A Birthday Wish Come True
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He entered the lobby, nervous at what he was planning, but
also eager to complete it successfully and see how she handled
it. He ran a gloved hand over the frosted intercom panel,
stopping and pressing one labeled “9 – Sanders” and cleared his

“Yes?” It was the sound he’d fallen in love with – the
voice of this woman he’d never met, but knew as intimately as he
knew himself.

He immediately assumed the lazy Southern drawl he’d been
practicing, covering his normally flat voice. “Phone company,
miss. You a ‘Ms. Sanders’ who wants a second line installed?”
“Oh, yes; you’re early – the person at the office said this
afternoon-” the disembodied voice replied.

“Well, yer lucky; my first call was supposed to be a repair
job that’d take all morning, but they cancelled.” He was having
trouble not adding small things like “darling” or “my lovely

“Good; the sooner I get the line installed, the sooner I
can log-on and-” The rest of her plans were drowned out by a
harsh metallic buzz. He grabbed his toolbox and reached to open
the door, unable to suppress a grin at the irony of her
statement. He breathed deeply as he mounted the half-flight of
stairs, shaking his head to rid himself of any stage fright.
He’d always worried about the wrong things before – surely this
meant that all would go well? The hard part was getting his
body to believe it.

He concentrated on projecting the image of an American
phone technician on his first job of the day. A coil of cable
was over his left shoulder, a large tool-case in his right hand
and blue, insulated coveralls obscuring his body from neck to
ankle. A hard hat covered his dark hair – ‘she’d spot that
right away after what she said upon getting my picture’ he
thought – and to complete the facade a worn, weathered clipboard
in his left hand.

He stepped to the correct door, stuck his gloves in a
pocket, placed his toolbox on the floor, and rapped on the door.
To add to the illusion, he stood on his toes – adding to his
apparent height. He also grabbed a pen from his chest pocket
and started ‘writing’ on the clipboard held *just* in between
the fish-eye and his face – right-handed to further lull his
prey from detecting her “Grammar-Checker”.

He was rewarded with a series of clicks and the door
opened. “I’d like the plug near the table over there-” she said
as she pointed back into the apartment, and gasped as the ‘phone
technician’ dropped his things and hugged her, surprising her
with a deep, passionate kiss. She felt the bristle of his
moustache, myopically saw the small scar on his cheek, and
stopped resisting. When they ran out of breath, they separated
and she cried out his name with a child-like look of delight on
her face. “What ARE you doing here?”

“Gee, what do you THINK, lover? We’ve both been champing
at the bit to meet finally.”

“How’d you do all this?”

“Simple – you mentioned that you were finally getting an
ISP and extra phone line. I stayed at that motel just outside
Geneva and waited to see a phone company van to go by – handy
thing, you living in a small town. I was lucky enough for it to
pull into a gas station on the way. When the driver went in to
pay, I slipped up and took a peek at the work orders.”

“But what if I’d have been the first client of the day, or
if he hadn’t stopped?”

“Just lucky I guess – there’s only so much planning you can
do. Anyway, happy birthday.”

They kissed again. “Thank you; it’s not ’til Wednesday,
but I think this is a wonderful gift. One question remains –
how could you even afford a plane ticket? You never got that
work term in Kansas City!”

“Well, there’s an interesting story that will explain my
ability to be with the one I love…but that will wait for
lunch; right now we’ve got some things to attend to.” His mouth
curled into a salacious, wolf-like grin – showing her what he’d
meant every time he added “<sg>” to an email comment. He turned
to grab his things in the hall and was rewarded with a slap on
the buttocks.


“Hmmm, looks better in person,” she replied.

“Well, it’s had some exercise since my last batch of photos
– I was hoping to surprise you when you picked me up at the

“But you called and said your school could only get work
terms for six students with the government,” the woman pressed.

“Yes, that was true, BUT this will wait ’til we’re eating a
meal.” He dropped his tools and pulled her into his embrace.
He kissed her again, his tongue lancing between her lips and
sliding across her teeth to brush lightly against hers. She
moaned, and massaged his shoulder blades, stroking up and down
his back. He broke off, stood back to behold her in her comfy
clothes of a sweat suit, and growled like a great cat. “You
look even more beautiful than I’d hoped!”

“Liar; even you’ve gotta admit that my choice of clothing
leaves something to be desired.”

“On the contrary, your apparel is loose enough to let the
imagination work away, yet tight enough to show off your lovely
curves. You are inarguably the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever
beheld,” he spoke with absolute sincerity.

“Even?” she asked, worried of his response.

“Yes, even Angela. She was only a girl – she never lived
long enough to mature into a woman. I admired her lithe,
athletic form, and she had a cute face, but even my rose-tinted
memories of her pale when gaze upon your lovely body.”

“And you’re okay?” she pressed, concerned.

His features softened from lust to appreciation. “Yes, and
thank you for caring to ask. I still regret her death – the
world became just slightly colder and impersonal when she passed
away, but I don’t feel pain when I think of our time together.
I *certainly* don’t blame myself anymore – just remember that
you’re doing all the driving when we’re together!” he exclaimed
with a grin creasing his features, dimples just barely forming
beyond the ends of his moustache.

She smiled, relieved at his happiness. “Good, and now…”
she let the last word linger seductively. He responded to this
with a throaty bark, shot forward and gathered her up in his
arms. He then proceeded to glance around in comical confusion.

“Um, this seemed like a good idea at the time – which way to
your ‘place d’amour’?”

She glanced pointedly in the correct direction and wrapped
her arms around his neck. He whipped his head back, dislodging
his hard hat. They proceeded swiftly into her boudoir. He
dumped her unceremoniously onto the bed, looking up to admire
the furnishing. “A genuine four-poster…” He stroked one of
the ornate posts supporting the canopy above them.

