A1 Wife Conversion pt 3.
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As she was cumming, Kathy was screaming, “No more. No
more. Please no more.”

My wife was screaming at the top of her lungs. Jim
barked an order to Pat, “Shut her up. I’ve got fucking
to do and she’s ruining my focus.”

Pat leaped off the sofa and while still facing me, her
lips produced a mischievous smile as she straddled
Kathy’s face with her lovely legs and lowered her
beautiful cunt to my wife’s mouth. Kathy continued to
scream, but now it was directly into Pat’s pussy. Pat
ground it into my wife’s mouth and the screaming became

Pat proclaimed, “Oh, the vibrations feel great. Kathy,
keep screaming!! Scream louder!!”

I had cum in my pants but I just had to watch as Jim
pounded my wife’s ass and Pat was suffocating her with
her cunt. Jim bellowed and came in Kathy’s ass, which
was followed quickly by Pat cumming all over my wife’s
face. Kathy laid there with cum dripping out her ass and
Pat’s orgasm running over her face and to the carpet.

Pat bubbly exclaimed, “Wasn’t that great fun. Now you
know a few more things my Aunt Karen and Uncle Mike
taught me.”


It was getting to be the routine that Kathy and I would
debrief the sexual events of the days before to check in
with each other on how we felt about what happened and
whether we enjoyed it or not.

Looking at my lovely wife in her PJs with her hair
disheveled as she sat at the breakfast table sipping
some coffee, I said, “I’ve never seen you cum so many
times. I think you came when Jim’s 10″ cock was rammed
down your throat; several more times when he was
splitting your pussy in half and again when he was
pounding your ass.”

Kathy looked up coyly over her cup and said, “Don’t
forget when Pat was drowning me with her cunt on my

I responded, “Well, did you enjoy yourself as much as I
think you did?”

“Yes! It was the most fulfilled I’ve ever felt and it
was wonderful that you were there to enjoy it with me. I
saw your cum stain in your pants.” she said.

I replied, “Well for sure, your enjoyment was much more
physically significant than my emotional release, but I
did take some perverted pleasure in watching you have
all those orgasms. It certainly was erotic and I don’t
remember cumming without ever touching my cock while I
was fully awake before. So … are you saying that you
would like do something like that again?” I queried.

My wife replied, “Not today. My jaw, pussy and ass are
so sore that I can barely talk or walk and I keep
farting uncontrollably.” She laughed.

“You know what I mean!” I said with some disgust.

With a serious look on her face she replied,
“Truthfully, Honey, I really liked being used and abused
like that. Let me see if I can explain. You always treat
me like a queen. You’re so gentle and kind. Sometimes I
just want to feel like, forgive my wording, a slut. I
think you enjoyed watching it being done to me. ”

“I don’t know why, but yes, it was very arousing. But I
never knew you wanted that. I don’t know if I could ever
treat you that way, I love you so much.” I responded
with some angst in my voice.

“Until yesterday, I never knew I wanted that either.”
she confided. “I guess it’s easier to abuse someone if
you barely know them. It’s anonymous sex where anything
goes and you’re only interested in your wants and

“What do you want me to do?” I asked with some

Kathy replied, “Well, why don’t we just think about it
for a while and we can talk about again later when
things aren’t so fresh.”

After a short pause, she said, “Let’s talk about Gary,
another guy and you for me.”
“You really want to watch me have sex with two guys?” I

My wife replied, “You know how excited I get when I see
cum going into your mouth. I’m starting to enjoy
watching you suck their cocks, too. I just think it
would be twice as exciting watching you service two
guys. Please for me!” as she batted her beautiful eye

She knew exactly how to push my buttons and knew I
wouldn’t say no. I responded with, “If it means that
much to you, OK. I’ll talk to Gary and see what we can
come up with. I’m sure he knows someone who would like
their cock sucked.”

Kathy replied in baby talk, “You’re such a sweet baby to
me.” She leaned over the table flashing one of her
breasts and kissed me. “Thank you, Honey, you won’t be

She pushed her chair back and walked over to my side of
the table. She slipped her hand under my bathrobe as she
knelt down and parted my legs and began fondling my
cock, which took notice immediately. She said, “Let me
see what I can do for this poor little dicky.”

She began to lick its length and swirl her tongue around
its head. She slipped her mouth over it and began
sucking me. She even took it all the way down to my
pubic mound a few times, which felt great especially
when she was tonguing it while down there. I told her I
was going to cum, but she just kept sucking until I blew
my load in her precious mouth. With each cum spurt, she
moan, “Hmmmm.” like she was eating her favorite desert.
She kept sucking and stroking my nuts until I started to
shrink then she opened her mouth to show me my deposit,
swished her tongue around in the liquescent white
material and swallowed. Followed by the statement, “I’m
glad you turned me on to this stuff. It’s really tasty.”
It was the best blowjob ever. At that moment, I would
have sucked off ten guys for her.

We returned to our now normal fucking sucking routine,
but I noticed that Kathy wasn’t cumming when I fucked
her just when I ate her pussy after depositing my load
in it.

I asked her. “Is there something wrong with us?”

She replied, “No, everything is fine.”

I pressed, “I don’t think everything is fine. Come on,
what’s bothering you? You can tell me. Remember I love
you more than anything.”

“Your cock is just not filling me up like before. Jim’s
was so big that I guess he stretched me out and touched
places that yours can never get to. Yours just doesn’t
feel the same now. I’m sorry, Honey.” She reluctantly

“What are we going to do about it?” I responded.

Kathy said, “I don’t think there’s anything we can do
about it now. Is there?”

Summoning up all my manly courage, I said, “Well, Jim
and his big dick could fuck you again.”

