Angie’s slave experiment
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Angie had always liked pleasing men, and had made very many men (and women) extremely happy in her life. People like to do many things, Angie’s thing was sex. Angie knew life was short, and she wanted to do and try everything there was to do.

Angie was (and is) a beautiful woman, dark skin without a tan, long & straight brunette hair, and pretty green eyes. These were great accents on a knockout body: not tall, not skinny, but with perfect breasts with small brown nipples (which were almost always erect), an excellent firm heart-shaped butt, and a perfect small pussy.

Angie had always been titillated by the thought of being a sex slave. She had read stories about the roman slaves who served their masters and friends, she had read stories of the Chinese slaves in early America that were bought and sold as sex toys, Angie wanted a taste of this action. She wanted it bad.

Taking a chance, Angie answered a personal ad and arranged to meet a man (a potential master named Paul) at a local restaurant for breakfast. She wore a thin cotton sun dress, thong panties, and a pair of sandals. Angie could wear a burlap bag and make it look fabulous, she was a knockout in this outfit.

Paul was a large muscular good looking man. They sat at one of the outside tables since it was a beautiful day. He spared no time and immediately told Angie that if she was to be his slave for the day, she was to do exactly as he said, all day long, starting now. He continued to say that if she gave any answer other than “yes master”, he would leave now and her opportunity would be lost.

Angie thought for a moment and responded “yes master”.

“Very good” Paul replied. They ate a light meal and as they drank coffee and waited for the waiter to bring the check Paul said “Angie, take off your dress”

It was a public place, not crowded but still a lot of people were sitting at nearby tables enjoying their breakfast. Angie hesitated only a moment then said “ yes master”. She lifted her butt off of the seat and was able to pull her dress over her head, exposing her perfect breasts and gorgeous brown skin. She sat back there, her face turning red from embarrassment . To her surprise, no-one seemed to notice.

The waiter returned, Paul held out a $50 dollar bill and told him to keep the change. The waiter could only stare at Angie’s shapely breasts and small brown, and very erect nipples.

“Let’s go” Paul said, dropping the $50 on the table. He took Angie’s hand and pulled her up from her chair. Putting his arm around her waist he walked her to the sidewalk where (thankfully for Angie) his van was parked. The waiter just stared, mouth open, as Angie’s perfect heart shaped ass walked away from him and jumped into the van.

Once in the van, Paul instructed Angie to lie on her back and lift her legs. He took a ‘spreader bar’, a flat metal bar, with brackets on either end fer her ankles and two smaller brackets towards the center for her wrists. He wrapped Angie’s ankles with a soft elastic material and then clamped the two end brackets around her ankles, he did the same to her wrists and clamped them too: not tight, but firm. There was no escaping.. Angie was on her back, legs spread, nude except for her thong panties and sandals.

Paul gently turned her over on her knees and she realized how vulnerably she was positioned: Her ass in the air, her arms stretched straight on the floor back towards her ankles, her face pressing against the carpet of the van. “thank god this carpets clean” thought Angie.

“I don’t want to mmmppphhhhhh” was all Angie could start to say as Paul pushed a gag-ball into her mouth and harnessed it around her head. “This was your idea” he said, “just relax, you’re mine until midnight.”

“MMMmmmmmPPPhh, UUUuunnnngg!! uung! NNNNgg!” Angie protested until Paul slapped her hard on her exposed ass and told her to hush. “NNNggg! NNNNAAAANNGG” Angie continued. Paul pulled a paddle from a duffel bag and struck Angie seven quick, hard times across her bottom, he pushed her over with his foot and slapped her tits back and forth very hard, then grabbed her tits hard with his strong hands and pulled her up by her breasts until her face was near his . “Quiet!” he hissed.

She got the message.

He put her back on her knees, her ass and tits growing red from the abuse, her face even redder from shame and humiation at the predicament she had put herself in.