“I found it at a rummage sale – it wasn’t too expensive,
and has been quite useful in the past,” she purred, loosening
her clothing and kicking off her slippers. He glanced back to
her, his eyes raking possessively over her body as he shrugged
out of his coveralls, clad only in a pair of tented jockey

“My, grandma what a big-” she intoned in a ‘little girl
voice’, not much different from her normal mode of speech. “All
the better to *love* you with, dearie,” he retorted in the
breaking half-screech of an elderly woman. He ripped off his
boots and kicked free of his jump suit, and walked up to the
bed. She started to pull off her top, but he stopped her. “Let
me,” he commanded, and started to stroke her belly, sliding his
hands underneath the sweatshirt. “Mmmmmm,” she purred.
“You sure you haven’t studied massage?”

“Nothing specific, but I’ve learned what feels good. Oh,
and remember – it’s been seven years; I’m out of practice.” He
started to push the top upwards gradually as he continued
kneading her flesh. “I’m sure you’ve got preferences, so feel
free to let me know if I could do anything better.”

“Ohhhh, I can’t think of anything yet…”

He took another couple of minutes to bring the sweater up
to her shoulders, avoiding her breasts the whole time. He then
snapped her arms up, whipped off the article of clothing, and
extricated her glasses from it, replacing them over her eyes.
She held her breath, expectantly.

“Ahhhh – Beautiful,” he breathed as his fingertips traced
delicate patterns around the two globes in front of him.

“You’re sure they’re not too small for my body?” was the
concerned question.

“Hardly, they’re fantastic – remember the line from _Weird
Science_? ‘Anything more than a handful is wasted.'” His
attentions were evoking some response from her body. He leaned
down and ran the point of his outstretched tongue around the rim
of her areola. She shivered and the nipple stiffened. He
flicked across it, and proceeded to do the same with her other
breast. His hands stroked their soft undersides, running up the
sides to rest on them, thumbs over her now hard nubbins. His
mouth slid down to kiss the valley between them and his digits
started to rub circles over the tips of her breasts. She
moaned, took his head in her hands, and pulled him up to her

Their lips met quickly, hungrily sucking each other’s taste
into their own mouths, their tongues attempting to fuse
together. She withdrew to breathe, and he nibbled on her lower
lip. He then eased up, and playfully licked the underside of
her nose, between her nostrils. She cooed, and started to knead
his chest in reply to his hands’ ministrations. His nose nudged
her glasses up onto her forehead and he kissed each closed eye.
He lay on his side next to her and whispered in her ear, his hot
breath distracting her from his meaningless words.

She rolled to face him, kissed his cheek and announced “You
keep that up and I’m gonna have to get out the restraints!” He
chuckled in reply to her standing joke of “two fun-filled weeks
of being tied to my bed” that he had won. She slid down his
body, kissing and massaging as she went, and eliciting contented
sighs from her visitor. Eventually she reached the only
clothing he was still wearing. She glanced up and asked,
grinning “May I see the fruit of your loom?”

“What-” he stopped as he realized the gist of her request.
He smiled and shrugged good-naturedly. She returned her
attention to the task at hand, hooking her index fingers into
his waistband and inching the shorts down. He was stimulated by
the friction of the elastic on his member as it was slowly
revealed, and gritted his teeth in anticipation. She tugged the
underwear past the tip, and his cock sprang out, fully erect.

“Well, I guess you ARE happy to see me!” She gasped.

“Gee – I’m offended you even thought otherwise,” he chided.

“Careful, man – you *are* in a compromising position!” She
playfully tapped his head, and he flinched with excitement.

“Mental note: never upset a woman who has you by the short
and curlies,” he breathed as she began to inspect her new toy.
He squirmed as she stroked his length and then ran a finger over
his circumcised head. He gasped a warning to her “Careful with
that thing – it’s loaded and hasn’t been ‘fired in anger’ in a
long time!”

“Well, there’s only one way of ‘clearing the barrel’, you
know,” she replied and continued to stroke him. He moaned and
clenched the sheets in his hands. She massaged his balls with
her free hand, evoking a shiver in his body.
“I can’t -” he hissed and came; his semen flying from his prick
to land on his groin and her bare breasts and abdomen.
“I…I’m…sorry,” he gasped, visibly shaken.

“Don’t worry, it was a long time coming, and I’m sure your
gentlemanly nature won’t leave a lady unsatisfied,” she teased,
twirling a finger in one pool of his cum on her chest. “Hmm,
now what *can* we do in the meantime…” Her smile was
suggestive and faintly cat-like.

He inhaled, turning it into a predatory snarl as he raised
himself up and stalked across to her, lapping his jism from her
breasts. She glanced down in surprise. His gaze met hers as he
began to massage her nipples. “No, I’ve never done that before
– it’s a little bitter, but if it gives me a chance to suckle
these lovely orbs…”

He stopped talking as he ran his tongue around her tit,
decreasing the circles he made and stopped at the areola,
clasping its tip between his lips.
“Mmmmmmmmm” she groaned, and leaned back against the bedpost as
his tongue tickled her entrapped nipple.

He cleaned her other breast, and then began to work down
her belly, stroking her scar with his mouth – pausing only to
murmur “beautiful”. He shifted his weight back onto his knees,
provoking a pair of loud clicks.
Her eyes shot open. “Your knees-” she began.

He chuckled and silenced her with a kiss. “Relax – it
sounds a LOT worse than it is – it doesn’t hurt at all, in fact.
It’s just a very unsettling thing to hear, as I’m sure you’ll
agree!” She acquiesced, but her face still showed signs of

“God, you really do care for me that much, don’t you?” he
asked with a look of admiration and wonderment.

