A1 wife conversion pt 2.
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I just stood the watching my wife have orgasm after
orgasm. She had lost all control as if she was getting
an electroshock treatment. My cock was about to break it
was so hard. I was getting light-head because it felt
like I only had blood circulating to my dick. There was
cunt juice down the front of the chair and a good size
puddle on the floor.

My wife was screaming, “I can’t cum anymore.” That
didn’t stop Pat; she was relentless and got several more
orgasms out of her before she stopped. My wife collapsed
in a mass in the chair barely able to breathe.

Pat stood up and began to strip off her clothes – first
her blouse and bra. She had perfectly rounded 32C
breasts with dark areolas about the size of a quarter
and nipples that looked like a virgin No. 2 pencil
eraser. Her belly button was adorned with a diamond
stud. She kicked off her flip-flops and they landed over
in a corner of the living room.

She peeled off her jeans to expose those lovely well
shaped muscular legs. Her skin looked like satin and her
33″ hips flared out and up to a nice thin 24″ waist. She
pulled her thong off to reveal that she was a natural
blonde with a 2″ landing strip of well-groomed pubes. As
I assumed, she was a real looker – head to toe.

She looked at me with my cock straining the skin that
held it together like a bratwurst on the grill just
before they explode. She said, “Come over here.” As I
approached her, I wondered what might be in store for
me. She licked those beautiful lips and slipped them
over my cock. She was an expert tonguesman. Apparently,
she liked both guys and dolls and could oral please
either one.

It only took her about two minutes of tongue to coax my
man juice from my nuts. I felt so good to empty my
release in her beautiful mouth. She collected it all
then turned toward my wife and began sharing my deposit
with her. Kathy feverishly began “Frenching” Pat and
they continued until Pat broke it and said, “Doesn’t he
taste so good?” That was the first time my wife had ever
swallowed my cum. It was so exciting that I nearly came
again on the spot.

Lost in all of this was Gary. He was lounging on the
couch stroking his cock to another erection. Pat walked
over to him and said, “I know you don’t like pussy, but
let me ride that for a couple minutes. I don’t think
he’s ready for another round yet.”

Gary replied, “Ok, since we’re friends that the least I
can do.”

She immediately lowered her cunt on to that nice looking
cock. She slid her twat up and down on it. On the down
stroke, she would grind her cunt into his pelvic region.
Like she promised, she stopped and then approached my
wife, who she offered her hand to. Kathy lifted her hand
and softly placed it in Pat’s hand.

Pat lifted her out of the chair and over to the adjacent
love seat. She had her lie down and planted several
tender kisses on my wife’s lips, which soon turned into
deep French kissing. Pat hand found my wife’s left
breast and began cup and caress it. Kathy moaned with
acceptance. Pat kissed her way down to my wife’s pubic
area as her hand began to massage her clit. She lowered
her mouth to my wife’s slit and began lapping it like a
dog in heat.

Kathy was moaning more intensely when Pat pulled her
gently to the floor. She continued working on her clit
and slit. She then moved to straddle her face with her
legs and lowered her cunt toward my wife’s face. I could
see Pat snatch and it was dripping just like Kathy’s.
Her cunt lips finally met my wife’s mouth. I watched
with excitement and amazement as my sexually rigid wife
began to long stroke Pat’s cunt from butt to clit and
back. Pat looked as if she was really enjoying this

While all this was going on, I had returned to the couch
and was sucking the pussy juice off of Gary’s cock,
which given the sight before me and the taste of Pat’s
cunt juice gave me another hard on. Pat looked up and
saw that my cock was hard and said, “Get over here and
fuck me.”

I looked at Gary and said, “Sorry, I’ll get right back
to you, but that’s something I can’t pass up.”

I slid my cock slowly to that beautiful cunt as my wife
below us was lapping away. The feeling that her tongue
gave to the sensation of Pat’s pussy as I fucked it was
beyond description. Pat started to buck and began
cumming with a flood of liquid filling my wife’s mouth.
She was drinking it down like last call at happy hour.

