Dawn Lends A Hand
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I lay back, my head on the pillow and let the hot
blonde nuzzle my nuts. My legs were trembling with the
thrills that were racing up and down my spine as her
talented lips and tongue sped me toward my cum. The
blonde’s soft, wet lips kissed my sac, with tingling
tongue action and then I felt her kissing and licking
her way back up my shaft to my throbbing, drooling
knob. I was confident that she would get there in time
for my cum-squirt.

My name is Harry. I am a handsome fucker, if I do say
so myself. I stand 6 ft. 3, weigh 220. I am strong and
in shape. My ladies say I have prick to spare.

I have to be in shape for my job. I am the ram-rod of a
string of strippers and whores and I have to be ready
at all times to handle unruly customers and johns. And
there are always some of those assholes. You know the
kind; bastards that abuse the girls or after getting
their jollies, threatening the girls to get their money
back. Or try to temp my girls with drugs.

The overall owner of our little ‘Pussycat’ enterprise
is a rat bastard by the name of Tony Damaso. He is a
prick; a real prick. He is married to a fox named Dawn,
but he is always grabbing freebies from the girls. He
treats me like shit. He treats the girls like shit
also, keeping most of the money they earn on their
backs or their knees, still using them for his own
pleasure but always looking down on them. His
condescending attitude was to make sure they knew he
was doing them a favor by letting them work their pussy
for him!

I am second-in-command but that means exactly nothing.
Not in money; not in respect. At least, not from Tony.

The girls were a different matter. I found most of the
girls and they all love Harry! Of course, before I
agreed to let her join the organization, I sampled the
goodies of every girl. We were high-class, first-class
and I wanted nothing but the best. The girl not only
had to be gorgeous, she had to put out one hell of a
hot fuck!

I often dip amongst the girls for my action. With the
prick I’m packing, the girls really don’t mind. If I
have the scratch I pay them but, more often, because
the girls appreciate the things I do for them and the
respect I pay them, my whores will offer up a freebie
to old Harry. We charged big bucks and the girls knew
that ass-wipe Tony didn’t always give Harry his due.
But even though Tony didn’t always give me what was
rightfully coming to me, my girls look after old Harry.
After all, I threw them a pretty nice fuck, fucking was
their business and, trust me, my Pussycat girls knew
their business.

Right now, for instance, as I said, Lorie, a stacked
blonde, was kissing my knob and slurping up cum-flow.
Squirt, squirt, squirt my cum just kept pissing out in
ropey spurts and Lorie, like her life depended on it,
was sucking it down and making sexy noises and
generally making me believe that drinking my cum was
the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her.
It was the reason she was one of the most high-priced
and in-demand girls in the Pussycat stable.

Every john likes to think he is special. You know, that
if the girl met him at a bar or something that she
would fuck him for nothing and the special whores could
make him feel like that. No matter how many other guys
they might have fucked that day! Lorie was just such a

Later, after she had licked up all my cream, we cuddled
and Lorie enjoyed a cigarette. She leaned her head on
my shoulder.

“Harry,” she asked, dragging on her cigarette, “why
don’t you and I and some of the other girls go out on
our own? We don’t need Tony, the bastard.” I snuggled
her closer. This was not the first time we had this

“Sweet-ums,” I said, squeezing one of the beauties on
her chest, watching that nipple pop out, eliciting a
whine from Lorie, “Tony, has some very dangerous people
working for him. I’d like to live at least long enough
for another one of your super suck-jobs!”

She giggled, leaned over and breathed a big lungful of
smoke onto my cock as she stroked it thoughtfully. She
squeezed my prick right under the knob causing my piss-
slot to open up and smile for her. Fuck-juice drooled
out and she massaged it around my sensitive prick-head
with her thumb, causing me to shiver.

“You know I love your cock-cream, Harry,” she sighed,
“How about an encore performance, right fucking now?
Give Lorie what she likes!”

I grinned. Her silky hands and hot breath on my rod had
my nuts boiling with more cum for her!

“Sure thing, hot-stuff,” I chuckled, “Help yourself!
You’ve got my motor running, now another oil-change, if
you please, ma’am!”

Lorie giggled and somehow her mouth became hotter on my

After she drank down another big mouthful of my cock-
juice, we rested again. “Seriously, Harry, why don’t
you go and have a word with Dawn? I’ve talked to her.
She doesn’t think much more of that prick of a husband
of hers than we do! And I know she’ll like you, stud.
You are just her type.”