“But of course, ‘I’m offended you even thought otherwise’,”
she mimicked.

His arms encircled her and he hugged her tightly. “I love you,
darling,” he whispered in her ear. “And just to show you how
much…” He resumed his ministrations to her lower torso,
untying the cord of the sweatpants she began to loosen ten
minutes and half a year ago. His hands massaged her hips,
pushing the waistband of the pants slowly down. She grabbed the
post behind her and raised her buttocks, permitting him to
remove her last article of clothing. He paused and regarded her
mound, entranced.

“You’re not put-off by my c-section scar?” she asked with

“Are you offended by my paunch?” He leaned back and puffed
out his chest and belly. “It’s not as bad as when I took my
photo – gotten a lot of exercise – but it’s FAR from a physique
I used to have. Even so, I haven’t heard any complaints…” he
finished, as sly grin taking possession of his features.

“Well, now that you mention it -” she began. He laughed,
and pulled her back towards him, kissing her deeply and
passionately to quell any criticism.

“<gasp> No – I don’t find it at all unattractive, love. It
is part of what makes you YOU. How could I not love it?” he
said, brushing a lock of hair from her forehead. “Besides,” he
continued, holding her as he lay back and rolled their bodies
over on the bed, “it gives me a landmark to follow in the dark!”
He demonstrated what he meant by running his tongue down the
ridge to her bush, sliding off the bed. He paused and inhaled
her musky scent, nuzzling her mound.

Grabbing a pillow, he raised her hips and adjusted the
angle of her pelvis, resting her legs on his shoulders. He
kissed the insides of her thighs, his lips a butterfly that
alighted on her sensitive flesh every inch or so.

“You gonna mess around down there all morning or are you
gonna DO something, lover? I got the Phone Company coming by
this afternoon,” she called in frustration.

“Just for that, I think I’ll do a little more sight-
seeing!” He felt fingers entwine themselves in his curls and
pull his head into the vertex of her legs. He ran his tongue
roughly across the length of her labia; it had the effect he


His lingual muscle traced around her labia, sampling the
traces of moisture already there. After some coaxing by his
mouth, her lower lips opened like the petals of a flower as they
were engorged in blood, becoming warm to the touch. As his
hands locked with hers, he plunged into her slit and stroked the
silky insides with his taste buds. His efforts were awarded
with a seeping of honey-like fluid, which he lapped up eagerly.
Satiated, he shifted his attention to the apex of her cunt. Her
‘third nipple’ swelled as he flicked it with his tongue, causing
her to shiver and squeeze his hands. Then he returned to her
love nest, lancing his tongue deep within her depths. He began
to fuck her orally, the bristles of his moustache brushing her
clitoris with every stroke.

“Oooo…nnnn…nnnnggggggghhhhh” was his partner’s only
utterance. Taking this as encouragement, the man increased his
pace, only to have his eyes bug out as he felt fingernails dig
into the backs of his hands. Her hips lifted from the cushion,
her back bridging – supported by her shoulders and her thighs on
his shoulders. Her moans took a more urgent tone, and the flow
of her honey increased. He continued his assault on her nether
regions, and was rewarded with a cry of “NnnnnaaaaaAA-AA-AA-AA!”
and a trickle of pearly essences over his mouth and chin.

He gradually eased his pace but did not stop as the woman
above him shook and spasmed. As she came down from the plateau
of her orgasm, he ceased his thrusting and started to clean her
genitalia, carefully avoiding her clit. As he slid up alongside
her, she panted and gasped to him “Thank…you…that…was…”

“As enjoyable for me as it obviously was for you,” he
interrupted, placing a finger on her lips to silence her. “You
just relax and catch your breath.” He cuddled in close to her,
kissing her lightly. She kissed back and sucked her juices from
his facial hair. “See, I *told* you I’d find sexual uses for
that caterpillar of yours.”

“YOU? Gee, so how did you plant the idea in my head –
telepathy, or was I just too enraptured by your beauty to
remember hearing you suggest things?” he asked jovially.

“Whatever,” she replied, turning her back to him. “Hold

“Gladly.” He slipped one arm underneath her biceps, and
wrapped his other over her body to meet its mate on her chest.
He tugged her tightly to him, luxuriating in her warmth. He
tilted his head and kissed the nape of her neck, his hands
slowly caressing her upper arms.

After a short pause, her breathing slowed and she
apparently noticed his dick pressing insistently into the crack
of her ass. “So, is your little friend ready for another round?”

“Oh, you could say he’s up for the challenge!” he smiled as
she playfully swatted his arm. She reached down behind her and
shifted his penis down between her legs.

“Hold on, dear – Stubby’s not dressed for the party yet.”

“Didn’t you hear? It’s come as you are.”

“Be that as it may, I know you’ve only been back on the
Pill for a couple of weeks at most, and that’s not long enough.
So…” He rolled away from her, reached down to the floor,
opened his tool box, and took a little foil wrapper from within.
“I’d be a poor technician if I didn’t bring appropriate safety
gear with me!”

“Oh, yes, and do I get to see the rest of your tools?” she
asked suggestively, propping herself up on her elbow.

“All in due course, my impetuous little lap-dancer,” he
answered, grinning at her curiosity.

“I seem to recall we were about to do something else…”

“Oh, all right,” she complained insincerely, a smile
creeping onto her face as he opened the package. “So, who gets
to dress him up?”

“Flip you for it?”

“Sure; do you want to be flipped on your head or your
tail?” she teased, laughing as he playfully punished her for the
bad joke. “Enough – enough! I surrender – how about this? We
both do it.”

“Fair enough,” he assented and drew the condom from the
foil. He steadied himself, and with his free hand grasped the
opposite end of the ‘ring’ as she placed it at the tip of his
manhood. Together they rolled it down his length, with him
shivering at every touch of her hand.

