Watching wife
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My wife and I had talked about my desire to watch her make it with
another man, but it had just been an intriguing fantasy for both of us
until she
told me about her boss coming on to her at the office. So far it had ben
but suggestive comments, but she knew it could go much further if she gave
the slightest encouragement.
She admitted his advances turned her on, as much for the feeling
power it gave her over her boss as for the desire to have sex with him.
was an attractive younger lawyer, in his early thirties, and was rumored
to be
quite a ladies man. She thought it was quite a compliment that he would
interested in her.
My mind raced for several days at the possibilities. It was easy
to see
why he’d be interested in Randi. She was 26 at the time, and worked out
times a week. With long, shapely legs, a slender body accentuated by
almost too large for her slight frame and straight brown hair that framed
sensuous face, she was girl-next-door pretty. And with me taking a new
job in a
different state in a few weeks, we’d be leaving anyway. I decided to go
for it,
little suspecting that Randi had already beaten me to the punch.
I casually asked her several times over the following days if he
was still
making passes at her. She admitted he was. She asked if that didn’t make
jealous. I admitted that it turned me on to think about another guy being
interested in her.
Would I be jealous if she told me she was interested in him too?
Of course not, I said. Mustering all my courage, I said that with
us leaving in a few weeks, it might even be a good time to act out our
So I wouldn’t be unhappy if she gave him a little encouragement,
just to
see what would happen?
I could feel my cock begin to twitch in my pants. No, I told her,
as long as we were open with each other and discussed it, I was excited
about it. And of
course, I added, I’d like to watch if we could arrange it.
“I was hoping you’d say that,” she said, moving over next to me on
couch and kissing me deeply on the lips. “I was hoping, because I let him
go a
little farther with me this evening after work than I planned.”
She definitely had my attention.
She explained that he had asked her to stay a few minutes after
work and
type some letters. Everyone else had gone when he came up behind her,
like he often did, that he was available if she needed her neck rubbed
while she
was typing. Before she knew what she was saying, Randi told him she had a
tough day and would love for him to rub her neck.
She sensed he was hesitant when he began, but quickly became more
enthusiastic as she told him how good it felt. As she continued to
him, telling him how good his hands felt, she felt his breath on the top
of her
head. Almost imperceptibly, she felt a small kiss on top of her head.
She said
she leaned back against him, excited about what was happening and curious
about where it would lead.
Feeling no resistance, she said he began to nuzzle lower around
her ears
while dropping his massaging hands from her neck to her shoulders. As his
kisses trailed lower to her neck, Randi said she turned her head and
around to pull his mouth to her lips. As they kissed, she said his tongue
into her mouth and she sucked on it hungrily, getting more excited by the
She told me she was still confident she could stop things if she
After all, what harm was a little kiss? Then his hands left her shoulders
began playing across her tunic-style jacket. As he continued exploring
mouth with his tongue, she said John began lightly rubbing her breasts
with his
palms. Again sensing no resistance, his caresses became bolder. He began
massaging her breasts, hefting their heaviness in his hands. Randi
admitted to
me that she was getting very turned on and wanted him to touch her.
his right hand from her breast, she said she moved it back to the neckline
of her
jacket and guided it inside both her jacket and bra so he was caressing
her bare
breast. She said he began rolling her nipple between his fingers, getting
it hard
and almost painfully sensitive.
Suddenly he removed his hand from her breasts long enough to open
three buttons on her tunic and pull her bra above her breasts so his hands
caress them completely. Randi said she took one of his hands and got his
fingers wet in her mouth so he could massage her nipples. John began
her how beautiful she was, how much he wanted her and how long he had
waited for this. Randi said she knew that if things went any
farther, she
wasn’t sure she could stop them — or that she would want to. So she
stood up, pushed John back against the edge of her desk and stepped betwen
his legs. She said she wanted him, but that things were moving too fast.
told me she then kissed him, rubbing her still-naked breasts against his
chest as
she reached down and rubbed his large erection through his pants. She
she didn’t want to tease him, but hoped he would give her just a day to
about things. Continuing to squeeze his cock, she told John that if she
still felt
tomorrow like she did right then, she would more than make it up to him.
While disappointed, she said John was a good sport, even helping
get her clothes back together before they left. As they were leaving the
office in
the empty elevator, she said they kissed again. While his tongue
reentered her
mouth, he grabbed her tight ass and ground his cock up against her. He
told her
it was to help her make up her mind.
Needless to say, I was incredibly turned on by my wife’s story. I
what made her stop.
