Angela and I had discovered we liked watersports
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When Angela spotted a fellow watersports fan among her
workmates she was intrigued to know more.

I slipped out of bed and went into the bathroom,
desperate for a pee. As I stood naked in front of the
bowl idly watching a the golden stream hit the water,
Angela crept up behind me, reached round and took hold of
my cock, directing the stream around the bowl and
giggling. This and the soft warmth of her breasts against
my back started giving me an erection and soon the stream
was going all over the place as my cock pointed skywards.

As I finished she stayed behind me, wanking my cock
gently, ensuring my erection was as hard as it could be.
She stepped round and licked the final drops of urine
from it, before sucking almost its whole length, kneeling
before me, until with clever use of her hands, teeth and
tongue I was spurting cum into her willing mouth.

We talked about the pee incident as it was the first time
in two years of knowing her that I had any idea it was of
any interest to her. She said she didn’t know either, but
watching me piss had aroused her a lot. She remembered as
a little girl, aged about six, she would play with the
boy next door who was about ten. He would touch her and
she found she liked him playing with her smooth hairless

Of course he knew nothing of the clitoris or even about
fucking, but both of them knew there was something else.

She told me how he would proudly piss for her, his
erection sending a golden rainbow of piss into the air
and onto the grass in the wood where they played. She was
fascinated by his ability to point his piss wherever he
wanted and would hold up her dress, pull her little white
knickers to one side and try and to the same while he
watched fascinated by her smooth little slit.

Eventually she took to just squatting in front of him
with no panties on at all and peeing at his request.

After hearing the story I said I wasn’t surprised she had
an interest even if she had forgotten it. I told her the
story had aroused me too to which she grinned and said
that was the idea.

We went to a country pub and she drank a pint of lager
and then another. We sat opposite each other and she told
me she was soon going to have to pee. She shifted in her
seat and told me that unless she had a pee soon she would
wet her knickers, adding that she was wearing white
cotton waist high knickers just like she wore when she
was a little girl playing with her friend.

She crossed her legs and squirmed but was obviously
determined not to go to the toilet just yet.

“Uh, she grunted, “I think I’ve just wet myself a tiny
bit, look.” She was wearing a short skirt and had it
arranged so she was sitting on her knickers rather than
on her skirt which was spread out behind her. She raised
herself just enough to show me a dark patch on the
upholstered stool. Glancing round to make sure she was
not too obvious she parted her knees and pulled her short
navy blue pleated skirt up a little more than was
necessary for decorum and showed me the front of her
white knickers where a dark patch was forming and growing
bigger by the second.

“I’m pissing in my pants,” she said grinning, “in

It was clearly a big turn on for her doing it in public
but she knew she wouldn’t get away with a full on knicker
wetting inside the pub. We hurried out, Angela with piss
dribbling down her leg as she struggled to hold back the
torrent behind her clamped thighs that made walking so

We turned a corner where an outbuilding hid us from view
and she pulled her little skirt up to show off her very
damp white knickers and let the pee pour out.

For such a pent up torrent it started remarkably slowly,
as she stepped back and stood legs parted as the golden
stream found its way first round the edges of her
knickers and then through the cotton of her gusset,
pouring out uncontrolled. She squatted down and pulled
her knickers to one side to show me she had shaved her
cunt as smooth as when she was six, but now it was fat
and engorged as she pissed for me. She stood up and
stopped the flow.

“I’ve got plenty left,” how would you like it?” she
asked, undoing my shirt. “I know, lie down,” she

I did as I was told and she stood over my face as she let
the stream flow again, pouring through her soaking
knickers on to my face and chest, into my mouth and over
my cheeks. She pulled the knickers to one side and
exposed her smooth cunt to me, pee stills pouring out of

Gradually it stopped and she just stood over me,

I stood up and she pressed herself to my wet torso
licking my face, sucking the droplets of piss from it.

“That is such a turn on,” she whispered, feeling my
erection trapped in my trousers. “It turned you on too,
didn’t it?”

My hand was already under her little skirt and gently
rubbing her clitoris through her wet knickers.