“Hmmm, it’s a little tight on you.”

“Yes, I would notice something like that, darling,” he
teased, “I’ll confess that it’s not ‘as big around as a tuna
can’, but it IS ‘longer than three inches’!”

“Yes, I can finally confirm that,” she replied, encircling
him with her hand. They stopped talking as he rolled her onto
her back, replacing the pillow under her hips, taking the
opportunity of stroking her buttocks as he did so. He kneeled
between her thighs, cracking his joints again. She flinched.

“Sorry, but then it’s better than farting, isn’t it?” he
exclaimed, trying to disarm the tension.

“Enough talk,” she commanded and resumed her grip on his
sheathed sword. She pulled him to the entrance of her cunt, and
he leaned down, placing his hands on the bed at her sides. He
shifted forward slightly and his head pressed its way into her.

“Ahhhhh…I’d almost forgotten how good that feels.”
“Oh, I hope you remember that it gets better,” she hissed
as she thrust her hips up to take him deeper inside her. He
reciprocated, and their groins met as they both exhaled loudly.
He began a slow, steady stroke, but was coaxed into a faster,
harder rhythm.

“My! Don’t we heat up quickly?” he commented.

“Remember that it’s been a while for me as well – I’ve been
saving myself for you.”

“Tsk…tsk…tsk,” he replied in time with his thrusts,
“we’ll…have…to…remedy…that…won’t…we?” He moistened
his thumb and reached down to massage her rosebud. She sighed
and pulled him down to her, their mouths locking in an embrace
as carnal as that of their lower bodies.

She stopped kissing and sucked his lower lip between her teeth,
pressing harder and harder as she approached her climax. He
managed to pull free of her painful grasp as she opened her
mouth to gasp as the orgasm rolled over her. When she relaxed,
he stopped stroking, rolled them over with her on top, and
started to buck her body up as he resumed his activity.

She sat up on his hips, taking his lead and riding his
prick. After a while, he withdrew from her vaginal embrace and
slid out from under her. He shifted around behind her, raising
her up onto her knees, and entered her pussy from the rear. She
braced her shoulders into the bed, and grasped the headboard as
she met his every thrust. She raised her head and asked,
“You’re still not ready…to…”

“I guess it’s my gentlemanly restraint coming back to me!”
He growled, voice belying his words.

“Ahhhhhhh-but don’t you mean ‘NOT coming’?”

“Keep that up love, and I’ll leave right now!” Again
contradictory to his speech, his hand started to massage her
mound, the pinkie finger running over her clit.

“Oh, don’t leave! Keep doing that! Mmmmmmmm…”

“Whatever…you…ask…” he rejoined, his breath coming in
gulps as his arousal increased. Their gentle shifting
accelerated into a heavy pace and they fucked with abandon as
they felt their passions rise to that pleasurable summit. A
sheen of perspiration glazed his face as he grabbed her hips in
an attempt to drive his cock even deeper into her cunt. Her
hands gripped the rungs of the antique headboard so tightly they
squeaked as she shifted to fuck him back as strongly as he was
doing her. Her face and breasts flushed, and she stiffened with
rapture, her vaginal muscles clasping his cock and pushing him
past the brink. He continued to pump into her as he came,
roaring with pleasure. As their orgasms faded, they collapsed
onto the bed. He rolled off of her back and lay gasping his
eyes squeezed shut. She shifted, sat up and took him in her

“Thank you, sweet prince,” she breathed and kissed the
latex-clad head of his cock. His entire body flinched, and his
hand grasped her wrist. “*Please* don’t do that – I’m really too
sensitive right now, even the contact of the condom is nearly

“Well, let’s get your little man out of his confining suit
then,” she replied and slipped the rubber from his manhood,
making him shake on the bed. “There, all done!” she exclaimed
proudly as she lay down to kiss him on the cheek. “Thank you –
that was wonderful.”

“Oh, the pleasure wasn’t solely yours and I’m sure the
credit doesn’t rest on my shoulders alone, my darling beauty,”
he responded and kissed her hair. He appeared to remember
something and shifted slightly toward the edge of the bed.

“Um, miss – I don’t think we’ve been formally introduced.”
He raised his hand up to shake hers palm-up as its mate
disappeared off the bed. “Mikel Torsson, my dear lady.” She
grasped his hand and answered “Nadine Sanders,” and sighed with
amusement as he leaned down and kissed the back of her hand.
Her sigh became a gasp as his left hand returned to sight and
placed the crimson flower in her captured hand. “I always said
I’d felt bad about that ’email rose’ being so insubstantial,

“Oh, Mikel – I LOVE you!” she cried out as she hugged him.

“Ow! Yep, should’ve taken those thorns out,” he exclaimed
as his arms resumed their comfortable embrace of her warm body.

“I love you too, Nadine – as much as it is humanly possible, and
possibly even a little more. I will happily be whatever you
wish – a friend, a lover, a servant, anything – I’ll be it. I
AM YOURS FOR AS LONG AS YOU WANT…I can only hope that it will
be a long, long time,” he finished, tears welling up in his
eyes. She kissed his chest, and pulled his body into hers even
more tightly, sniffing slightly.

They lay like that for a time, naked as the dawn, and held
each other as the afterglow of their passion made them drowsy.
He recognized it for what it was, pulled her head back, and
kissed a trail from her forehead, down her nose and onto her
lips. “Darling, as much as I would be the happiest man it the
world just to lie here and hold you for the rest of time, we
have a lunch date and I don’t think we’ll pass the dress code
like this. Does your plumbing give you enough hot water for two
showers, or must we share…feel free to lie if you can’t bear
to be away from my body from that long.” His mouth curled up
into an immoral grin. He fully expected the slap when it came,
but not where it was aimed.

