Eve and James, a loving relationship
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I woke up in bed with a kiss from Eve as she left to go to college. “Go back to sleep babe, I love you. I’ll see you later” she whispered before closing the door behind her. This had become a regular occurrence lately, I work late shifts in a bar so am often in a sleep haze until about midday. Moving into Eve’s house seemed a natural progression in our relationship, we had known each other since were were born, our parents were friends and I was close with her sisters.

As I begin to drift back to sleep Eve’s mum Rachel knocks on our bedroom door. “James I’m sorry if I woke you but, can you stay home and look after Charlie today she hurt her back at dance last night so isn’t going to school” she said from behind the closed door. I sighed of course I was happy to take a day off work but Charlie is a nightmare when she’s hurt herself. Family members change into her personal servants for the duration of her pain which involves rushing around to get her, her every wish. “Sure Rachel, happy to. Does she need me to get her anything yet or am I ok to wake up slowly” I said. Rachel opened the door poked her head through looked at me and uttered “Think you better wake up quickly you know what she’s like, I’ll make you a coffee”. The door closed and I slumped back into the comfort of our bed. After about five minutes of complaining about the day I was about to have, I hauled myself out of bed, stood naked in our room admiring my body in Eve’s full length mirror. I was in good shape around six foot muscular physique, I had been recently training heavily for water polo so I was looking pretty toned. I picked up a pair of lose grey joggers from the floor and threw them on. I trudged down stairs grabbed the coffee Rachel had made for me and sat on the sofa. As the rest of the family slowly left for work and school I was awaiting the arrival of Charlie and my day of servant work to begin. I sat in front of the television for another hour with her still not journeying downstairs. After another 30 minutes I thought I’d better actually check to see if she was ok.

Now about of information on Charlie she’s 3 years younger than me about 5’5 blonde, pearly blue eyes and has a dancers body. Very slim very toned amazing bum and B cupped boobs. I had always thought she was good looking but there had never been anything more to it until now.

I knocked on her bedroom door, no answer. “Charlie, you mum has asked me to stay home and look after you. Are you ok” I asked. Again no answer, I reached for the door handle and walked into her room. I froze, Charlie was lying down naked in bed, duvet tossed to one side eyes closed and slowly breathing. She was fast asleep, I reached behind myself grabbed the door handle and slowly left the room being extra cautious when shutting the door. I had no real idea how I felt about what I had just seen until I got back to the sofa and felt my joggers restricting my cock which was pulsating. I was shocked and worried, I had never thought of Charlie in a sexual way but I was dying to look again. My heart was pounding beating so violently that I could feel it in my ears. I crept up the stairs trying to make as little noise as I could before hearing the front door open. I spun round to see Eve looking confused to my creeping position on the stairs. In a panic I whispered “Charlie’s asleep was trying to be quiet”. Eves eyes drifted to the tent in my trousers, she smiled walked towards me, grabbed my hand and said “I have sometime and I think I know what to do about that” glancing at my erect cock.

My mind escaped Eve’s naked sister that I had just seen and was now fixed on her round ass that was barely hidden in the tight skirt she was wearing. Eve whisked me on to sofa straddling over my dick before wrapping her arms around me and kissing me passionately. My arms pulled her in close as she began to grind on my cock. My hands moved down to her skirt skimming my thumbs under the fabric before revealing the skimpy lace thong she was wearing. We continued making out with her hands reaching under my jogs and wrapping her hand around my dick. Eve stopped grinding, eased herself of me until she was kneeling on the floor. “Let me taste it daddy” Eve said seductively licking her lips as she pulled down my joggers. She placed her hand around my cock while swirling her tongue around the head. Our eyes were fixed as she ran her tongue along the length of it before she grabbed my balls with her other hand. “Good girl” I said as I moved her curly auburn hair out of her face. She smiled while licking her way back to the top of my cock. I stared into her green eyes as she slowly took all 10 inches of my dick in her mouth. Her mouth was warm and I could feel her tongue dancing all around my cock as her head bobbed up and down. “Fuck princess” I said as she drew me closer to orgasm. As I said this Eve stood up leaving me a little confused until she removed the white top she was wearing to show me her sheer lace bra. She walked towards me again straddling over my dick “Please fuck me daddy” she said looking deep into my eyes “Not yet princess, I want to tease you first” I uttered. She walked back towards me placing her self over my dick. I pulled her thong to the side teasing her soaking wet pussy with my middle finger gently circling her clit. With my other hand I placed to fingers in her mouth “Make these wet for daddy baby girl” Eve obliged giving the same sucking motion she had just previously given to my cock. After a couple of moments I removed my fingers from her mouth gliding them from her mouth, behind her gently along her back before reaching her ass. With the two soaking fingers I made a swirling motion around her asshole, which evoked Eve to lean in an kiss me again. As we were passionately kissing I eased one finger into her tight ass and one into her soaking pussy. Eve pulled away from the kiss moaning heavily before she reached to the centre of her cleavage un-clasping her bra, letting her perky B-cup tits motion with her thrusting onto my fingers. She eased her tits towards my mouth with my tongue gliding over her left nipple as her moans became louder as my fingers moved faster in her pussy and ass. “Daddy fuck me please” Eve moaned as my tongue danced around her erect nipple.I positioned my cock under her dripping pussy. I slowly removed my fingers before thrusting all my 10 inches deep into her. Eve draped her head over my shoulder as I thrust, each time her nails dig deeper into my back. “Fuck daddy” She moaned in my ear as she kissed my neck. My thrusting became faster and harder as Eve’s moans became louder in my ears. She moved back and placed both her hands on my knees and her feet either side of my hips. As she did this I continued thrusting whilst now rubbing her clit faster. “Daddy ooooo daddy I’m going to cum” Eve struggles to say before her pussy clamped down on my dick and she flung her self over me again. As she was cumming I kept up my tempo before “Princess I’m gonna cum” I moaned. Eve then grabbed my balls and began to circle them in her hand as we both moaned while I filled her little pussy up with cum. I continued to cum for a few more moments before Eve got off my dick knelt back on the floor and swallowed the last remaining squirts of cum. “I love you” I said as I ran my hand along her smooth legs struggling for breath. “I love you too baby, but I should get to college now” Eve said swiftly doing up her bra and throwing the white top back on. “Why did you come back home princess” I queried “Well I would love to say it was so we could fuck but sadly it was because I forgot my laptop” Eve smiled.

Eve was rummaging around the house getting ready again whilst I was putting my joggers back on. She was dashing out the front door before “Oi I want a kiss goodbye” I said. She quickly dashed back to the door placing a peck on my lips. She turned to go before I grabbed her in my arms passionately kissing her whilst also running my hand along her pussy. Eve gave me a playful slap on the check before giving a wink and saying “I’ll see you later baby”.

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