I felt my nuts tense and I fired a big load tension
relief into that beautiful cunt. I pulled out exhausted.
Pat sat upright and my cum began dribbling out of her
pussy. She said, “Kathy, drink it up. Get that cum out
of me!” My wife obeyed as she tongue fucked her cunt and
burrowed deep into it for my residuals.

Good to my promise, I returned to Gary’s cock and was
lapping it like hurricane waves on the shore. It was
having the desired effect. He said, “Lick my nuts, too.”
Kathy sat up to watch. I was tonguing them with all I
had. Pat walked over and began jacking him off. He
bellowed, “I’m going to cum.” and my wife jumped on his
cock with her mouth sucking his release down with wild
abandon – swallowing every drop

We all collapsed. That was the beginning of a new sexual
awareness and openness for us. More adventures to cum.

Part II

The day after our experiences with Gary and Pat, Kathy
and I began a long “soul searching” talk about what
happened Friday night. Kathy started by saying, “Am I
wrong? Are did you enjoy fucking Pat?”

How could I counter my wife’s directness except by
answering truthfully, “Yes, she’s a beautiful woman that
knows how to fuck and suck. Did you enjoy her tongue
work on you?”

She responded with, “Let’s keep the focus on you for the
moment. Do you still love me?”

I replied, “Why wouldn’t I still love you? In fact, I
love you more than ever for what we did together. It was
“off the charts” exciting. I haven’t felt like that
since I was a teenager getting my first piece of ass.”

She said, “I’m a little worried that you wanted her more
than me and on top of that she’s prettier than I am.”

I stopped to think through my answer before I ended up
in a sticky emotional situation. “Well, she has certain
physical attributes that are very appealing, but I don’t
know anything else about her.”

“But you are attracted to her?” my wife continued the

“Believe it or not, I’m attracted to a lot of beautiful
women, but that doesn’t mean I love them more than you
or even at all.” I could feel myself slipping into
Kathy’s “swamp of no return”, so I thought I’d try a
different tack to re-direct where this conversation was
heading. “Honey, I feel you are being too hard on
yourself and you don’t appreciate the excellent
qualities both physically and personality-wise that you
have. They’re what make you so special to me. I wouldn’t
trade you for anything or anyone in the world.”

My wife, Kathy, has many qualities that make her
beautiful. Physically, she’s about 5’6″, slender build
with raven black neck-length silken hair that glistens
in the light. She has porcelain colored skin that
contrasts her hair. It’s so dark and she’s so white. She
looks like a full grown doll. Her eyes are blue, and
they are hypnotic.

If you’ve ever seen a dog with blue eyes, they sort of
look like that. They have a very dark ring around the
iris’ outer edge and the rest is very light blue with
“black hole” pupils. They just suck you into her soul. I
think they are truly her best physical quality even
though any guy would be drawn to her nice rack of 33Ds
that have dark brown 2″ diameter areolas with nipples
that are perked upward just wanting to be sucked. Her
waist is 23″ with hips that measure 34″. She keeps her
bush nicely trimmed and has just a “silver dollar” sized
patch above her slit. Intellectually, she has an IQ of
118, so she’s not stupid.

She responded to my statement, “You’re so sweet to me,
Honey. I was afraid that maybe something bad happened to
us and our relationship yesterday.”

I reassured her that we were fine and proceeded to ask,
“I noticed that you jumped on Gary’s cock with your
mouth and made sure that you swallowed every drop of his

She responded indignantly, “So, what of it!”

I replied, “Nothing, I just hope I can get that kind of
treatment too.”

“Is that all? I thought you were going somewhere else
with that question,” she replied.

I pressed for the answer I wanted, “So, are you saying
you’re going to swallow my cum from now on?”

“Of course, if that’s what you want,” she replied.

“Well to me, it means that you love me enough to make
the effort to satisfy my emotional need that swallowing
represents,” I stated.