“Ooo – aren’t we prideful all-of-a-sudden; you make a girl
come a few times an already you’re puffed up like a peacock!
But sadly, I’ve got plenty of hot water. To make matters worse,
the stall is a little small…”

“Oh, well – I guess my ego will have to take the
separation,” he said, releasing her and sitting up. “I gotta
dash down to the car anyway and grab some proper clothes – you
go first. Can I at least wash your back for you?”

“Done, and I’ll hold you to that.”

“Aw, I’d rather be held to your front,” he joked as he
stood to pull the jumpsuit over his naked form.

“Ugh, I hope you catch some hairs in the zipper!”

“Ooo, thanks for the reminder!” Mikel exclaimed as he
shrugged his shoulders into the coveralls. He moved one hand
over his patch of brown hair at the juncture of his legs before
the other hand pulled the zipper up. He bent down to kiss
Nadine again and whisper “Better get up and get in there – if
you’re not in the shower when I return, I won’t be able to help

“Mmmmmm, do I have to?”

“YES. Now, up!” He grasped her arms and tugged her to a
sitting position. He snaked his tongue over the side of her
neck. She kissed his cheek and moved her arms to encircle him.
He removed himself from her embrace and said, “I’m sorry for
kissing-and-running, but it looks like I’ll have to tease you
into the shower. I promise that you’ll get more when I get
back, if…” and grinned as he stepped back. He was rewarded
with his lover stretching and sliding off the bed. When he
turned to leave the bedroom, he stopped. “Um, Nadine darling?
Something just occurred to me – how will I get back into the

Mikel heard her moving around behind him – and she slipped
a key over his shoulder, which he easily caught. She then
pressed into his back and hugged him. “Hurry back, my man.”

“I promise, and you’ve seen that I keep my word.” Nadine
hands slipped away with a sigh, and she stepped towards the

He returned to the front door, and a shock jolted through
his gut – the door was ajar! He quickly scanned the room, and
saw no one. He’d only been through here once, though, and had
been too distracted to take an inventory of the items here; he
had no way of knowing if someone had burglarized the place while
Nadine and he were ‘busy’…

He pulled the door open and heaved it shut behind him –
breathing a sigh of relief as he heard a click. He was about to
start off for the outside and the parking lot, but something on
the floor attracted his attention.

The coil of wire and clipboard he’d used as props to
complete his surprise were sitting next to Nadine’s door, piled
neatly. Mikel thought back, and remembered dropping the
clipboard and spilling the coil off his left shoulder when he
hugged and kissed his beloved, so the wire should be in a messy
pile ON TOP of the board. Someone must’ve been here, and
cleaned up behind him! As he grabbed these things to return
them to the car, he noticed his benefactor had written something
on the blank sheet of paper he’d stuck under the clip – “Good
luck Pal!” Mikel carried his props out with a broad grin on his
face – there’d be nothing missing from Nadine’s apartment.

End of Chapter One
{empath} “A Birthday Wish Come True” ( M/F oral rom ) [2/4]

Copyright 1997, by Empath

This narrative contains subject matter that has been deemed
unfit for the perusal of those under the age of majority. A
good rule of thumb to follow is if you are unable to vote where
you live, don’t take the risk of getting caught reading this.
(That also covers the less ‘enlightened’ of the world’s


She stood in the doorway of the bathroom, listening
carefully. Mikel had pulled the door up behind him, but he was
still just outside the door. Maybe he’d forgotten something and
was going to come back? She waited, not daring to breathe.
Then Nadine sighed as the ‘clump-clump’ of his work boots
receded to the outer door. She grabbed a face cloth from the
sink, rinsed it under the hot tap, and briefly scrubbed her
face. She regarded herself in the mirror. ‘He’s here!’ she
thought, a smile beaming on her reflection’s face. ‘Well, he’s
not quite a Ben Chaplin, but plenty close enough, and HE’S
MINE!’ She hugged herself at that thought.

Nadine pulled the shower curtain back, and was about to
turn the water on when she noticed the end of his red toolbox
poking out past the end of the bed. ‘I wonder what other tricks
he’s got up his sleeve?’ She stepped back into the bedroom,
sliding over the bed to gaze into the tool-case he’d left
behind. The lid was open, and she saw the clear plastic
wrapping with “FTD, Hastings” and the distinctive logo of
Mercury holding a bouquet of flowers on it. Underneath this was
a half-dozen small foil wrappers, unmistakable circles bulging
in them. Nadine smirked at the possibilities of his plans.
This was just what was in the upper tray, and she grasped the
bar-handle of it to see what was underneath it.

Her jaw dropped at what was waiting there; a pair – no, TWO
pairs of padded leather cuffs, attached with chain; a black
leather face mask; a studded collar with a chain leash attached;
a rubber ball with a long Velcro strap on it…and IT. It was a
whip, but Nadine had never seen one this cruel-looking. The
handle was wooden, and about a foot long, ending in a phallic-
looking bulb and ridged, though whether that was to improve the
user’s grip, or… She shuddered. Past the handle, the whip
itself was three long leather thongs, pierced every few inches
with sharp-looking spikes.

She heard the scratch of key in lock and bolted to action.
Nadine quickly shoved the upper tray back into the toolbox, and
raced quietly to the shower, turning the water on hurriedly,
ignoring the shock of cold water hitting her naked form.

