The preachers wife
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Ann and Ruby did do a 69 for Frank and he filmed it.. In gratitude he fist fucked both of them again, To their delight then they went home.. Ruby was so excited she had to tell someone about what happened today so she called Pam, The preachers wife who she was close friends with because Pam was fucking her teen boyfriend.. Pam Is a horny mid thirties wife and mom of a son and classmate of Ruby.. Pam cut her short saying that her hubby was home and ask if she could call her tomorrow because she was very interested..

Next day Pam did call early because she was anxious to hear.. Ruby explained and told her about how Julie, Marie and Ann had been finding lots of new big black cocks.. She also told her about getting fist fucked and how it was better than anything she had ever experienced.. “Look this is very exciting to me.. Would you be willing to go with me to an out of town pace so we can have some fun? I haven’t had any strange cock in a while now and I’m horny as hell.. As you know my hubby is in town so I was thinking I could tell him I was going out of town to visit an old friend and I could rent a motel room for us so we wouldn’t have to come home so early in case we got real lucky..” “That sounds great to me girl just tell me when..” “How about tomorrow night?” “sounds great.. Look do you have a really sexy outfit you can pack in your bags?” ‘Actually I do have one that is very daring that my hubby knows nothing about.. It’s a completely transparent button up blouse and a micro mini skirt, With some 5″ heels it looks really hot, Especially without a bra, As you know I have some really shapely nice boobs..” “Yes I do and that is sure to get some attention, He’ll we may get jumped before we even get in the bar LOL”

“Then it’s set for tomorrow night, I will pick you up around 3pm.. What you going to tell your parents?” “Ahh I will tell them that I’m going out of town with you to visit an old friend of yours, I’m sure it will be ok.”

Tuesday afternoon came around an Pam picked me up as promised. We drove about fifty miles to a town we knew had a large black population increasing our odds of finding the kind of place we would be looking for.. We found a motel on the outskirts of town along the highway and registered.. We unloaded our bags and I suggested that we get a bite to eat first so we went to a restaurant and from the looks of the clientele we wouldn’t have a problem finding what we were looking for.. When we got back to the room we dressed for the evening and wow did Pam look fucking hot, her tits were clearly visible, Not just her nipples but the full tit.. She didn’t have to bend far for you to see her fresh shaved pussy either.. “Girl I guess you know that an outfit like that is probably going to give guy’s ides don’t you?” and laughed.. With my very low cut blouse and short skirt we were sure to get attention..

We drove around a bit but it didn’t take long to find a bar on the outskirts of town that looked promising, The parking lot was full of cars.. We parked, Checked our makeup and sighed saying ” Well here goes” and entered the bar.. Yep it was crowded with black guys and no women.. We went to the back close to the pool tables and sat at a table.. The bartender served us our beer and after only a couple sips a couple of huge guys came over, He’ll that must have both been over 6’6″ and looked to be in good shape.. They introduced themselves as Tom and Frank.. Hi guys I’m Ruby and this is my friend Pam, Nice to meet you.. Tom said “Well we are both regulars here and don’t remember seeing either of you before” Pan said “well that’s because we are from out of town and looking to expand our circle of friends” Again Tom spoke saying “well before the nights over we hope to be included in that circle” Pam said well why don’t you guys join us for a beer so we can get to know each other better and maybe you will be you sure look like the type of friends we’re looking for” Frank got their beers while Tom sat beside me.. “Pam it appears that you are not bashful” “why do you say that?” well that blouse you’re wearing doesn’t leave much to the imagination” “Oh, You like?” “I love what I’m seeing, Doesn’t leave much to the imagination.. They look very good for a lady of your age for sure, are they bought and paid for or did you grow them yourself?” “Home grown honey, You are welcome to find out for yourself” Tom reached over and took on in his big hand and kind of squeezed then pinched the nipple gently saying “damn that one sure feels real and very good” “Thank you the other feels the same I’m sure but maybe you should check to be sure” He felt the other one up like he did that one and said “yep I think that before the nights over we can be real close friends” “Well that depends on what you have to offer” With that he simply unfastened his pants and hauled out about a 14″ thick cock.. Pam said “Nice how about I check it out to be sure” “sure check all you want I assure you that it’s home grown” with that Pam took it in her hand and stroked it a couple times saying “Yes we sure will be close friends before the night’s over” She looked over at Ruby and found that Frank had one of her tits out playing with it while she had him in both hands stroking him.. “Hmmm Ruby looks like we found what we were looking for” “For sure I can’t wait to get this cock inside me” But as you know there is no way two are gong to be enough satisfy us” “Yes that’s for sure, by the time they’re worn out we will just be getting started good” You guys wouldn’t happen to have about ten or fifteen friends that could follow us back to our room would you?” “Wow are you serious?” “Very serious, Ruby why don’t you give them a preview” “Sure” Ruby simply leaned over and took frank balls deep in her throat and bobs up and down a couple times, setting back up she said, Convinced?” They both said “He’ll yes” “Ok this is where we’re staying and this is our room number, Now gather up everyone you can and meet us there Don’t keep two horny women waiting ok” Ruby and I got up and paraded around among the guys giving them a view and then left.. We got in the car giggling.. “how many you think will show up?” “after our display I have no doubt that there won’t be at least 15,and Maybe more” “Damn I hope so I’m so horny I could handle 15 by myself.. I can’t believe that it’s this easy” “Well Tom and Frank sure have nice cocks but maybe there will be one or two even bigger..” Oh god I hope so right now I would like one like Harold, Damn he was good..” “Well Harold is small compared to this friend of Ann’s, He’s 18.5 and thicker than a 1 liter Coke bottle” “Oh my god are you serious?” “Honey I’m very serious, Ann Introduced him to me so that I could fill in for her when she couldn’t make it, Maybe she would be ok with introducing you so you can take care of him during the day..” Oh god please ask her, I would fucking love that”

