A1 Wife Conversion pt 1.
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I think I’m a typical married guy. My wife and I would
have sex maybe once a week if I was lucky and hadn’t
done something to cause her to withhold sex. She was
strictly missionary or maybe if she was really randy
cowgirl. But all that changed with an accidental cum

My wife, Kathy, would have sex but when she didn’t feel
like ( a lot of the time), she would give me a hand job
or if I been real good a blow job, but never finish in
her mouth and forget about swallowing.

One night, I had persuaded her to whack me off and I was
enjoying the motion of her soft hand sliding up and down
my cock. She’d slide her left hand down the shaft and
hold the skin the base of my cock. This exposed my
cock’s head for her right hand and fingers to swirl
around the circumference or now and then she would move
left hand to stroke my nuts.

She always made me use a towel to catch my climax
eruptions. It was laid on my stomach. As I approached
finishing, I instinctively arch my back. I think that’s
just a biological response. As she always does when I’m
getting close, she aimed my cock toward the towel as I
blasted a healthy load of cum from my cock. She must
have had more angle and a good portion of my cum landed
on my face and mouth. She was surprised as I was, but
then she took her finger and began rubbing the cum that
was on my lips around on them.

I asked her, “What are you doing?”

She replied, “I don’t know why, but seeing your cum land
on your lips has got me so hot.” She then pushed her
finger and a big gob of cum into to my mouth. She
reached down with her free hand and began jack me off
again. Her finger found another splash of cum that she
dragged into my mouth. I noticed that her breathing rate
was increasing and she was squirming on the bed.

I said, “For some reason, I guess feeding me my cum is
making you really hot.”

She replied, “I don’t think I’ve ever been this hot. I
want you to fuck me with that cock of yours.” My cock
sprung to attention and we went at it like two dogs in
heat. It was very exciting.

Afterwards, I asked, “Just what about you seeing me with
my cum on my lips, set you off?”

She said, “I never tasted your stuff and the thought of
you swallowing it, got my juices flowing. It was just so

I responded, “So let me get this straight, you liked
seeing me swallow my own cum and that lead to this great
fuck we just had.” She replied,” Yes and yes, it did.”

I asked, “Do you think we’d get the same results if it
happened again?

She replied, “I don’t know maybe we should try it again

I said, “Let’s give it a try, but just don’t tell any of
your friends that we’re doing this.”

With her best reassuring voice, she said, “Don’t worry,
Honey, I’m not one to tell my friends bedroom secrets
except that your hung like a horse.”

We both laughed and she said, “For our next party,
you’ll need to stuff a pair socks in your underwear. I
wouldn’t want you to let the girls down.”

The next day, it was hard to concentrate on work because
my mind would wander off to last night’s events and how
sexy my wife had become if only for those few minutes. I
just hoped it wasn’t a fluke.

I got home early with an unconcealable hard-on. My wife
noticed as soon as I walked in the door. She said, “I
see you been thinking about me and last night.”

I replied, “It’s the only thing I could think about
today. You totally fucked up my productivity.”

She had dinner on the table, so we decided to eat and
have some wine before seeing if we could recreate last
night’s excitement. After a couple of glasses of wine,
we decided it was time to see if this worked again.
Kathy said, “I’m feeling pretty excited already, so
maybe we’re on to something here.”

I replied, “Let’s don’t count our chickens just yet.”

For the first time in quite a while, we took a bath
together and then retired to the bedroom. I lay on the
bed with my legs spread as she nuzzled up to my right
leg and began playing with my cock and nuts. Her touch
felt softer than normal or maybe it was my heightened
awareness. Within a minute, she had me hard. She
startled me as she leaned over and took my cock in her
mouth and said, “I want to see a big load of cum out
this tonight.”

She used a lot of spit as she prepped my cock for the
final assault. She placed her hand back on my cock and
continued with a light but firm stroke. I was beginning
to feel that tingle in my nuts, which she was gently

I was getting real close when she said, “Can you move
your cock closer to your mouth so I don’t miss?”

I said, “Yeah, sure, whatever you want baby.” I arched
my back more so my cock was higher than my face as I
shot a big load and she directed toward my face and
mouth. It was a direct hit. My cum spattered on my lips
and nose mostly.

She began using her fingers to collect as much of my
baby maker juice as possible. She ran her finger on my
lips as she deposited the liquid there. She said, “Lick
your lips, Sweetie.” She squealed with delight as I did
and scooped more cum toward my mouth. She began milking
my cock to get the last few drops of cum on her finger,
which she stuck in my mouth. I was then amazed at what
happened next.