She replied, “That’s Bullshit!! You just want me to suck
your cock, but actually, it tasted kind of good and
caused me to have an orgasm when it shot into mouth.
Besides, it’s loaded with protein.” She then asked, “Did
you enjoy seeing Pat fondle with my tits and cunt?”

“That was the hottest thing ever. It’s the one thing
every guy wants his girl to do,” I replied,

She said, “Why is that so hot for you guys?”

“I don’t know maybe it’s because women are so much more
beautiful than guys. I mean you don’t have extra shit
hanging down and flopping around. Women’s tits look so
good and their pussies have everything all together in a
nice package. So when two women go at it, a guy has a
chance to learn something about pleasing a woman with
his mouth. They know what feels good to their pussy,” I

“Are you saying that you’d like to see me and Pat do
something again?” she questioned.

“Well, not exactly, but I don’t think I would be opposed
to that idea. It’s all up to you,” I said, with some

Kathy replied, “It did feel nice. Her lips and hands
were so soft and light to the touch. Her tongue was just
too much. She’s one to tell you what she wants so
there’s no guess work. Would you like me to see if I can
set something up with her?”

“Would you? That’d be great! If it would be Ok with you
that is, I could just watch you girls go to town from a
discreet location.” I questioned.

She said, “I’d like to see you and Gary with another guy
do it.”

I replied, “Let’s see how you and Pat do and then I’ll
do what you want. OK?”

She said, “Alright, it sounds like a plan.”

The following Monday, Kathy called Pat and they talked
about the adventures of the previous weekend. Kathy
invited Pat over for lunch the next day for some coffee
and conversation under the pretense of getting to know
each other better. Pat said she’d love to drop by.

I took the day off and was as eagerly awaiting Pat’s
arrival as much as Kathy was. Since it was summer, she
was dressed in some baggy shorts and a loose fitting
blouse. I knew she was bra-less, but I wasn’t sure about
her panties. The door bell rang and I relocated to an
adjacent room where I could hear and see without being

Pat was just as beautiful in the daylight as she was in
the evening although her attire was a more casual. She
wore a flowered sun dress with a halter top tie behind
her neck. I noticed her nipples were erect when she
arrived. She didn’t have her fire engine red lipstick
on, but this time it was more a pastel pink color. Kathy
greeted Pat and led her to the coffee table, where the
appetizers, beverage and wine were waiting.

They engaged in some small talk before my wife mentioned
the previous weekend’s activities. She asked Pat while
sipping on some chardonnay, “Do you do that sort of
thing often?”

Pat replied, “No, not really, but Gary said you and your
husband were a very good looking couple and I wouldn’t
be disappointed if I showed up and I certainly wasn’t.”

Kathy responded, “I’m glad to hear that. You know I’ve
never seen my husband’s cock that hard. I really enjoyed
the things we did.”

Pat said, “You seemed a little inexperienced, but I
relished the way you just dove in. No pun intended.”

They laughed and the conversation continued until Kathy
suggested that they move to the sofa and get more

I quietly re-located to continue my observations. They
both took their places and my wife slid over next to
Pat. She stated, “You know, I think you’re very
beautiful and you make me feel different than any other
woman I’ve been around.”

I thought to myself that was a great lead in. Before Pat
could answer, my wife then took Pat’s hand and said,
“Your hands touched me so softly. They sent chills
through me when you stroked my arm.”

Pat responded with, “You mean like this.” She lightly
stroked up and down my wife’s arm with her fingertips
and nails. I saw Kathy’s arm get goose bumps.

She said, “Yes, just like that.”

Pat then reached up and stroked Kathy’s cheek with the
back of her fingers. Kathy took Pat’s hand and lightly
kissed her fingers then the back of her hand. They
looked into each other’s eyes. Kathy closed hers and Pat
leaned in and kissed her lips in the gentlest way that I
almost came right then. I saw my wife’s nipples harden
beneath her blouse.

