Husband admits infidelity, only to find out that wife has been getting around the neighborhood
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Earlier this year my husband came forward and spoke to me about a brief period of time when he was unfaithful to our marriage. He told me about how there was a young woman working in his office for an extended delegation from another office, and that during her stay, there were several times that they had sex. He told me that he wasn’t in love with this woman, that he only had feelings of lust for her during their brief affair. He went on to explain how horrible he felt about doing it, and that the feelings of guilt drove him to the point of needing to admit his infidelity to me and to tell me the truth.

While he was telling me some more of the details, I started to become more and more distressed about the situation. I think he just assumed that my looks of distress came from the fact that my husband of five years had been unfaithful to me, but something else was really causing me stress.

After telling me the last details of the affair, he stopped and hung his head. Tears came to his eyes as he looked to me for forgiveness. At that moment, however, I started crying as well. Sitting on the couch, I put both of my hands over my face and dropped my head down towards my knees, sobbing uncontrollably. I felt terrible.

I began to compose myself, wiping away the tears from my face, as I started to speak. I’m sure my husband was expecting me to throw a hurricane of emotions at him, and scream nasty words at him. But instead of throwing furious emotions towards him, I began to speak about something else.

At first, the words that came out of my mouth were whispers- barely audible. I was taking panic-sized breaths as I spoke, and was sobbing uncontrollably. My husband told me to calm down and speak slowly, which I soon did.

I told my husband that he was not the only one unfaithful to our marriage, that I too had been unfaithful. I began to tell him vividly the story that had been going on the past several weeks and months between me and several guys in the neighborhood.

“Several guys in the neighborhood?!” My husband asked me, completely taken by the enormity of those words.

While there are no standards for comparing unfaithful behavior, I’m certain that my husband didn’t quite compare the magnitude of his mistakes with mine. I knew it too. However, given the fact that he just admitted his own infidelity to me moments earlier, I’m sure he was reserved with the words that he would use in yelling back at me. Moments earlier he had disclosed his infidelity to me, hoping for forgiveness, and now here I was giving him news that I was hoping for him to forgive.

He sat back and took giant deep breaths, looking out the window. “Who was it?!” He asked.

“I’ll tell you everything.” I replied.

“I want to know every detail, with whom you did it, where you did it… everything!” He demanded.

He was right to want to know the details, he deserved that much.

I explained to my husband how all of this began one day when I went out for a jog through the neighborhood. I’m in good shape, and quite fit. I frequently jog around the Open Space near our home, passing several neighborhood houses on my way. On this one day in particular, I jogged past a home in which one of the neighbors’ kids was packing his Jeep in preparation for heading back to college for the fall semester.

The kid was wearing camouflage pants and no shirt, while lifting heavy bags and boxes into his car. His young, muscular physique really turned me on. I could clearly see his oblique muscles, which drew my eyes down to where his pants met his hips.

He must have seen me staring his way, and sent me a smile. The only thing I could think about for the rest of the jog was the kids’ chiseled physique, hoping he’d still be outside when I jogged back later.

As I jogged back his way, I was disappointed that I couldn’t see him packing the car any longer in the distance. I just figured that he was inside or something. But then as I neared his driveway, he walked out of the garage, nearly out of breath. Apparently he had been doing some weightlifting in the garage. He called out to get my attention and started up a conversation, introducing himself.

“Hi, I’m Kyle. I saw you jog by before.”

“Yeah, I’m Shelly, nice to meet you. Are you packing up for college or something?”

“Oh this, yeah. I’m heading out in a few hours. It’s not a far drive or anything.”

“What were you doing in the garage that you’re out of breath?”

“I have a gym in the garage, and was just doing some back squats.”

“Oh that’s cool.”

“Yeah, you wanna try it out?”

“Yeah sure.” I told Kyle as we made our way into his garage.

Kyle set up the weights on the bar to be quite light, as I’m a bit petite. He showed me how to do a few repetitions, and let me try it on my own. As I was coming up out of the first repetition, I could feel his hands on my hips for support, which I liked. After a few more reps, I could feel his firm hands on me and I started to get excited.

I racked the weight back onto the stand, and as I turned back toward Kyle, I walked directly into his chest, as he placed his hands around my hips. At first I put my arms up to push him away, but then realized that my arms were pinned up against his chiseled body. Kyle leaned in to kiss me, but I initially refused.

