Exercising with Sis
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I liked to work out. It was interesting watching my
body develop muscles, and it was good for me to stay
in shape for my schools football team. I wasn’t, like,
really into myself, though, like bodybuilders sometimes
appear to be. I liked to work out, yes, and jog, and
exercise, but I wasn’t totally involved with how I
looked. No, not me.

I made a lot of noise when I worked out. I blew out
really loudly and breathed deep during my exercise
sessions. It seemed to attract the attention of my
sister somehow.

It seemed to me, though, that my sister was really
involved with how I looked, especially after my muscles
began to develop. She began to look at me in different,
almost funny ways, and then, she started hanging around
me as I was working out.

I would lay on a mat on the patio, and she would sit
there watching me. She seemed to stare at my crotch
quite a bit, and her attention to my crotch bulge began
to turn me on.

Then, she would follow me around the house, and then
late at night she started coming into my room, sitting
on the edge of the bed to chat.

But, it wasn’t until late one night, after I had
showered and gone to my room, and was reading a really
raunchy novel, that things really got out of hand
between us. I was under the sheets, totally naked,
stroking my hard cock very slowly, when, the door to
my room opened. My sister stood in the doorway, looking
at me.

I looked back at her standing there in her thin night-
gown. I could see her nipples through the material, and
the way the light hit the fabric, I could see right
through it. I could see her dark patch of pubic hair,
her hips. She didn’t come toward the bed at all this
time. She stood there and stared at my bulge under the
sheets, at the outline of my hand around my cock.

I think it was because I was so worked up that I just
tossed the sheet off to the side, letting my cock
spring up and bump my navel. I looked at her face, to
see what her reaction was going to be.

Her eyes widened. I didn’t know whether the look on
her face was a smile or a smirk. I just knew that she
took a few steps toward my bed and pulled her night
gown off over her head.

God, she was beautiful, almost feline in her movements
as she walked toward me totally naked. I’d never
actually seen a girl completely nude before and my
hormones started to rage as she came up next to my bed.

“Nice cock,” she whispered as she reached out and put
her hand around it. “Very fuckable, suckable weenie,
Donald,” she said.

She climbed on top of me, facing in my direction. She
held on to my cock as she straddled me, and she reached
with her other hand and took my hand and pressed it
against her tits. I began rubbing and pinching her
nipples lightly as she guided my cock to her hairy
cunt. Her tits were like smooth mounds of soft jelly in
my hands. I had never felt anything like it in my life.
The feel of the hard numbs of her nipples was nearly
enough to make me cum.

The entrance to her pussy was positively hot, and very
moist. My cock slid right in as she lowered herself
onto me. I could feel the hot, slippery insides of her
as her pubic hair touched mine, with her ass pressed
against my balls.

“Oh, God, I don’t believe this,” I said.

She began moving herself up and down on my cock, slid-
ing her wet cunt up and down my throbbing dick. It was
the most wonderful feeling I’ve ever experienced. I
reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks, lifting her
and slamming her down on me again and again.

I started thrusting my hips upward as I pulled her
downward on my rigid pole. I could feel my balls slap
her in the ass with each thrust. She had her eyes
closed, a look of intense pleasure on her face.

I moved one hand around to her tits and pinched one of
her nipples. It hardened, becoming even more erect than
it already was.

I pinched her other nipple, and she lay down, thrusting
her tits in my face. I sped up my thrusting as I took
her nipples, one at a time, into my mouth, swirling my
tongue around each one. I bit at them gently, hearing
her moans. I loved the feel of her hard nipples against
my tongue, and I moved my tongue around and around in
circles on her nipples, listening to her muffled moans
in my ear.

I knew I was going to cum soon. There was no way around
it. I was too surprisingly turned on by her coming into
my room this way, and by having seen her naked. And, I
had been playing with myself slowly as I had been read-
ing my racy novel. I was primed already, and I knew I
was going to shoot one hell of a load of cum.

I thrust harder and faster, and her body began to shake
and jerk, and she let out a moan that was loud enough
to wake the whole house.

I froze, listening. She continued to cum as I watched
her beautiful body atop me shivering in pleasure and
then I shot my load into her. I could feel my cock
jerk, a white light when off in my head as all my nerve
ending shot off at the same time that my cock did. I
pumped my cum unashamedly into my sisters perfect body
my cum oozing out of her wet pussy and running down my
cock to my balls.

I thrust upward into her, shooting the last of my hot
cum deep inside her. I stopped and listened. I didn’t
hear a sound, thank goodness. I was afraid that we were
going to wake the neighbors, with the way she was
moaning and groaning.

She eased off my cock and sat on the bed beside me. As
she pulled off, I could see my cum running down her
leg. I had cum an awful lot.

“You’d think you could be a little quieter,” I said.

“Yeah, like the muffled and very sexual moans you make
when you exercise.”

“I didn’t know they were sexual.”

She reached down and grabbed my cock. “Grunt for me,”
she said.

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