“And just what type is that, doll?”

“From what I hear, she likes big, strong guys who can
throw her the prick all day. That’s you, Harry!”

“Yeah, sweetie, maybe, but rumor has it that she is
also in love with money, of which I have none,
remember, baby?”

“True, but if we can get rid of Tony, you’ll have lots
of bucks!”

I rolled sweet Lorie over and prick-stabbed her right
in her snuggly cooze! “Bucks for fucks!” I chuckled as
I grabbed her lush ass-cheeks and pulled that creamy
pussy right up to me, “That’s our business, sweetie!”

As I boned the dickens out of Lorie, I reflected that
talking to Dawn Damaso might not be a bad idea. She was
reputed to be smart. And beautiful. I arched my back,
drilled deeper into Lorie and took another thrilling
nut right in her boiling snatch. She whined and wiggled
and her nails raked my back as she told me again and
again how much she loved what I was doing to her. Man,
she was one hell of a whore! And smart too.


The next afternoon, I drove up to Tony’s house. I
admired the mansion he lived in and parked my Chevy
beside a BMW convertible which I presumed belonged to
Dawn. I had made damn fucking sure Tony wasn’t home.
Right now, Lorie was balling his brains out and had
promised that my conference with Dawn would not be
disturbed. I knew the way Lorie slung her cunt around
and I was sure Tony would not be leaving her soon! Not
many men with enough money to afford the bill, could
tear themselves away from that hell-cat!

I rang the bell and a sexy maid answered. I told her
who I was and said I wanted a word with Tony’s wife.

She made me wait while she went away, presumably to
check with the mistress of the house. When she returned
she said that Missy Damaso would see me. ‘Shit,’ I
wondered, ‘Should I feel honored?’

As I was ushered into the living room of the mansion, I
stood up a little taller at the sight of the woman
lounging on the couch.

She was a stunner! I’d heard Dawn Damaso was a foxy-
looking dame, but that didn’t nearly cover it. There
are a lot of beautiful women in the world that one
might not glance at twice, but this broad was in a
class by herself. I don’t know any other way to put it.
She was just fucking sexy gorgeous! I know that sounds
lame, but it’s true. It would be hard not to look at
her and not pop a rod.

The first thing I noticed, as they were stretched out
on the couch, was tantalizing glimpses of long, sun-
kissed, luscious legs. Dawn had on a silky negligee and
the filmy silk was thrown carelessly over those legs
for an exciting, sexy effect. It was easy to imagine
what a thrill it would be, throwing those legs over my

The silk of the negligee bulged out enticingly around
her ass as my eyeballs continued their pleasant walk up
Dawn Damaso’s hot body. She narrowed in nicely at her
waist and from what I could see through the negligee
she had a nice flat tummy. There was a dark ring of
black material by her breasts, hiding her nipples, but
that in no way concealed the generous mounds of tit-
flesh. The whole negligee was tied by her neck with a
red ribbon and I could easily see that if she stood and
a guy, say me, was to untie that ribbon, the whole
silky negligee would kiss that luscious body all over
as it slid to the floor.

But it was more than just her beauty. Before Tony had
plucked her to be lady of the manor, it was said Dawn
Damaso, Pussycat whore, threw out one hot, honey of a
fuck! My trained eye for bedroom talent could easily
see that it was true. She had the same complete self-
confidence; the same way of looking at a man, promising
naughty treats to come, as did Lorie, my #1 whore, whom
I had balled into the wee hours of the morning.

Dawn gazed up at me now with her pink-glossed lips
parted and shiny and wet. She had a sultry look about
her and a way of looking me over that told me that I
was being appraised and judged, not just for my look,
but for indications that I had the bedroom skills that
might make me worth some of her time.

I smiled confidently and boldly adjusted my swelling
prick. I knew I measured up!

“So you’re Harry.” Dawn said, taking a Virginia Slim
from a case on the table beside her, “I’ve heard a lot
about you.”

As she slid the cigarette between those sexy lips I
made like a gentleman and clicked my lighter for her.

“Good or bad?”

Dawn leaned forward slightly, causing the negligee to
part a little, giving me a bone-stirring glimpse of her
monster left boob, as she took the light I offered her.

She dragged hard, “What do you think? Sit, Harry.”

