up trapped in Collegeville working at the local linen factories or that smelly paper mill. ‘What happened to Butch?’ he wondered. He looked at her left hand and saw no ring.

He got an idea to see if she recognized him. He stuck a toothpick in his mouth like he used to do when they dated, took off his sunglasses and hung them on his shirt pocket, leaned forward on the counter and with a flirtatious smirk. “Uh, hey, peaches!”, he faked a southern accent.

“Is there a good bar ’round here. Ahhm just passing through. Just drove from North Carolina and I’m doing a bit of business here in town. Not real familiar with this area but I’m pro’lly gonna be in town fer a couple days.”

Teresa looked out at his car and saw he had a new model Ford Mustang, black with orange stripe down the middle. She always had a thing for guys with nice muscle cars. Kind of reminded her of an old ex who had a 1974 model Mustang but orange with a black stripe. Reversed.

“Well, there’s Kilgore’s on Rte 11 and Chestnut Ave. or if you like live music, there’s Bellamy’s, down about four lights on the left on Pine and Main Sts. They both have dancing but I like Kilgore’s better. They have a good DJ. I go there a lot. Plus lots of room for getting cozy, if you know what I mean.” The chunkyy cashier flirted and played with her graying, blond pony-tail. She gave Eddie a day-dreamy look as if she was imagining what it would be like to be manhandled by him.

Eddie knew that look. His plan was already coming together. “Well, maybe I’ll see you there tonight” he lied. Truthfully, he wasn’t all that interested in her now. He’d already fucked her a hundred times when they were still together and she was better looking. But a revenge fuck could make him feel good enough right now. Shit, any fuck would make him feel good.

“Maybe I’ll stop by and see you there tonight, darlin’ “, he said with a wink before walking out.

“What’s your name ?” she asked as he headed out the door.

“Oh, I’m Ed..er…Evan”, he lied.

As he walked outside with his food, he saw two young girls hanging out by his car. A thick-bodied, built-like-a shit-brickhouse blond was leaning against it while the pony-tailed brunette took her picture with a camera phone. The blond caught Eddie’s eye first. She was wearing a pink and red, body-hugging, terry-cloth tube top and booty shorts outfit. The brunette wasn’t bad either in her mini skirt and tank top.

“Like the car, ladies?”, Eddie interrupted with a lascivious leer over his sunglasses.

“Oh, sorry, sir. Is this your car?”, said the blonde, flirtatiously looking over her own sunglasses, rubbing her luscious ass against the car door before standing up straight. Her solid titties stood firm as they stretched against the fabric of her tube top. Eddie looked her up and down like a popsicle he wanted to lick.

“I havent’ seen you here before.” She said in her townie accent. “Mmm Mmm Mmmmmmph” she and her cute girlfriend giggled, staring him in the eyes. She tried to act cool but she felt herself getting goosebumps talking to macho tattooed hunk. She was such a flirt and she couldn’t resist since she noticed him checking her out.

Eddie walked up to Caitllyn until his face was inches from hers. She could smell his manly cologne emanating from his muscular torso and neck . He could smell the strong scent of wine cooler and vodka on her breath.

“Wow, you’re pretty straight-forward and bold, aren’t you, girl? I like that. What are you doing tonite? Im only in town for a day and I think I definitely want to get to know you” he flirted back and smooth-talked her with machismo, drinking in her body. He was really horny now and loved the way she filled out her sultry little pink “fuck me”, summer outfit.

“Oh, I’m just waiting for my mother to get off work so I can drive her home. Then I’m all yours.” She teased with a familiar dreamy smile. Her eyes dropped to his crotch then back up to meet his stare.

“Really?!” He stared at her face hard and began to come to a conclusion of the young mystery girl. “Is that your mother in there at the register with the day-glow blue eye shadow?”

“You mean that whorish make-up she keeps wearing that makes her look like a tramp? Yes. Stupid cow”, she muttered embarrassedly. The brunette friend giggled hearing hearing her trash her own mother.

“And what’s your name, lil miss?

“I’m Cait. And this is my friend, Mary Beth”

“Hmmm. Cute name”, he replied. Is that short for something?”

“Caitlin”, she cooed in her sexiest grown-up voice.

His plans were now changing. Why just fuck his ex when he could exact his revenge on the two people who shamed him by fucking their daughter instead?