She excitedly began “Frenching” me with my cum residuals
still on my lips and in my mouth. After a couple deep
French kisses, she said, “I’m so wet right now. Eat me.”

I went down for some tasty pussy. After she was moaning
and starting to move her pussy around to make sure my
tongue hit the right places, I was hard again, so I
replaced my mouth with my cock as I slammed it into her
sopping wet cunt. She was bucking like a wild little
filly and dug her nails into my back as she came.

As we laid there spent, I said, “I guess last night
wasn’t a fluke. You seeing me swallow my cum gets you
hotter than a pistol.”

She replied, “I don’t know what it is maybe because it
so taboo if a guy does it. I mean girls are expected to
do it; like it and want more of it.”

I replied, “Well, I don’t think you ever got that memo.”

We laughed and she said, “Well, if you show me how good
it is, I might be willing to try it.”

I responded, “If that’s what it takes, I guess you will
taste it soon.” We cuddled up and went to sleep.

The next morning before I left for work, she gave me a
big hug and said, “I hope we’re on again for tonight.”

I was elated and said, “I’ll be ready to give you a good

Several times during the day, I would go to the restroom
and begin to jack off but not cum. I was trying to build
the biggest load I could for my sweetie. I was walking
around all day like Chester from “Gunsmoke”, pretty
stiff legged.

That night when I returned home, she was dressed in a
sexy little black dress that she wore on special
occasions. I asked her, “Are we going out?”

She said, “Yes, my dear, some place nice, so hurry and
get ready.”

She had made reservations at one of the nicer
restaurants in town and had asked for a private booth in
the back. We were shown to our booth and she had me sit
in the corner so she could slide up next to me. I said,
“This was unexpected.” She replied, “Well, in the last
two days, you given me the best two fucks of my life. I
thought I should do something nice for you.”

I responded with, “Well, that sounds good to me. What do
you have in mind?”

She took her right hand and began stroking my cock. Mind
you, my wife has a real hard time with PDA and here she
is rubbing my cock in a restaurant. She said, “I want
you to generate a lot of juice for later.” She kept up a
constant attack on my cock. She leaned over and said,
“Why don’t you go to the Men’s room and take those
confining underwear off. I’ll make you feel good.”

This was a side of my wife I had never seen, but I liked
it. It was embarrassing walking back to our booth with a
raging hard on and no underwear, but I felt it would be
worth it.

We ordered, ate and when we left the restaurant, I had
to hold my coat over the front of my pants because of
all the precum that had leaked out before heading back
home for the dessert course. Once there my wife said, “I
want you to take off all your clothes and sit in that
chair.” She then put on some music and began to do a
strip tease. It took about two seconds and my cock was
sticking up like a wind turbine on the plains. Once she
was naked, she said, “Are you ready for some action, big

We just about ran to the bedroom. She said, “Get ready.”
This meant that I had to be lying on my back with my
legs spread so she could start jacking me off. She
cuddled up to my leg and began stroking my cock and
nuts. She pulled my knees up and lightly ran her fingers
over my ass cheeks and then surprised me with a soft
finger rub in my ass crack over my anus. That sent a
tingle through me.

At that moment, there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do for
my sweetie. She continued stroking my cock and began
talking. She said, “I want you to be so hot that you
make more cum than ever.” She leaned over and began
sucking me. I couldn’t believe that she had sucked me
two days in a row. What a treat. She kept sucking until
she knew I was about to cum. She said, “I want you to
open your mouth and let me see if I can get it all in

I said, “If you pick up my legs, it’ll be easier hit my
mouth.” That’s what she did as I opened my mouth. She
had developed pretty good aim for only a couple days
practice and most of my load went directly into my
mouth. She kept me in that position until she finished
milking my cock’s last few drops.

She then said, “Show me what’s in your mouth.” I hadn’t
closed it, so I stuck out my cum coated tongue. She
said, “Swallow for me!” I did and stuck out my tongue
again. She immediately began “Frenching” me and her
tongue was exploring my mouth that had just held my cum.
Just thinking about what she was doing, got me hard in
seconds. She noticed my erect cock and immediate started
riding it cowgirl style. Her pussy was gushing juice
like an artisan fountain. I came in her cunt as she was
screaming with ecstasy.