“I can’t, Kyle, I’m a married woman.”

“Nobody will know, it’s just a kiss.” Kyle replied, as he went in for another kiss, which this time, I allowed.

“No. No, I can’t. My husband and I have a great relationship. I can’t do this to him.”

“Shelly, you’re not doing anything wrong. You’re a horny woman who is kissing a young attractive man. There’s no harm – it’s just fun.”

Kyle leaned in once more and kissed me, this time holding my body to his quite firmly, which I liked. His arms moved up and down my arms, and then down to my hips. My arms were wrapped around his neck as the two of us made out for a short while.

I was getting pretty excited about the passionate moment that we were having, and I proceeded to run my hands up and down his chest and abs. His body was perfect; strong muscles, with amazing definition. It wasn’t long until my hands had made their way to his belt buckle. I undid the buckle and dropped his pants to the ground, his cock staring me right in the face, as I made my way to my knees.

I wrapped my hands around Kyle’s thick cock, and started to suck on it, drawing his dick into my mouth with a voracious and rapid suck. I was really enjoying going down on Kyle like this, as he was extremely attractive, and I felt an amazing rush by sucking on him like this, so secretly in his garage. HiS cock was really nice too, long and thick, and quite attractive, by penis-standards.

The blowjob continued for several minutes until finally Kyle began moaning loudly as he started to climax. The moans must have been quite loud, because midway through Kyle’s release into my mouth, Kyle’s father, who was investigating the noise, opened the door, walking in on the two of us. He walked in at just the right moment to see my mouth wrapped around Kyle’s dick, bobbing back and forth as I sucked the cum from his cock.

Finally, after a few more slow strides, I noticed Kyle’s father at the door, quickly got up off my knees, and retreated out of the garage in utter embarrassment. I ran home at a blazing speed, hoping that Kyle’s father didn’t recognize me.

Several days went by without hearing from either Kyle or his father, so I had figured that I was in the clear with this embarrassing, and risky, event. I went back to my normal routine and felt comfortable keeping my little escapade a secret from my husband.

My husband was listening intently to the story I was telling him. I couldn’t tell how mad he was from the look on his face, but he made me continue to tell him the parts about having sex with “several guys in the neighborhood”. He wanted to know the details, so I continued.

So, one day after coming back from the grocery store, I pulled into the garage, like normal, and noticed Kyle’s father walking down the street towards my house. When I exited the car, I noticed him standing at the entrance to the garage. He looked like he wanted to speak with me. My heart began to pound.

I got out of the car and introduced myself.

“Hi, I’m Shelly.”

“Hi, I’m Todd, I’m Kyle’s father.”

“Yes, look, about the other day, I’m really sorry about that.” I said in a hushed voice.

“Yeah, it was quite surprising to walk into my garage and see you doing that to my son.”

I was beyond mortified- my face must have been bright red at that moment.

“Look, I’m so sorry. That will NEVER happen again. It was dumb, stupid, and a one-time-thing, I promise.”

Todd started to slow me down.

“Whoa, Shelly, it’s okay. I’m okay with it all. I’m not mad or upset, in fact, it’s perfectly natural for men and women to want to do that with one another. I can understand.”

“Okay good, because that was a mistake on my part. I got caught up in the moment with your son and made a huge mistake. If my husband were ever to find out about that, it would be the end of our marriage.”

“Well, I understand. Your secret is safe with me,” Todd said.

“Well thank you so much. I really appreciate that.”

After taking a deep breath and smiling at Todd, I started to walk inside with a bag of groceries.

“Well hold on a second there, Shelly. I wanted to mention one more thing.”

I paused, my heart starting to beat faster again.

“It’s about your husband. I have no problem keeping what I saw you and Kyle doing a secret, but I’d like to get something in return. I only think that’s fair.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, watching you do that to Kyle- mmm, it looked so good.”

I paused- frozen with fear for where I thought Todd was going with his comment.

“Uh… I don’t know what you mean.” I replied.

“Look, Shelly, I understand that if I speak to your husband about what I saw you and Kyle doing in my garage, it will end your marriage. I certainly don’t want that to happen, but I need something in return. It’s been a long time since Kyle’s mother sucked on my dick like that and I only think it’s fair that I get to experience what I saw you two doing.”