“But would that really solve anything. I mean, I guess
when I got really randy, I could fuck Jim with you
there, but is that the answer?” she questioned.

“I don’t know. I’m just trying to throw out possible
solutions. I don’t want to lose you over this. It’s
important.” I pleaded my case.

“I’m sure Jim’s not the only guy in the world with a big
dick.” She retorted.

“I’m sure he isn’t. Are you saying that you’d like to
fuck different guys with big cocks?” I hesitantly

“It might be one way to let me get off and have you with
me. I do miss cumming with a cock inside me. Not that
your tongue doesn’t do marvelous things to my clit. It’s
just that the feeling of that big cock slamming against
my clit and filling my V-jj, oh, that was so electric.
Sorry, sweetie, but I’ve never in my life felt like that
before.” She replied in her mousy voice. I guess she
didn’t want to hurt my feelings, but it was too late. I
sat there silently with my wife looking into my eyes for
about two minutes. I reached out and took her soft hands
and held them in mine. I saw a tear forming in her eyes
and mine weren’t far behind. We didn’t say a word. We
had reached a crossroad. My mind ran through all the
possibilities and the only logical solution came to my

I broke my silence and reluctantly said, “If I can be
there with you and make sure you’re OK, the only
solution is to let guys with big dicks fuck you.”

She got the smile on her face and replied, “Really, is
that what you want?”

“I’m not sure, but I want you to be fulfilled and
apparently, my little dick isn’t big enough anymore.” I
replied with some resignation.

Kathy’s compassionate reply was, “I love you and only
you! You are my soul mate. I don’t care about being
fucked by big dicks if it means we – you aren’t happy.
I’ll only do this if you ask me to. Please don’t make
any rash decisions. Think about it a couple weeks, but
in the meanwhile, can you do it with two guys for me,

I replied, “OK, we’ll see.”

Tuesday the next week as soon as I arrived at work, I
approached Gary about adding another guy to our mix. I
asked, “Do you have anyone in mind?”

He said, “There are a couple options. I have this friend
who is bi and I know he would enjoy you sucking his cock
and in addition, he could fuck your wife. What do you
think? It would be a nice surprise for Kathy.”

Thinking back on my wife’s breakfast conversation and
her desire to be treated like a “sometime slut”, I said,
“Let’s do it.”

I was so excited about the arrangements, I decided to go
home for lunch and surprise Kathy with the news in
person. My plan was to simply tell her that Gary and I
had all the arrangements made for Saturday evening, but
not tell her about her getting fucked.

As lunch time approached, I got a stirring in my loins
and thought that if I played my cards right, I could get
some “afternoon delight”. As I approached our house, I
noticed a beat up old car in our driveway that I didn’t
recognize. I decided to park around the corner and
investigate. I slothfully entered through the back door
and closed it very slowly. I heard sounds coming from
our bedroom, but I couldn’t understand what was being
said. Our bedroom has an adjoining bathroom that has a
hallway entrance, too. I cracked open the hallway door
to the bathroom. The vanity mirror gave me a clear view
of our bed. I saw Kathy naked lying on her back and Pat
had her fist in my wife’s cunt. My cock immediately
sprang to full length. Pat was slowly twisting her hand
around in Kathy’s snatch, which by her moaning must have
had her on the edge.

Pat said, “Kathy, do you like this?”

My wife responded, “Oh yes, it feels sooo good. You have
wonderful hands. You make me feel so good in a bad way.”

Pat questioned, “Do you want me to let you cum?”

“Oh yes, please let me cum.” she replied.

Pat said, “No, I don’t think so. Not until you tell me
you love me.”

Kathy said, “I don’t love you, but I do love what you do
to me.”

Pat said with some indignation, “Well, if you going to
be like that, I’ll just stop.” With that said, Pat
removed her hand from my wife’s cunt.

Kathy begged, “Noooooo, please don’t stop.”

Pat snarled at her, “You need to learn who’s in charge
here.” She began to get dressed.

I hustled up and left out the back door. My cock was
still hard as a rock as I sat in the car with my mind
replaying the vision of what I’d seen and heard. A
couple minutes later, I saw Pat pull out of the driveway
and drive off. It has always amazed me that beautiful
women drive such beat up old pieces of shit cars. I
decided to give my wife a call to tell her I’d be home
for lunch and I was only a couple minutes away.

I pulled in the drive and went through the front door.
Kathy came out of the bedroom to meet me. I could smell
the sex in the air, but didn’t mention it. My wife said,
“Gee, it’s nice that you could come home for lunch. Do
you want some of what we had for dinner last night?”

I said, “That’ll be fine.” Noticing that her eyes were a
little red, I asked, “Say, have you been crying?”

Kathy said, “Yes, just a little.”

“What’s got my baby so upset?” I questioned.

She said, “I was just thinking about what we’ve been
doing lately and I’m not sure it’s the right thing.”

“I thought you were enjoying yourself and the new slut
you’ve become.” I said.

Kathy responded with, “Don’t say it like that! That
sounds so vulgar and mean coming from you. It’s just not
like you.”

“Sorry, Sweetie. Do you want to talk about it?” I asked.

“Yes.” continuing she said, “What do you think of Pat?”

“You know, I think she’s a beautiful woman that really
knows a lot about sexual things. Except for you, she is
the hottest woman I’ve ever met and she knows how to
fuck, suck cock and eat pussy better than anyone I’ve
ever seen. I’d bet that there are some things that her
Aunt Karen taught her that we haven’t seen yet. Why do
you ask?” I replied.