She said she didn’t want to do anything without my knowledge and
What do you want to do,? I asked.
“I want to fuck him, baby. I really do. And I want you to watch
me do it if you want to,” she replied.
We quickly came up with a plan. She called John at home and told
him I
would be out of town the next day and that my plane didn’t come back until
p.m. If he still wanted to see her, he could come over after work. John
suggested his apartment instead so they wouldn’t be disturbed, but Randi
she had to be home in case I called on the phone. John quickly agreed,
her as I listened on the extension that he was really looking forward to
Randi wore one of her sexiest pants suits to work the next day.
Throughout the day, she said he made suggestive comments about her body,
even running hsi hands up the inside of her leg once as she bent over to
some papers on his desk.
At 5:30 I was home in our bedroom when I heard the door open, I
the door almost completely so I could not been seen, but I had a clear
view of
the living room. Randi and John came in and she told him to make himself
comfortable on the sofa while she got them a glass of wine. When she
she had taken off her jacket and was wearing her see-through blouse and
She sat down on the couch and put her land on his leg. She said
wanted to make this really good for him to make up for leaving him so
the previous night at the office.
His hand went around her shoulder and pulled her face to him.
Hesitantly, he bent his head close to her and, meeting no resistance,
began to
kiss her. Her lips opened to meet his, and I could see his tongue probing
into her open mouth. Responding to his kiss, Randi’s body melted back
into the
couch and she pulled him tightly to her.
As their lips devoured each other, their embrace became more
passionate. With his free hand, John caressed Randi’s hair, then trailed
her shoulder until he was kneading her firm breast through her thin cotton
“I’ve wanted you for so long,” she breathed as his kiss trailed
down her
John’s hand left her breast just long enough to open the buttons
on the
front of Randi’s blouse. He pulled it open as he went, exposing her soft,
flesh spilling over the top of her lacy white bra. His mouth continued
down her
chest until he was kissing and licking the exposed part of her breast
massaging the portion still covered by her bra with his hand.
After a few moments, John began to fumble with the clasp on the
front of
her bra.
“Let me do that,” she said.
Randi reached down and undid the hooks, pulling her blouse and bra
the side to allow her large white breasts to spill free. Her pink nipples
stood up
erectly as she laid back on the couch and pulled his head to her chest,
him complete access to her beautiful tits.
Randi’s breasts are extremely sensitive. In fact, I once made her
just by licking and sucking them. I thought John was going to make it
again as he enthusiastically kissed and licked around her left breast,
teasing her
by drawing circles around the stiff nipple with his tongue until his lips
around it. Then he moved to her right breast, doing the same thing as
urged him on.
“Yes, suck on it. Suck it hard,” she said, arching her back to
push her
breasts into closer contact with his mouth.
As he sucked on each breast, John rubbed the nipple on her other
between his fingers. I could see Randi squirming with pleasure, moving
hands over John’s body as he moved back and forth between her breasts,
kissing and licking and sucking the tender white flesh until they
glistened wetly
with his saliva and her nipples were hard and red.
After a few minutes, she began groping between John’s legs. “I
want to
touch you now,” she breathed into his ear as she pushed him back on the
She leaned over and kissed him hard on the mouth as her hands
caressed his chest, opening buttons on his shirt and slipping inside to
rub the
bare flesh. Then she dipped to rub the bulge showing plainly in the front
of his
“Take it out. I want to see it,” Randi demanded, sitting back as
unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard, thick cock.
He pumped it a few times, then her hand replaced his and she began
stroking him slowly.
“I just knew you’d have a nice, big cock,” she said, wrapping both
around the shaft and jerking it up and down. “I can’t wait to feel it
inside me.”
John moaned as she jerked him off, thrusting his hips upward to
speed up
the tempo of Randi’s caress. After a few moments, she leaned over to lick
“Oh, yes. Put it in your mouth,” he pleaded.
“Not yet. I want you to come in the bedroom so I can see your
body,” she
replied, standing up without loosing her hold on John’s erect cock. When
stood, Randi led him by the cock to the bedroom, where I had hurriedly
myself in the closet to watch.