“Fuck you!” I exclaimed to Todd. “There is NO WAY I am doing that to you!”

I began to walk into the house quickly, hoping that my firm answer would hold.

“Well then Shelly, I just don’t feel right holding in the information that I know. I’m going to have to speak with your husband!”

I was furious at this point, and did the best I could to not yell loudly, as my husband was upstairs watching football. “Look, you bastard, I made a mistake with your son. It lasted about 5 minutes, and I’m very embarrassed that I did it, but this is NOT okay to do to me. I will not suck on your dick in exchange for your silence.”

“Shelly, I have no choice now, I’m going to have to go inside and speak with your husband then.” Todd said as he started to walk towards the front door.

“Wait! Just wait. Isn’t there anything else we can do?” I asked. “Don’t you want money or something?”

“No ma’am, you know what the price is for me to stay quiet.”

I paused for a long time, considering my options. This was fucked up, but I knew that there was only one thing I could do to keep my marriage in tact. After a long deliberation in my head, I decided I would give Todd what he wanted.

“Fine,” I said. “Come with me.”

I escorted Todd into our garage, and around a corner where my husband kept his tools and such. I pushed Todd against my husband’s work bench and quickly unbuckled his belt, hoping to get this over with quickly. I dropped his pants and boxers down, exposing his cock to my face.

I knew this wasn’t going to be a fun experience for me- like eating an awful vegetable or something- so I tried to focus on something else entirely.

I put Todd’s dick into my mouth and started to suck on him. His dick quickly became hard, making it a little more challenging to get my mouth around. I’ve given plenty of blowjobs in my life to know how to make a guy come quickly, so I pulled out all of my tricks. I put both of my hands on his cock and kept stroking it with both hands, keeping the head of his dick in my mouth, using my tongue to caress the bottom of the tip. I even looked up at him frequently, making solid eye contact.

Within three or four minutes, Todd started to moan lightly, pump his hips rhythmically, and finally came into my mouth. I kept my lips around his dick long enough to draw out all of the cum, swallowed, and withdrew my mouth when it seemed he was done.

“Wow…” Todd said in a quiet voice, “that was amazing. You really know what you’re doing down there. Phew.”

“Well thank you, and now I hope we are even. I EXPECT you to stay quiet now.”

“Shelly, your secret is safe. That was exactly what I was hoping for.”

“Good. Goodbye.” I said as I took my groceries in the house. I wasn’t proud about what I just did, but it really was the only way I could imagine that would keep my marriage in tact. I did something stupid, got caught, and paid the price.

I figured that this was the end of my ordeal. But I was very wrong.

Telling the story of a second blowjob to my husband started to make him furious with jealousy. Knowing that I did this while he was upstairs watching football made him extremely angry, I could tell.

I continued with the story, despite his rage.

At this point two weeks had gone by and again, I had figured that my troubles with that terrible pair of incidents were over. Looking back on what I had done, and had to do, I felt a little sick to my stomach. Not only did I cheat on my husband, but I had to blow one of the neighbors in my garage while I husband was in the house. I wasn’t proud, but I was moving on.

Around this time I can remember going for a jog, this time in the opposite direction of Kyle and Todd’s house. I didn’t want to come anywhere near that place, and certainly didn’t want to attract their attention. As I was running back to the house from my jog, I could see a person in the distance in my lawn. My heart began to pump harder, as I approached the house. This time it was Kyle.

“Kyle, what are you doing here?!”

“I wanted to talk to you.”

“About what?!” I asked Kyle in a stern voice.

“I wanted to talk about what happened in my garage.”

“Keep your voice down,” I whispered, “someone could hear you.”

“Don’t worry, nobody’s home. Your husband’s car is gone.”

“I know his car is gone, he’s helping his mother this afternoon.”

“Well I wanted to ask you something.”

“Quiet. Look, come with me,” I said to Kyle as I led him into our garage. “You can’t stop by here, people will see you and ask me questions. What then?!”

“Look, I really liked meeting you the other day. It felt incredible, and I think you liked it too, until my dad caught us.”

“Kyle, what I did the other day was incredibly stupid and foolish. I very much regret what I did.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you do. I mean, I can only imagine how it feels for you right now, cheating on your husband like that and then having to blow my dad to keep him quiet. I’m sure it sucks.”