He drove to his country estate, miles away from the city. Angie heard him call on his cell phone that ‘the package’ was on the way and that he would need help unloading the package. As she felt the van turn and slow down she heard the laughter of several men.

The van pulled to a stop and she heard Paul say ” We’ve only got until midnight. She felt a blindfold being placed around her eyes and then she was lifted and carried out of the van.

“Get her lose” he heard Paul say and the spreader bar was removed from her wrists and ankles. She was relieved to stretch into a more comfortable position. Her relief was short-lived as she was carried out to the yard and felt her wrists and ankles being tied with rope. She felt herself being staked out spread-eagle in the grass. She was even less relieved when she felt her knees spread further apart and stakes driven into the ground on the inside of her thighs to keep her legs spread very far apart.

“Shave her” commanded Paul and Angie heard the buzz of a hair-trimmer. She squirmed , buy knew better than to cry out, as she felt the trimmer remove the hair from her pussy. When she felt the hair being cut from her pussy, and felt someone blowing the cut hair away she felt herself being turned on. She thought this was all they were going to do when she felt the cool shaving cream being spread on her love mound and labia.

“Be still Angie” a voice said “we want a close shave, and a straight razor is the closest shave there is”. Angie felt the wetness in her pussy growing and heard the man laugh “she don’t even need any shaving cream, she’s making her own!” Angie felt the gentle scrape and tug of the straight razor and was becoming terribly excited; blindfolded, tied spread-eagle in the grass, a group of men enjoying her discomfort.

Now she was clean-shaven, naked, in the sun: the burning sun. “OK boys” Pail said, “let’s some back in a couple of hours after she’s ready.

Ready!?!? Angie thought, Ready?!

Paul must have read her mind when he said “A freshly shaved, sunburned pussy is the best for a slave, they make a lot more noise when the pussy is extra hot” he laughed and the men laughed as they walked away.

Several hours later, it seemed like days, Angie’s skin felt quite sunburned, and her bare pussy seemed cooked. Angie heard voices approaching, but they were boy’s voices, not men’s. As they got closer she heard one boy say “Ma’am, uncle Paul said we should comedown and put some suntan lotion on you.” They pulled her blindfold off, but left the gag-ball in. The sun was blinding, but she was able to see 4 pre-teen boys staring at her nakedness. “I told you summer at uncle Paul’s was great didn’t I” said one boy to the othersr’

“Here, do it like this” giggled one boy as he held a bottle of suntan lotion to his crotch. Squeezing it, the bottle spurted a stream of milky white lotion all over Angie’s tits as if the boy was peeing or cumming on Angie. Laughing, the other boys did the same until they had emptied several bottles of suntan lotion all over Angie’s tits, belly, thighs, and pussy. “we’re supposed to rub it all in real good” the nephew said.

All the boys eagerly started rubbing the lotion on Angie’s sunburned tits, boy like tits a lot more than pussies so they rubbed and rubbed her tits and nipples until Angie’s perfect breasts were red and shiny with the friction and lotion. They finished by rubbing in all the other lotion on her smooth belly, firm thighs, and shaved pussy.

“Now watch this!” the nephew said, “I learned this last summer”. Stripping his shorts off, he straddled Angie’s chest, then leaned forward and rubbed his firm small penis all over Angie’s tits. “take that thing out of her mouth” he told the other boys. Angie was extremely grateful to be able to relax her jaw, but as soon as she relaxed her jaw, it was forced open again by the boy prying her mouth open with a plastic stick and forcing his penis into her mouth.

He hunched and slammed her face, banging his pelvis into her face until she felt him shudder and squirt a few drops of boy cum into her mouth. Angie was getting very wet, despite her sunburned pussy. She was thrilled in a sick and dirty way by being face-fucked and used by a ten year old boy.

“That’s right Stevie” she heard Paul’s voice say, “all you fellows take a turn, if you turn around and lay your head on her belly while you push your penis into her mouth she really likes that, don’t you slave?