About 15min after they got back to the room there was a knock on the door.. Pam answered it and there they were with a gang behind them and still more getting out of cars.. She invited them and counted 26 on the initial gang.. Evidently the display worked.. Pam and I simply disrobed and lay on the beds, Thankfully there was two of them.. Tom and Frank wasted no time and quickly mounted us driving balls deep in one stroke.. I don’t know who cum first because we both started almost immediately.. Not surprising neither of them lasted long but was quickly replaced.. AS Frank got up I said “Come here baby, I started something at the bar that need finishing” he shuffled forward and as the new guy entered me I pulled him by his cock to my mouth and took him balls deep.. didn’t take him long to get hard thankfully.. The new guy cum rather quick and another took his place.. I’m now long stroking Frank and regretfully he lost it dumping his second load right down my throat.. When he pulled out I looked up at him smiling and whispered “Thank you” I looked over at Pam and she’s doing the same thing, Fucking one and sucking another.. I kept watching Pam knowing she had never deepthroated a cock I saw this guy with what looked like a 12″ cock fucking her mouth rather aggressively and was wondering what would happen since her head was against the mattress, Sure enough I saw the guy go balls deep, She kind of struggled at first but quickly I could see her getting into it.. She even reached up and took his ass in her hands and pulled him hard against her face.. When he dumped the first load ever down her throat she fucking lost it, Hunching against the guy fucking her and got him off immediately.. When the guy pulled out of her mouth she looked up and said “Thank you, I loved that”.. While another guy mounted her I motioned for Tom.. He leaned close and I told him to do Pam a favor and fuck her throat. He simply went to her head and put his cock in her mouth.. Tom is bigger than the guy she just deepthroated, Both longer about 14″ and a good bit thicker so I was curious.. I could tell she was getting into it because she was lifting her head to meet his strokes.. he got the hint and began to be more aggressive. I could tell he was now deeper and she reached up and took his ass in her hands and pulled him forward really hard as he went balls deep also and she again went wild with orgasm humping and thrusting the guy fucking her.. They both cum about the same time and when Tom pulled out she said oh “Oh my god I loved that thank you” “PLEASE SOMEBODY FUCK MY THROAT I FUCKING LOVE IT,, ALL OF YOU CAN IF YOU WANT TO, JUST KEEP FEEDING ME”

She must have deepthroated 15-20 guys before they started thinning out about midnight.. We eventually wore out the ones that were left about 2am..

We got a shower and cleaned up then she went to the store and got us a couple beers.. We sat around and chatted while we drank the beer and she said “I had seen you deepthroat several time and wondered what you liked about it, Now I know, He’ll I fucking love it” “haha I noticed, You must have deepthroated at least 15-20 guys” “yes and would have gladly did that many more, I must have a clit in my throat because when a guy cums down my throat I cum like crazy..” “Well that’s exactly how I feel, It’s even better when a monster cock is fucking me at the same time..” “It’s a synch that I can’t keep taking overnight trips like this, You think that maybe I could get lucky in the daytime around home?”

“Oh hell yes Julie and Marie have did it several times. They even found a couple bars that have backrooms with a cot that the bartender allows them to use. The bartenders like girls like us coming around and if you let him fuck you and maybe suck him off and want to come back he will put the word out and have a crowd there for you on the day you request” “Oh my god that sounds like a gold mine.. You can rest assured I will be hitting the day bars often..” “This will be much better than sitting home hoping that one of the students come by with their small cocks” “Well if you were an outfit like you did tonight I assure you, you will get lucky, You may have to ware something over your top until you get to the bar.” “I can ware this blouse and I have a skirt with an elastic waistband I can roll up to the desired length so that won’t be a problem..

We got up around 11am the next day and got home just after noon.. Two well fucked friends..

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