Panting she said, “Eat me now. Stick your tongue deep
inside me. Get all you cum out of me.” Passion was the
order of the moment and I dove into her cunt lapping,
licking and slurping as much cum out her as I could. She
was flipping like a fish on a dock with a flock of
seagulls on standby. She grabbed my head a pulled it
into cunt as she writhed in a mind blowing orgasm. We
collapsed into each other’s arms.

When she had recovered her breath, she said, “I don’t
believe it, but that was better than the last two days.
I think the thought you getting your cum out of me was
too much for my brain to take. How did it taste?”

I replied, “It was wonderful. I loved it.” She cooed and
snuggled up.

The following evening, she was ready to go when I got
home. She told me she had be thinking about the last
three nights and had another surprise for me. My cock
got hard just thinking what it might be. We made it to
the bedroom as quickly as possible. I was lying on the
bed naked with my legs spread as she began to stroke me.

Once I was fairly hard, her mouth slipped over my cock
and she began sucking me again. Three days in a row. I
had died and gone to heaven. She continued as I got
closer. I said, “I’m getting pretty close. We probably
need to get ready.” She continued sucking and playing
with my nuts. I said, “I’m going to cum soon.” She just
continued sucking and with more passion. Just then her
mouth left my cock and she said, “Cum in my mouth.”

With that said, her mouth was back on my cock and I was
about to realize what I had dreamed about for years. I
was going to cum in my wife’s mouth for the first time
ever. It was erotic. My nuts tensed and I blasted a load
for the ages. My sweetie just kept sucking until she had
collected my full load into her mouth.

She removed her mouth from my cock and began “Frenching”
me with her mouth full of my cum. Her tongue pushed my
loins liquid deep into my mouth and I swallowed as her
tongue whipped around what had become over the last few
days the receptacle of my cum. She broke our kiss and
said, “This way I can make sure I don’t miss.”

I asked, “How did it taste?”

She gleefully responded, “Better than I thought it

She leaned over and began sucking me again. I couldn’t
believe it and said, “You don’t have to do that.”

To which she replied, “I do if you are going to fuck me
because I’m not done with you yet.”

Soon thereafter, I was fucking her brains out and after
I had cum she had me eat her out again. This resulted in
two more soul losing orgasms.

This pattern continued for a few weeks and my wife and I
were fucking ever day, which was a great improvement of
once a week. She surprised me again when she said, “Have
you ever thought about tasting another guy’s cum?”

“Well, since I’ve been drinking my own so much lately,
it has crossed my mind.”

“Really!” she said excitedly. “Do you think you could do
that for me?”

“I don’t know. That’s a pretty big step for any guy.”

Sounding sympathetic, she said, “Why don’t you think
about it for a few days.”

For the next few days, we were back to our new routine
as I mulled over the thought of tasting another man’s
semen. I guess curiosity got the better of me and I told
Kathy that I had made up my mind.

“Well, what did you decide?” she said questioningly.

“If it means that much to you, I’ll give it a try but, I
can stop whenever I want,” I said emphatically.

She cooed in support, “Of course, Honey, and thank you
for being willing to give it a try.”

We then began a conversation on how we would go about
making this happen. I told her that I had a work
acquaintance that I thought was gay and he might be
interested. I asked, “What will you do if he asks to
fuck you?”

She looked puzzled and answered, “A gay guy would ask to
fuck me?”

“Yes, why not, you a beautiful young woman and he won’t
have commitments.”

She responded, “Well, I haven’t thought about that.
Would it be OK with you?”

“I think I would be OK with it. It’s not like he would
be trying to steal you away from me.”

She said, “Will you talk to him and find out if he’ll do

I replied, “Give me a week and I’ll see what I can make

I talked with Gary and asked him to think it over except
I neglected to mention that my wife would be there.
Later that week he said, “You can count me in.” We made
a date for Friday night at my house. Kathy was overjoyed
when I told her.

Friday night arrived and we were both excited by what
might be in store for us. The door bell rang and Kathy
went to greet our guest. You could only imagine the look
on Gary’s face when he saw my wife open the door.

She invited him in and after some awkward initial
conversation and drinks, my wife cuddled up next to me
on the couch. Our guest was sitting on the adjacent love
seat. During the next conversation lull, my wife began
stroking my cock through my jeans. Our guest was fully
aware of what he was seeing and I noticed that he
started to re-arrange his furniture to relieve some
developing strain.