I froze dead in my shoes, motionless. I stood there staring at Kyle like a deer in headlights, my mouth wide open and my eyes nearly bulging out of my head. I couldn’t believe that after I went down on Kyle’s father, he went and told his son about the experience. All of a sudden it was clear to me why Kyle was in my garage.

“Kyle, I don’t know what in the world you’re talking about.”

“Oh please, Shelly, the look on your face right there said it all. Not only that, my dad told me the whole story yesterday. Why would he make that up?” Again, I was frozen. “Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about it all.”

“Kyle, get the hell out of my garage right now!”

“Look, here’s my point. I think you liked hooking up with me; I think you enjoyed it. So I’m here today for both of us,” Kyle said as me made a pass at me.

“You’re wrong. Get the fuck out of my garage now.”

“Or what?! You gonna call the cops and tell them why I’m here? Tell your husband? Bullshit.”

At this point, I was feeling a little trapped and cornered, not only physically in my closed garage, but also metaphorically, as Kyle had me just where he wanted me.

“Shelly, I want you. I want your body. I want your legs wrapped around me. I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t think you’d want it too.”

“Look, Kyle, I’m a married woman. My husband might be home at any minute. What I did with you the other day was a mistake. You’re right, I enjoyed it while I did it, but it was a mistake, plain and simple. Now I’d like for you to leave my house and stay out of our lives.”

“I can’t do that,” Kyle said as he smiled and looked my body up and down. “I’m sorry, Shelly, but you turn me on too much to forget. I like that you were bold enough to blow me in my garage, and I’m turned on right now by the fact that your husband will be home at any minute.”

My heart was pounding at this point… mostly from rage, partly from fear.

“Shelly, I don’t think I can leave here without getting what I came for.”

“And what is that precisely?” I asked.

“I want your pussy! I want your legs wrapped tight around me while I fuck you on the hood of your car.”

“No fucking way!” I screamed. “I’m not fucking you. Now get out of my garage!”

“Shelly, if you don’t give me your pussy right now, I’m going to wait outside of your house until your husband gets home and tell him all the things you’ve done with me and my dad.”

“You asshole! You’re going to ruin my marriage, Kyle!”

“Shelly, I’m not ruining anything… you’re the one who dropped to her knees and sucked my dick in my garage. I fucking loved it! I even love that we got caught doing it! Now what I want is to rip your pants off, throw you up on the hood of your car, slide my giant cock into you and fuck your brains out.”

I paused and considered my options. I could tell he was willing to tell my husband everything, and I also could tell that he wanted to fuck. I could see the bulge in his pants.

As I stood there thinking about what I could do to get out of this mess, Kyle approached me slowly. He made his way up to my body and put his hands around my waist. I couldn’t resist any longer… I was being forced to let him fuck me in my garage.

Kyle’s hands started to make their way up and down my sides, squeezing my butt, pressing our bodies together. He started to kiss my neck, which I was compelled to let him do. At this point, he could tell that he had won and that I had no other choice than to let him do what he pleased.

His hands made their way under the edge of my pants, as he began to pull them down to the ground. I started to think about what was to come and how this was going to be the first man that I’ve had sex with in almost 9 years. Prior to that I had had sex with many guys, mostly in high school, but it had been quite a long time since then.

Kyle had pulled my pants and panties down to the ground and pulled them off of my legs, throwing them against the wall in a heap. He got down onto his knees and started to kiss my hips, caressing my legs, and caressing my abs beneath my shirt. His kisses seemed to systematically make their way closer and closer to my pussy until his lips finally met mine between my legs.

His tongue slowly and gently slid up and down my labia, making my heart beat and my breathing become more rapid. He started to penetrate my vagina with his tongue, and kiss my pussy like he was kissing my mouth. I’m not going to lie, despite the fact that I was being forced to have sex with Kyle, I was really enjoying the experience.

Finally, Kyle stood up, unbuckled his pants, and dropped them to the floor, exposing his rock-hard cock to me once again. I hopped up onto the hood of the car, as I had been leaning up against it while I was being eaten out, and threw my feet into the air, spreading my legs for Kyle.