Kathy placed her hands, one on each side of Pat’s cheeks
like she was holding a fragile Faberge egg, and returned
the kiss. This initiated several minutes of deeper and
deeper kisses that culminated in some excellent
“Frenching” with feverous tongue oral exploration.

My wife began to nibble on Pat’s neck and then burrowed
her tongue into Pat’s neck right where the scalene
longitudinal muscles and the jugular vein meet. Pat
jumped as Kathy kept up this action. This is something I
do to my wife and it makes her toes curl. She can only
stand it for about thirty seconds before she’s ready to

Pat began to moan.

My wife moved her right hand to Pat’s left breast and
began tweaking her nipple. This resulted in a louder
moan. My cock was getting too hard and was about to
break under the strain, but the action was just getting
started. I tried to stay under control.

Kathy began tonguing the back of Pat’s throat, which was
likewise returned. My wife stealthily untied Pat’s
halter tie and slipped the sun dress down to the waist
exposing Pat’s lovely breasts. Kathy continued kissing
that beautiful face, then neck, shoulder and finally her
breast. Pat’s hand pulled my wife’s mouth tight to her
breast as she began to lick and suck Pat’s erect nipple
like a starving baby.

There was more moaning and I was about to cum in my
pants. This was the hottest thing I’d ever seen in
person. I wanted to walk in and start fucking both of
them, but I had to be patient and enjoy what was

While still sucking Pat’s breast, I saw Kathy’s hand
slip under Pat’s dress and begin to stroke her right

Pat pushed my wife’s hand away and said, “No, not yet.”

That seemed to get my wife fired up and she was back at
those luscious lips sucking Pat’s tongue deep into her
mouth. My wife definitely had more will power than I
would have been able to mustard at that point. After
what seemed like forever (I think it was half a minute),
Kathy returned to Pat’s breasts biting and pulling them
lightly with her teeth. This seemed to do the trick and
I saw Pat’s legs spread. Kathy also took notice and slid
her hand deftly up to the promise land.

Pat spread her legs wider. My wife slipped two fingers
in that wet cunt and began to rotate her thumb on Pat’s
clit. There was more moaning. I could hear the swishy
sound that signified one hot woman. I noticed that
Kathy’s shorts were wet too. I took my cock out of my
pants because there just wasn’t any more room in there.

My wife lifted Pat’s dress and took a kneeling position
between her legs. Kathy delicately parted them like a
hand through smoke and began to lick and kiss her way up
from Pat’s knee. My wife pulled Pat’s lower extremity
forward toward the sofa’s edge to get her goodies at
tongue height. My wife extended her tongue and softly
touched Pat’s passion button. A long guttural moan came
from Pat’s deepest self. I knew she was really getting
off to this and so was I.

Kathy began to tongue circles around Pat’s clit and then
suck it into her mouth. I could tell she was still
tonguing it while it was in her mouth. She slipped two
fingers back into that exquisite cunt and was finger
fucking her while sucking the shit out of her clit. Her
hand was palm up and she lifted it upward as she slid it
in so she could hit Pat’s G spot.

All my senses seemed to be on high alert because I could
see, hear and smell the wetness of the beautiful cunt in
front of me. My wife was really doing a great job. Pat
began to buck and Kathy kept her mouth attached to that
clit while ramming those fingers deep into Pat’s vagina.
Pat let out a blood curdling scream and was cumming non-
stop for at least five minutes.

Kathy slowed the pace down and was slowly sliding her
fingers in and out of that juice box. She leaned forward
and gave it several long licks to collect the savory
climax fluid. Pussy juice dribbled down her arm and
dripped off the elbow, as she licked her fingers, Kathy
said, “You taste so good. I could do that again.”

In between deep exhaustion breaths, Pat said, “I don’t
think I could handle another one right now. That was
beautiful. You’re a quick study.”

My cock was sticking straight out like the plank on the
HMS Bounty and I wanted to cum so badly, but I knew
there was more action ahead.