She noticed that my cock was also straining at my jeans
then said, “It looks like we’re running out of room in
here.” After saying that, she unbuttoned and unzipped my
jeans and began rubbing my cock through my underwear. By
now there was no conversation just observation. She
said, “Let’s see what’s taking up all that room.” She
reached in my underwear and slipped my cock out into the

Our guest just had a dumbfounded look on his face. He
was having a hard time taking all this in. She just
started stroking my fully erect cock with her hand
sliding lightly up and down the shaft. My wife said,
“Hmmmm, doesn’t this look good? Gary, why don’t you come
over here and take over while I go to the bathroom?”

She left the room and Gary took her place on the couch
next to me and began stroking my cock. A couple minutes
later, my wife returned to the couch and sat next to
Gary. She began stroking his cock through his jeans. He
stopped and looked directly into her eyes and said, “I
don’t want you to do that. I want your husband to do

She sheepishly said, “Sorry, if it’s OK, I’ll just sit
over here and watch?” She took a seat in a overstuff
chair just opposite the couch.

Our guest looked at me and said, “Well!” as he looked
down to his crotch. I rested my hand on his jean covered
cock. I could feel it as it pressed upward against its
constraining material. I began to rub it through the
fabric. I looked over at my wife in the chair and she
had spread he legs and was lightly stroking her cunt
through her dampening panties.

Gary said, almost demanding, “We need to get out of
these jeans!”

We both stood up and stripped off our jeans and returned
to the couch. He pulled his underwear down and revealed
his 8 inch cock. I heard a slight gasp from my wife.
With a quick glance in her direction, it was obvious
that her panties were now soaked and she was rubbing
pretty frantically. I said, “Honey, why don’t you get
comfortable and get out of those clothes?”

She almost jumped up to pull her dress over her head,
followed by a bra and her soaked panties. She returned
to the chair with her now visibly wet cunt glistening
with beads of pussy juice like morning dew on grass. An
overhead can-light was positioned such that it shown
directly on her pussy like a mini-spot light.

Gary took my hand and placed it on his cock as his hand
returned to mine. It was the first cock other than my
own I had ever felt. It was significantly bigger because
of its girth than my 6 incher. I wrapped my hand around
the base of this impressive cock and began to stroke it
lightly. I enjoy having my wife stroke my cock like that
so I figured that he would too. Our guest said, “It
looks like your wife needs something to do. Have her
suck your cock while you suck mine?”

That was a shock to me because I had thought through
drinking his cum, but I hadn’t thought about sucking his
cock. Before I could say anything, my wife had her lips
wrapped around my cock and was give me the what for. She
came up for air and said, “You can do it, Honey.”

I hesitantly lowered my mouth toward his throbbing
phallus. It touched my lips and they parted slightly as
I began to take it slowing into my mouth. Our guest had
other ideas, and pushed my head down on his shaft, which
quickly filled my mouth to capacity. He grabbed some of
my hair and began pulling me up and down on this cock
and shoving it deep into my throat. My wife was going
crazy sucking like a 10 Hp Hoover. She stopped
momentarily to put in a request with our guest, “Gary,
please let me watch your cum go into his mouth.” After
she said that, he knelt on the couch next to me and had
me suck him in that position.

His cock had smoothness, hardness and warmth to it as it
slid in and out of my mouth. I thought to myself – this
isn’t half bad. No wonder some women don’t mind sucking
these things. Gary pulled his cock out of my mouth and
began jacking it off. He said, “Open up and collect your

As soon as my wife heard those words, while keeping her
mouth on my cock she looked up to see our guest blow his
load into my open cum depository. This event caused me
to blow my load in my wife’s mouth. She collected my cum
and crawled up my chest and planted a “cum-filled”
French kiss on me. Her tongue swirled the salty mixture
of Gary’s and my cum around in our mouths.

After I swallowed the mixture, she looked at me and with
a huge smile on her face and said, “That was the most
sexual erotic thing we’ve ever done. I love you so

Our guest chimed in with, “That’s all great, but I need
my cock sucked again. Kathy, you looked like you really
had it going with his cock – how about some of that
service for me?” She looked at me with an “is it OK”
look. I said, “I bet she’d be glad to.” She didn’t need
any more reassurance and her mouth enveloped his cock.
He told her, “Lick it up and down and around the head.”