“You know the way she tells you what she wants.” Kathy

I replied, “Yeah, she knows what she wants and isn’t shy
about making it happen. I kind of like being bossed
around by her. At least, you know you are doing what she
wants at that moment. It’s kind of sexy in a bizarre
way. If she was a guy, she would be a general or someone
like that. She just has something about her that’s
commanding and magnetic.”

Kathy answered, “I really like her. She’s so beautiful,
but there’s something else about her that scares me at
the same time. I just can’t put my finger on it yet, but
I’ve been thinking about how she treated me and how it
made me feel.”

“And how’s that?” I responded.

“Well, in one way, I enjoyed her demands and the way she
forced her cunt into my mouth and made me drink her cum.
But then on the other hand, I just didn’t think that was
right. It made me feel like I was… being raped,” Kathy
said, with her voice breaking.

“Wow, it sounds like this has got you really upset,” I
replied, with as much sympathy as I could manage. “But
did you like it?”

“In a sick perverse way, I did, but I don’t know what I
can do about the way she makes me feel. The logical side
of my brain says I shouldn’t let her control me, but the
emotional side says it feels so good letting go. I hate
it when my brain plays pros and cons. You know how I
like it to be one way or the other – no middle. I just
don’t know. My feelings are so confused right now. Maybe
we should stop seeing her.” she continued.

“Well, if that’s what you want, I’m OK with it.
Although, it means we’ll have to find another woman to
take her place if we are going to continue your
education. That’ll be hard to do because she knows so
much about things.” I replied.

Kathy said, “Let’s not talk about this anymore right
now. Why did you come home for lunch today?”

I replied, “I wanted to tell you that I talked with Gary
and we are all set for Saturday evening. We’ll be ready
to perform for your gratification and satisfaction.”

“Oh, Honey, you’re the best. Thanks so much for all you
do for me and how much you love me. It should be fun. I
think I’m getting wet already.” she replied.

I replied in sarcastic tone, “I’ll bet you are. Save
that thought for later.”

I decided to forgo the “afternoon delight” idea; ate
lunch and returned to work. After the episode I’d seen,
I decided to go by the house every day at lunch just to
check to see if Pat’s car was in the neighborhood. I
never saw it. I even checked with our nosy neighbor
across the street, Marge.

She said, “I’ve seen that car there every day for the
last three weeks, but it hasn’t been there since
Tuesday. The woman that drives it is really beautiful. I
know you won’t believe this, but I looked that good –
back in the day.”

I patted her hand and replied, “Marge, you’re still a
looker for a mature woman. Thanks for the info.”

She smiled and said, “No, thank you. You made my day. I
do have one request though.”

“Sure, anything.” I said.

“Would you walk away real slow, so I can get a good look
at that cute butt of yours?” she asked.

“It would be an honor, Marge, you vixen.” I replied.

I checked our phone records and noticed that Kathy had
called Pat’s number several times during the week, but
based on the time duration, only a few seconds, my wife
either lost her nerve or the call when to voice mail and
she hung up. Things were uneventful the rest of the week
and Saturday finally arrived.

Kathy was in a really good mood. She was dressed to the
nines and had made appetizers and the fixings. I must
admit my cock was stirring in my pants most of the
afternoon like a caged lion. The doorbell rang at
straight up six o’clock. I went to the door; opened it
and it was Gary and his friend, Bill. Kathy met them as
they entered the door with a big smile on her face. She
looked pretty excited about our guests.

Bill was a good looking guy about 6′ maybe 35 to 40. He
didn’t have a wedding ring on, but that doesn’t mean
much nowadays. He had brown hair with a couple early
gray ones around his temples. He wasn’t fat, but I don’t
think he worked out like Jim did.

Kathy said, “Gary, you know where the snacks are. Why
don’t you show Bill?”

We all took are places around the coffee table in the
chairs and on the couch. We spent about thirty minutes
with get to know you conversations when Kathy began to
glare at me. Knowing what that meant, I said to Gary
looking in my wife’s direction, “I think we’re being
requested to begin.”

Gary replied, “Oh, I believe you’re correct in that
assumption. Bill, why don’t we all sit here on the couch
and let Kathy watch for now.”

I was in the middle between Bill and Gary. I rested my
right hand in Bill’s lap and began to lightly rub up and
down on his ever increasing blue jean bulge. Gary was
rubbing my cock in a similar fashion with similar
results. With my left hand, I began to rub Gary’s
already hard cock. That’s when the doorbell rang again.
I said, “Let me get rid of whomever it is and I’ll be
right back.”

When I opened the door, Pat was standing there. I was
puzzled and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Pat responded, “Gary invited me as an extra bonus.”

When Kathy saw Pat, her face turned ashen white and she
wobbled a little, but steadied herself on the door. I
thought she was going to faint.

I turned toward the living room and shouted, “Gary, you
shifty son-of-a-bitch. Guess who’s here?”

He replied, “Could it be Pat?”

We invited her in and she took a spot on the love seat
with Kathy in the overstuffed chair opposite the couch
where all the guys were. Gary said, “Pat your timing is
perfect. We were just getting started, so you haven’t
missed a thing.”

Gary looked at me and said, “I knew Pat enjoyed the last
time we were all together and I thought it would be
great to invite her over for this session. I hope it’s

I replied, “Sure, the more the merrier. It’ll give us a
few more options, if Pat’s so inclined.” She gave us the

I was watching Kathy to see how all this was going over
with her. She kept her eyes strictly on the guys with a
quick glance to Pat every now and then. It looked like
the situation would be OK, so I placed my hands back on
their respective cocks and we began again.