Kathy took her place on the sofa next to Pat. They
hugged and cuddled for a couple minutes as they stroked
each other’s hair. It was a beautiful sight in contrast
– my wife’s white skin and Pat’s California tanned
epidermis, her long flaxen mane and Kathy’s short
midnight black hair. God never made anything as
beautiful as these two.

Pat looked into Kathy’s eyes and said, “Now it’s your

With that, Pat began to kiss Kathy’s face starting with
her cheek and proceeding in a counterclockwise fashion.
When she returned to the starting point, she kissed each
of my wife’s eyelids, then nose, chin and finally her
lips. This was so sensual that my cock was about to
explode. I kept telling myself stay calm the best is yet
to come.

Pat ran her tongue over my wife’s lips and lightly
swirled it around the orbicularis oris muscle of her
lips then she softly kissed them. Pat continued kissing
my wife’s face as she worked her way to the left ear. I
saw Pat begin to lick the inner portion of Kathy’s ear
and then she burrowed her tongue deep into her ear

Pat continued and it looked like she was trying to give
my wife a lobotomy through her ear. Kathy was squirming
and trashing around like she had be tied up in a sheet
and was trying to get loose. Pat relented from her ear
and moved to her neck. She was a quick study also and
began driving her tongue into my wife’s neck muscles
just as had been done to her earlier.

I saw Kathy’s toes clench and I knew she was ready for
action. Pat relocated to my wife’s lips and began to
unbutton her blouse. After she undid the first button,
Kathy stood up and torn off her clothes then threw
herself into Pat’s arms again.

Pat kissed and licked my wife’s shoulder as she headed
for her lovely breasts. She licked around the outer
edges of Kathy’s areola in larger circles. Pat held
Kathy’s breast in her hand and kissed it delicately like
it was a detonator that she didn’t want to set off just

Pat’s hands then began stroking my wife’s inner thighs
first one leg then the other. With each stroke, her hand
worked its way upward toward Kathy’s drooling snatch.
The heat these two women were generating filled my
nostrils. It was erotic and my cock was hard as

Pat’s fingers feather lightly brushed my wife’s labia.
Kathy was putty in Pat’s hands and looked like she would
do anything for her. Pat finally slipped one finger into
that dripping snatch up to the hand knuckle. Once that
one was thoroughly wetted, she used two fingers and so
it went then there were three and four. I couldn’t
believe what I was seeing. My wife’s cunt was taking all
of them.

Finally, Pat thumb was going in too. She kept rotating
her hand and moving it slowly in and out. With each
inward push, she would slide it a little deeper in my
wife’s pussy. Kathy was moaning as saying, “Oh, my god.
That feels so good.”

Pat’s hand got pass the last restriction and her whole
hand up to her wrist was in my wife’s cunt. Pat keep up
the rotating with a slight in and out motion and Kathy
began to buck and scream. She was cumming like Fourth of
July fireworks. Pat continued as my wife begged her to
stop. After about another thirty seconds, Kathy’s eyes
rolled back in her head like a zombie and she passed
out. There was this stream of drool dribbling out one
corner of her mouth. I thought she was dead.

That was more than I could take and I shot my load about
half way across the room. Pat was startled when she
heard me cum, but once she knew what was happening, she
had the sexiest smile drift across her face.

I asked, “Is she alright?”

Pat said, “She’ll come around in a couple minutes.”

I asked, “Where did you learn that?”

Pat responded, “Well, when I was fourteen, I spent the
summer with my Aunt Karen. She caught me masturbating
one afternoon. I was so embarrassed. She just looked at
me lying naked on the bed and said I was beautiful and
that it always feels better when someone else’s hands
help you. She taught me a lot of other things besides

I said, “Your Aunt Karen sounds like a teacher I would
enjoy meeting. You must feel lucky to have had a
personal trainer at such a young age.”

She said, “It was the best summer of my life so far. I
came at least three times a day – more when Uncle Mike
was there.”

