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We thought that some of you might like to hear about our
club and I was selected to tell our story. I’m 25 years old,
stand 5’6″, measure 36~24~35 and have shoulder-length blond

The club had its start about five years ago when Suzi
and Bob and Candy and Paul began swapping in college. They
continued to swap after graduation and slowly added to the
group. We are currently six couples and have an auxiliary
member, Linda. Until Jerry and I joined, it was basically
a swap club. Jerry is into photography and video and he
began taping me and the guys at our house. Once the other
girls saw the tapes, they all wanted to perform for him.
At the parties, Jerry would show his tapes along with some
XXX-rated movies that some of the other guys had brought.
Candy commented that we could make better movies than those
we had bought, so soon we were making our own fuckfilms. We
quickly discovered that it wasn’t as easy as we had thought
but we improved with every attempt and now are making very
high quality movies. Occasionally, we will remake a store-
bought film but we write most of our own story lines. We
also like to re-enact stories that we read in the newsgroups.

It is very exciting to do some thing daring or bizarre that
some one else has already done. While all the girls look great
naked (we are all between 23 and 29), we have found that the men
get hornier when we dress in sexy outfits. Debby, Candy, and I
don’t work so we are in charge of wardrobe for our productions.
Candy takes special delight in dressing in sexy clothing and she
designs and makes some of our best outfits. I love showing off my
breasts and legs but I’m not as creative as Candy. The outfits
we wear when we go out usually have a deep V-Cut front, are often
backless, and have skirts that are very short or split almost to
the waist. More skin is bared than covered! On most outfits, the
tops barely cover our nipples. Some are topless or virtually
bottomless. We also utilize sexy nightgowns we buy through the
mail. A favorite of mine is a floor-length skirt that is split up
the front to the waist and a strapless silk top. The split of the
skirt is closed while I am standing still but once I begin to
walk. my legs part the split and the material flows behind me
like a cape, leaving my legs and, most times, my cunt, bare! The
silky material of the top can’t restrain my full breasts from
dancing freely. The men really get excited when I wear this to a
party and I always get plenty of attention and a good fucking.

In addition to our monthly meetings, some swapping is going
on most weekends. Also, Bob and Bill have jobs that require them
to travel a lot. Often, one of them will take Debby, Candy, or me
with him and his wife will stay with our husbands while we are
away. This has led to some interesting situations for me. On
these trips, I don’t worry about running into someone we know, so
I get pretty wild and dress exceptionally sexy and daring! One
episode I really enjoyed was at the beginning of last summer when
Bill took me on a week-long trip. Monday was fairly uneventful
but Tuesday night, Bill took me to a strip dub that featured
topless waitresses. We had been there only a short time when one
of the waitresses and the manager had an argument and the waitress
left. Later Bill went to the bar and began talking to the manager
and when he returned he told me that he had a job for me. I
smiled and said, “Here?”

He smiled. “Yes, starting now!”

I was dressed in a hip-hugging mini-skirt, deep V-neck
pullover sweater and high heels. I rose, pulled the sweater over
my head and walked bare-chested to the manager. The men had been
eyeing the cleavage and bare leg that I was showing and now their
eyes were glued to me. It felt great! I can’t describe the
excitement I felt, walking around, exposing myself to all those
strangers. I freely flirted with them, fielding their come-ons
with sexy replies. That night after the club closed, Bill and I
had a fantastic session, fucking for over two hours.

The manager had asked me to return, so Wednesday night I
wore a pair of ultra-short shorts and a small halter top to the
club. I waited for the stripper to finish and walked sexily to
the bar, making sure that everyone was watching me. I turned to
face the men and removed the top, freeing my breasts for
everyone’s delight. I enjoyed the second night even more because
I was totally relaxed and more accustomed to being nearly naked in
front of any one that came into the club. Again, after Bill and I
returned to the hotel room, it seemed that I was flowing from one
climax to another. As soon as Bill would empty a load into me, I
would lick him clean and suck him to another hardon and another
fantastic fuck.

When I showed up Thursday night, I was disappointed to find
that the manager had hired a permanent replacement. Bill and I
stayed because I could show off my outfit anyway. I had worn a
short tennis dress that had a low-cut halter top. I went to the
bathroom and removed the panties that I was going to work in and
adjusted the top so that the material just covered my nipples and
left the sides of my breasts bare.

I discussed my disappointment with Bambi and some of the
other strippers who had befriended me. A short while later, Bambi
came back to our table and said that she had convinced the manager
to let me strip onstage if I wanted to. I quickly agreed before
fear could overcome my excitement. The thought of having
everyone’s attention on my naked body was a real turn-on. Bambi
took me to the small dressing room and gave me a few pointers. I
had watched the girls all week and had learned a few things
already. When it was time, the manager introduced me and the
other girls all wished me luck. I walked to the center of the
stage, closed my eyes and began moving to the beat, running my
hands over my body. I was soon fully into it and ran my hands up
my inner legs, pulling the short skirt over my cunt, one hand
continuing up to cup one breast under the loose top. I opened my
eyes to see the men leering at my body but I was now relaxed and
began writhing to the music. I untied the top and let it fall to
my waist, and thrust my chest out for all to admire. I fondled my
tits for a while and slowly pushed the dress over my hips to the
floor. Now I was into new territory. My cunt wasn’t covered by
the short skirt or shorts as it had been the two previous nights,
but was out for everyone to see. All too soon, it seemed, my time
was up, but the manager thought I did so well that he put me into
the rotation for the rest of the night.

After my last set, I didn’t even dress. I went into the
audience, took Bill by the hand, and led him into the dressing
room. I quickly undressed him and bent over the table, spreading
my legs wide. He placed his cock at the opening of my hot cunt
and speared me, fucking me to what must have been the ultimate
orgasm of my life, beginning when he first plunged his dick into
me and lasting until he shot a huge load deep inside my belly.
Only when he finished did I realize that several of the girls had
come into the room and were watching us. When Bill pulled out of
me, Bambi knelt before him, cleaned his cock and sucked him to
hardness again. DeeDee rolled me onto my back on the table,
buried her face in my soaked cunt and lapped up Bill’s come,
driving me to another orgasm. Bill soon tensed and filled Bambi’s
hungry mouth with come.

Reluctantly, we said our good-byes and flew home Friday
night. I had been relating my exploits to Jerry by phone all
week, so when we got home he had set up an impromptu “Welcome
Home” party for me at our house. Once home, I took a quick shower
and got ready for the party. Jerry insisted that I wear the short
skirt and top that I first wore to the club and I soon found out
why. The theme of the party was “come as your favorite immoral
woman.” When I was dressed, I found everyone out by the pool.
Jerry had set up several garden tables and had transformed the
patio into a French sidewalk cafe. Soon after I had said hello to
everyone, some of the men began calling for the waitress. Bill
was standing near me. He smiled and said, “Looks like I’ve found
another job for you.” I smiled and pulled the top over my head
just as I had done at the club and began taking their orders.
Everyone loved it!

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