“Fuck, I am aroused,” she said grinding her cunt against
my hand, and coming almost straight away in a very noisy
climax, grunting and panting, trying not to scream out

I had my cock out by now and lifted her on to it, feeling
the soaking cotton, still warm from her hot pee, rubbing
against it as I fucked her. She came again so loudly I
thought someone from the pub might investigate.

In the car she lay back and peeled her wet knickers off,
dropping them in my lap. I glanced at her smooth shaven
cunt which she was stroking with her long fingers.

“I hope I haven’t embarrassed you,” she said. “It’s just
that I couldn’t help myself. Tell me you enjoyed it too.”

I lifted the wet cotton to my face and rubbed it over my
mouth and nose.

“Mmmm, that feels good,” I said as the cold material with
its strong acidic smell touched my senses. I sucked the
cotton and she lay back, gently playing with herself,
reassured she had found a partner who understood and

From then on we planned our outings to give us maximum
peeing pleasure. We also looked for novelty, new ways of
expressing our love of peeing in public places for sexual

In private our games were more relaxed. She liked me to
pee over her in the bath, she laying back, fully dressed,
while I stood over her, directing the jet to her face,
her tits and what she liked most, a strong jet place
precisely on her clitoris.

Sometimes she would pull her knickers to one side and let
the piss hit her cunt directly and others she wanted the
cotton to shield it from the direct hit. Either way I
would go down and lick her between her legs once I had
She would do the same for me, straddling my face and
peeing all over it, or just standing in the shower and
peeing indiscriminately over my body.

She returned from work one day and told me of an odd
experience. She and three other women from her office
went to the pub at lunchtime and one of them, Alice, had
recently joined the firm. She was a handsome middle -aged
woman, and had squirmed so much on her barstool it had
attracted Angela’s attention. She thought it looked like
she felt when she was on a peeing in public adventure.

Alice didn’t go to the toilet in the pub so Angela
followed her into the office toilets. She looked under
the toilet door where Alice’s feet could be seen. Her
knickers were not round her ankles. Perhaps she just
pulled them down to
her knees. Then came the moan followed by a tinkle as a
trickle of pee hit the water. For a woman desperate for a
piss, the trickle just didn’t sound right.

Then it hit Angela, Alice was pissing in her pants. The
moan continued, a long sinuous sound of pleasure taking.
Angela was desperate to know what was going on and went
into the next cubicle. The moaning stopped instantly but
the muffled trickling continued.

Then the sound of Alice standing up, flushing and opening
the door. Angela wasn’t quick enough and Alice was gone
before she could join her. She checked the cubicle, but
found no clue as to what Alice had done.

Back in the open plan office, Alice sat at her desk some
way from Angela but when she got up, Angela knew what to

When everyone had left, she went over to Alice’s desk and
sniffed the seat. The delicious smell of urine, greeted
her. She could have licked the seat. So Alice
was a pee person too. Now she had to find a way of
revealing herself so that Alice was not frightened off.
She wasn’t sure why, but she just thought having
somebody else sharing our interest would make it all more

She courted Alice a lot after that and they become quite
good work friends though it was never suggested that they
meet outside. Angela would check for all the pee signs
but didn’t have much luck until quite by chance she found
herself already in the toilet just after work when Alice
came in. She knew it was Alice when she saw the shoes
under the cubicle wall and Alice clearly thought she was
alone as Angela hadn’t locked her door. Luckily Alice
chose the next cubicle while Angela lifted her legs out
of view.

Angela heard a rustle as Alice lifted her dress she
supposed and could not resist the urge to look over the
top of the cubicle. Alice was leaning back on the toilet
seat, her eyes closed, her legs spread wide. She was
wearing black stockings and expensive pink silk
directoire knickers.

Her hand was down the front of her knickers and she
masturbated as a dark patch appeared at the crutch of the
knickers, as she peed into them. The golden stream
gathered force and started pouring through the silk and
rivulets of dark appeared in the legs as pee was forced
to flow down her thighs and dribble out of the
elastisized leg openings.

Alice was gasping with pleasure, sure she was alone, and
her eyes stayed closed. Angela, though both thrilled and
fascinated at what she was seeing knew she had to stop
watching. Alice came with a small screech followed by a
long moan.

Angela listened as the toilet flushed and heard Alice’s
heels clattering out of the washroom.