“Thank you so much, Shelly”, Kyle said as he lined up his cock with my pussy.

“Fuck you, you little fucking shit,” I replied angrily. “I am NOT okay with this! I’m letting you do this so that you shut your fucking mouth, and I can keep my marriage.”

“Fair enough.” Kyle replied.

I leaned back, elbows against the car’s hood, and stared at the ceiling of my garage, as I felt Kyle’s dick driving deeper and deeper into my body, until I could feel the pressure from it hitting my cervix. I involuntarily let out a soft moan.

“I knew you’d like it,” Kyle boasted.

I let out another soft moan involuntarily and cursed again at Kyle, this time inaudibly.

Kyle fucked me for another several minutes, probably 8 or 9 in all. He was really enjoying himself, as the pumping of his hips against mine got fairly intense at times.

All of a sudden, the garage door started to open. The initial sound was like a gunshot going off. Kyle quickly pulled out from between my legs, and I very quickly hopped off the car. I grabbed Kyle by the hand and pulled him inside of the coat closet next to my husband’s work bench.

The garage door lifted up and my husband’s car drove into the garage. The car stopped and my husband got out of the car, closed the garage door and walked inside, unaware of our presence in the closet.

Kyle and I waited for a few seconds after the garage door closed until we emerged from the coat closet, panting from the moment.

“Holy shit, that was close.” I said to Kyle. “You have to leave!”

“No way. I want to finish! That was exhilarating! I’m fucking hard as a rock right now.” Kyle said.

“Quiet! He might hear us.”

“Fine. Then bend over, and let me finish.”

Without wanting to waste an opportunity to get Kyle out of my garage, I walked over to the car and bent down, elbows on the car’s hood, exposing my underside to Kyle. “Hurry up.”

Kyle didn’t waste a moment. He walked up to my behind and thrust his dick into me once again, grabbing both sides of my hips as he rhythmically fucked me once again. This time Kyle wrapped up quickly, coming into my pussy.

As soon as I could tell Kyle was finished, I got him his pants, made him put them on quickly and escorted him to the back door of the garage. “You got what you wanted, now get the fuck out of here. Go!”

Kyle complied and left the garage with a smile on his face. After closing the door to the garage, I went back to grab my clothes, and bent down into a squat position, letting Kyle’s cum drain out from my pussy and onto the floor.

I ended up walking into the house and explained to my husband that I was outside pulling weeds, which explained the perspiration. He didn’t think twice about it.

I was incredibly angry that things had gotten to this point. My initial mistake had now turned into a nightmare with no end in sight. Whenever Kyle, or his father, had the desire to fuck, they knew that I was only a short walk down the street. It was awful. I couldn’t sleep that night, and couldn’t sleep any night that week, to be honest. The thought of cheating on my husband, like I was, was very hard to take, but the worst was yet to come, unfortunately.

My husband, hearing the story of Kyle fucking me in the garage, was enraged. He kept staring out the window with a scowl on his face. He didn’t say a word. I continued once again.

Less than a week after letting Kyle fuck me in the garage, another incident occurred, this one pushing me to my mental limit, and nearly causing me a nervous breakdown.

It was a Saturday night this time, and my husband had just gotten his things together and went out with some of his friends. I kissed him goodbye and was looking forward to a night alone. Dressed only in my robe, I was planning on taking a nice long, hot bath with some soothing music. It had been a long week, and my nerves were a bit shaken from the incident with Kyle earlier in the week. After about 15 minutes after my husband left, the doorbell rang. My heart started to race. I secured my robe and walked downstairs.

When I answered the door, my heart started to pound.

“Kyle, what are you doing here? I told you that I didn’t want to see you anymore!”

My heart was racing, as I knew why Kyle was there, without having to ask. I was starting to panic.

“Shelly, I can’t stop thinking about our time in your garage this week. It was awesome and exhilarating. I even told some of my buddies about it.”

Just then, my eyes adjusted a little more to the darkness outside, and I could see that there were two or three other men in the driveway looking towards my front porch.

“What do you mean you told your buddies? You mean you told them and brought them over, Kyle?!”

“Well, I had to tell them about what we did together- how you let me fuck you and all.”

“Kyle, I did that so that you wouldn’t tell my husband anything you knew! And you went and told people?! What the fuck!?”