I heard a moan in the background. Kathy was coming
around (no pun intended). Once she was fully aware, she
sat up and said, “I thought you were just going to

I replied, “That’s all I did, but I couldn’t stifle
myself when I came and Pat heard me. That’s me over on
the wall there.”

Pat inquired, “It sounds like you both like to watch
certain things. Your husband likes to watch you and I
and you like to watch him suck cock and drink cum.”

We replied, “Yes, I guess you’re right.”

“Do you think there are any other things you might want
to watch each other do?”

I said, “I don’t know? What do you think, Honey?”

Kathy replied with some excitement in her voice, “Well,
you got to fuck Pat last time maybe I could fuck another
guy and you could watch.”

“Do you really think that would be a good idea? I’m not
so sure I could handle a straight guy fucking you. Pat,
would you be there?” I replied.

Pat said emphatically, “Of course, I’d be there. I
wouldn’t want to miss out on Kathy’s education. I can
arrange everything.”

After several minutes of conversation concerning pros
and cons, we agreed that next weekend Pat would make all
the arrangements and she’d bring a lucky guy to our
house at seven.

During the following week, Kathy and I had several
conversations about what might happen and how we were
going to keep our minds open to all the possibilities
and just go with the flow. We were still having our
daily sexual dose of fucking and cum eating.

The day finally arrived. We were both excited with
anticipation of what might be. The door bell rang at
seven o’clock sharp. Kathy and I both went to the door
to greet our guests. It was Pat and a handsome big man.
We introduced ourselves and invited them in.

Once inside, we continued the introductions. The man’s
name was Jim. He was about 6’3″ with a rough square jaw
line, red hair, broad chest, about 220 and strong
looking hands. He was older than me, but really looked
to be in great shape. Kathy was salivating. From my
observation, she was probably already wet just thinking
about what might happen. Pat looked radiant. Her blue
eyes sparkled as she tossed her flaxen locks over her
right shoulder.

We all congregated around the living room sofa and
chairs for some drinks, appetizers and get acquainted
conversation. I had made a batch frozen margaritas using
really good tequila. It only took about two drinks
before we all were feeling the effects.

Come to find out Jim was single, owned his own business
and traveled a lot – handsome and successful – a killer
combination. I imagined he could bed down a lot of
women. If I was a woman, I’d let him fuck me.

I asked, “Are you of Scottish descent?”

He replied, “Aye, my good sir. I’ve traced the clan back
to the fifteenth century.”

“Any nobility there?” I asked.

“There was a Duke of Argyll and a couple Lords of
Lorne.” Jim responded.

I replied, “Like the socks?”

Jim sounding annoyed, “Yes, like the socks. You don’t
know how often I get that same comment. It gets pretty

Pat chimed in and said, “Let’s all have another drink
and then let festivities begin.”

We all slammed down another margarita, which definitely
put a buzz in all of us.

Pat said, “Kathy, why don’t you do a little strip tease
for us?”

Kathy questioningly responded, “Just me?”

Pat answered, “Well, alright, I’ll join in so you don’t
feel too exposed so to speak.”

I put on some music that would suffice and the girls
began to bump and grind their butts. Kathy would look
over at Pat and tried to emulate her moves. It was kind
of funny because Pat must have done this a lot because
she had some real action going on. Kathy on the other
hand was looking good, but it wasn’t much in comparison.

Pat noticed that Kathy was struggling. She sashayed over
to Kathy and put her hands on my wife’s hips and began
to have her move with her. They were a great looking
tandem team as Pat removed Kathy’s blouse and bra. She
then reached around and began to fondle my wife’s lovely
breasts – one in each opposite hand. She took hold of
each nipple tightly and pulled while pinching them hard.

Kathy said, “Hey that hurts.”

Pat replied, “How about this.” I noticed she squeezed
them harder. Kathy tried to break away, but Pat had a
good grip on her body and nipples. This action continued
for a couple minutes and I noticed that Kathy’s eyes
were tearing up.