She was so aroused she wanted to stay and pee her own
white cotton knickers but knew this was not a chance to
be missed.

She caught Alice in the lift and as they walked out of
the building said she had to do some shopping. Would
Alice like to join her?

The pair went into a large department store and Angela
took them to the lingerie section.

“I do like nice underwear, it just makes me feel so
good,” declared Angela.

“Me too,” said Alice, laughing, “although my taste is a
little old fashioned for you youngsters.”

“How do you mean,” asked Angela.

“Well I like old fashioned silk directoire knickers and
French knickers, stockings and nice lace suspenders.
They’re the things which make me feel feminine.”

“Golly, I’m not sure what directoire knickers are,” said

“I’ll show you,” said Alice cheerfully.

Angela followed her to a rack and watched as Alice pulled
a pair of pink silk directoire knickers from a shelf and
held them against her.

“They feel gorgeous when you’ve got them on, I love the
feel of the silk against my skin,” she said. “You should
try them.”

Angela took her cue. “Well I will if you recommend them
so highly” she said hesitantly.

With a stroke of boldness she looked directly at Alice
and asked: “are you wearing them now?”

“Yes,” replied Alice, not in the least put out by the
outrageous question.

“Come into the cubicle with me while I try them on,” said
Angela and the pair squeezed into the tiny space with a
mirror wall.

Angela lifted her short pleated skirt and showed off her
pristine white cotton knickers under her dark tights.
Alice looked with more interest than was proper but said

Peeling off her tights and knickers Angela stood with her
skirt round her waist with her hairless cunt on show.
Alice was looking at it in the mirror.

“You are gorgeous,” she whispered, her hand brushing
across Angela’s mound.

Angela signaled her assent by parting her legs to allow
Alice’s gentle fingers to travel between her lips,
teasing out her labia and sliding through the warm flow
of juice. Angela bit her lip, and put her arm round
Alice’s waist to encourage her, flicking up her dress
from behind to feel her silk covered bottom. As she
expected it was still wet, soaking in fact from Alice’s
earlier activity.

Alice gasped as she realised what she had just revealed.

“I had a bit of an accident at the office today,” she
blurted, “I didn’t quite make it to the loo. They were
all taken so I just wet myself.”

“It’s all right,” murmured Angela. “I think we have
something important in common.”

As she spoke she allowed a little dribble of pee to come
out of her cunt and on to Alice’s hand.

“I’d better not do any more here, but I must go somewhere
soon,” she said.

The pair of them went to a nearby bar and spoke frankly
about their shared interest. Alice was thrilled to have
found someone with a fellow feeling and when she heard
that I was into it as well, was even more intrigued.

Angela asked her how she had got into peeing. Alice told
her how she had wet the bed as a child and her father or
sometimes her mother, would spank her.

“I was about ten years old and my father put me over his
knee and spanked me for wetting my bed and I felt his
erection. Of course I didn’t know it was an erection
then, but it pressed against my clitoris by accident or
design as my father pulled my nightdress up and spanked
my bare bottom and I had my first orgasm. I guess the
association of peeing in bed, spanking and orgasm came
together and I just find peeing an almost orgasmic
experience in itself but it has to be urgent, a desperate
need to go. If I go in the normal way it’s just normal.
Of course, I rarely do.”

“And the directoire knickers?” asked Angela.

“That started when I stayed with an aunt and she had
them. I tried them on one day and also had a wonderful
pee in them and the whole feeling was so good. I tried
her French knickers as well for a completely different

“Tell me about it,” said Angela, eyes lighting up.

Alice leaned forward and lowered her voice. “French
knickers have as you know, wide legs so there is nothing
to stop your pee just flowing down your thighs. But the
soft silk or satin swings as you walk and rubs gently
against you and that’s when I do it. I can walk down the
street and piss in my French and feel the hot pee trickle
and then stream down my thighs and legs until it leaves a
trail on the sidewalk. It’s terribly dangerous, but it
just about brings me off in public. I can nip into a
doorway or even sit in a caf�, reach up and finger myself
without anybody knowing and I just come.”

“Wow,” said Angela, “and I thought we were adventurous.”

Alice looked at her with a wicked grin. “Shall we do it?”
she said.