“Once I told them about it, they wanted to come down here and have some fun too… they’re all really excited.”

“Fuck you! Get off my porch! I’m calling the cops.”

“Shelly, come on. You know what you have to do here. We’ve been through this.”

“I am NOT letting four guys fuck me, just to keep you quiet.”

“There are only three of us… and they’re the only ones that know.”

“Three or four, I don’t care. I’m not letting you guys fuck me for silence. You’re not going to stay quiet about this anyway, even if I let you have your way with me.”

“We will… this time I swear. It will be the last time I ask you to fuck, I promise. We’ll all stay quiet.”

My heart was pounding, and my hands were shaking, as I thought about the moment. I was yet again in this situation… each time the consequences of my actions were getting more and more extreme. I knew I didn’t have a choice, but my frustrations were getting the better of me.

I started to cry, softly at first. I put my head in my hands and started weeping.

“Shelly, it’s okay… it’s all okay,” Kyle said gently as he put his hand on my shoulder. “I’ll tell you what, we’ll be very gentle, very quick, and you can get back to your night to yourself. Does that sound okay?”

I started crying harder and harder now. Kyle stepped inside my front door, and put his arms around me. At first I appreciated the comfort from his embrace, but after a moment I pushed him away violently.

“You’re an asshole. How can you do this to me? How can you threaten me like this and expect me to go along with it?” I said, breaking down in tears again.

“Shelly, what do you expect from us? We’re a bunch of horny guys and you’re a hot-as-shit housewife! I told my buddies how awesome it was going down on you, and nailing you on your car, and we all just want some of that.”

I stood at the front door crying uncontrollably. Kyle motioned for his friends to come through the front door as well. I was right originally- there were three friends in the driveway waiting to come inside. Kyle lied.

As the last one came inside the house, they shut the front door. Kyle had been consoling me with a hug during this time, gently rubbing my back. “Shelly, it’s going to be so much fun. You’re going to have a great time. Think of all the attention you’re going to get.” His hands had been running up and down my back, no doubt exposing the fact that I wasn’t wearing any clothes under my robe to him.

Kyle briefly let go of me, and ran a hand down the back of my leg. I couldn’t tell what he was doing, until my feet left the floor, rolling me into Kyle’s arms, as he stood up, carrying me.

I felt a rush of panic, as I could now see all four men who were in my house. It was hard to make out details, as I had been crying uncontrollably, leaving large wells of tears in my eyes, and also because I hadn’t had my contacts in that night.

Kyle lifted me upstairs to our dimly-lit living room and set my feet on the ground. I was still sobbing from being upset by the situation, but at this point fear started to overwhelm me, as I could vaguely see three more men walking toward me. For a brief moment I was clinging to Kyle’s arm for support.

“Shelly, it’s okay. These guys are my friends. They’re good guys.” Kyle said as he started to caress my hair along the side of my head. “We just want to admire your smoking-hot body. We’ll be very gentle.”

I put my head down against Kyle’s chest, as he wrapped his arms around me, rubbing my back and telling me lies about how nice they were going to be with me. I cried uncontrollably.

Kyle’s arms went from rubbing my back, to rubbing my upper arms, to finally pulling my robe down along my side, exposing my naked back side to the guys.

“You’re so beautiful, Shelly.” Kyle said.

In no time at all, the guys had placed their hands on my body and started to caress me in different parts. Kyle’s hands were massaging my shoulders, trying to get me to relax, while the other guys had been grabbing my ass, and caressing my sides and my abs.

Eventually Kyle stepped away from me, leaving my breasts in full view for the men. A collective reaction was heard from the guys, as they all commented on the size and quality of my tits.

They weren’t wrong… my breasts are quite nice, I admit. In high school and college I often got my way by showing them off one way or another. I even entered a topless competition at one party in college and won. However, the attention I was receiving that the moment from my breasts was not desired. The guys quickly started groping my tits, and eventually I had one guy on each breast, grabbing and sucking my nipples. I just closed my eyes, feeling the tears roll down my face, as strangers were now ferociously sucking on my tits.

In the background I could hear the other guys getting undressed by the sound of belt buckles hitting the floor. Within no time, I felt one of them grab my hand and place it on his semi-hard dick, moving it back and forth in my hand. Then a cock in the other hand as well.