The front door opened, and she heard Mikel exclaim in a
faux-Hispanic accent “Lucy, I’m HOMMMMMME!” She grabbed the
soap, and quickly started to lather her chest as the water
warmed to a comfortable temperature. The squeak of an object
dropped on the bed announced this man’s progress. “So, Nadine,
are you ready for me to do your back?” he called. She tensed as
his footsteps neared the bathroom. He slid back the curtain,
and she heard the zipper of his jump suit opening. “Why, I think
we could both squeeze into here, but we wouldn’t get much
bathing done,” he declared huskily, kissing her on the shoulder.
When he began to stroke her back, he remarked “Hmmm, you’re
rather tense – the water’s not too hot or cold, so why would…”

He paused, and she felt his hands grasp her upper arms
firmly. “Oh. I know what it is – you’ve been snooping around,
despite what I told you.” The voice took a sinister note. “You
must’ve taken a look at my ‘tools-of-the-trade’…well, since
you’ve been such a *naughty* little girl, you’ll have to be
PUNISHED.” Nadine nearly gasped at the strange relish with
which he said that last word. He let her go. She waited, and
tensed even more. She heard him sit on the toilet and drop his
boots on the floor. She began to shiver in fear at the thought
of what that whip of his would do to her back. Nadine felt his
approach, and prepared to whirl around and bite, scratch, kick,
ANYTHING to escape what he planned to do to her.

He grasped her shoulders again, and nearly jumped out of
her skin when she felt his tongue run between her earlobe and
head. Then he breathed into her ear “Gotcha.” and began to
chuckle, hugging her firmly and warmly. “I knew you’d be
curious what I had in that case when I was putting my disguise
together, so I popped over to a ‘specialty shop’ in downtown
Hastings, and just grabbed the most unsettling stuff I saw – it
really gave you a fright though, didn’t it?”

“YES!” she growled and reached back to slap him harshly.
“That was positively terrifying! How could you, after we worked
out those ground rules?”

Mikel continued to hold her to him. “I’m really sorry,
honey. I didn’t think you be so scared by the stuff, but you’re
right – I went too far with the prank, and I apologize for it.”
He kissed her cheek. “Am I forgiven, at least enough to fulfill
my outstanding promise?”

She turned her head to look into his face, seeing his mouth
curled down at the corners and his lower lip protrude in a
miserable pout, his brown eyes big and his eyebrows arching
sadly. She tried to suppress a smile at this ‘puppy-dog’ look
he gave her, and assented.

He grabbed the soap, and started to run his hands over her
back muscles, kneading the heat of the water into them. He
coated his lover’s shoulder blades, and began to work his way
down her spine. “Lean forward a bit, dear.” She obeyed and the
jet of water started to pound the base of her neck. His hands
quickly covered her sides with lather, and then gently brushed
her lower cheeks.

One hand returned to her upper back as the other began to
run the soap over her ass. “Let the water massage its way down
your back – just inch forward a bit at a time. A small cloth
found its way to his upper hand, washing off the lather wherever
its warm wetness touched her.

The soap was forgotten, its task completed as his lower
hand slipped down her crack, to gently tickle her nether lips.
Nadine stiffened, and Mikel chuckled at her surprise. He
shifted his attentions solely to rinsing her back. “Good, I was
worried you might be considering another…well, delay,” the
woman sighed as he massaged her sides. “I’m eager to find out
where this lunch date is – you’ve seen Geneva and its food-
service industry!”

“Oh, don’t you worry – I think you’ll find it rather
interesting, love.” was Mikel’s reply, concluded with another
kiss on the back of her now clean neck. He grabbed the shampoo
as he eased her head into the stream of water, and once her
chestnut tresses were wet, he began to work the soapy fluid into
her scalp. She assisted him, and her hair was lathered and
rinsed more quickly than if either one of them had done the task

Mikel turned her around, and took the cloth to clean her
face of shampoo. A kiss on each eyelid, followed by one on each
cheek, another to the tip of her nose, and a final press of lips
to hers. They kissed as the water soaked them, and broke off
when they shifted and got the spray in their faces. After
recovering from the shock, he pushed her chin up to gaze into
her eyes. Neither seemed able of blinking for an era, and then
they both tried to utter “I love you” at the same time. They
simply hugged again, each trying to pull the other into their
body forever.

“Anyway, you’re done, Nadine – you’ll find a towel on the
sink; if you could put another there for me, I’ll attend to the
cleaning of this body you like so much!” His grin reappeared,
creasing his cheeks with dimples, and laugh lines around his
eyes causing his second scar to appear.

“Fine, but don’t take too long – there can’t be that much
hot water left, and I don’t want to show off a raisin to the
neighbors!” They switched places, and he reached down to grab
the soap and got his buttocks fondled briefly by his lover.

He quickly began to lather himself, his mind swimming with
emotions. ‘She LOVES me, she really loves *me*!’ was
predominant in them, and he just couldn’t stop smiling, even
when he wore out the silent screaming of ‘Those Three Little
Words’. After a year-long ’email romance’, it was still
thrilling to have his feelings returned in kind now that they
had met face to face. Mikel thought about his plans for the day,
and his smile jacked up even higher; he had come to know Nadine
as well as he knew himself, and she’d love the next surprise he
had for her.

A call came from the bedroom: “How should I dress?” Mikel
stuck his head out of the shower and replied, “Well, it’s a nice
day, but not too cold, by your standards. I suppose just
something informal – not ‘full battle-dress’, but clean and
presentable – a blouse or a sweater and slacks, maybe? I’m sure
you’ll look gorgeous in whatever you pick out!” He ducked back
into the shower to avoid the towel she threw at him.

When he had rinsed off and dried his hair and skin, Mikel
strolled into the bedroom to see his belle sitting on the bed,
already dressed in a fetching blouse and loose slacks; her hair
pinned back from her face. A long woolen coat was folded on her

He sighed pleasantly, and approached her to hug. Physics,
however, let him down two steps into the room, when the towel
wrapped around his waist slipped loose and was left behind
before he was halfway to the bed. She smiled at his accidental
nakedness, and adjusted her glasses to better examine his
crotch. “Hmmm, feels bigger than it looks.”