“What do you mean? Here?” laughed Angela.

Alice nodded.

They drank four half pints of lager each over the next
hour and soon both were squirming on their stools. Alice
crossed her legs and her body tensed.
Angela pressed her thighs together and swallowed hard.

“What’s happening for you?” she asked Alice.

“I’m getting there, the pressure is building. I am going
to piss in my silk directoire knickers right here, ” she

“Me too, I am going to pee into my white cotton knickers
in public.”

Alice said: “It’s happening, I am letting a trickle of
piss squirt out and into my knickers.”

“Me too,” said Angela. “come on we’d better go before the
stools are soaking.”

They dashed outside where it was now dark. Alice leaned
against the wall and just let a stream of pee surge down
her legs, hidden mostly by her long skirt. Angela was
doing the same but the effect was more obvious as her pee
coursed down her bare legs and dribbled on to the

“I must touch myself ,” said Alice and the pair looked
round for a safe place.
They decided to go back in the bar and use the washroom,
both of them squeezed into a cubicle.

Angela giggled and said it was not quite as well
appointed as the changing room in the store but then they
knew each other better now.

Alice had her skirt up round her waist and her hand down
the front of her pink silk knickers and was furiously
masturbating as her piss still poured out,
darkening the material almost black.

Angela pulled her knickers down to her ankles and
squatted over the toilet bowl to try and direct her piss
into it. Some of it inevitably went astray and poured
over Alice who was peeling her wet knickers off to expose
an engorged cunt covered in thick black hair that ran
down the inside of her thighs. She adjusted
her position to catch more of Angela’s piss on her thighs
and some over her stomach so it rolled down to mingle
with her pubic hair.

In turn, Alice’s piss was now dribbling over Angela who
had come off the bowl to get nearer. The pair clung to
each other, their last dribblings mingling together.

Angela feeling the wet bushiness of Alice’s hair and
rubbing her own smooth shaven cunt against it, feeling
Alice’s fingers still masturbating, and now arousing her
own clitoris.

Alice came with a muffled scream and as her mouth opened,
Angela could not resist kissing it and Alice could not
resist responding their tongues meshing and lips
pressing. Angela pressed her clitoris against Alice’s
fingers and she took over, swirling the hard clitoris
until Angela came, her body going rigid and her legs
opening wider, inviting Alice’s fingers inside her,
pushing the soaking cotton to one side to gain entry.

They returned to the bar looking as innocent as any other
businesswomen out for a drink before going home.

“Do you have a man in your life?” asked Angela.

“You mean am I a lesbian,” laughed Alice.

“Well that too.”

“I have been married and divorced and currently I am
attached to nobody in particular although men sometimes
take me out and sometimes, if I like them, we fuck. Am I
a lesbian? I don’t think so, I just like physical contact
with warm soft people like you, I suppose. I’m just
curious. What about you?”

“I have a boy friend who shares my interests and who is
very horny which suits me,” said Angela. “As for lesbian
tendencies, I do get turned on by certain girls and
women. I often try and imagine their underwear and of
course I wonder if they pee themselves.”

She explained how she had suspected Alice as only a
fellow pisser would have noticed and drawn the right

They parted, looking forward to their next meeting at

“Wow,” I said, stunned and excited by this tale, I had a
raging erection and had to pull my cock out for Angela to

“Do you want to pee into my mouth” she said. Did I.

She stroked my balls and ran her fingers through my thick
pubic hair as she squatted down in the bathroom.

She took my cock in her mouth and using one hand to
gently wank it, she pulled her white knickers to one side
with the other. She was going to pee tool.

I watched as the golden stream spurted on to my feet.

She stopped sucking my cock and held it a little way from
her mouth waiting for my jet which came in a few seconds,
pouring over her face as she moved to catch it in her
mouth and swallow it noisily.

“Next time, which won’t be too long,” she said as we both
finished, I want to sit on your face and piss into your
mouth so not a drop is lost.”

“What are we going to do about Alice,” I asked. “Will I
get to meet her or are you going to keep her as your
special friend?”

She said, she would arrange a meeting on Saturday in the
country pub we had used on our first adventure.