This continued for a short while until the tit sucking stopped and the boys directed me to get to my knees, which I did. I had watched enough porn to know what was next, and without struggling, I put one of their cocks into my mouth and started to suck. I could hear more clothes coming off in the background, and soon I was surrounded with four cocks pointed at my mouth from all directions.

One at a time I sucked on each dick. Though I certainly wasn’t enjoying myself, I have enough fondness for dicks that I didn’t entirely mind the situation I was in. In my old days, I always enjoyed hearing the reaction from men that I was blowing, and enjoyed the fact that I was providing that pleasure. It was a brief power position for me, which was soon to change.

After a few more minutes of dick sucking, I was lifted from my knees and directed towards my living room couch. Though I had stopped crying, I was still quite upset, and as the boys helped guide me to the couch, I was taking huge, erratic breaths, wiping away tears. Kyle was seated on the couch with his huge dick fully upright, awaiting my body. As I approached the couch, I could feel the boys pushing me from behind, until Kyle could grab my wrist. He pulled me in and guided my legs, putting one leg on each side of him.

“Aw Shelly, I missed your pussy.” Kyle said. “I bet there’s still some of my cum inside of you.”

I placed my hands on his chest, as he lined up underneath me. His dick started to enter, and he lowered me down until his cock entered my pussy. I bobbed up and down a few times to get some traction and finally slid down until I was fully penetrated.

Kyle started to fuck my pussy, pumping his hips back and forth. He pushed my chest away from him enough to fondle my breasts, which were both pointing right at his face, staring at him in the darkness.

Kyle slid his back down the couch until he was lying horizontally. As we were connected at the genitals, I was moved with him slightly, aligning my body with the long direction of the couch.

One of the guys that I had been jerking off moved himself towards the end of the couch and pushed his dick up to my face. One of his hands was at the base of his cock, holding it horizontal, while the other hand held the bottom of my jaw. He pulled my head closer to his dick and lined it up with my lips, pushing forward until my jaw opened and his dick slid into my mouth. I took it in without a struggle, knowing that none of this would end unless I went along with whatever the guys had me do.

I could see the other two guys out of the corner of my eyes. One of the guys was gently caressing my back with one hand, and fondling my breast and nipple with the other hand. Occasionally he would lean in and suck my nipple, with slight success.

The other guy was staring at me from behind, watching my vagina being penetrated by Kyle’s dick. He would grab my ass, all the while commenting on how “luscious” my ass was, until finally I could hear him spit on my asshole. In what might be the most awkward feeling of my entire life, I could feel this guy gently run circles around my asshole with his thumb or finger, until finally I could feel his tongue licking my asshole as well.

This awkward licking went on for another minute or so. I tried to think of other things, but it was hard to control. I had my legs straddling Kyle, with his dick up my pussy, I had another dick in my mouth, occasionally forcing it deep down my throat until my upper and lower lips met his pelvis (placing his nuts against my chin), with another guy tweaking my nipple relentlessly – not much I could do about the ass licking.

Finally I was comforted by the fact that the asshole licking stopped. But the comfort was short-lived, as I could now feel pressure once again on my asshole, this time from the head of his cock. He shoved me from behind, pushing my chest onto Kyle’s, allowing him a better angle at my ass. While my chest was lowered onto Kyle’s, the two guys at the front had switched positions and a new dick was in my mouth. I tried to look back at what the guy behind me was doing, but my head was immobilized by this new guy’s hands, both of which were securing my head and mouth into a position for him to fuck.

I moaned very loudly as my ass was being penetrated with this guy’s cock. Not only had I not been active with anal sex, but he also must have had some girth to him, as the initial stretching of my asshole was quite intense. I moaned again, this time with tears coming down my cheeks. Kyle tried to comfort me with short messages he would whisper in my ear.

“It’s okay Shelly, good girl. You’re doing great.”

It must have been the “good girl” line that got me, but I started to cry hard once again. I don’t know if it was the dog-like reference to a job well done, or the fact that I was far from being a “good girl”, as a married woman with three strangers’ dicks inside of her at the moment.

The tears came hard, the panic breaths followed, but the boys didn’t stop.

