Middle-Aged mom to my Cum Sponge
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“Keith, darling. Do you think your mother is a slut?” Karen asked.
The boy grinned down at his middle-aged mom , his stiff prick half
crammed up her big ass.
“Dunno, Mom. Do most Sons get to fuck their Mothers up the butt?”
“Noooooo…. No, Keith. And I guess most other Mommies don’t suck
off their Son’s big boners, either. And I’ll even bet they would never
allow their Son”s to bathe with them, or even play naked together in
Keith snickered, then sunk another few inches of his Crisco slathered
prick into his mother’s itchy asshole.
“Some people are weird, Mom. Squirm your asscheeks a little more.”

Karen Thibedeau was 47 years old. She’d been a tantalyzingly stacked
and pretty brunette in her twenties and thirties. Now her hair had a
touch of grey; and her big breasts hung heavier and lower on her chest.
Her ass had widened to matronly proportions. All of this never failed
to get her Son”s cock rock hard. She took her kid’s erection as a
compliment, and now felt a mother’s obligation to bring relief to his
It was a task she attended to several times a day.

“Ummm! Okay, Keith,” the aging mother on hands and knees groaned,
bracing her mature body for a delicious assault. “Go ahead, Son. Pump
it in and out of Mommy’s butt really, really hard! Do it, Son!”
His big balls slapping loudly against his mom’s upturned ass cheeks,
Keith fucked her fast and hard, reaching under her soft body to lewdly
grope Karen’s sagging boobs.
“Oh yeah! Your old ass feels great, Mom. Wiggle your buns some
more… yeah, like that! Can I slap your ass a coupla times for fun?”
“Oooo! That sounds wonderful dear. Eeeee! And feels wonderful too!
Oh God! I guess Mommy is a slut, Keith. A horny old fucking lady!
Most mothers are cooking dinner for their Son’s right now — and here I
am with your teenage cock inside me! Another Mom might complain if her
boy spilled his milk. But –ooooooo! Keith! — I let you spill your cum
all over my face!”
“Yeah!” her boy pulled his shit-stained prick from Karen’s
stretch-marked bottom. “Yeah, turn over, Mom! I wanna fuck ya between
the tits an’ shoot my load on you!”
“Why, certainly , Keith! An older Mom must keep her teenager happy.
And if a boy needs to squirt his cum all over his Mother’s face to be
happy — oh, even if he needs to smear his creamy glop all over her
lipstick mouth, making her eat it — why, then, Keith, this Mom is only
too happy to indulge herself in such enlightened activities!”
“That’s good, Mom, “cause I’ve sure got a jumbo sized load. And I
can’t wait to splatter it all over you!”
The happy boy got on top of his loving mother, straddling her
ribcage. He leered at the pale flesh of her drooping melons, playing
with her goosebumped areole and plucked a single coarse hair from
Karen’s left nipple.
“Oops! Thank you darling. Older women sometimes get a hair or two
growing on their breasts.
“It’s cool, Mom.”
He mauled her flesh for awhile then slipped his throbbing meat
between her sweaty clevage and began fucking his mother’s spongy tits.
“Oh, Keith, sweetheart! This is sooooo obscene! And fun too, isn’t
it? ”
The shameless parent opened her mouth and hung her tongue out, ready
for Keith’s cock syrup to spread across her face like she was a plate of
“Awww, Mom, you look so slutty like that. Can’t hold it! You’re
making me cum! It’s gonna shoot! Ahhhhhhhh! Mommeeeeeee!!!”
Keith’s cock exploded all over Karen’s face, hair and tits. Huge
gobs stained the woman obscenely, making the mature mom look like a
day-old glazed donut.
He laughed at her as he beat out the last few squirts and wiped the
knob on his mom’s salt n pepper hair like it was his cum sponge, dizzy
in his brain over what his own mother just let him do.
“You’re a slut, Mommy! Mommy’s a slut! A fuck cunt old slut! Aw,
Mommy! That felt so good, Mommy! I love your made-up face, Mommy, the
way my cum drips down your chin onto your tits! Awwwww…!”
He collapsed onto his mother’s frosted flesh, his mouth seeking hers,
his thick tongue sinking into it for a deep, tongue slurping french
“Oh, Keith,” Karen sighed, lolling in a puddle of her son’s cum, “I”m
so happy to have a beautiful young son like you…. Keith, Mommy wants
to do something extra special with you now. Would you like to come into
the bathroom with me, darling? I want you to see me pee. I’ll spread
my legs so you can see it flowing right out of my body? Would you like
that, Son?”
“Oh, man, would I!”

The mother swung her cum dripping ass sexily from side to side as she
led her boy into the bathroom.
The night’s fun at the Thibedeau home was just beginning.

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