When Alice arrived I was impressed. She was of medium
build, with curly auburn hair, a full figure by which I
mean she wasn’t fat nor was she skinny.

Comfortable might be the word. Her full lips a fine nose
and firm chin made her quite striking. I didn’t know her
age but I guessed she was in her early forties and
looking very well on it. She wore a cream button through
dress and had left a button too far undone so that as she
walked there was a glimpse of her stocking tops, almost
an illusion. Wow, so she was a bit of an exhibitionist as

When the women ordered pints of beer I knew we were in
for some serious action quite soon.

Alice was not only not nervous but much more self-assured
than Angela’s description had led me to believe. In fact
she was positively bold, asking me about my pissing
fantasies and showing signs of arousal as I described
some of the fun Angela and I had together.

We were all drinking a lot in anticipation of what was to
come, when Alice said, “I dare us all to have a full piss
right here in the pub, in the bar not in the washroom.”

We were stunned. We usually bottled out of going full
public. We got our thrills from the knowledge we had just
done something very naughty and then from doing it
together in private.

“But I’ve got an erection,” I said. “How am I supposed to
do it. I’d piss over the bar if I let go now.”

“Yes, she said, “we can’t have you being arrested for
indecency. I know, Angela and I will do a little
exhibitionism. We will show our cunts off so that people
will hardly believe what they’ve seen. Do you know what I
mean. We’ll find something for you to do later, ” she
smiled at me.

Angela was eager to get on with her part of the dare.

She was dressed like an adult schoolgirl in a pleated
wrap-over mini-kilt, white knee socks and a white blouse
with a striped tie. She had even put her dark hair in

She took the pin out of her kilt so it opened as she
walked and then, slipped off her white cotton knickers
and put them in her bag. She walked towards the bar, her
kilt swinging with her hips and I knew she was exposing
her shaven cunt for a millisecond and those who saw it
would wonder if they had really seen what they had seen.
She got to the bar and leaned over it as if to point
something out low down on the other side.

As her skirt rode up her naked arse appeared briefly and
then was gone. She brought the drinks back to the table,
bending over to put them down so her arse, with her fat
cunt pressed between her thighs was exposed again. Alice
was impressed.

“I’ll have to work hard to match that,” she said, taking
a sip of her drink and deliberately letting some of it
spill on to her cream dress so it ran over her breasts.
Her nipples responded instantly and her braless tits
appeared as though she was naked, brown nipples sticking
out and pressing the material into a pointed mound.

She got up and walked towards the washroom, apparently
trying to cover her tits but not doing it too well, in
fact drawing attention to them. But it was over so
quickly, few in the bar believed what they had seen. It
was little different when she returned, If anything her
tits were more exposed as she had undone a couple of
buttons and as she leaned forward, they actually fell out
of her dress and swung briefly before she tucked them
back in and sat back laughing.

“I am so enjoying this,” she giggled. “For the first time
in my life, I’ve found people who share my way of looking
at life. It’s so liberating and it doesn’t hurt anybody,
except the occasional bartender who has to mop up after
us I suppose.”

My task was simple. I just walked across the toilets with
my massive erection poking out of the top of my jeans, my
loose button up shirt swinging open to give a glimpse to
the really attentive.

We had attracted a lot of attention and what to do next
was a puzzle.

Angela started it. She simply stood up and walked out
with a trickle of pee running along the carpet between
her legs. Alice followed doing the same thing and I just
had to leave as nonchalantly as I could.

Outside the women had gone behind a car and were both
squatting down, skirts up round their waists, piss
pouring out of their cunts. Angela was fondling Alice’s
cunt as she peed, the urine pouring over her hand, while
Alice was doing the same to Angela. I pulled my cock out
and sent a spurt skyward which rained down on the pair
who turned their faces up to catch what they could.

Back at the apartment, we went to bed and enjoyed a very
relaxed three-way fuck. Alice turned out to be both
inventive and active, licking Angela to orgasm and
inviting me to fuck her in the arse. Her cunt was
especially hairy and made a nice contrast to Angela’s
shaven smooth mound and puffy lips.

Alice was sucking my cock and I was about to come and
told her so. I asked if I could come in her mouth. She
withdrew and smiled.

“Don’t be disgusting,” she said.

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