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Monday evening I’m setting in my hotel room watching some skin
flick on the tube and gently stroking my hard on. I always take
baby oil with me on these trips so I can sit and play with myself
for a good long time before I come. At home it feels so rushed.
Wouldn’t you know it someone knocks on my hotel room at that very
moment? I quickly pull on some gym shorts, expecting some maid
question. I wonder if she’ll notice the tent my dick is making
in them. For some reason I opened the door without checking the
peep hole, something I never do. “Hey Linda! Sorry about the
shirt, I wasn’t expecting you.” “I just stopped by to see if you
wanted to grab supper together.”

Without thinking, “Sure, come on in and let me throw on some
jeans and a shirt.” After getting just a few steps into the room
I remember the TV and the baby oil on the nightstand. My heart
sinks and I know all the blood has drained from my face, when I
turned to glance at her. “You pervert! You’ve been sitting here
beating off haven’t you? That’s why you came to the door with
your prick pointing out the front of your shorts. Damn you men.
Always jacking off and otherwise playing with your dicks!” I
didn’t know what to say. I haven’t been this embarrassed in a
long time. She breaks the silence for me. “Well show me what
you’ve been doing you little twerp.” “But…I can’t…” Do you
want everyone back home to hear about this?” she asks. “Hell no,
you wouldn’t…” “The hell I wouldn’t. I’ll tell every girl back
home what I found you doing. You’ll never be able to look across
another meeting table without having some female coworker look at
you with pity and laughter in their eyes. Everyone will know.
Now get those stupid shorts off and show me how you play with
your wee-wee.”

My hands were trembling and my heart was racing. I couldn’t look
at her as I dropped my shorts and just stood there. As mortified
as I was my dick as throbbing, and pointing right at her. “Play
with it little boy! I want to see you jacking that pathetic
thing.” I slowly start to run my fist up and down the shaft.
“Oh, lie down on the bed and do it like you mean it. I know
you’re better at it than this.” “Come on Linda, I’m sorry. I
shouldn’t have answered the door in my shorts. I shouldn’t have
let you in here. Can’t we just forge…?” “Shut up you worm. I
want to see you play with your slimy self and if you don’t, who
knows what story I’ll dream up to tell back home. Now get on the
bed and start stroking your boy meat before I get pissed off!” I
lie down on the bed and again start to run my hand up and down my
dick. She grabs the bottle of baby oil and just drenches my hand
and crotch. “There you go baby boy. All slicked up like that
you should be coming in no time.” I hadn’t been this embarrassed
in my life but for some reason my dick was as hard as a rock and
my hand felt like it had electricity running through it.

When I finally got the nerve to look at her she was kneeling by
the bed watching me. She still looked pissed but I could tell
that she had one hand busily working between her own legs.
“Don’t look at me, you little worm. Next thing you know you’ll
be thinking that we have something going on here. What is going
on is that you’re proving to me what a filthy piece of work you
are. I can sure see how hard you are. Are you enjoying having
me watch you? Are you proud of your small little dick? Do you
need to have someone tell you what to do every single second in
order to get off? I bet if I sit here and call you every silly
boy name in the book you’d be coming all over yourself in no
time. Well then come for me, little sissy. I want to see you
eyes shut and your face get all contorted as little drops of boy
juice dribble out of your little wee-wee. Can you do that for me
baby boy? Let mommy see your boy juice. Dribble creamy stuff on
your hand for me. I want to see your little balls stiffen up
barely able to shoot for me.”

And with that I did. I exploded like I hadn’t done in a long
time. I could feel it coming up from the very back of my balls.
Long and hard, my first shot of come landed just above my belly
button but my second and third spasms sent come up past my
shoulder, one of which hit me square on the face. Several more
globs landed all over my chest and stomach. Linda had a very
lust full look in her eyes. I’m not sure what possessed me, but
I snaked my tongue out of my mouth and through some of the come
that had traced across my lips. When I pulled it back into my
mouth, she came. She came long and loud. She called to the sky
and panted and moaned and slowly collapsed next to the bed. She
rested her head on the side of the bed as she recovered from what
appeared to be a nice, big orgasm of her own.

