Watching the secretaries and making love to my boss
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You just never know what you’ll see on a sunny and cool spring afternoon
when all the sexy secretaries congregate, dressed in their sexy business
suits, or your prim, proper and very cool boss.

I admit it, I love to watch the legs of the secretaries downtown as they
take their lunch breaks. I love to watch them cross their hot legs..
watch the skirt sliding up their legs , the sunlight shining off the sheer
nylons they all wear. Mrs Taylor, the supervisor of our department, has
the best legs in the office. Today, she’s wearing a grey suit and black
pantyhose. Man I love to watch her more than anyone. I know she’s in her
early sixties and I’m only 20, but Funny, today I find out that she’sa
people watcher , just like me. I back on the bench, feeling the sun on my
face, waiting for more hot secretaries to give me somethingto watch, and I
feel the bench tilting from an additional person. I let the sun bake me,
until a familiar voice says, “Ah, here’s where you come foryour lunch
break. I thought you’d be reading a book, Bobby.”

It’s Mrs Taylor, with a cell phone to her ear, looking at me. Now, I’m
nervous. It’s one thing to fantasize about getting close enough to touch
her long legs.. it’s another to have her sitting next to me. Now that she
has my attention, she smiles and says,”Hello Bobby, are you having fun
watching the cute secretaries?” Her legs cross slowly .. and she sees I
can’t keep my eyes off her legs.” It’s not hard to figure out what you’re
really watching, Bobby. But, if any of these women find out what
disgusting fantasies you have about them, they’ll have your head. But
you’re in luck … I want to help you. I think we can find you a new
place to have lunch..”

She lays her hand on my thigh and squeezes. “What I mean is” she says,
as she slowly rubs my thigh.. ” you need to come to my office so we can
talk more privately, Bobby ” I look down at her nylon covered thighs where
it slips through her slit skirt, and how the light shone on the mesh, and
feel her hand slowly rubbing my leg. “In fact, come to my office when you
go back to work.” I remind her I was working a half day , and she smiles
and tells me to report to her off the clock. I watch as her finger slowly
traces the outline of my hardening cock through my pants. Her eyes are on
my tenting pants , and she’s breathing hard as any pervert I knew. I watch
her uncross her long legs and get up and walk back to the office .. and
drool at how her ass moves under the tight, grey, wool skirt.

As soon as I clock off.I knock on her door. Her secretary opens the
door and shows me to her office. Mrs Taylor is at the window, her suit
coat off, her hip cocked suggestively. Her secretary, Mona, seats me on a
couch and then sits across from me in an office chair and crosses her legs.
My eyes widen from the sight of Mona’s black stiletto heels, sheer
stockings, and tight dress, not to mention, her sheer silk blouse with no
bra under. For two women approaching retirement age, they’re both still
walking wet dreams.

Mrs Taylor sits on the front edge of her desk, which slides her dress up
her thighs. Absent-mindedly, she smoothes her sheer black pantyhosein
doing so, she leans way over and I see down her blouse.She watches me as
she finishes her call and comes to sit next to me on the couch.As she does,
her mouth comes to my ear, full red sensual lips brushing my ear
whispering, ” Isn’t it too bright in here? Mona, dim the lights would
you?”. Her secretary Mona gets up and goes to dim the lights, then sits on
my other side. Both are close enough to touch with long legs crossed to
let me see their inner thighs. Mrs Taylor keeps her eyes fixed on me.
“You really love my legs, don’t you Robert.” Mona gets up andgoes to the
phone as punches a code. Mrs Taylor, maam, as you requested, the phone’s
will now be answered by machine.” She looks up anddown Mona’s long legs
“Very good. Lock the door and pour us all something strong.” All the while
she watches me with a smoldering look of lustin her eyes

She picks up a pencil and chews on it thoughtfully ..Then starts to run
her tongue up and down the pencils’ length.. across her lips .. sucking
on it slightly. “I want to offer you an assistant’s job, you’d be working
under Mona and me. Would you like that?” I swallow hard and say “Ohh, yes
Mrs Taylor” as Mona brings up a bottle of scotch and an ice bucket and
three glasses. “Good, then it’s officially time to celebrate. You don’t
have to get home to your parents soon , do you ?” she says, watching Mona
pouring us each straight whiskey. “Why, no, Mrs Taylor,ma’am.” Her legs
cross higher as she leans over me and slides her arm behind my head, and
her blouse opens enough to give me a look ather immense tits. “So drink
up, Bobby, we”ll take care of you. We’re a team..” She extends my now-
empty glass to Mona, who refills it and sits closer. I vaguely feel her
knees touching my back, and Mrs Taylors hand on my thigh. I couldn’t help
staring at how the dress clung to her gorgeous legs… when she shifts
again and the slit opens enough to see her entire stockinged inner thigh as
she leans in for a kiss. “To us and the future,Robert” I feel her
secretart Mona rubbing my shoulders as Mrs Taylor’s mouth covers mine and
her hand cups my cock.

“You are a very sexy young man Robert, and were going to teach you some
things ..would you like that?” She asks as her tongue slides in and out of
my mouth, and she pumps my cock slowly. “Good, now kneel in front of me.”
Her blouse falls to the floor, and her hands smooths her stockings.. Then
reaches up and pulls my head lower and guides my lips to her wet pussy and
begins my lesson. I learned a lot from her. The taste of pussy, the feel
of sheer stockings on my face as I tongue fuck her and Mona.. how her
mouth feels on my cock as she sucks me off.. and how I service all her
horny girlfriends.

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