Pat said, “It hurts right now, but it’ll feel great when
I let go, so just go with it.” I swear I think Pat
squeezed them even harder. My wife’s eyes were
fluttering like an electrical wire just barely making
contact. Pat released one nipple and un-snapped Kathy’s
pants and then slid her hand into my wife’s panties.

Pat pronounced, “She’s really wet down here. I think
she’s ready.” With that, Pat released my wife’s nipple
and pulled her pants and panties off. Pat stripped as
well. Two beautifully naked women stood in front of us.

Pat sat down next to me and said, “Let’s watch the

Jim got up and walked over to my wife and began to
tongue her nipples. Coupled with the pain that Pat had
inflicted, this event sent her through the roof. I think
she came right then because I saw her tremble and a
tracing of liquid excitement running down her inner
thigh. Jim then pushed her down in the chair and spread
her legs. He began lapping up the juice that had run
down her leg. He finally made his way to her pink
butterfly. He tongued it lightly at first then he just
rammed his tongue deep inside her twat. My wife began to
convulse like an epileptic with waves of orgasms.

I put my hand on Pat’s naked leg and began to see if she
was wet, but she removed it and placed my hand in my lap
and said, “You have be patient and watch what he does to
her. It’ll be so great.”

Jim towered over my wife as he stood up and stripped his
clothes off. He was well-built and had some great
looking pecs adorned with that fiery red hair and an
eight pack of abs. He must work out with weights because
he was chiseled. When he dropped his boxers, a monster
10″ cock emerged. I dropped my jaw at the site. I’d
never seen a cock this big even in the locker room. It
wasn’t just long, it was thick – probably 2½” wide. It
looked like an escaped python. I was in awe of his
member. Its size made me feel inadequate and self-
conscious about my dick in comparison.

Kathy looked up and saw it and said, “Oh, my god. What
the fuck is that!”

Jim replied, “I would bet that this is the biggest cock
you’ve ever seen and it’s going to split you in two in a
few minutes.”

Pat reached over and began stroking my rock hard cock
through my jeans. I don’t think I could have been any
harder. I tried to get my hand in Pat’s snatch, but she
just put it back in my lap and again said, “Let’s just
watch the fun.”

Jim reached down with both hands and grasped Kathy’s
head then he pulled her mouth to his cock. She
reluctantly opened up and began sucking that phone pole.
She could barely get past its head. Jim seemed a little
frustrated so he began to thrust his cock into her
mouth. She was gagging, but he got it further than I
thought imaginable.

During Jim’s onslaught, I watched my wife intently. My
cock was harder and bigger than it’d ever been. I don’t
know what it was about seeing her being violated, abused
and satiated all at the same time, but I’d never been so
aroused by anything.

It didn’t help that Pat was lightly tracing the outline
of my cock through my pants with her fingers while
whispering in my ear, “His cock is so big. It’s at least
twice the size of yours. Don’t you wish you had a cock
like that? Yours is so small. How can you satisfy your
wife with such a little dick? Look how much she loves
Jim’s big cock.” She just kept saying that over and over
again and based on how my wife was acting I was
beginning to believe it was true.

I watched Kathy’s face and eyes as they went through
four distinct stages as Jim kept pounding his sword down
her throat. The first stage was fear that such a large
object was getting shoved down her throat and the real
possibility that she might be suffocated by it. The
second was the realization that Jim was not going to
stop until she had taken it all and she submitted
herself to that reality. The third was determination
that she would not be conquered by his cock.

That’s when she quit fighting it and began to relax and
let it slip deeper into her throat and the fourth was
lust once his massive cock had plunged to its deepest
depth. Jim must have found her secondary clit somewhere
past her tonsils. She was cumming from him fucking her

Pat shouted a suggestion and encouragement to Kathy,
“Stick your tongue out and swallow! It’ll go in.”

