Hypno-tricked Wives
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The last set-up would be the best, Jason promised. But it would have to take
place out of town so Linda wouldn’t worry about being seen by anyone she
knew. And we’d all want to bring high powered binoculars. Pre-season
football had begun, and Jason told Brian to insist they go to one of the
Friday night high school games about a half an hour away. Brain was supposed
to tell Linda he’d heard about one of the running backs and wanted to watch
him play while it was still warm at night.

As with all of Jason’s plans, it was fairly simple. The first part of things
would happen in the stands, and we’d watch from the stands on the opposite
side. Then if things went well, there was a private area behind the school’s
utility complex. Of course, Linda wouldn’t know about the second part. All
she’d know was that this was her last ‘payment’. If she did what she was
told, the whole thing would be over and she’d hear about it again.

Her instructions were to sit in the stands with Brian, catch the attention
of one or more men, and give them a few wide open up-the-skirt views. She
didn’t know, of course, that Brian would conveniently not notice. Then at
half time, she had to give the man she’d flashed a sealed envelope. Jason
told her she’d find the envelope in her mailbox on Thursday, but if she
opened it before it was time, Brian would know all about her bachelorette
party fling by Saturday morning.

When Jerry and I arrived at the stadium that Friday, we saw that she’d
obeyed the first part of her instructions. She and Brian were seated about
twenty rows up, with her on the aisle. She wore a light-weight beige jacket,
partially open to show a peach colored blouse. Her skirt was dark brown, and
just long enough to cover her knees as she sat. She was wearing open-back
casual shoes, and kept her feet flat on the ground, her knees together, but
her feet apart. It was a clever way to comply with the instructions. She
appeared to be sitting modestly from above, but anyone who cared to look
could see under her legs and up the skirt for a moment or two as they
climbed the bleacher stairs.

She knew she had to attract an audience, and she probably thought the little
preview she was offering might do the trick. She was right. Every male
climbing those stairs managed a quick glance, but most were either with a
group of people, or a wife or girlfriend, and had to continue up the stairs

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