“Hi, Caitlin. My name is… Evan.”, the deceit was becoming second nature now. “And let me guess. Hmmm. You look to be about mmmm…..nineteen??”, he rolled his eyes into the air as if calculating, knowing full well that nineteen would be the age, Teresa’s daughter would be right about now.

“Well 19 1/2 to be exact but damn, , excellent guess, Evan. You should join the circus with those skills haha”, Cait and her friend laughed.

She was just as thick as her mother was at that same age but she sure was a hell of a lot sexier. Eddie took off his glasses again so she could see his eyes licking up every inch of her body. Her freckled cleavage was like a hot tub of strawberry goodness. And the cotton-y fabric of her shorts hugged her hips and wedged into her crotch creating a delicious camel toe.

She blushed. She was used to a lot of attention from all sorts of men but there was something about this one beyond his good looks and charming personality that made even a promiscuous tart like her shy and vulnerable. Probably something to do with the fact that she hadn’t found any worthy and manly men to flirt with in months. At least none that had their shit together like this guy seemed to. She gave him her phone number. He gave her his motel address.

As Eddie drove away, he felt a little funny about what was about his intentions. Not only was Caitlin young enough to be his daughter, she actually would have been had Teresa not cheated on him. It made him a bit sad and reflective. Then something in his pants started to swell as he looked back at Caitlin’s scrumptious ass in his side view mirror. Then a reverberated echo voice rang out.

Eddie’s Dick: “Well she’s not your daughter, fool so get that notion out of your head right now. That asshole Butch banged your woman and stole her away from you. And they both made you look like such a chump, you had to leave town. So what you gon’ do now, sucka!!”.

Eddie: But.. but…she’s only a teenager. just a kid. That could have been my kid. Should have been my kid.

Eddie’s Dick: But..but..but MY ASS, fool. At 19 and a half, she’s neither a kid nor is she YOUR kid plus she’s in a hurry to be grown so might as well help her along, sugar daddy. She throwing that pussy all up in your face and rubbing her ass on your car like she’s marking her territory. So I ask you again. What you gon’ do now…SUCKA??

Eddie: “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of Tereas & Butch’s daughter!!” he muttered to himself as he remembered “the betrayal”.

Eddie’s Dick: “I CAN’T HEAR YOOOOO, SOLDIER!!!!!!”


Eddie’s Dick: “That’s my boy!! That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!! Bury me deep in that bitch till I hit uterus and I’ll blow my top!! heh heh heh!!”

Later that night, Eddie had just finished getting dressed after a nice hot shower. He heard a knock. He opened the door and in walked Caitlin looking like she was ready for a hot night at the club. “Did you miss me?” She wore a little black dress so short it barely covered the top of her thigh and her cleavage revealed her sexy nubile breast mounds, straining to get out. Her hair was full lengthed and she had on a black pair of slip-on heels. She smelled like jasmine.

She looked good enough to eat and as bad as he wanted to take her out and show her off, Eddie wasn’t about to go spend a lot of money just to get this pussy. That would defeat the purpose. He figured he’d try a different approach. He went into the kitchen and brought out a couple Long Island iced teas he’d just made, complete with garnish and little umbrellas. He figured if he got her nice and toasty first, she might want to forget the club and get right to the main course.

Caitlin was ecstatic. All of those times she used a fake ID before all of the bars discovered she was only 18, she was used to either paying over $8 for a drink like that or getting one of the local losers to buy her one then she’d be stuck with them harassing and following her around all night like lovesick puppies. Though she was hoping to show off her new hot hunk to the local haters who talked a lot of shit about her at the club, she had to admit, she was really horny since earlier in the afternoon when she first laid eyes on Eddie, and older men really turned her on. She put down her purse and sat on the motel bed, crossing her creamy sexy legs and dangling her shoe as she sipped the tasty drink.

What Eddie remembered most about her mother, Teresa was as much as she liked to drink, the one drink she didn’t handle well was tequila. While it never had much affect on him, he knew it was only a matter of time before she would become an uncontrollable nymphomaniac. He made sure to put a double shot and a half of tequila in with the vodka and gin drink. If her daughter was any thing like her, he was expecting the same results. It was also a good opportunity to get some dirt on her parents.

