Multi-orgasmic Morning
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I was on my way to Mounika’s in Escondido on this sunny Tuesday morning, when the prepaid beeped. I looked at it, it was a message from Mounika. “Priya, isn’t feeling well this morning. Fourth day this week she has complained of it when she woke up… should I take her to the doctor?”

I smiled. Could it be? Or was it just a coincidence.

When I got to a stop light, I texted “almost there, you can tell me more then…”

A short time later I arrived at Mounika’s, grabbed my overnight bag from the passenger seat, and approached the front door. Mounika met me at the door with a kiss.

“Yeah, all this week she has been nauseous in the morning. It seems to get better during the day, but then it is back the next morning. Do you think it is some sort of virus or something?”

I set my bag down on the kitchen table and opened it. “Oh, I would say something might be living in her, but I am pretty sure it isn’t a virus.” I turned to her and handed her the pregnancy test I had brought along as I knew that if my attempts at impregnating her had been successful it should be accurate by now.

Mounika looked at it confused for a second. “Wait … Oh my god! You dork! How? And why Priya? Why not me? You know I have been telling you I want you to breed me. I never thought you actually would, so I never had a chance to tell you why I wanted you to.”

I wrapped my arm around around her waist. “And why would that be?”

She looked up at me nervously. “I have a fantasy.”

“You have a lot of them, little freak.” I teased.

“This one is worse than most.” she said.

I lifted her face kissed her gently, “Don’t tease me like that ”

“I fantasize about you getting me pregnant with a baby girl. As soon as she is old enough to get pregnant, I fantasize about you fucking her too and knocking her up. I think it would be so hot, to fuck our own daughter.” she blurted. “I know you aren’t into that.”

“I draw a pretty strict line between my family — even my extended family — and what I do with playmates. Don’t judge what I do — or don’t — do with my family to what I will do with you.” I told her. “There are things that we agree we never would do at home that I want to do with you. That is the whole reason why my wife wants me to fuck you and the other playmates… to explore and do whatever I want.”

“Wait .. so are you saying?” she asked excitedly.

I smiled but didn’t answer that question. “Is Priya doing her online classes already? She should take that.” I said, gesturing to the pregnancy test.

“I will go see if she can take a break.” Mounika said.

She disappeared into Priya’s room just as Shana walked sleepily into the kitchen.

“Good morning lazy bones.” I joked.

She just plodded over and hugged me. “Morning daddy. Still sleepy Want bed.”. She then went to go find a bowl of cereal.

Mounika returned with Priya in tow. “Hi Daddy, I only have a few minutes before my teacher starts annoying me for being away. Mounika said you needed to talk to me?”

“She said you haven’t been feeling great in the mornings lately?” I asked.

“Yeah, I don’t know why.”

“I have an idea, but I am not sure. Can you come with me?” I asked.

“Uhhh sure, my teacher is going to kill me, but anything for my daddy.” she said with a smile.

“You two come along too.” I instructed Mounika and Shana.

I led them to Mounika’s bedroom and then into the bathroom. Priya looked a bit confused. Mounika handed her the pregnancy test, “Your daddy snuck some his actual sperm inside you when he spent the night with you.”

“WHAT? DADDY!!! You naughty naughty man.”

“Just go ahead and strip and step in the shower. You too Mounika and Shana!” I instructed. “We might as well have a little bit of fun while we are at it.” I directed.

The girls excitedly chattered as they stripped down.

“Okay, now what?” Priya asked.

“Go ahead and step in the shower. Mounika, go ahead and get down in front of her. .I will have you hold the test and make sure the test is done right. Shana, you can just get in next to Mommy and watch.” I instructed.

The girls did as exactly as they were told. “Okay Priya, you just going too pee. Mounika, hold the tip in the stream for five seconds and then hand it to me.” I continued.

Priya nodded understanding. She spread her legs slightly and gently pressed her fingers on her pelvis. A golden stream sprayed forth from her young pussy.

Mounika managed to get the tip of the test into the stream, while Shana watched with awe. Mounika handed the test to me.

“Now Priya why don’t you give them a nice warm shower?” I suggested as I awaited the test results.

Priya gladly obeyed, directing the arc of piss right onto Mounika’s face. Mounika opened her mouth and began to guzzle it down. The excess spilled from her mouth, and splattered across her her hard nipples.

Shana shrieked, “You are drinking her pee?” Priya playfully swung her hips back and forth, splattering the stream all over little Shana too.

The timer went off, interrupting the crazy moment. I looked at the test and handed it to Priya. She shouted “Yes! Mounika, I’m pregnant!!!”

Mounika licked the dwindling drips of urine from her little sister’s pussy. “Mmmmm, I am jealous. But, you better get to class. We will talk about what all this means tonight.”

Priya made a pouty face. “I’d rather play with Daddy all day.”