Bill and Gary were both rubbing my cock, which given the
stimulation and how beautiful Pat and Kathy looked, was
hard as a diamond. Kathy said, “Why don’t you guys get

We all stood up and stripped. Bill was a neat freak
because he folded and placed his pile of clothes and
shoes carefully away from the action. Gary and I just
ripped ours off and threw them in a heap next to the

Gary’s 8″ cock was fully engaged and Bill had a nice
looking 6″ like mine, but his was thicker.

Pat was lightly stroking the inner thighs of her nicely
tanned long legs. Kathy seemed to be taking her cues
from pat and began doing the same.

Looking at me, Gary said, “Since Bill is the new guest
here, why don’t you start with him. I’ll just jump in
where I think I’m needed.”

I went to take Bill’s cock into my mouth when he said,
“Lick it up and down first.”

As I lowered my face toward his member, I could smell
the slight fragrance of apple emanating from his crotch
area. I guess he had shampooed that area too. The smell
kind of turned me on. I began licking his shaft like it
was an ice cream cone on a hot August day.

Gary began the same treatment on my cock. I was in my
own world with a tongue on my cock and mine on another.
I slipped Bill’s cock into my mouth and went down to his
pubic mound. It tasted good and filled my mouth.

While I had a mouthful of cock, I heard Pat say, “Kathy,
I think your husband is a natural born cocksucker. He
really loves ’em.”

Gary said, “Why don’t you get between Bill’s legs and
suck him while I suck your cock from below.”

That sounded like a great idea to me, so we all assumed
the positions. Gary was sucking my cock and I was
getting close. I pulled off of Bill’s cock and said, “I
don’t want to cum right now. Hold off a little.”

Gary responded, “I’ve got another idea. Why don’t you
suck us both?”

He sat next to Bill and I proceeded to suck Bill then
Gary alternating every few of sucks. I saw that Pat had
her dress up to her waist and was rubbing her pussy
lips. Kathy had done the same and was rubbing her cunt
as she licked her lips like a person in need of water in
the unrelenting desert sun.

Bill was getting close when he grabbed my head and
wouldn’t let me get off his cock. He came in my mouth. I
knew Kathy would be disappointed that she didn’t get to
see his cum go into my mouth, so I sat up, turned toward
her and let it slowly dribble out of my mouth down
chest. It must have been the right thing to do because
Kathy began moaning while rubbing her clit. Just then,
Pat approached my wife and stared into her eyes and
offered her hand and Kathy accepted and was led over to
me. Pat said, “Kathy, why don’t you lick this cum off of
your sweetie. That’s the least you can do for him.”

Kathy immediately began licking Bill’s cum off my chest,
belly and lips just as suggested. I was so overcome with
euphoria that I pushed Kathy down on the floor and began
“Frenching” her while pounding her cunt with my cock.
She was so hot and wet that she began to cum instantly
in spite of my small cock by thrashing around, moaning
and saying, “Oh yeah, fuck me, Honey.”

Pat was sucking Bill’s cock, which given her tongue
skills I knew he wouldn’t last long. I was right. Bill
came in Pat’s mouth with several gasping breaths. Pat
then lowered her lips to my wife’s mouth and began
kissing her with Bill’s deposit. This set my wife off
and she was really bucking and convulsing as she came
over and over. I immediately erupted and I fired my load
into her dripping twat. Looking at the writhing bodies
in front of him, Gary stood there wanking and just like
a chain reaction Gary shot his load all over everyone.
It was raining cum. We were all exhausted except Pat.
She had designs on Kathy and her education.

Pat looked at me and said, “Get out of the way. I want
to eat your wife’s pussy and get all that nasty cum out
of her.”

As Pat’s tongue took the place of my cock, Kathy began
to have one continuous orgasm. She was having a hard
time breathing like she was a fish on the dock gasping
for air. My cock was hard again and I began fucking
Pat’s cunt. She looked annoyed but didn’t say anything.
It didn’t take long and I came in her beautiful pussy
with several long groans. She looked back at me and
said, “You put that shit in there. You get it out.”

I instantaneously began shoving my tongue deep into
Pat’s tasty cunt and was burrowing for the load I had
just deposited. Bill positioned himself over Kathy’s
mouth and began face fucking her. Gary started pounding
his cock up my ass again as I worked Pat’s cunt. Bill
came in Kathy’s mouth, which she swallowed down without
batting an eye.

Gary came in my ass again and Pat finally came in my
mouth with a torrent of pussy juice that just about
gagged me. Pat had a death grip on my wife’s cunt with
her tongue and continued to give her more orgasms than
any of us could count. The guys just stood there in awe
and watched how it was supposed to be done.

Gary commented, “You know… Pat can eat some pussy.”

Bill replied, “Right now, I wish I was your wife. She
must be in nirvana just look at her face.”

Bill was right. Kathy was somewhere else beautiful and
her face was glowing as beads of sweat trickled from her
brow into her ear. Pat stopped and sat up saying, “That
was really tasty. My work here is done. I’ve gotta go.”

She dressed and left us all standing there with our
cocks drooping. Kathy was finally able to catch her
breath, but not before Pat left. Kathy looked at me and
the other naked guys and began to cry. This wasn’t a cry
of joy; it was one of hysteria. That was a real buzz
kill. Bill and Gary got dressed and left as I tried to
console my wife.

After about an hour, Kathy finally calmed down. I
hesitantly asked, “I assume that had something to do
with Pat?”

Kathy replied, “Yes.”

I responded with, “I would guess we need to talk about
whatever happened here?”

My wife began, “She terrifies me, but I like her so
much. It all seems like fun and games to her. I’m not
sure what I’m feeling, but it’s very strong almost a

I asked, “Can you try and put it into words because
there seems to be a lot of emotion behind whatever you

Kathy continued, “When she looks at me, touches me or
kisses me, I just melt and my pussy gets wet. Her
personality is so strong that I can’t control myself. I
find myself being compelled into doing things that I
don’t really think I want to do, but Pat will touch me
or look at me and my resistance just disintegrates and I
submit myself to her desires.”