I was flipped into a different position, this time going reverse cowgirl on the couch, with a dick up my ass, into a double-penetration position once again. My legs were spread with one of the guys pushing his dick into my pussy. I could feel my entire back in contact with one guy, as his pumping hips moved his cock in an out of my ass, while feeling another guy’s chest in full contact with mine, his hips pumping his dick in and out of my pussy. I couldn’t move, my legs were simply locked into position with my feet pointing towards the ceiling. The intense feelings coming from between my legs were enormous, and I could only take in and absorb whatever the boys were giving me. I moaned and squealed loudly, which they seemed to enjoy.

I laid there for what seemed like forever, as the boys would take their turns with me – one guy pulling out, another stepping in – getting passed to another guy on the couch. I was crying so hard that my eyes were now very puffy. I could hardly see. I had no idea who was doing what to me- all I knew was that I didn’t have much of a choice.

One at a time the boys seemed to finish off. I could feel two of them cum into my pussy while I was being double penetrated. Then I was moved onto all fours on the floor, while one of them finished in my ass.

I laid down on the ground in a heap, just bawling my eyes out as the boys put their clothes on and left, one at a time.

Before leaving, the last one, I don’t even know who, rolled me from the fetal position that I was curled up into, to being belly-flat on the floor. He laid his full body on me, with his dick in my pussy from behind, and came into me very quickly. Before pulling out, he kissed me on the cheek and said “thank you”, leaving me laid out on the floor. He covered me up with my robe, put his clothes on, and walked out, closing the door behind him.

I laid on the floor crying nearly all night. My legs and hips hurt from being in all of those positions, and needless to say, my bottom parts were on fire from all of the activity with the boys. I got myself composed, not knowing when my husband would be home, and took a long shower to try and wash away the events of the evening.

Several weeks went by without a similar incident. I went through hell, though, as each and every night I was worried that one of those guys, whom I let fuck me, would come by with similar requests to Kyle, and demand sex. It was extremely taxing on me.

These feelings continued and had built up inside of me until tonight when my husband told me his story of infidelity. Having heard this last story, my husband seated himself in a chair, and just started to shake his head. “I can’t believe that. I can’t believe that you did all of that stuff with other men.”

“I’m so sorry, I made one mistake, and it just grew out of control.” I said.

“Are you okay from all of it? Are you hurt?” He asked.

“Yes, I am, but I feel better having told you about it now. It was the dishonesty and stuff that killed me. Not telling you about any of it was hard. I didn’t know how you’d react.”

“Well now I know. Now I know that you did all of those things with all of those guys. I know what you went through for the past few weeks. I also went through a lot of guilt and anxiety. It really sounds like you got taken advantage of.”

“Yes, I’m sorry.” I expected my husband to throw the book at me, and tell me our marriage was over, but instead the conversation took an interesting turn.

“Did you enjoy any of it?” he asked.

“I did a little, I admit, but I was upset and crying because I kept thinking that those guys were taking something away from our marriage by having sex with me.” I started to cry. “I could only imagine what you would think if you saw that stuff going on. Like if you walked in and saw them penetrating my body and using me like that. What would you think? I felt awful.”

“Well, now that I know that it happened, there’s nothing I can do about it. The only thing I can do is think about it, and what it might have been like for you. You said that you enjoyed it a little. Does it turn you on a little to talk about it?”, my husband asked.

“Uh, well, it does a little.”

I was slightly confused, as all of a sudden my husband seemed to be acting supportive and comforting to me, when I had imagined that he was going to ask for a divorce.

“What part of it turns you on exactly?”

“I don’t know.” I paused for a while, thinking about the ordeals, “I guess I liked the fact that I was shared by those guys. I liked being pushed around a little and being made obedient like that.” I kept sniffling, catching my breath from crying. “I liked that they all liked my body so much.”

“Well, I’m upset that it happened. I am. But, my honey, heart is pounding from this right now, and it’s pounding because I like it a little.”

“Really?!” I exclaimed in astonishment.

“Yeah, I like that you were a little slutty with those guys. It’s pretty wild. I like that you were able to take on four guys like that and that you pleased them so well.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re not mad.”

My husband and I talked about it for a bit longer, and decided that we forgave each other for the infidelity and deception. That night we made love on our bed while I whispered into his ears some more details of the gang bang I had with those guys. He seemed to love it. Who knows, maybe we’ll ask those guys back.

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