She was following directions without hesitation. After
his full hard returned, he pulled his cock out of her
mouth and said, “I want to fuck you now.” She looked a
little panicked and looked to me for help. I said,
“Remembered we talked about this situation.” She nodded
with acceptance and spread her legs.

Gary said, “I don’t mean your pussy. I want your ass!”

I have never approached Kathy about fucking her ass
because I knew she wouldn’t do it and I was lucky that
she sucked me. Surprisingly, she flipped over and
positioned her ass up in the air. She looked back and
said, “Go slow.”

Our guest looked at me and suggested, “Why do you lube
it up with your tongue.”

I was caught off guard by that suggestion, but the way
she was squirming around, I knew this was an opportunity
to expand her horizons and I dove in – tongue first. She
was really getting off to this and I could smell and see
drops of pussy juice leaking from her cunt. She was on

Gary stopped me and placed the head of his big cock in
her crack. He slid it up and down a few times to collect
some of my spit and her pussy juice then positioned it
directly on her little brown hole. If you can be gently
ass fucked, he was being very gentle as he pushed the
head into her.

She said, “That hurts.”

He replied, “You have to relax.” He looked at me and
said, “We need more tongue here.”

I began licking her hole with his cock inserted in it.
He slid it out some and I licked his cock using as much
spit as I could generate. I was watching his big cock
slipping ever deeper into my wife’s ass. She had stopped
complaining and was trying to wiggle her ass to help get
it deeper. Soon with the help on my tongue, his cock was
all the way in and she was moaning like the harbinger of

He began pumping his cock in and out of her ass and
said, “I would guess that she’s never been fucked here

I responded, “Not by me anyway.”

She replied, “Never – not anyone.” She must have sensed
by the urgency of his thrusting that his was going to
cum soon. She again requested that he cum outside of her

He replied, “No, this cum belongs inside you.”

I could see his nuts beginning to pump their contents
deep into her bowels. He arched his back as he belted
out, “I’m cumming.” After another minute of impaling her
with his cock, he pulled his softening member out of her
ass and his load began leaking out of her orifice and
dribbling down toward her pussy.

Knowing my job, I began tongued her expanded bung hole
and downward toward her snatch. Her excitement level was
in a different universe and the feeling was too much for
her. She screamed out, “OH MY GOD! I’m cumming again!”
She shuttered several times, crumpled in a heap on the
floor and began crying. I asked her if she was alright.
“I feel wonderful. Thank you guys so much for the best
experience of my life.”

Our guest said, “Next week, I could bring Pat. I think
that would spice things up even more.”

My wife looked up at me with a little kid look that
said, “Can we> Pleeeeze Daddy?” The thought of me having
to suck two guys for her wasn’t enough deterrent to
overcome the look of excitement and anticipation that
she was projecting so I agreed, “OK, next Friday same


That week we continued our routine, which was starting
to seem a little ordinary now, but it was a huge
improvement over what our sex life had been. The days
seemed to drag by until Friday finally arrived. I could
tell that my wife was hyper excited about that
approaching evening.

I got home a little earlier and she had already put
drinks and snacks out for our guests. She was already
acting like a bi-polar person who was having a manic
attack. She was really psyched. She twirled around to
show off her attire, which was a see-through white satin
blouse and flared black skirt. She was bra-less then she
lifted up her dress and she was panty-less, too.

I said, “It looks like you’re ready to go.”

She answered, “I’ve been wet all day. I’ve gone through
four panty liners so far.”

“Ok, that’s TMI.”

It was approaching arrival time, when I heard the door
bell. I went to answer it. It was Gary. Kathy bounced in
and noticed that he was alone. Her smile disintegrated.
Gary said, “Pat is running late due to traffic.” My
wife’s good mood return and she asked our guest if he
wanted a drink. We had a couple drinks and some snacks.
Gary sat on the couch and I sat next to him. My wife sat
in the overstuffed chair and began glaring at us.

I stated, “A watched pot never boils.”

She replied, “Well, if you turn on the heat, it might

I took her cue and placed my hand on Gary’s lap. He
responded in kind. We began to stroke each other’s cock
and the desired results were beginning. My cock was
straining against its confines. Our guest reached over
and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I stood up and
pulled them off. He stood up and I removed his pants,
too. We returned to our places on the couch and resumed
fondling each other.

His cock was nearly full length and the tip of it began
sticking out of his underwear’s waistband. I had
forgotten how big his was when hard. He stood up and
removed his underwear and I did the same. My wife was
drooling with anticipation at the scene unfolding and
began lightly running her fingers over her pussy lips.