“Oh, come ON; surely you know that cold water – which I was
unable to avoid where we took so long to clean you – causes ‘the
tortoise to draw back into his shell’. It’s never a fair
estimation of a man’s, um, worth! Besides, I was extremely
aroused when you last saw Mister Happy here – more than ever
before.” He had closed the remaining distance, and took her
into his arms, luxuriating in the feel of her body on his.

“Come on, come on; as much as I like this, I want to see
what you’ve got planned! Get some clothes on!” Nadine demanded
as she extracted herself from his embrace. He sighed “Women
are always telling me that!” and turned his attention to the
suitcase he’d dropped on the bed before their showers. Opening
the bag, he remarked “Well, this one ain’t been tampered with –
did we learn our lesson about snooping around?” He looked up
into the sulky face of his sweetheart. “Again, I’m sorry,” he
said and her pout softened.

He dressed quickly in a pair of casual slacks and a short-
sleeved shirt. He completed the outfit with a pair of dress
boots taken from the bottom compartment of the suit-bag. She
regarded his color co-ordination and asked “So, Mr. Beige, where
are we off to today?”

“Well, first of all I ain’t tellin’, and secondly none of
these articles is actually beige; the pants are taupe, the shirt
is a shade called ecru, and the boots aren’t even close…”

“Bitch-bitch-bitch!” Nadine joked as she interrupted his
trademark nit picking. He swooped onto her and kissed her
passionately. Mikel willingly broke off the lip-lock, and told
her “You know? It’s weird but I feel so in love with you when
you nag me like that. I look forward to spending a life being
henpecked by you, beautiful. C’mon; let’s go out to lunch.” He
grabbed a parka from the suitor, checked to ensure that his
wallet was in it, and locked arms with her as they left the

End of Chapter Two
{empath} “A Birthday Wish Come True” ( M/F oral rom ) [3/4]

Copyright 1997, by Empath

This narrative contains subject matter that has been deemed
unfit for the perusal of those under the age of majority. A
good rule of thumb to follow is if you are unable to vote where
you live, don’t take the risk of getting caught reading this.
(That also covers the less.’enlightened’ of the world’s


The couple walked to the entrance arm-in-arm, her head
resting against his shoulder and the side of his head leaning
onto the top of hers. Both squinted as the couple stepped into
the bright Nebraska sunlight.

It was a clear, sunny day with only a few small ‘cotton-
ball’ clouds spread across the pale cyan sky. A chilly breeze
blew across their faces.

He guided her towards a particular car in the lot – an
anonymous, burgundy two-door sedan. She was lightly surprised
at him separating from her and making his way to the right side
of the car.

“What, your vow that I’d do all the driving was sincere?”

“Well, partly that – it was in jest – but one: you know the
roads and traffic patterns around here better than I,” he
declared, ticking off points on his fingers, “and two: I figure
you should drive your car.”


“I mean it. You complained that that old Citation didn’t
handle the winter too well – check the registration slip in the
visor. You wouldn’t BELIEVE all the hassle a foreign national
has to go through to buy and license a car for a third
party…without their knowledge!” His dimples deepened as his
smile was increased. Nadine stared at the piece of paper in her
hands as the realization seeped into her consciousness.

“You bought this NEW car for me! How can you afford it?”
Mikel opened his door and got into the passenger seat. “Well,
my love, I know you well enough that you won’t do anything until
I answer, so I’ll tell you a little bit of it: remember what I
said about work terms, how I didn’t need to do one if I found a

“You got work already? You just finished school!” She
lifted her legs into the car and closed the door.

“Ah-ah; that must wait for polite dinner conversation; and
DON’T bother threatening me, Nadine. You know how much I love
my little surprises – just humor me, please.” The man leaned
across and pecked her softly on the cheek. She grabbed his head
and increased the intensity of their kiss by several grades.

“So I just fucked a phone repairman who can somehow afford
to take time off and give his girlfriend a new car.”

“Telecommunications technician, actually; but no – I’m
working as a Cobol programmer like I trained and I’m well-paid
for it. Oh, and before you say I’m totally loopy, remember that
I’m *supposed* to be in my line of work!” His grin threatened
to split his head in two.

“FINE, fine, fine; I’m getting hungry so I guess I should
just give up and drive us to the restaurant.” She deliberately
looked around, her gaze finishing its journey on his face. “How
do I start my new automobile?”

He reached into his pocket, eliciting a sly smirk from his
paramour, and produced a single key with the manufacturer’s logo
on the base. She started up, turned the heater on full and
pulled up to the road. “Which way?”

“Get onto highway 41 and – to quote a famous pioneer of
your people’s – “Go west young woman, go west!”

“But that leads out of town!”


“The only thing on that road is Clay, and that’s *miles*


“All riiight,” she consented, looking vaguely hurt at being
kept out of the secret. They sat in silence as the car tried to
forge ahead of the weak noon sun, with Mikel keeping his hand on
her near thigh and brushing her slightly every now and again,
attempting to apologize to her in a non-verbal way.

After a few minutes, he straightened up, and announced, the
turning’s not far now – on your left and you won’t miss the

She stared at him as if he’d just sprouted horns but
returned her attention to the road as they started to mount a
small ridge.

Nadine found and easily took the turn-off from the road; there
was no fence or sign, and the track was just two tracks in an
otherwise featureless snowy field.

“Now it’s just over this rise…”

She slowed to ease through the snow more safely, and when
they got close enough the woman’s eyes lit up like beacons.