Randi walked over to the window and closed the curtains. Turning
John, she shrugged out of her open blouse and bra, then kicked off her
Smiling seductively and watching John’s reaction, she unbuttoned her pants
slowly wriggled out of them until they fell to her feet. Then she slid
her panties
down and kicked them away so she was completely naked, the brown hair on
her pussy contrasting with her smooth white skin. John hurriedly took off
clothes, his eyes never leaving my sexy wife. Randi watched him intently
as he
undressed, paying particular attention when he stripped off his underwear
his large, erect cock bobbed free. When he was naked, Randi slowly
the room to him, her large breasts bouncing slightly on her chest as she
“I”ve been wanting you to fuck me for months,” Randi said as they
“Let’s not waste any more time then,” he replied.
Kissing her deeply, John put his arms around her and began rubbing
and down her slender body. Sliding his hands down to her ass, he grabbed
firm cheeks roughly and pulled her tightly to him as he ground his cock
into the
soft fur of her pussy.
Without breaking their intimate embrace, Randi backed toward the
and pulled John down with her. As they lay beside one another, their
became more frantic and they ground their bodies even more tightly
John lifted his right knee into Randi’s crotch and she slowly began to rub
pussy against him. After a few moments, his hand reached down to replace
knee. From my hiding place in the closet, I looked up from the foot of
the bed as
his fingers began to play between my wife’s legs, sliding through her soft
pubic hair and massaging her pussy until his middle finger slid into her
moist hole.
Randi moaned and her legs involuntarily parted further to allow
him even
greater access to her cunt. As I watched, he began probing her cunt
deeply with
his finger while using his thumb to massage her clit. Randi’s body began
respond as if she was trying to capture his invading finger deep inside
her. I
could see her pussy getting wetter as John leaned over to suck one of her
nipples into his mouth. John slid a second finger into Randi’s glistening
and she wantonly spread her legs wide apart, moaning and rolling her hips
in a
fucking motion as his fingers sawed in and out of her. Occasionally he
pull his wet fingers out of her furry hole and rub them rapidly over her
bringing lewd gasps from Randi’s lips.
Then John started using his fingers like a piston, hammering
faster and
faster into her silky wetness. “That’s it, baby. Do it just like that.
You’re getting
me so hot. You’re going to make me come,” Randi cried, her hips rising
completely off the bed as John’s fingers squished in and out of her gaping
As she strained toward his probing fingers, I could see Randi get
familiar look on her face. Her stomach muscles began to tighten and her
raised off the pillow. She reached down to pull his fingers as deeply as
could get them inside her. Her hips bucking uncontrollably, she groaned
as her orgasm washed over her.
Randi lay there a moment catching her breath. When John finally
his fingers out of her, I could see her cunt lips were red and swollen and
fingers were covered with her sweet juices. He licked them clean as Randi
“Baby, that was so good,” she said, raising herself to a sitting
“Now I want to taste that big cock of yours.”
Pushing John onto his back, Randi reached down and grasped his
with one hand and his balls in the other. She pumped the stiff rod up and
in her fist as she cradled his balls. After a few moments of jerking him
off, Randi
lay down on her stomach with her head leaning over his belly and his big
pointed directly at her face.
Randi’s tongue snaked out, licking around the engorged head of
cock as he pushed his hips upwards, trying to drive the fleshy shaft into
pretty mouth. Randi pulled her head back, taking just the head between
her soft
lips as she slowly continued to jerk the shaft up and down in her hand.
“God, you taste so good,” Randi said, turning her head to look
into John’s
glazed eyes as she continued to pump his dick. “Do you like it when I
suck it?”
“Yes, please suck on it,” he pleaded.
“Do you want to come in my mouth?” she asked, bending over to lick
and down the shaft of his dick as if it were a thick lollypop.
“Yes, baby, please make me come,” he begged.
Randi moaned as she slowly took his cock between her lips.
Holding him
upright in her fist, she bobbed her head up and down until his cock was
with her saliva. I knew from experience that John was in for one of
famous sloppy, wet blowjobs as she dribbled spit over his dick and started
pumping it loosely in her fist. As he began fucking upward into her
lubricated hand, she put the head of his cock in her mouth and began to
hard. Occasionally she plunged her mouth all the way down the shaft of
cock until her lips brushed against his pubic hair.
It was one of the sexiest sights I’ve ever seen. My naked wife
was in bed
with her boss, sluttishly trying to coax him to come in her mouth. I
watched her
sweet, pretty face being penetrated over and over again by John’s
cock, her cheeks hollow and her pink lips wrapped tightly around him as
eagerly pumped and twisted the slick shaft with her hand. As he grew more
more excited, John reached down and grabbed her head in both hands,
entwining his fingers in her soft brown hair and fucking her mouth faster
deeper. His ass humped upwards as he roughly plunged his throbbing cock
relentlessly through my wife’s fist and into her lewdly open mouth. She
kept up
with every thrust, looking into his eyes and welcoming his assault as he
approached his orgasm.