“Yes, I’ll admit she has a very strong persona. When she
enters a room, everyone’s attention seems to be drawn to
her maybe it’s her beauty. She can be very persuasive
even for us guys.” I replied. “Do you think it would
help if we sat down together and had a talk with Pat?”

Kathy said in an affirming voice, “Yes, I think that
would be best. Why don’t you call her and set it up? I
don’t think I could handle talking with her right now.”

I called Pat’s number, which went straight to voice
mail. I left her a message stating that Kathy and I
wanted to have a conversation about us and gave several
evenings that would work for us. I also included an
invitation to dinner in the message, so she’d have to
call back. I left my cell and work numbers, so Kathy
wouldn’t have to talk to her.

The next day, I received a call from Pat. I told her
some of what happened with Kathy and that we thought we
needed to talk about our situation. We settled on a
date, Thursday evening at six. She asked if dinner was
formal or not. I said, “No, not especially just wear
something comfortable.”

When I told Kathy about the call and that Thursday
evening was on, she seemed relieved and said, “Well, at
least, she’s taking your calls.” I decided not to ask
her what she meant by that, but I assumed she had been
calling Pat, too.

Kathy seemed manic Thursday morning and had planned a
nice dinner and had made her special killer dessert.
You’d thought the President or some royalty was coming
to dinner. About eight minutes after six the doorbell
rang, I went to see if it was Pat. I looked back at
Kathy standing by the table with her hands clasped
together like she was praying. I assumed it was just a
coincidence. Opening the door, it was Pat. I invited her
in and asked, “Can I take your coat?”

She stepped in and stopped under the foyer entry light.
I could smell her honeysuckle perfume as I helped her
remove her overcoat. Once she was fully illuminated, I
felt a stirring in the nether region below my belt. She
looked magnificent. Her flaxen hair had a brilliant
sheen that made it sparkle like ice crystals in the snow
on a moonlit night.

Her makeup had the slight hint of gold flakes that high-
lighted her beautiful blue eyes and lovely high cheeks.
She had a thin gold chain around her neck that stopped
just above her cleavage and drew your eyes to her ample
bosom. Her mini-dress’ hem ended about 2″ below the V in
her legs and she wore 6″ high heels that made her even
taller than my 5′-10″. She struck a commanding figure.

Pat has the sexiest walk I’ve ever seen. Her butt just
swishes from side to side with no post butt jelly jiggle
– nice and tight. What a sight as she walked away from
me toward Kathy. I would swear she wasn’t wearing any
underwear and I could see her twat as her dress flipped
up as she moved her hips. I just stood there admiring
the view.

Kathy seemed to be likewise impressed with her dress and
said, “You look so beautiful tonight. You didn’t have to
dress for us.”

Pat replied, “I didn’t dress for us, I dressed for you.”

Kathy blushed with acceptance and said, “Why don’t you
sit down and I’ll pour you some wine. We have this nice
Malbec that we think is great. I believe it’s rated at
92 points.”

Dinner was great. Kathy hadn’t cooked like that in a
long time. The conversation was lively and flowing.
Kathy seemed to be fawning over Pat’s every need. It
was, “Do you want more wine? Can I get you more veggies?
How’s the roast? Do you like the dessert? Is there
anything else I can do to make you comfortable?

Pat answered, “Yes, let’s have this talk you wanted!”

Well, that changed things in a hurry. I said, “Why don’t
you ladies go to the living room while I clear the
dishes and then we can all talk about it.”

My wife responded with, “Thanks, Honey. You’re the

In a couple minutes, we were all sitting in the living
room. Kathy and I were on the couch and Pat was in the
overstuffed chair just opposite us.

I said, “Let me start. Pat, we like you very much, but
Kathy has some issues with the way you treat her.”

Pat responded with a questioning look in her beautiful
eyes, “What exactly do you mean, Kathy?”

My wife replied in a soft timid voice, “Well, it’s hard
to put into words, but I think you boss me around too
much.” It sounded like she was afraid to take ownership
of what she saying.

Pat said, “If I’m hearing you correctly, you don’t want
me to tell you to do things even though you really like
doing them?”

I said, “Kathy said she didn’t like doing some of the
things you make her do.”

Pat retorted in a louder voice putting me in my place,
“Let Kathy speak for herself.” Then in a softer tone,
“Kathy, don’t the things I make you do bring you
pleasure? More pleasure than you’ve ever experienced?”

Kathy kind of stammered, “W-well, yeesss, but I feel out
of control when I’m around you.”

“So you don’t like me teaching you things that bring you
pleasure?” Pat responded trying to be understanding.

“No, I like that part, but I don’t want. How can I put
the feeling into words?” my wife stumbled through.

Pat was annoyed and snapped back, “Well, make up your
mind. You like what I make you do, but if I didn’t boss
you around, you would never do them? Which is it going
to be?”

I thought to myself. Pat’s got a point. I watched as
Kathy was racking her brain to try and get a sentence
together that made sense. What came out was, “I don’t

Just then Pat slid forward in her chair. As she did her
dress skirt slipped up and her legs parted a few inches.
Both Kathy and I noticed. My cock started to get hard
because I had been correct in assuming Pat wasn’t
wearing any panties. I could just see a glint of
dampness between her legs. Kathy slipped her hand
between her legs and squirmed in her seat.

Pat demanded, “Look me in the eyes and say that you
don’t want me to boss you around anymore.” Pat purposely
spread her legs a few inches wider as Kathy and I both
gazed at her lovely snatch. Her pussy lips were spread
and you could see her wetness. Her cunt looked like it
was saying, “I dare you to say that you don’t want me.”