I watched Dawn’s generous chest heave as she filled her
lungs and then blew smoke right at me. The casual way
she did it announced that she did not care if it
bothered me and that she was in charge here. This was
Dawn’s castle. She was queen. She was used to men
worshipping at her feet and kissing her ass for a
chance at a piece. But, behind her sexy look I could
tell she was shrewdly appraising me, beyond my
potential as a sack-mate! I had to play my cards right.

I sat.

“What is it you wanted to see me about, Harry?”

I leaned forward. “I just wanted to apprise you of a
few facts, Dawn. I’m getting a little tired of doing
all the work and your husband taking all the money. I’m
thinking it’s time for Harry to step up a little in the

Dawn gazed at me, coolly, as she dragged deeply on her
cigarette, then she said, “It seems to me, Harry, for
you to step up, the only place you have to step is
right on my husband.”

I nodded. “If that is what it takes. Would that bother

Dawn smiled slightly and blew more smoke at me. “Not
necessarily, Harry. I think you should pour us a drink.
I want to hear more.”

As I stood up, I could feel Dawn’s eyes roaming up and
down my frame. I went behind the bar and poured us each
a scotch without asking her what she wanted.

I placed her drink just out of her reach on the table
beside the couch, so she would have to lean forward to
take it. I grinned at her.

Dawn smiled right back at me and deliberately leaned
for her drink causing her silky negligee to part more,
exposing more titty for Harry. She knew it, but said
nothing, just carefully watched my eyes.

“Not very polite, Harry,” she said as she sipped the
scotch, “not even asking me what I want. And I’m used
to getting what I want!”

“But only what I want!” she added.

The implication was that you should feel very lucky if
you happened to be one of the things Dawn Damaso
wanted! I judged her to be only interested in a very
select group of rich, take-charge men. I wasn’t rich
but I figured I should show her how I could take charge
of a situation.

“I didn’t come here to ask you anything, Dawn. I came
here, as a courtesy, to tell you certain things.”

Her eyes were watching mine as she leaned forward again
to sit down her drink and pick up her cigarette from
the ash tray. Both her tasty-looking nipples were now
peeking out at me! Dawn must be having hot thoughts,
like me, as I could see those nipples stretching and
starting to harden and poke out at me! My mouth was
watering to get on them. She fucking knew it, the
bitch, watching my eyes and smiling. I took a long slug
of my scotch, trying to be nonchalant, trying to ignore
my throbbing cock.

Dawn seemed totally oblivious to the fact that her
knockers were now mostly bare, as she leaned back,
exposing even more of those first-class boobs and
exhaled smoke at the ceiling, “Well then, Harry,” she
said in a throaty voice, “Tell me interesting things.”

I took a sip of my drink. “I’m taking over Pussycats.
The girls are mine and your husband is through taking
all the money. What do you think of that, Dawn?”

She laughed. “Do you think you are the first guy to sit
there and tell me that? And you might have noticed that
they are no longer around. Do you think you are tough
enough, Harry? Do you have a plan? Tony won’t go
easily. He isn’t the smartest guy I ever met or the
best guy in the bedroom, but he has some tough guys
working for him and he is not going to just hand things
over. No way can you do it without my help.”

I stood up, knowing my tight pants would out-line my
package and I watched Dawn’s eyes this time. “I guess
we’ll see if I am tough enough. And I don’t need

Dawn shrugged, causing her big guns to jiggle
enticingly. “I know lots of things, Harry. Useful
things. But I’m not going to back a loser. Tony might
be a bastard but, so far, he has been the winner. What
about you? Are you a loser, Harry?” she teased.

My palms were itching to grab her knockers and show
her. “What would you want in return?”

She gestured around the room. “I wouldn’t want to lose
all this. If I was to back you, Harry, you’d have to
guarantee me that! I’d have to be sure. Are you the
right man, Harry? Do we have a bargain?”

I stood, strode over, reached deliberately down and
untied the ribbon holding her negligee.

“You have tempting knockers, Dawn-baby.” I told her.

She chuckled, “Just how do they tempt you, lover? What
do they make you want to do?”

“I want to squeeze them and bounce them and put them in
my mouth!”

“Ooooh, big-man Harry! You’re making me sizzle just
thinking about it! You say you are out to destroy my
husband. So why are you hesitating to throw a fuck into
his wife? I can tell everything I need to know about a
man by his performance between the sheets!”