“I’m going to come,” he shouted.
Instead of pulling away, Randi kept the head of his cock in her
mouth and
milked him with her hand as he came. I could see her sucking hard on the
of his dick and swallowing as quickly as she could as his hot semen
spurted into
her mouth, but apparently there was too much for her to handle. She
briefly as he drove his spasming member deeply down her throat and a thick
glob of white come trickled down her chin and onto her hand. She scooped
it up
and rubbed it all over his cock, continuing to suck on him as his climax
“You taste fantastic,” she told him when she finally removed his
cock from
her mouth. It was covered with a slick mixture of his come and her
saliva, and
she licked it up and down until it was clean. John pulled her up to lie
next to him
and they kissed, his tongue burrowing into my wife’s sensuous mouth where
dick had been just moments before. Randi continued to massage his
“I want you to fuck me with this big dick,” Randi hissed. “I want
to feel it
all the way inside me.”
She swung one leg over John’s body so she was suspended over him
her knees and elbows. Her long hair fell down across both their faces and
breasts hung heavily from her slender body as she reached between her legs
hold his cock upright. With her legs spread wide, I could see her pussy
flowing freely as she rubbed the bulbous head of his dick up and down her
gaping pink slit. Her cunt lips were peeled wide open and she massaged
her clit
with his cock, getting both of them more excited by the second.
Finally neither of them could take the suspense any longer. She
slid her
wet pussy slowly down his cock as he thrust upward. Her pussy stretched
swallow him inch by inch until he was buried all the way inside my wife’s
Randi squirmed as she adjusted to the size of the cock lodged
inside her beautiful young body. Then she slowly began to move her hips,
grinding her clit on the fleshy pole. After a few moments, she sat
upright and
reached one hand behind her to massage his balls. John reached up and
squeezing her breasts in his hands and Randi started talking dirty to him
as she
slid her wet cunt up and down his thick shaft.
“Oh, baby, your dick feels so good inside me. It’s so big and
hard. You
make my pussy feel so good. I want to come all over your dick,” she
chanted as
she bounced on John’s dick.
John started fucking her harder and Randi fell forward on her
hands. As
he thrust his pole into her tight pussy, she flung herself back so she
could take
all of him inside her on each stroke. Each time he pulled out, I could
see his
organ coated with a slick layer of Randi’s pussy juice. The blowjob John
received apparently allowed him to hold off his orgasm and he pummeled my
wife’s sweet pussy over and over again, making her squeal in obvious
Suddenly he flipped her over on her back. His dick popped out and
reached down desperately to grab the slick shaft and stuff it back inside
steaming hole. Her beautiful breasts rolled back and forth on her chest
waves on the ocean as John fucked her with long strokes, pulling his cock
almost all the way out before driving it back into her again. Randi
reached down
into the soft hair between her legs and began rapidly diddling her clit
with her
fingers as John fucked her, his balls slapping against her ass on each
stroke. It
didn’t take long for both of them to go over the edge.
Randi wrapped her legs around John’s back and pulled him to her as
tightly as she could. She thrust her hips upwards, allowing him to drive
erupting dick over and over into her spasming cunt. He bellowed like a
bull as
he came, violently slamming his cock into her while he spilled his seed
into her belly. Randi’s breath was coming in short gasps and she ground
pussy against him as her orgasm washed over her.
John eventually collapsed on top of her and Randi clung tightly to
him as
they told each other how much they had enjoyed their lovemaking. After a
moments, John rolled off her and lay on his back, his large erection of a
moments before shriveling back to normal size. Randi’s legs remained wide
apart as she returned to earth, and I could see John’s semen dribbling out
of her
red, swollen cunt.
After a few minutes, Randi told him he’d better get dressed. She
afraid I night get home early and she didn’t want to cause problems. John
complied, telling her he wanted to see her again and how much of a shame
was that she was going to be leaving town before long. Randi said she had
loved it, but that she was uncertain about seeing him again — maybe it
better as a one-time thing.
After he left, I greeted my wife with a big kiss. She hesitantly
asked if I
had enjoyed it, worrying, I suppose, that I would be upset despite our
agreement. I told her that I wanted to thank her by making love to her
right then,
and we continued to relive the experience every night for several weeks.
If the
situation arose again, we would not hesitate to do it again.

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