“Tonight, all four of us will play after we talk. But you need to get back to class. Shana, you can watch TV. I think I am going to take a quick shower and then Daddy and I are going to go have some chocolate and caramel.”

After Mounika showered, she dried off. “I am guessing that is what you had in mind, right? You want to go play with Makaylah and Candi, right? I have been playing with Candi a lot since the last time you were here. Makaylah said she doesn’t really want to play unless you are there.”

Mounika threw on her bathrobe and some flip flops and we headed to the bunker. “They both have been so well behaved, I had considered letting them move up to the house. But now, if we are making babies then there might not be room for them.” she said as we made our way down the ladder.

Mounika opened the door and we went inside, closing the heavy bunker behind us.

Makaylah lay on the bed in a bright green pair of panties and a thin white T-shirt. She jumped off the bed and ran to hug me. “Your little girl missed you.”

She turned to Mounika, “Mom is in the shower right now.”

She turned back to me. “Mounika comes here all the time to play, but I crave you.”

I kissed her on the lips, as our tongues mingled, I quickly realized I was going to need to cum more than five times today.. if not more. At home I usually had one “good morning” orgasm with Katie and Reagan, one mid-day orgasm with Amy, Kristina, or Rachel, and two evening orgasms with Katie and Reagan. Sometimes, if things got a little crazier, or if Amy joined us for the night that last number was increased by one. But, more than five? That was going to seemingly be new milestone. I better get started as soon as possible.

“Well, you are in luck because I am in the mood to put a cream filling in your decadent dark chocolate pie.” I told Makaylah.

I quickly disrobed and put away my clothes as Mounika slipped out of her bathrobe.

About that time, Candi stepped from the bathroom. “Hi! I thought I heard voices. I am guessing you are here for Makaylah?”

“Well, yeah but I will give you some attention afterwards.” I replied.

“But, I can give you attention right now Candi!” Mounika teased as she directed Candi into the back bedroom.

I laid down on the bed in the main room and Makaylah eagerly climbed on top of me. She leaned forward to kiss me.

I pulled her t-shirt over head. She cupped her small breasts and ground her crotch on me while she smiled a sexy knowing smile.

“You like that? You like when your little girl gets naked for you?” she asked.

“I do!”

She slid downwards, maintaining eye contact. Her hand wrapped around my fully erect shaft. She began to run her tongue slowly around the head. She sucked on my balls and then teasingly ran her wet tounge up and down the shaft.

She paused and smiled a big smile. She then began to suck on the shaft. I watched as my cock slid back and forth between her full lips.

She continued sucking and then began to fist-over-fist stroke my shaft. Her young hands worked up and down vigorously. A large quantity of precum spilled out and she quickly licked it. “Mmmm, I love your taste.”

“Well then you should put me in your mouth, because I am about to blow a huge load!”

She put me back in her mouth and watched me. She squeezed her fingers in a ring around the base of my cock.

My cum boiled up from my balls with fury, it exploded by the constriction she was created with her fingers, and instantly filled her mouth. Her eyes got big as I kept cumming. She finally gave up and pulled my cock out of her mouth. She milked the last of my cum out as she erotically showed off swishing my cum around in her mouth before swallowing it one large gulp. She then put me back in her mouth to clean up the last drops.

“Where in the world did you learn to suck like that?” I asked as she moved to lay down beside me.

“Remember, my friends and I watched porn online. I paid attention!’ she said. “I know you can’t, but I wish you could line me up with all my friends and fuck their little virgin pussies too!”

I smiled at the thought of that. “I know, I wish that too. But it was different for you, because of what situation you were in.”

She playfully pouted. “I know, it sucks because they would totally be in to you.”

I pulled her closer and kissed her forehead as I held her.

We could here Mounika’s loud moans from the next room.

“Mmmmm, sounds like they are having fun. I bet mom is eating her pussy. Do you want us to go join then? ” Makaylah suggested.

“Maybe later, but I want more of you first.”

“Mmmmmmmm” she said softly with her seductive smile. “Do you want to fuck my sweet young pussy?”

“Yes, as much as I can before you are legal.” I teased.

“Well, you know that means you will be fucking me with that big white cock a whole lot more.” she said confidently.

I rolled her onto her back and climbed on top of her. I reached down and slid her panties down, finding them absolutely soaking wet. She kicked them off and I rested the head of my cock against her tight wet lips.

She reached down and wrapped her hand gently around my shaft. She looked at me intently as she pulled my thick shaft into her. Just like before, she was tight. I inched my way in as she winced from me stretching her.

“It is so hot to see you in me!” Makaylah exclaimed quietly as I slid slowly in and out of her.

I kissed her gently as I continued to slowly thrust the full length of my shaft deep inside her. She moaned softly.