“Yes Master” Angie replied, she really did like that, especially their balls banging against her nose right before they came. Each boy face fucked Angie, and each boy squirted his boy-cum into her mouth or onto her face. She loved the other men watching her being used.

“Now watch a grown man do it” said one of the men, “your dicks will grow soon and you’ll be able to make her gag like I’m going to” Having said this, he mounted her. He lay his head on her lower belly, near her sunburned pussy. He reached back to hold her head as he forced his long hard dick into her throat. “AAAAck, AAAAAAck gaaack’ Choked Angie as he pumped his hard dick harder and harder into her throat. With each stroke he slammed his balls hard against her nose, making her eyes water as she began to kick and thrash trying to get a fresh breath of air. She felt his dick grow thicker and harder right before she passed out from lack of air. The man gave each thrust a full hip& ass slam into her face as he squirted his cum directly into her belly.

As he pulled out, she began to gasp for air, and the men and boys untied her and placed her back in the spreader bar and put her on her knees, ass in the air. When Angie came to, the first thing she heard was Paul saying “we’ll let that ass burn a little in the sun before we fuck it, You boys play all you want with her until I come back.” He laughed again “get her really warmed up”

The boys yanked Angie’s head up by her hair and pushed her face on their penises until the all came again. They pinched and twisted and tugged on her tits until they were red and swollen. They paddled her with a boat paddle they had found and whipped her with a piece of rope . They finished their fun they all peed on her.

When Paul and the men came back they saw their prize was completely ready. They hosed her off and argued who would fuck her first. Paul claimed sole rights to her asshole, but said he would go last. The first man poured vegetable oil all over her backside and positioning himself behind her, he pushed his huge rod into her sunburned pussy with a single stroke. Angie screamed at the stretching and the sunburn, and shrieked with pleasure on each stroke. When the man started to come, he pulled out, snatched Angie around by her hair and came all over her face. The men and boys cheered.

Each man fucked Angie violently (she loved every painful minute) and each man came in her or on her. When they were done, she was a cum-covered mess: Cum matted her hair, was all over her face, and all over her ass. It was finally time for Paul to claim his reward; a deep, hard, ass-fuck of his slave. Leaving her in the spreader bar, he wrapped each tit in a dog collar and tied a rope to each. From behind, he prepared to ram his cock into her quivering rectum. He used the ropes tied to the dog-collars as reins as he mounted his horse-slave. His cock was a good 10 inches long and a big around as a coke bottle. Angie was exhausted from the sun, the face-fucking, the sunburned pussy fucking and general abuse at the hands of the boys: she could resist no more. Paul rammed his huge dick into Angie’s sphincter and she screamed, she screamed like a good slave should. As she was able to relax and accept the monster in her ass she began to fuck Paul back, pushing back with each stroke so Paul could ram his cock deep into her ass u to his balls. He pulled back HARD on the reins with each thrust.

As he slammed her sunburned ass she felt his enormous cock grow larger and harder, she knew he was about to cum. He pumped harder and harder, and right before he came he pulled out of her ass, yanked Angie’s hair to bring her face up to meet his shit-covered cock, and shoved it into her mouth as he spurted load after load deep into the back of Angie’s throat.

After he came, Paul lay down and placed Angie’s head on his crotch and told her to lick him clean with her tongue. She was still bound by the spreader bar so gravity kept her head pushed into his messy cock and balls: she licked him clean.

It was only 7:00 and Angie still had 5 hours of slavery to go. Leaving her bound and naked in the spreader bar, Paul and his friends put Angie back in the van and drove her to the biker bar at the county line. The bikers glared at the ‘citizens’ pulling into their turf but smiled when they saw them unload the naked and trussed Angie and carry her into the bar and place her on her knees on the center of the pool table..

“She’s all yours till midnight” Paul called out to the biggest baddest biker, he nodded as he began to unbuckle his belt, and a line of his gang members started to form a line behind him…

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