I grinned and reached down to fill my hands with Dawn’s
hot tits! Her arms went around my neck and pulled my
lips to hers! Her lips were soft and sweet and warm.
Our tongues tangled in some naughty, slippery games!

I squeezed and juggled her firm tits and pinched the
nipples making her squeal and chuckle. Then I gathered
Dawn up in my arms. I heard silky sounds as the
negligee slid from her body, when I lifted her, and
remained draped on the couch. “O.K. sweet-stuff, –
partner, – let’s seal our bargain in bed!”

“You’re pretty confident, Harry,” she whispered, biting
lightly at my lips, “I love that in a man!”

One of my hands was cradling Dawn’s smooth, naked back
and my other hand was cuddling and squeezing the nicest
ass-cheeks I had grabbed in a long time! Her lips
remained glued to mine and, as experienced as I was,
her hot tongue was teaching mine some new tricks as I
carried her down the hall.

I ripped my lips from hers. “Which room?” I asked.

“The spare room is there,” she panted.

“Not good enough! I want his bed!” I kicked open the
next door and something in the way her kiss got even
hotter told me this was it. Ass-wipe Tony Damaso’s bed.
The bed he shared with his sex-pot wife that I had
cuddled in my arms!

I slung her on the bed.

I stood beside the bed and, calmly as I could, undid my

“You bastard,” Dawn whispered, writhing, pussy leaking,
naked on the bed, “Hurry up, stud! I’m on fire! I’m hot
for your cock!”

I chuckled, “Easy, doll!” My prick was throbbing, my
balls were churning but I forced myself to take it
slow. I hung my pants neatly over the back of the
chair. “Lot’s of time for Harry to take care of
business!” Something told me it was important that I
stay in control.

When I got naked and joined her on the bed, Dawn
slithered that hot body to me and rubbed it all over
me. It was creamy and warm and her hands and lips were
all over my body. “Harry-baby”, -a kiss here -, “Harry-
honey”, – a suck there -, Oh Harry!”

I threw my leg over her and pinned her back on the bed
presenting my prick to her mouth.

Dawn had left whoring to be Tony’s wife before I had
come along and now Lorie was #1 at Pussycats. But as
Tony’s wife’s silky lips gobbled on my cock I decided
that, – no offense Lorie, – if Dawn wanted to start
tricking again Lorie would have to resign herself to
#2. The dick-slides into her hot, wet mouth were

I let her lick and suck to her heart’s content while I
leaned back and had a hand squeezing cream from her wet

Dawn was whimpering and squirting and I slid down and
rubbed my cock between her fine breasts. Taking my
pecker in hand I decorated both her nipples with cock-

Then I continued sliding down her body until I was
lined up with that oozing crack.

She hugged me and kissed me and I rubbed my cock-head
around in love-cream that was oozing out of her. She
was so snug and her loving kisses on my knob had me
swelled so big with fuck-lust, I had a hard time easing
my pecker into Dawn.

But, with lots of sexy whimpering from Dawn, her fat,
wet pussy-lips spread to accommodate my prick. I pushed
with my hips and she whined and wriggled and thrust
back at me as a few inches of cock disappeared into
her. Her hands were clawing at my back and her lips
were hot on mine and then her luscious legs wrapped
around my hips and squeezed urging me to fuck her to
her depths!

I teased her by pulling back slightly and she whined,
“Oh, Harry! Stop fucking teasing and start fucking

I chuckled. Her big tits rode high but I shoved them
higher to my mouth. I pressed her pink, door-bell
nipples with my tongue.

“O.K., sweetie-pie! Let’s fuck with gusto!”

Dawn groaned as I gave a mighty prick-stab and nine
solid inches of cock slithered into her cooze! My ass
became a spinning crank-shaft as I pistoned my pecker
in and out of one of the creamiest, clingiest, hottest
snatches I’d ever had the pleasure of fucking.

And it was that prick Tony’s wife that I was making
howl with my fucking. That made the fucking all the

I rammed-jammed it to her over and over and her pussy
squirted and clutched at my prick bringing me, faster
than normal, faster than I would have liked, to
blasting my balls.

As I fucked I thought, ‘What a fucking whore she must
have been! Guys would pay a fortune for a chance to
bust their nuts in this doll!’

My stinging nuts moved up tight. I sank deep to the
hilt inside Dawn and stiffened. She moaned and kissed
me and whimpered into my mouth how much my fuck-pokes
were thrilling her. She caressed my head as my body
trembled with the thrills of sending salvo after salvo
of creamy cum into her.

