The Lady’s pet
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When I wake up it’s already dark outside. I get up from my cot on the floor, crawling on my hands and knees. My only clothing is the collar on my neck, its bell tinkling softly as I approach the dark figure sitting on the couch.

It’s the Young Lady

She’s looking distractedly at her phone, a boring expression on her face. Black short hair, black eye shadow, black lips, black finger nails. Her clothing is equally black: her jacket, her mini skirt, her fishnets, her…

As I look at her black boots, I’m surprised to see something pink on top of her left one. I crawl closer to her, sniffing the air in search for clues, curious as to what it might that be.

It’s the Young Lady’s panties

She must’ve pull them down to her ankle and forget them there. I lean in and sniff the fabric, breathing in the soft, intimate fragrance. I haven’t told anyone, but her smell is my favorite.

My dick’s already hard when I start licking the boot’s metal tip. I kiss it and slobber all over it, making it wet and slippery. I straighten up, still on my knees, and look at her face.

The Young Lady ignores me

I place my cock on her boot’s surface, my shaved balls resting on its cold tip, my shaft half tangled in the soft fabric of her underwear. I caress her calf with my hand and start moving my hips back and forth.

Pain and pleasure mingle as my cock slides over leather, pulling back the foreskin with each thrust, the naked head pushing into the gentle folds of her panties, my balls hitting the wet metal of her boots…

The Young Lady pats my head

I run out of breath as I feel her touch. I close my eyes and rest my cheek on her knee as she keeps stroking my hair absentmindedly. When I open my eyes, I realize I can see the lovely contour of her pussy from here.

Only then, I lose control. I moan in sweet agony and my hips tremble in the throes of orgasm. My seed pours out in big spurts, filling her panties. My sight gets clouded. I feel lightheaded…

The Young Lady gets up

She frees herself from my feeble grasp and turns her back to me as she fixes her clothes. She leans forward, reaching for her feet, her ass and pussy completely exposed to me. I notice she’s wet…

She grabs her panties and pulls them up to her waist, leaving streaks of cum on the inside of her thighs. As the fabric hugs her loins, cum overflows, dripping to the ground.

Still leaning forward, she slides a hand under her panties, spreading her lips apart and penetrating herself. As she straightens back up, her messy knickers disappear under her skirt and I hear her relishing the taste of her fingers.

The Young Lady walks away

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