“Apparently my little pep talk works for you. For the rest of
the week you come when I say, where I say and only when say. Got
it?” “Why do you get to…?” “I know you don’t want every lady
back at work to know what I caught you doing, or if you ever
want this to happen again, you’ll shut up and do exactly like I
say. I assume you’d like for this to happen again?” “Of course
Linda but…” “Shut up boy slut! Now show me how much you want to
please me by cleaning my cunt juice off my fingers.” With that
she stuck the hand that had been between her legs, in front of my
face. I felt my dick twitch again as I leaned forward and began
sucking on her fingers. She tasted good. My dick was already
starting to stiffen up again. She also ran her fingers through
the pools of cum on my chest and had me clean them off again.
“Okay, okay. Now get dressed and let’s get something to eat.
You may need your strength to jack off for me again when we get

We ate at a nice restaurant and she chatted about all the normal
trivial stuff we normally do. We talked about stuff we had seen
that day at the conference. It was almost surreal considering
what had just happened. When we got back in the car, however, it
was back to the master/slave role. As soon as I shut the car
door to drive us back to the hotel she started in. “Unzip your
pants and take your dick out so I can see it. And please
remember that you have no say in the matter. I really don’t want
to hear any whining about not wanting to or not here and crap
like that.” I was pretty shocked but looking at the grin on her
face she was enjoying her new role. I was pleased and
embarrassed that my dick was already beginning to swell as I
pulled down the fly of my pants and pulled my dick up over the
waistband of my underwear. “Good boy, now start to rub him and
get him all stiff and ready. I like seeing how small he is when
he’s hard. You must be so proud of him.” I know that I’m not
small. I’m no giant either but I’m as big as the averages I’ve
seen posted out on the web. I was half waiting for someone to
walk beside the car and see me and half just lost in the
excitement of wanting to do what ever Linda wanted to ask. After
she figured I was as hard as I could be, she told me to start
driving but to keep stroking as we went. She made me keep one
hand on my dick and one on the wheel all the way back to the
hotel. She constantly reminded me not to come, just stay hard.
It was not fun trying to fold myself back into my pants before
walking back up to my room.

“Now you get a special treat my little pervert. Now you are
going to lick me to orgasm until I say stop. I don’t want to
feel your hands on me, I don’t want you to try and grab me and I
don’t want you trying to kiss me anywhere other than on my pussy,
understand? All I want to feel from you is your hair on my
thighs and you mouth on my pussy, anything else and your done
for, got it?” “Sure Linda, what ever you say. I’ll do what ever
you say.” “Good then take your clothes off little worm. And
keep that little dick pointed up at the sky.” As I started to
undress she pulled her pants off and her panties down. Getting
my first glimpse of her trimmed up pussy, I didn’t need to do a
thing to keep my dick pointed in the right direction. “Like what
you see I guess? Well you’ll be seeing lots of this pussy up
close and personal. It may be the only treat you get from me so
I hope you like pussy.”

I knew my place as soon as she climbed on the bed and spread out
on her back. She looked a little odd with her shirt still on but
who was I to ask. “More important than you liking it, you better
be good at eating it.” I inhaled deeply as I slowly lowered my
mouth to her sex. She was hot and ready. I knew that if I
started out slow and gentle and gradually worked into a full
tongue press on her clit she would be coming all over my face
soon enough. She was moaning enough to let me know that I was
doing pretty well. I could feel my face getting wetter and
wetter. I do enjoy giving a woman head and she wanted lots of
it. I don’t know how long I sucked and licked and worked on her
before she was ready to come but once she decided to go, she
grabbed my head and started growling “Harder, harder, harder!” I
flattened my tongue out on her clit and moved my head back and
forth smoothly and forcefully. In just a few seconds she started
bucking and slamming her mound into my face. As she came down
off of her high, I backed off and just barely moved the very tip
of my tongue across her clit, and tried to keep my breath as warm
as possible. She let me do that for another few minutes.

“My little perverted boy toy can eat pussy well,” she said a she
raised my head up from her crotch. “You keep that up and who
knows what kind of reward you might get. My juices must have
really been flowing; your face is a mess.” She glanced down and
saw my still raging hard on. “We better start treating your
wee-wee better or he won’t want to play any more. Get your
precious bottle of baby oil and lay down on your back again. I
want to watch you spurt.” I did as I was told and she poured way
too much oil all over my crotch again. She lay down next to me
with her head even with the top of my dick. I thought for sure
she was going to suck me a little or something. All she did was
watch. I shot all over my belly again. She did play with my
come for a bit but that was all. Then she got dressed. “Rest
well. Your face will be buried in my pussy a lot this week.
Just don’t let me catch you beating off without me. I would hate
to think of all the ladies back at work picturing a four inch
woody between your legs.”

And I was between her legs a lot but I loved it. She never
touched me once until the last night of the trip. She sat behind
me and gave me a hand job that was just incredible. As she left
my room that last night she simply said, “If you’re a good boy, I
might tolerate your little peepee at next year’s conference as

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