As the drink flowed like truth serum, Caitlin revealed how her parents had never married and split up when she was three. Up until the last year of middle school, she had shuttled between Teresa and Butch’s house and family across town. Then he got stationed in Houston and left Teresa. Not bothering to stay in touch once his child support obligations were over. She lamented that she’d heard he started a new family down there.

Three drinks and lots of flirting later, it didn’t take long before Caitlin was on her feet, still trash talking her father incessantly and dancing around the motel room to an Usher song on the radio. Eddie watched her from the easy chair, licking his lips and squeezing his growing crotch as she sang, giggled and danced clumsily around the room. She had kicked off her shoes and was dancing on her toes like a ballerina. Every time she rose up on her toes, her skirt lifted a bit higher. Eddie could see the puffy crotch of her silver lycra thong panties or the mountains of ass cheeks peeking out every so often.

He suddenly felt guilty about fucking the young drunken nymphet. None of what happened to him was her fault. She was just a result of her traitorous asshole, selfish parents. He thought to send her back home and maybe go to Kilgore’s and find her mother, bring her back to the motel and fuck the shit out of her instead. .

Just as he got that thought into his head, another voice chimed in:

Eddie’s Dick: “Come on, maaaan! I KNOOOOOOOOOW you aint gonna let this hot piece of ass get away now. This situation is tailor-made, son. Look. That bitch screwed you over good. Took your money, made a fool out of you. And that son of a bitch Butch purposely humiliated you. You gonna let that shit slide?? Don’t settle for that old used up fat bitch. Butch probably fucked a hole in her so big, you’d fall in anyway. You need to bust their daughter’s hot little pussy wide open”

Eddie: “Ahh. I don’t know. I mean this kid didn’t do anything to me.

Eddie’s Dick” “FUCK THAT!! You better do something to HER. Like bust a half gallon of this nut juice up in that tight, little hot cunt. Come ON, Man. This shit is heavy. I can’t carry this shit no more. Feel me”

Eddie: Yeah, I feel you on that.

Eddie’s Dick: “No, I mean “FEEL” me. Right now.

Eddie rubbed his dick to find it iron rock hard. And his nuts were swollen, gorged full of cum ready to let loose.

He stood up and walked toward her putting his strong hands on her hips he pulled her into him. She collapsed into his arms still giggling. She crawled up his sculpted chest and nuzzled her face into his neck. The drunken blond dug her freshly polished fingernails into his back as she pressed against him.

“I really don’t wanna go to the club that badly. Can I stay here with you tonight?” she cooed, her strong tequila breath acting as an aphrodisiac for his lust.

“Really? Awww. That’s too bad. Hmmm. Im sure we can find something to do here tonight.” he said with nasty intention.

Eddie reached down and snuck his hand under her dress, rubbing his rough hands over her panty-covered pussy mound. Her crotch felt like it was 200 degrees. He felt her squirm and her thighs clamped together on his hand as his middle finger fondled and stroked the lycra fabric guarding her pussy.

Caitlin stood up straight and kissed the cop, jamming her tongue into his mouth. She stroked and cradled his face as he sucked her tongue into his mouth. She melted into his body as he backed her toward the bed.

Eddie pushed her down on the bed. As he stood before her and took off his shirt in one swift motion, the blond unbuttoned his pants and reached into his boxer shorts revealing a strong, rigid piece of meat. As she pumped it with her clenched hand and grinned up at him in amazement and mischievousness, he kicked off his pants and shorts and grabbed her head, forcing the one-eyed beast down her throat. She continued to giggle and grin as she swabbed his huge penis with spit and deep-throated it like a pro.

Caitlin hadn’t sucked such a big cock in quite some time. She continued to suck on the big bulbous head, voraciously licking from the head down to the huge nutsack and all along the shaft back up.

Eddie could feel his balls starting to churn. He lifted his leg and put his foot on the bed, pushing his crotch further into Caitlin’s face as he grabbed a fistful of her blond locks. He felt hot gooey ball milk spiraling up his dick as he jammed it into her mouth one last time. She choked as he rammed his crotch violently against her face, then froze as he gagged her on his exploding dick. “Drink that cum, bitch!! DRINK IT!!!! OHH, FFUUUUUUUUUCKKK!!!”

Eddie flexed his groin against her face forcefully as a big vein pulsed in his forehead. He held for ten more seconds before pulling out and finally falling back into the easy chair, exhausted. He looked over at her and she was still giggling as his cum dripped down her chin as she sat back on the bed.