Kathy’s eyes lingered then darted from Pat’s pussy as
she burrowed her hand deeper into her crotch and began
looking at the floor like she’s was an eight-year old
child in trouble. She mumbled, “I can’t.”

Pat in a commanding voice said, “You can’t what? Look me
in the eye or can’t stop having me boss you around!”

I was glad Pat wasn’t my boss because I would have been
mush after she said that. I wouldn’t have had a response
to that question. The way her piercing blue eyes bore
down on Kathy, I didn’t know what she could or would
say, if anything.

I could see Kathy was putting some real thought into
what she was going to say. After a long thoughtful
pause, Kathy mumbled again, “I can’t… stop having
you… boss me.”

I couldn’t believe my ears and said, “Kathy, what the
FUCK are you saying?”

Pat interrupted, “You heard her! She wants me to teach
her more things. The way I see it; you can help or we
can work it out without you. What’s it going to be?”

I looked at my wife and she still had head down with her
eyes staring at the carpet as her foot drew circles in
the weave. I said, “Well, Pat, since Kathy doesn’t seem
to want to break this off with you, who am I to stop it?
We’ve always done everything together, so I guess we’ll
do this together, too.

Kathy’s beautiful blue eyes, that seemed to be near
tears, brightened and looked in my direction. A slight
grin replaced the pout had been on her lips. She said in
an appreciative voice, “Oh, would you?” as she grabbed
my hand and squeezed it tightly.

“What the hell! I drink my own cum. Let another guy get
your “ass cherry”. Watched a guy spilt you in two with a
cock so big that it made me feel like dwarf. I’ve sucked
other guys’ cocks and drank their cum, why wouldn’t I do
this for you? But we can call this off anytime we want
to!” I responded looking at Pat.

We looked at Pat. She had a mischievous smile and a
gleam in her eyes that seem to say, “I’m glad you saw it
the only way it could be.” She replied, “Of course,
anytime you want to stop this relationship, we’ll stop.
When do you want to start?” At the time, she was the
only one in the room who knew where this would end.

Kathy immediately said, “Now!”

Pat said, “Ok, let’s see, Kathy, tell you husband to go
to the dining room and get the captain’s chair and bring
it in here. I’ve got to get something out of my car.”

I went to retrieve the chair and Pat returned from her
car with a large gym bag full of I don’t know what.

Pat looked at Kathy and said, “Do you know how to make
your husband so hot that he’ll do anything for you?”

Kathy said, “Suck his cock?”

“No!! Once you do that he doesn’t have to do shit. Tell
him to take his clothes off, put the chair across from
the sofa and sit in it.” Pat ordered.

Kathy looked at me and said, “Honey, take your clothes
off and sit in the captain’s chair, please.”

Pat responded, “No more of that “Honey” bullshit and
forget the “please” crap, too.”

Pat looked at me sternly and said, “Get out of those
fucking clothes and sit in that chair, now, you fuck!
You say it, Kathy!” Kathy repeated it exactly liked Pat
had said even the tone that was pretty close to the same
except she had a smile on her face.

Wow! That was something I never heard from a woman
before. It was a real turn on and I felt my cock begin
to stir. I took off my clothes and sat down in the

Pat looked at Kathy and said, “You know how hot your
hubby gets when he watches us have sex? Well, we are
going to use that to help us.”

Pat began rummaging around in her gym bag of stuff and
pulled out some duct tape and paper strips. She walked
in my direction and said, “Put your hands on the chair
arms. I’m using the paper to keep from gumming up your
furniture.” As I did, she began to wrap the paper then
the duct tape tightly around my wrists. This was kind of
exciting in a perverted way and my cock began to
lengthen as she did the same thing to my ankles. Pat
noticed and said, “I think this relationship might work
out. See he’s getting worked up already.”

Kathy looked over my way and smiled a smile I’d never
seen from her before like when you were a kid and cooked
ants with a magnifying glass – fiendish. After I was
securely fastened to the chair, Pat told Kathy, “Now, go
over to him and let you hair just glide over his crotch
and watch what happens.”

My wife walked over to me; bent over and just swayed her
head back and forth so that her hair just touched my
ever expanding cock area. It felt great. It was so soft
and tickled like a thousand fingers stroking my cock. My
cock reached its full hardness.

Pat said as she grabbed Kathy by the hair and pulled her
upright with a jerk, “Girl, you’ve got to let your hair
grow out! That’s an order. Let me show you how it’s
done.” Pat’s long blonde hair began to slide over my
legs and cock. She then took a handful and wrapped it
around the base of cock and began to slowly stroke it up
and down. It felt great encased in a cocoon of hair. I
was lost in the feeling and moaned, “That feels so

Pat said, “See! That’s what you want. He’s just about
ready. Kathy, come over here and kneel down between his

I was excited by that comment and my cock got harder
just thinking what might be on the horizon. Pat knelt
down next to Kathy and said, “I want you to lick the
head of his cock using a lot of spit while pulling his
foreskin down so the head is fully exposed for you to

My wife was making my cock feel really good and was
doing as instructed. Pat relayed additional instructions
and said, “OK, now just slip the head of his cock into
your mouth, but go down a little past the smooth neck
below the head. Swirl your tongue around the
circumference and do a low hum while doing you’re that.”

Kathy did as instructed and man did that feel great. It
was like a liquid vibrator. After about thirty seconds,
Pat made my wife quit the stimulation. I was ready to
fuck anything that passed by.

She said, “Kathy get out of those clothes and come over
here! I want you to stand very close to me, but you
can’t touch me until I say so. Understand!”