Kathy tried it and I could tell that couple more inches
disappeared down her throat. Jim kept pounding away at
her mouth and Kathy kept swallowing more and more of
this huge cock. I couldn’t believe it when her mouth was
nestled up against his pubic mound. She had the whole
10″ in her throat. He must have been half way to her
stomach. I watched as her throat expanded as he forced
his pole down her throat. Her neck seemed to be twice as
wide with his cock in place.

My cock meanwhile was at its biggest size ever, but it
still was no match for what was down her throat. Pat
just kept whispering her mantra in my ear concerning my
diminutive comparative cock size.

Pat excitedly proclaimed, “Good girl! It’s your first
deep throat and on a monster cock. You’re a natural!”

As Jim’s cock plunged in and out of my wife’s mouth, its
head dredged up mucus from her throat, which lubricated
his cock and made re-entry easy, but she was generating
so much of it that it began to flow out of her mouth
dripping off her chin onto her tits and legs as she
knelt before and serviced his magnificent organ. It was
covered with her excretion and that high-lighted the
veins as they bulged and throbbed with excitement.

Her mucus hung from her chin like stalactites and was
strung all over the place like a “Pavlovian” response to
needed sustenance. Buoyed by my wife’s success in sword
swallowing, I found myself wondering if I could take a
cock that big in my mouth and what it would that feel

Jim pulled it out her mouth and said, “That felt great.
Let’s see what other hole I can plug with this.” He
placed its head at the entrance to her pussy and began
to slide it up and down her slit. When it was damp from
her juices, he began to press it forward into a pussy
that had only seen my 6 incher.

Jim told her, “Ask me to fuck you.”

Kathy responded with, “Jim, fuck me.”

Jim pushed another inch into her. He again said, “Ask me
to fuck you.”

Again, Kathy replied, “Fuck me, Jim.”

Jim pushed another inch into her twat, which looked like
a balloon that was stretched way to taunt and about to
burst. Again he said, “Ask me to fuck you.”

His cock was touching pussy territory that I had never
explored. Kathy said, “Oh, please god just fuck me,

Jim slipped one more inch into to my wife’s cunt. He
said it one more time, “Ask me to fuck you.”

Kathy was totally lost in the sensation and began
screaming, “Fuck me. Fuck Me. FUCK ME! For God’s sake,

Jim had what he wanted and rammed the rest of his cock –
five inches – into her drooling cock sanctuary. My wife
immediately began screaming and cumming like a runaway
roller coaster with a full complement of riders.

It was like watching a car wreck in slow motion. I
wanted to look away, but I just couldn’t. My dick was as
hard as the Hope diamond. I had to watch as my wife’s
pussy was stretched to the max as it willingly accepted
his huge cock.

Her slit was initially slightly wet, but like when you
cut yourself with a very sharp knife, at first, you only
see the slice in your skin laid open and you think –
“Oh, it’s not that bad.” But then the blood just gushes
out in torrents. Her pussy did the same thing – a flood
of lubricant and excitement.

As his cock pushed deep inside her, I saw her clit more
engorged than I’d ever been able to get it by giving her
head or fucking. About 1 inch of skin all around her
pussy got sucked into her pussy’s crevasse as Jim’s cock
plunged into my wife. Her clit was actually rubbing on
his cock’s shaft as it when in to the hilt. There was no
way I could compete with that.

After about two or three minutes of this, Jim pulled his
cock out of her pussy. I heard a swish as air rushed in
to replace the vacuum that had been created there. He
then positioned my wife’s limp body with her head
pointing toward the floor and her pussy up in the air.
He then took his cock and placed it on her little brown
hole. Gary had fucked her ass, but he was “only” 8
inches, not this monster cock. Jim began pushing and to
my surprise, about two inches slipped in.

Kathy was now aware of what was about to happen and
cried out, “No, please NO.”

Jim didn’t relent. He pushed deeper and deeper until
finally it was all in. He then began to do long full-
length strokes.

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