“Mmm! That was good. Got anymore?? I know you aint tired already, old man?”, she taunted as she wiped the cum from her lips.

“Old man? Oh, so it’s gonna be like that? Ok, lil mama. I got a treat for you”, he said breathlessly, kneeling in front of her, he grabbed her legs and pulled her toward the edge of the bed. He reached under her skirt and ripped her panties off in one motion. He spread her thick legs and slowly ran his tongue against her right thigh, all the while keeping eye contact with her. He let his tongue tickle her sensitive areas close to her cunt but whenever he got close he’d pull away and switch to the opposite thigh.

She looked on in frightened anticipation as his face slowly made its way up and down her thighs, disappearing under her skirt and into the valley of her hot and horny pussy. Her hands clawed at the bedsheets as she moaned and squirmed till her pussy started to make squelching noises on its own. Finally she couldn’t take anymore.

Before she could say anything, Eddie already knew she was at her limit. He spread her legs further apart and jammed his face right into her hot slippery pussy, sucking in a mouthful of her vaginal lips and clitoris.

“EEEeeeeeeyyYYYAAAAAA!!” Caitlin let out a drunken moan and jumped and bucked against the cop’s greedy mouth, mashing her dripping crotch into his face to allow his hot tongue more access to her goodies. Mini orgasms ran through her body as pussy juice spilled onto the bed. Eddie could hardly catch it all as she wet the bed with her sweet syrup.

He ran his tongue up her pussy one last time then concentrated on her fat clit. He reached under her ass, grabbed her fat cheeks and lifted her pussy up to his face. He ran his tongue around the head and hood of the twitching clit, circling and lapping against it from all sides until he found the exact spot that made her jump.

Caitlin let him know right away when he found it. Her breathing became more harried and her nipples got hard like peppermint candy. Her moans started to build up to a fever pitch. Pussy juice flowed from her cunt like warm honey. Finally she arched her hips forward and grabbed Eddie’s head. OOOooooOOOOOOOHHHHH!!! she screamed as a big O shot through her body and a geyser of pussy honey splashed from her vagina against the older man’s face. She continued to gyrate and writhe on the bed for another two minutes. The moaning, the gyrating. It was very familiar to Eddie. That’s exactly how her mother reacted when he used to eat her fat pussy.

Now Eddie was ready for the main course. His dick was hard again. He climbed on top of Caitlin and stuck his dick into her sopping wet and quivering pussy. Her cunt was still contracting from the muff-diving orgasm she just had. But it still squeezed away on his big dick wantonly. He could hear the squishy sounds of her pussy every time he pushed his dick into her.

Caitlin wrapped her arms and legs around the buff older man. His body was like a sculpture of a Olympian god. She loved the feeling of a man inside her, especially a well-built man. She almost never let guys fuck her without a condom, especially one-night-stands. But she wanted to feel Eddie inside of her. He was the type of man she fantasized when she masturbated all alone in her room.

Eddie fucked her missionary style, sucking on her fat nipples and mashing his entire weight onto her as he grinded her into the bed. She pushed her hips up to meet his as their pelvis’ clapped together in rhythm.

Then Eddie got her up on all fours and started fucking her doggy style. She wiggled her fat ass at him and pushed back onto his long cock. He slapped her chunky, sun-tanned ass. The bikini outline untouched by the sun, made her ass cheeks look bigger. He entered her pussy easily from all the cum she was still leaking. He slammed against her ass as she fucked back at him meeting his thrusts. The clapping of their connecting bodies got louder and the bedboard slapped against the wall as if it would soon break. Eddie fondled her huge breasts and pulled her back against him during his thrusts.

Caitlin felt another orgasm boiling in her nether regions. Eddie’s cock was rubbing against her g-spot just right, taking short, gyrating jabs to ensure his cock head massaged her in just the perfect spot . She reached back and held his hips in position as he slowed down his gyrations and concentrated on the singular spot that seemed to saturate his cock every time he hit it. She started to moan and stutter as the big stud snapped his hips into her with short deliberate thrusts. This one felt as if it would be a bigger climax than the previous one. She didn’t want to lose it.