A picnic. There was a second car just up ahead in this
secluded river gully, and there was a man moving around the site
Mikel must have chosen for them to eat their first meal together
in the open air. A windbreak had been erected around a large
ground sheet, and there were a couple of coolers and a camp
stove to one side.

“Just pull next to the other car to let Mitchell out,” he
requested nonchalantly, trying to suppress a smile at her

“This must’ve taken a lot of effort,” she managed to say as
she parked.

“Not THAT much – I went over a topographic map of the area
back home: since there’s not enough trees to use for privacy, I
decided to use the land itself – this small valley. The added
effect of the low hill between here and the road helps, too.”

“And our ‘waiter’? How does he figure on our solitude?”

“Oh, he’s just from the catering company in Hastings – I’d
have done all this myself, but I needed someone to hang around
and watch everything. He’ll be leaving now that we’re here.”

And sure enough, the tall man started walking towards the
couple as they exited the car. “Thanks for all your help; you
didn’t have to do this!” Mikel declared as he shook hands rather
pointedly with the caterer. “All in the cause of romance, Mr.
Torsson!” He then looked at his palm and started with surprise.

“I can’t take this-”

“You already have – and don’t say you wouldn’t have earned
that much with your employers; I hope they don’t get too mad.”

“I’ll plead car trouble; dead battery maybe. Thank you and
my best wishes to the both of you.”

“Right. Drive carefully, Mitchell; and I’ll drop off the
windbreak and stuff after we’re done.”

“Good-bye, miss.”

“Good…bye….” She watched the man get into his car,
pull it around and disappear over the rise. “Who owns this

He stepped behind her and embraced her, resting his chin on
her shoulder. “That’s rather up in the air, actually – I
checked the title registry and the last record they had was the
purchase by a ‘Seth Donaldson’ back nearly a century ago. I
tracked down his descendants living in Grand Island, and the
lady didn’t even realize she owned the property. Married and
with kids, the woman doesn’t seem too interested in it either;
she wanted to know what my offer was.”

Nadine turned her head to regard her lover. “God, you
didn’t buy it, did you?”

He laughed. “No, I can’t afford THAT! When I explained I
was just looking for permission to hold a picnic, she okayed my
request immediately. It is beautiful though – that semi-frozen
river nearby.”

“Yes. I love it, Mikel.”

They sat on the center of the blanket, and Mikel reached
behind one cooler to pull out a small, multi-shaded blue knit
afghan, and draped it over his lover’s shoulders.

“This is…”

“What you knitted for me – I just had to bring it. Now
relax while I get us something to eat.” He cracked open one of
the coolers, grabbing two bowls.

“And what is on the menu, good sir?”

“Well, I apologize for not providing a choice, but I figure
you won’t mind too much: chili. We could use something warm in
this weather.” He started to dish out food for her.

“Fine by me, but WHAT’S YOUR STORY? We’re eating now;
*tell* me!”

“Oh, all right – uh, what would you like to drink?” Mikel
asked, holding several bottles of different beverages.
She pointed to one, and he poured her a measure. “My
usual, of course, but don’t change the subject!”

“Right, right. Now this story actually begins not long
ago, on a miserable night…just after I called you. I’m taking
a long drive trying not to be…so frustrated about having to
break my promise of being with you for Valentine’s Day.”

“Awww,” Nadine interrupted, pausing from her meal.

“Do you want me to tell this or not?” he joked, taking a
moment to fill his glass.

“Go on.”

Mikel told his story between mouthfuls of chili.
“Well,…I’d driven north, past Bedford and Sackville and when
I’m almost to the airport…, I notice a glow coming from
somewhere across the divided road – down the far embankment, it
looks like. So…I turn around, and come back down the other
side. And sure enough,..there’s a car that’s gone off the road
and into the chain-link fence at the bottom. I stop, hit my
hazard lights…and make my way down to see if I can help.

“When I get there, I find an unconscious middle-aged
man…in the driver’s seat; the car doesn’t seem too banged up,
but the driver’s hurt…he’s breathing and got a steady pulse,
but he’s out cold and there’s blood on the steering wheel..and
his forehead. So I dash back up to the road, and wave someone
down to call an ambulance..then I go back down to the victim,
doing a closer examination – no other injuries. ID says he’s
ironically a Nebraskan.”

“What?” Nadine asked in surprise, wiping her mouth with a

“God’s truth. Name’s Peter Van Heyn. After a few
minutes…the ambulance arrives, I briefly confer with them and
we move the driver out and up to their vehicle. A few
minutes…later, the police finally decide to come out and I
spend a short time explaining what I knew of the accident…and
then I make my way to the hospital to see how ‘my’ patient is
doing. They let me up to see him,…he’s conscious now, and he
thanks me for helping him out. The doctor tells us that Mr. Van
Heyn is in fair condition and they just want to keep him
overnight for observation what with his head-injury. You want
any more?” Mikel asked as he took their empty bowls. Nadine
just shook her head.

“Now, you know what I’m like; I feel he could use some
company, being in a strange town, in a *hospital* on his own, so
I stay and chat with Mr. Van Heyn. Of course, after a while I’m
telling him about my problems: falling in love with a woman
thousands of miles from me. Lucking into an Information
Technology training program that delays our being together. And
then – when it looks like I can get to you for a romantic
meeting and go on to my work term just in the next state, that
falls through and I’m stuck in Halifax.

“Well, sure enough, visiting hours are over, and we wish
each other well, and I go home to be despondent some more and
get some sleep before my last week of classes. Imagine my
surprise on Monday morning when I walk into the training center
and I see Mr. Van Heyn talking with the course administrator!”


“Yes! It turns out he works for Mutual of Omaha, and heard
about our I.T. program and came looking for more programmers to
help with their Year 2000 problem.”

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