When I was done my goodies I pulled out of her, pecker
dripping, and panting, I collapsed beside her. Dawn was
panting and sweaty too and rested for a minute before
reaching for a cigarette.

“Harry-boy,” She dragged deeply as she lit her
cigarette, trying to quit shivering. Did anyone ever
tell you that you put out one hell of a first-class

I looked over at her and grinned. She looked damn sexy,
lounging with her cigarette, still trembling from the
warm cums I had fucked into her.

I chuckled, “Glad you liked it there, partner. You
throw a pretty mean fuck yourself. Pussycats could use
another girl like you!”

Dawn dragged on her cigarette and blew a stream of
smoke over at me. “I’ve thought about it,” she
admitted. “But for every good fucking you get, you have
to put up with a lot of duds. And ass-holes.” She added
slyly, “Like my husband.”

“What about your husband?” Tony’s voice came from the

Dawn looked over at her husband standing in the
doorway, took another drag on her cigarette and said
calmly, “Harry and I were just discussing ass-holes.
How appropriate you should come in, Tony!”

He didn’t look at her but at me. “And what do you think
of my wife, Harry?” That is when I noticed the gun in
his hand!

“Are you going to shoot me, Tony? Your wife’s a hell of
a piece, but you knew that, didn’t you, Tony? How many
times did you fuck her when she was whoring for you?”

He smiled. “I’m not going to shoot you, Harry. I might
shoot her later but, first, I think I’ll just enjoy
beating the crap out of you. You are my employee,
Harry. Your pay does not include my wife.”

I stood, naked, and wondered if I could take him. Big
as I was, Tony was bigger. But I was in better shape. I
was out, every day, slugging, while he sat on his fat
ass and got soft.

Tony dropped the gun on the bed, stepped forward and
swung a roundhouse right that connected with my gut and
knocked the wind out of me.

I doubled over and he brought his knee up and smashed
it into my face.

That’s when I heard the shot.

I straightened up, gasping for breath. Dawn Damaso was
standing, holding her husband’s smoking gun. He had a
surprised expression on his face as he vainly tried to
reach around his back for what had hurt him.

Then with a thud he landed on his face on the floor.

“Fuck, Dawn, what the hell did you do?”

She was calmly lighting a cigarette. “He came in here,
wild, caught us in bed, and threatened us with this.”
She brandished the gun. “He hit me and started beating
you. He dropped the gun, I grabbed it and shot him.”
She shrugged. “Simple.”

“You killed him,” I gasped, “Nothing simple about

She smoked and laughed. “We’re done with him, Harry.
Pussycats is ours. And no jury will convict me. It was

I sat on the side of the bed and shook my aching head
from when Tony had bashed his knee into it.

“I don’t know, Dawn. What about the cops? You know what
cops can be like.”

She laughed. “Yes I do, Harry. I know all the cops in
this town from my hooking days. I bought most of them
off by throwing them a hot fuck, just like the one I
just gave you. Trust me, partner. It’ll be all right.”

She sat beside me and put one arm around my shoulders.
I was still struggling to get my breath. Her other hand
reached and juggled my balls.

“Oh, poor Harry. Did my husband,” she laughed, “that
is, my now expired husband hurt you?”

“Fuck, Dawn, this is serious.”

She laughed and blew smoke, “Relax, I’m calling the
cops myself.”

When she finished on the phone she came back to the
bed. “They’ll be here in twenty minutes. It’ll take
them that long to get out here from the city. How are
you feeling, Harry?”


“Then lay back, Harry. Let Dawn make you feel better
while we wait for the cops.”

I lie back on the bed. My head was aching. My mind was
whirling. Way off the distance I could hear cop sirens.

But, suddenly, nothing mattered, not even my dead boss
on the floor. I decided I couldn’t lose here. I hadn’t
touched the gun. Dawn was one sweet fuck and I could do
worse for a partner but if she got locked up for doing
me a favor and shooting Tony, well, sorry Dawn, but
Pussycats was just full of pussy for Harry! Either way,
I was now head honcho of the classiest sex operation in

So, feeling pretty pleased with myself, I tangled my
hands in Dawn’s silky hair and, with Dawn’s drool
wetting my prick, I grinned, lay back and enjoyed her
blowing my nuts again!

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