Public Slime Confession
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An interesting situation came up yesterday. I had been off the internet for
a few weeks and I came back on and one of the things I wanted to do was to
check your website. The part I find most fascinating is the ‘Dirty Diary.’
I assume you have a larger section inside your website for those who can pay
the monthly $20 fee. Alas, at the present time, restarting my own business,
I cannot. At the top of the page of the Dirty Diary it says something like, ‘These are
some of the sluts who sent me e-mail. Read them, they are funny!’ I
imagine you sitting around and laughing at the women who send in those
e-mails, and I don’t blame you. Which also did not stop me from mailing in
my e-mail to you, telling you my background. I started reading the second letter and I realized immediately that it was
my e-mail to you. So not only were you laughing at me, which I expected,
but you were exposing me to who knows how many other men and women so they
could laugh at me, too. I was so embarrassed. Yet, as I read my letter, knowing how many people had possibly read it, I
felt a flush go through my pussy, and I became incredibly turned on.
Supremely turned on. Then reading the nasty things you said about me
afterwards, in your published reply, for everyone to read’that turned me on
even more. The public humiliation excited me and’made my cunt’wet. And reminded me of something that happened to me when I was twenty-four’ I was pretty ‘loose’ at that age and had been to bed with quite a few of the
local guys. There was this one guy I really liked named John. One day, I
ended up being with him and of course I talked with him. He and his friend
invited me to the friend’s room and we had a few drinks. As usual for me at
that time, I wanted to go to bed with John, and we did. But I fucked his
friend, too. They took turns with me. They wanted to leave shortly after
that, so they made me leave the room, too. A ‘Wham, bam, thank-you ma’am,’ kind of experience. I really didn’t mind that part much, but what I did not like came a couple
of days later. John, his friend, and two other friends were at a movie theater that I was
at with one of my girlfriends. I forget her name now, but she was kind of
skinny and not nearly as attractive as me. I saw John and wanted to speak
with him so I got her to go down to the front of the theater with me. I was
excited to see him because I really really liked him. We went to the row in
front of where they were sitting and I sat down right in front of John and I
turned around to talk to him and say ‘Hi,’ and that kind of thing. He practically ignored me, just sat laughing and talking to his friends. He
would sort of turn his head and say something in their ear, and they would
laugh. His friend that he had shared me with was doing the same thing and
soon all four guys were laughing. I knew they were laughing at me, that
they all knew I had fucked them both. I felt so betrayed because I like
John so well. He was so good looking and clean cut looking. I could overhear some of the comments they were making and from that I could
piece together part of the conversation. They were telling the other two
guys about how they fucked me and they could not get rid of me and how they
could not stand me being around. They said I was like, ‘slime.’ All this with my friend sitting right beside me. I should have left right
away but I did not, so they began to be downright rude and started calling
me ‘slime’ right to my face. I had never been so publicly humiliated,
before or since, especially in front of a friend, although there have been
other experiences like that. Not many. We left and moved to seats near the rear of the theater and I was pretty
silent, enduring my humiliation in front of my friend. After the movie was
over we had to exit by the same door and almost at the same time, although I
tried to hang back and miss them. But I had to overhear them laughing and
looking back at me and as I walked away from the theater one of them called
out something to me. I don’t remember exactly what he said, but it included
the word ‘slime’ in the sentence. So you putting my letter up on your website, encouraging others to laugh at
me, too, reminded me of that experience. But since none of them knew me,
although it did shame me, it also made my cunt exceedingly wet and puffy. I
touched myself, reaching inside my blouse to caress and pinch my nipples and
rubbing my pussy though my shorts I was wearing (we have had a heat spell in
California this March). In that letter I talked about how my brothers had spit in my face while
fucking me, that they had peed on me, that I had sex with a dog, and several
gang-bangs, and I had even done a few shitty things, too. I knew people
were reading it and laughing at me’ ‘and it turned me on. It’excites’me’having many people know how dirty I am, and laughing at me
because of it. I cannot explain it, but it does. I know I’m a slut, and it
turns me on when others realize it, too’.. The end

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