Eddie was ready to cum. But he wanted to make sure she came one more time. Slowing down his pace allowed him to stave off blowing his load too soon. He held off as long as he could but he knew she was close. He had reached under her dog-positioned body and could feel her nipples, hard and flush with goose bumps. His breathing and moaning were deep and frequent. He started to slowly speed up his hip movements to match her hyperventilating yelps and moans. With her fat ass slapping against his stomach, he slammed and rubbed his cockhead into her hungry pussy and against her g-spot.

Caitlin felt the fire burning in her loins that woke her up. She had been face down in the pillows with her ass raised high, allowing Eddie to ravage her pussy but suddenly she felt yet another intense itch in her pussy that needed scratching. She pushed up again on all fours and frantically slammed her ass back against her mother’s ex. She loved the way his thick cock filled her cunt and now her pussy juice flowed even harder, spurting down her thighs. She moaned through clenched teeth as an intense orgasm started to reach its boiling point in her crotch.

“Oh, shhhhit, Evan, EVAN, Oooohh, shit, baby, OOOHHH, SHIT, BABYYYYY, OH, SHIIIIIIIIIIT!! , she screamed and shook violently as the orgasm over took her. She mashed and ground her ass back against Eddie who was now about to cum inside her. His hip motions sped up till he leaned forward and pinned her body with all his weight and fucked her hard into the bed. His body stiffened against her as he shot what seemed to be almost a pint of his hot sperm inside her ravaged pussy. She didn’t care that he was cumming inside her. It felt too good to be rational at that moment. Her own orgasm was stronger than any she’d had before and with the combination of his hot spunk splashing against her uterus, she was in nirvana.

Eddie spent the rest of the night, filling her dripping wet, greedy pussy with his hot sperm.

Twelve months later, Eddie came back through Collegeville. Stopping by the fast food restaurant, he again saw Teresa still working there, clearing her cash register to change shifts.

“Oh”, she lit up when she recognized his car. “Well look who finally showed up to meet me at out??”, she joked. “Made me wait long enough, didn’t you? I mean a whole year?? haha”

“Oh, yeah, sorry I got busy that night. haha” he teased. “Actually, Im here to see your daughter Caitlin!”

Teresa looked confused for a second and then she noticed his southern accent was gone and he sounded like a local. “My daughter, Caitlin?”

“Uh huh”, he nodded.

“But how do you know Cait? And how do you know she’s my daughter?” she demanded suspiciously then stammering confused for a second, she looked deep into his eyes.

He took his sunglasses off and looked her straight back into her eyes. “Hey, T-Bird”, he said with a wink, calling her by his pet name for her when they dated, revealing the ruse with a smile and a wink. “Remember this?” He flashed the crude homemade tattoo on his wrist that Teresa had made 20 years before.

“Huh….???” her jaw hung open and she dropped her cash drawer as she covered her mouth in horror and backed away from the register as the revelation of a bad joke-turned-real-life came upon her. “WTF???”, her eyes opened wide as she looked deep into his eyes. All the blood drained from her face as all things became clear. When Caitlin found out she was pregnant over a year ago, she mentioned the father was a drifter just passing through the same night Theresa was hoping to see this guy at Kilgore’s. A man with a black sports car like “Evan” had. .

Teresa thought about how her new grandchild, had striking red hair. Like her ex, Eddie. She still hadn’t closed her mouth from the realization. She looked back at him. .

“Oh, FUCK! Eddie??? No, NO NOOO!!” she tantrummed tearfully stomping on the fallen money as the customers and other employees looked on in bewilderment. “You, mother FUCKER!! She was just a BABY!!! YOU MOTHER-FUCKER!!” she growled.

“That’s me!! Hey, ‘mom!’ I’m a grandmotherfucker and a daughter-fucker too” Eddie proudly pronounced with a vengeful laugh of payback and justice. “HahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

EPILOGUE: PART 2. Caitlin and little Eddie jr move in with Eddie. He helps support the child and has promised to marry Caitlin. Three years later, Theresa is fired and loses her trailer home. With nowhere to go, she takes Cait and Eddie up on an offer to move in to help raise their child. As a result, while Caitlin is at work at a local bank across town from 8:30 – 4:30, Teresa babysits, cooks and helps with chores. Eddie’s shift doesn’t start till 3 pm so while EJ is at pre-school, Eddie and Teresa start fucking again. Now Teresa’s trying to figure out how she will tell her daughter she’s pregnant with her son-in-law’s baby and EJ will have an uncle or aunt three years younger than him.

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