Her fingers ran gently over my face as she watched me pump her. I slowly picked up the pace as I felt the edge approaching.

She arched her back “Fuck baby, I love you! I fucking am in love with you!” she cried out as I felt her pussy tightened on my cock. That was all it took. I blasted several shots of my hot cum inside her dark chocolate pussy.

As I slowly pulled out, my cum spilled from between your young lips. “I do love you” she whispered.

We lay there in bliss for nearly an hour afterwards. Just gently kissing as I attempted to catch my breath. We could hear occasionally moans and exclamations from Mounika and Candi next door.

I knew I needed to orgasm several more times today. I only hoped I had it in me.

We layed there in each other’s arms for a bit more. Makaylah stirred first. She leaned over and kissed me.

“It is rather quiet nextdoor, I think they are tired out.” She said with a laugh.

“Do you want to go in there now?”

“Oh my god, are you ready to go again already? Okay, sometime I want to spend a whole day with you and see how many times you can fuck me! You are amazing!!!” Makaylah exclaimed.

I climbed out of the bed and Makaylah followed quietly. We slowly opened the door.

Candi and Mounika lay there on the bed, completely nude and uncovered and entangled in each other. Mounika smiled when she saw us. “Finally! We have been waiting for you.”

“Sorry, I made him cum twice so he needed time to recuperate for you mom.” Makaylah said proudly.

Candi looked at me with a bit of distrust. Even though she had enjoyed me in the heat of the moment last time, the look told me she still was having reservations in the back of her mind about me freely fucking her young daughter.

But, then her eyes fell to my cock and I could tell her body had a whole different feeling about the whole scenario.

Mounika turned to Candi. “So you did a wonderful job at pleasing me, now let me please you. I remember you liked when I licked your ass when he was fucking you. Do you want to do that again?”

Candi answered by getting on all fours at the foot of the bed. Mounika grabbed my stiffening cock and sucked on it to get it nice and wet. I then slid into Candi from behind. I found that the sucking had been totally unnecessary as Candi was already wet.

I began to slowly but purposefully thrust into her. Mounika again separated Candi’s ass cheeks and plunged her tounge deep inside. Candi moaned loudly as Mounika wiggled her tongue in the depths.

Then Mounika withdrew her tongue and moved back. She kept Candi’s ass cheeks spread and I knew what she wanted. I pulled my wet hard cock from Candi’s pussy and lined the head up with her tight hole.

“Oh fuck no, you are too huge to fit that in my ass! Ohhh my god noooooo!” Candi cried out as I pushed the head slowly inside.

“Oh fuck yes!” Makaylah gasped as she watched my cock disappear inside. “Mmmmmm” she moaned as she began to unconsciously began to touch herself.

Meanwhile Mounika climbed under Candi and began to eat her pussy. I felt my balls press against her forehead as I pushed as deep as I could go into Candi’s tight ass.

“Fucking A, this hurts like hell!” Candi complained .

Then Makaylah did something that nearly made me orgasm right then and there. She went over and sat down on the bed, directly in front of her mother. She spread her legs wide.

“Makaylah! What are you doing?” Candi asked, shocked at her daughters forwardness.

Makaylah didn’t answer. Instead she placed both hands on the back of her mother’s head and pulled herself closer.

Candi cautiously began licking her own daughter’s pussy.

“Ohhh mom, I know this is wrong but I can’t help myself!” Makaylah murmured quietly.

I began to pump a little harder into Candi’s nasty hole. This drove Candi’s face forcefully into her daughter’s young pussy.

After a bit more pumping, I slowly extracted my engorged member from Candi’s now gaping ass. Mounika knowingly paused her cunnilingus and tilted her head back. I guided my cock into her mouth and she eagerly sucked on it, tasting Candi.

I soon returned my cock to Candi and began to fuck her faster and harder. Her ass clenched on my cock as it tried to push out the aggressive invader. “Holy fuck!!!” Candi exclaimed as I began to unload inside her. I pumped over and over filling her ass. I then pulled out and shot a final spurt of cum across that caramel booty.

I stepped back and then moved around next to Makaylah. Makaylah released her grip on her mother and Candi immediately grasped my cock and pulled it’s length into her mouth. She looked at with me with lust as she cleaned up my cock with her tongue.

“Mmmm yes mom, suck my man’s cock.” Makaylah urged before leaning over to kiss my chest.

Candi paused, “I know it is wrong but I enjoyed this. I even enjoyed tasting you Makaylah. I know I shouldn’t since you are my daughter and aren’t even legal.”

Mounika had climbed out from Candi. Her face was wet with Candi’s juices. “Don’t worry Candi, your secret is safe. Just enjoy what makes you feel good. Fuck what society thinks!”

This reminded me that I needed to conserve my energy because tonight things would definitely buck society’s rules.

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