Kathy responded, “Yes, Pat.”

Pat said, “Don’t call me Pat when we’re doing this. Call
me “My Mistress” – Go ahead, say it!”

Kathy with a blush on her cheeks and an embarrassed
smile on her face meekly replied, “Yes, my mistress.”

Once Kathy was a close as she could get without touch
Pat. Pat leaned in and licked my wife’s lips and said,
“Smell my hair and neck, but don’t touch me.”

I was going crazy watching these two beautiful women
doing this strange but exciting courtship dance. My cock
was as hard as I can ever remember and was bobbing up
and down with excitement.

Kathy commented, “Oh, Pat, your hair smells so good.”

Pat scolded, “No, no, no! It’s My Mistress. Don’t make
that mistake again or you’ll regret it. DO YOU
UNDERSTAND, my little bitch?”

My wife anxiously replied, “I’m so sorry, my mistress.
How can I make up for my mistake?”

I don’t know what it was about that scene, but I was
about to cum just from being in the same room with these
women and watching the interplay going on. Pat ordered,
“Take my shoes off, you little cunt!”

My wife knelt before her highness and slowly slipped off
one shoe then the other. Pat had spread her legs and
moved so she was standing directly over Kathy as the
ordered task was performed. Pat said, “Look up! Tell me
what you see.”

Kathy said, “I see your pussy, my mistress.”

“What would you like to do with it?” Pat barked.

Kathy replied, “I want to eat it and make you cum, my

“Very good. All in good time, my lovely. All in good
time. You may remove my clothes now, my sweet rug-
muncher.” Pat retorted.

My wife slowly and sexily removed Pat’s dress, which was
all she was wearing. Pat took an Amazon warrior stance,
and told Kathy to sit on the sofa with her legs spread,
so I could see her pussy.

Pat said, “Trainee, I want you to spread your legs and
rub your clit lightly until your juices get started. Do
you understand?”

My wife replied, “Yes, my mistress.”

Kathy began to ever so lightly stroke her clit and rub
her index finger around on it in a circular pattern.
Soon her hips started to move unconsciously just a
little. Pat noticed, and ordered, “You’re ready. Now
Stop. I want you to spread your pussy lips so your
husband can see your wetness.”

Kathy reached down and delicately parted her lips to
reveal the wetness at the base of her labia butterfly.
My cock was still bobbing up and down just dying for a
mouth or pussy to help relieve the building tension. Pat
walked over to me and said, “Would you like to fuck
that? Or maybe eat it?”

I responded, “Oh, yes, that would be great either one of

Pat meandered over to Kathy and began to rub two fingers
up and down my wife’s slit then she slipped them into
her now dripping cunt. Kathy jumped and had an orgasm as
Pat worked them around until they were thoroughly
wetted. She extracted them and waved her fingers under
her nose and said, “That’s some good pussy.” as she
walked toward me.

She rammed those sweet fingers into my mouth and said,
“Go ahead and lick her juices off.”

My cock was really throbbing like pile driver at a
construction site and I devoured Pat’s fingers up to the
knuckle – licking and sucking them deep into my mouth
getting every drop off. At that moment, I needed, not
just wanted, my wife’s cunt in some fashion more than I
think I ever had. I wanted out of the restraints that
were keeping me from ramming my cock or tongue into her

Pat looked at me squirming in the captain’s chair and
smiled as she said, “Look at how badly he wants you. See
all the precum he’s oozing. It’s all the way down to his
balls. Don’t you think he would do whatever you asked

Kathy looked at me with a devilish smile and said, “Yes,
I think he would, my mistress.”

Pat looked down at me and said, “Do you want my rug-
muncher to fuck you?”

I replied, “Oh, yes, I do!”

“What’s the magic word?” Pat retorted.

“Please!” I begged.

Pat scolded, “No, the proper response is “Yes, your
lady, please.”

I immediately replied without thinking, “Oh, yes, your
lady, please.”

Pat turned to my wife and said, “Do you want him to fuck

“Yes, my mistress, I do,” was the reply.

Pat looked at me and said, “If you want your wife to
fuck you, you have to do exactly as I say understand?”

“Yes, your lady, I do,” was my instantaneous response.

Pat cut the restraints off and moved me toward the sofa.
During this time, she told Kathy to stand with her nose
in the corner. She positioned me such that I was
kneeling with my chest on the sofa seat cushions and I
was looking at the sofa’s back.

I thought that this was an unusual position for fucking
my wife, and I turned back and asked Pat, “How am I
going to fuck my wife in this position?” I saw a blur
coming from above that descended like an osprey diving
on its prey then a loud clap as my glasses flew half way
across the room. I saw stars like “Roger Rabbit” and my
left cheek was on fire.

I exclaimed, “Motherfucker that hurt!”

Pat angrily responded, “Don’t question me! Your job is
to do as I say! UNDERSTAND!!”

I was still hearing the ringing in my ear, but I
replied, “Yes, your lady.”

I figured Pat knew a lot more about sex than anyone I’d
ever met, so I complied. After delving into her bag of
tricks, Pat took my hands and pulled them behind my back
and handcuffed me. She told not to move. My face was
still stinging, so I laid there motionless not wanting
another assault. I heard her tell Kathy to get on her
hands and knees and back up.

I felt her feet and legs going in between mine then I
felt more handcuffs being placed on both Kathy and my
ankles. Pat walked over to her bag and pulled something
out, but I couldn’t see what it was and really, I was
afraid to know.