Gary said, “I think it’s time.” He pushed my head down
ward toward his cock. I understood what he meant. My
mouth slid over and down that long shaft. My wife was
stroking her pussy with more zeal. The door bell rang.
Kathy leapt out of her chair either from shock or

As she bounded toward the door, she said, “You guys just
keep doing what you’re doing.”

When Kathy walked back in the room with Pat, I was still
sucking Gary’s cock. Pat wasn’t a “him”. He was a she.
Gary said, “Surprise!”

Pat was a strikingly beautiful woman about 5’9″ with
long muscular legs. She looked very fit with “a
tightness” in her body. She was wearing ass-hugging
jeans and a billowy blood red blouse. She had pouty full
lips that were coated with the brightest fire engine red
lipstick I’d ever seen. Her hair was blonde and mid-back
length with eyes like blue diamonds. She had flip-flops
on those perfect feet. Not like those that get crammed
into shoes that are too small.

Her toes were straight and even. They were hairless and
painted the same color as her lips. I could have sucked
on those beauties. Her fingernails were the matching
color to her lips and toes. Her fingers were long and
slender like a piano player’s, but they looked like they
would fit nicely around a cock as well. She could have
been a model. If I wasn’t hard before she came in, I
would gotten hard just looking at her.

Pat said to my wife, “I hear that you like to watch your
husband suck cock and drink cum. Is that true?”

She answered, “Yes, it’s very exciting for me.”

Pat said, “Well, I like to do the same. Let’s watch
together. It’ll be fun. Why don’t you boys just get back
to it?”

Kathy took her place in the chair and Pat took a
position behind the chair leaning forward with her hands
on the chair arms. She said, “Look at how big his cock
is! No wonder your husband likes sucking it.”

Kathy responded, “I like to watch cum going into his
mouth. It makes me so hot. This is only the second time
I’ve seen him suck a cock and it pretty exciting, too.”

I continued working Gary’s cock and its taste and the
way it fill my mouth was getting me harder than ever.
His hand was “feather” light as it stroked my hardened
steel member. Pat leaned forward and whispered in my
wife’s ear, “I bet this will feel real good right about
now.” Each of her thumbs and forefingers took grasp of
my wife erect nipples.

As Pat began lightly twirling the nipples between her
phalanges, Kathy jumped initially but soon her eyes
closed as her mouth slightly parted and low moan escaped
from her soul. Her sounds were exciting me and I was
really enjoying this cock in my mouth.

Pat commented, “He likes me playing with you. See how
much more gusto he’s sucking Gary’s cock with.” Kathy
re-opened her eyes and replied, “Your right! Honey, are
you enjoying her playing with me and while sucking his

I came up for air and said, “It’s pretty damn hot.” I
then returned to his cock. Gary said, “Why don’t you
strip and lie down on the couch and we can 69?” I jumped
up and tore off my underwear and took the bottom
position. Gary positioned his “salvia drenched” cock
over my head and lowered it to my awaiting mouth. He
slipped it in and he began to lick my cock as he slowly
moved his it in and out of my cum collector.

Pat was working my wife’s nipples with the determination
of a Marine and Kathy was starting to wiggle around in
the chair. Pat released one nipple and proceeded to
unbutton my wife blouse. With her tits exposed, Pat
squeezed them firmly in her hands like checking a
grapefruit at the grocery. Pat then said, “Let’s see if
there’s anything going on down here.”

She reached under my wife skirt and began stroking her
inner thighs. Kathy had lost any inhibitions she had as
she spread her legs to allow Pat unfettered access to
her honey pot. Pat pulled my wife’s skirt up exposing
her dripping snatch. I could see out of the corner of my
eye that her cunt was dripping and the pink inner lips
were spread as they awaited release. Just then Gary
started thrusting with long full strokes as he fired off
several burst of his sexual release. I collected his

Pat said, “Come over here and put some of that in her

I rolled off the couch and clamped my mouth over my
wife’s cunt like I was giving mouth to mouth and began
to use my tongue to push Gary’s cum deep inside her
pussy. Kathy started to cum.

Pat commanded, “Ok, that’s good enough. Get out of the
way!” She then knelt down between my wife’s legs and was
working to get all of the cum that I had deposit out
her. Kathy started bucking and squirming as Pat attacked
her cunt with her tongue darting in and out and deep
into my wife.

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