She told Kathy to enjoy this. From the squishy sound, I
believe Pat was using a dildo on her. Kathy was starting
to moan when Pat said to me, “Remember what you asked
for? Well, you will be getting exactly what you asked

That’s when I felt a probe slip between my ass cheeks.
My mind was racing – WFT – is Pat doing. I heard her
tell my wife to push with her hips then I felt the pain
as something penetrated my ass. Pat kept saying, “Push
it in, bitch! Push it in. Push it in. Push it all the
way in.” Her chanting made me flash back to my football
days when the cheerleaders were encouraging us to score.
I realized that my wife was ass fucking me with a two-
headed dildo and a thick one at that. My ass was on fire
and it hurt like a motherfucker. My brain was shorting

After about six inches of the tool was up my ass, Pat
looked at me and said in a sarcastic tone, “Alright, now
you push back. This way you can fuck your wife while she
fucks you. This lesson is to teach you to ask
specifically for what you want so there’s no room for
misinterpretation.” She laughed.

I pushed with my hips and I heard my wife moan in
acceptance then she pushed back and the dildo slid
deeper into my ass. This went on a several minutes until
we got the rhythm right and we were doing a great job of
fucking each other. Pat was lightly stroking my cock and
nuts while we performed this dance for her.

She was saying, “Oh, you should see how erotic this
looks from here. Kathy’s juice is running down the dildo
and it’s wetting your ass and balls. I’m getting so wet.
You’re putting on a great show.” I felt Pat stroke my
balls and then put her hand in front of my face and
said, “Do you want a lick?” I offered my tongue and
sucked my wife’s cummings off Pat’s hand and fingers
like the last of the guacamole at a Cinco de Mayo
festival. It definitely was Kathy’s cum.

After a couple more minutes, I was getting close. By the
aroma in the air, coupled with moaning and squishing,
Kathy must have cum several times, but she still needed
more. My cock began leaking precum like Niagara Falls
and my nuts began to pull up for a cum blast when Pat
commanded, “Everybody stop, now!”

My balls were about to explode, but following her
mistress’ command, Kathy froze immediately, leaving us
both with about six inches of dildo in our respective

Pat stood over me and asked me, “Who do you want to fuck
– me or your wife? Be careful how you answer because
there are consequences for either answer.”

My mind was a frantic blur of thoughts trying to figure
out which was the right answer. I really was in no state
of mind to make any decision especially this one. If I
chose Pat, my wife would be pissed, but I get to fuck
her whenever I want. Fucking Pat is a great change of
pace and she really knows her way around fucking and
sucking. I didn’t have enough time to think it through
and blurted out, “I’ll fuck you, your lady.”

Pat said, “You have chosen. From now on, you can only
fuck me and you can only fuck me when I say so. You will
also worship my pussy by fucking it with your tongue
whenever I command. Your wife’s beautiful cunt is mine
and mine alone. However, I will let my little bitch fuck
you whenever she wants but you have to do it like I just
taught you. Do you understand, my two-legged dildo?”

Oh no, I had chosen poorly. I was fucked in the worse
way. I replied in a disheartened voice, “Yes, your

Pat released the handcuffs holding Kathy’s ankles and
ordered me to lie on my back. It was uncomfortable as
the cuffs dug into my lower back. Kathy removed herself
from the dildo, but Pat ordered her not to remove it
from my ass.

I thought, well, at least I’ll get to fuck Pat’s pussy.
Pat then lowered her beautiful cunt toward my face and
said, “After you say, “I love your pussy.” You may lick

I replied, “I love your pussy, your lady.”

Pat rested her pussy lips on my mouth and I began
devouring it. I heard Pat tell Kathy, “I want you slowly
slide the dildo out then back in. I want to see how much
you can get in his ass. It has inch markers on it. Shout
out how many inches go in. Keep fucking him until I tell
you to stop.”

Pat’s pussy tasted so good and soon she was cumming in a
lick of tongue lashes. I had a full feeling as Kathy
pushed this rubber cock up my ass. I heard six inches,
eight inches, nine inches and finally a last push eleven
inches. I swear I could taste the rubber cock in my
mouth as I ate Pat’s pussy.

My cock was still rock hard and in need of relief when
Pat dismounted my face. Kathy keep pumping that rubber
cock in and out of my ass as Pat guided her pussy toward
my six inch phone pole. She slid down on it and rested
with it fully inside her snatch. Her warmth was
wonderful like sitting by a fire on a cold night. After
about thirty seconds, I began to feel her cunt grip my
cock and release as she sat there unmoving impaled on my

Her cunt began squeezing my cock again. All the while my
wife was fucking me with that dildo. My head was
spinning. It felt like Pat was trying to crush my cock
with her cunt like it was an old jalopy at the junk
yard. This went on for about ten minutes and Pat never
moved an inch other than her pussy muscles. My nuts
couldn’t take it any longer and blew the biggest load

Pat said, “That was nice.” And she removed herself from
my rapidly shrinking member.

Pat sat on the sofa, spread her legs and commanded,
“Kathy, get your husband’s cum out of me.”

My wife leapt to the opportunity leaving 10 inches of
dildo still up my ass. She was licking and sucking my
seed from that beautiful cunt all the while moaning in
delight and saying, “Is this good, my mistress?”

When Pat was satisfied with the number of orgasms she’d
had, she got up, dressed and looked at Kathy and said,
“You can keep the dildo. Remember, your pussy belongs to
me now. He can only fuck you using the dildo and it has
to be in his ass, too. If he wants to eat your pussy,
you must use the dildo and let him suck your juices off.
If you don’t follow my instructions, I will know and
then I’ll have to punish you. Believe me you don’t want
that! I’ll see you in a week.” Pat reached down and
removed the handcuffs; took her magic bag and left.

My wife and I with the dildo still in my ass laid there
spent from the events that had transpired, but anxious
to find out what was next.

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