A Birthday Wish Come True 2.
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“I’d have thought they would be well into it now.”

“Oh, yeah – they’ve been working on it for over a year now,
but the number of programs they’ve got running is enormous!
They don’t so much need skilled programmers to deduce how to
solve their problems, they just need people who know Cobol and
can make the changes they’ve figured out, and they need *lots*
of them! Van Heyn came looking to get our entire class. And
Mutual of Omaha is fairly desperate – they’re paying us
handsomely for something that’s only slightly more challenging
than data-entry.”

“You’re getting paid right out of school? No probationary
period?” Nadine snuggled up next to him as they looked down on
the frozen stream.

“Well, I think I got slightly more than the rest for my
good deed to Mr. Van Heyn, but they’re paying me! I got enough
of a signing bonus to take a vacation and buy you a car.
They’ll accommodate all of us for free – the whole class jumped
at the offer – provide each with a car for transportation, and a
nice per diem for food and entertainment. I won’t even TOUCH my
paychecks; they’ll go straight into the bank!”

“But you’re Canadian, what about work visas?”

“They’ve done all the paperwork; I’ll have to renew myself
after six months, but all the hassle has been taken care of.”

“Sounds great!”

“Yes, and I start as soon as I can. Here’s the clincher:
I’m working on contract – I work with them for the rest of 1998
and we see what happens then.”

Nadine looked worried. “So you could leave at the end of

“No, so I could start my own consulting business wherever I
wished…like maybe Geneva, Nebraska. I signed the deal Friday
and started packing. I landed in Hastings last night.” He
leaned over and kissed his lover on the lips, and the kiss
lasted for as long as they could manage.

Nadine pulled him into her arms and replied, “You given me
the best birthday present you could; thank you.” Her eyes
started to glisten under her glasses.

“I honestly couldn’t think of anything else I wanted to do.
You are the most important thing in my life, honey.” Mikel’s
voice began to crack.

They held each other for another few moments and then lay
back onto the blanket. They kissed again, and their mouths
wandered; her lips massaged his cheek. He started to whisper to
her: “Iloveyou-Iloveyou-ohGODIloveyou…” Mikel ran his hand
down her arm, gloved fingertips massaging her muscles through
the coat, reaching her hands. Their hands locked together, and
he rolled Nadine onto her back, spreading her legs with his

“No, Mikel – please.”

He shifted position without skipping a beat in nibbling her
jawline, kneeling outside her legs. “S’ok, honey,” he whispered
as his teeth neared an earlobe.

“It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that we’re
so…exposed. It’s daylight,” she moaned, still holding him on
top of her.

“You didn’t complain this morning,” he pointed out

“No, I mean we’re in public-”

“Hardly, this is private property, and we’re not visible
from the highway – heck, even overflying aircraft can’t see us!”

“Planes?” She frowned and released his hands, hugging him
to her.

“Oof! Yeah, Mitchell and I saw a couple contrails of high-
flying jets when we were setting up – probably commuters from
Omaha to Denver or something…they wouldn’t be able to pick us
out even if we started waving flags.” He smiled at her, and
kissed up the side of her nose to comb her eyebrows with his lips.

“Well, that may be, but I just don’t feel comfortable,” she
replied, before sucking on the tip of his chin.

“Fine, we’ll just neck for a bit longer,” he announced,
shifting down her face to fulfill his prediction. “<muh> We
should be getting back to the apartment, anyway: what time was
that phone guy supposed to show?”

She placed a kiss on each of his closed eyes, and shifted
them into a sitting position. “I thought you knew exactly what
was going on…”

“Well, sadly my memory is as leaky as a colander – a lot of
unforgettable stuff has happened to me in the last few hours, so
the details just slid out of my head,” he sighed, his lips
curling into the grin she saw so often on his face.

The man pulled his lover tightly to his chest, as if he
wanted to force their bodies into one complete being. “I love
you,” he announced, “and meeting you and loving you, Nadine
Sanders, has only strengthened that.”

“I can’t find anything wrong with you – even your few scars
are attractive to me; you are just so perfect,” she gasped.
“Flatterer! Anyone’d think you wanted something.”

“I do…I want you – but just not here.”

“Well, I’ve said my first priority is your happiness –
where do you want to go? Back home? To a cheap motel, or to
the most expensive hotel in Nebraska?”

“NNNNNNgh, you KNOW I’ve got that appointment about the
phone line, you *tease*,” she laughed, reaching up and tousling
his hair.

“Fine then, let’s get going so we can meet this cable
monkey and get on to more serious things…” He released her
and stood, holding her hands to help her up.

“Finally!” She gave her man a quick hug, and looked around
at all the gear of their picnic.

“Do we take this?”

“Yep, we’ll put everything else in the trunk and then come
back to collapse the windbreak and pop that in the back seat.
You can give me a lift to Hastings tomorrow and we drop it off.
I check out of my hotel and we get down to business of a happy
life together,” he finished with a wicked, mischievous smile as
he tossed the afghan onto a cooler and packed up the camp stove.
“Of course, I’ll have to find a place to sleep, but I hear
there’s a campground near Geneva – I just have to get a tent and
a warm sleeping bag…”

“Ha! Like I’m gonna let you out of my sight for a SECOND,”
the woman retorted.

“So you’ll put me UP?” Mikel inquired suggestively.

“Heh-heh, I’ll see what I can do,” she replied, running her
hand on his thigh.

“<growl> – fine then, but grab that cooler and take it to
the trunk; you’ve got the key!” Nadine complied with his
request, easily hefting the empty container. She walked to the
car and placed her load on the bumper. She fumbled in her
pocket, fished out her key, and opened the trunk. About to heft
the cooler into the car, she was confronted by a black case.

“Hey, what’s this?”

“What’s what?” Mikel replied, stepping up behind her and
putting down his load. “Oh, that. What does it look like?”

“Duh; a briefcase!”

“What’s in it?” he asked, taking hold of her shoulders.

“I don’t know,” Nadine replied, playing along. “Let’s
see…” She reached down, flipped the catches, and lifted the
lid to find a portable computer. “Hmmm – a laptop. Yours?”

“Noooooooooo,” he replied, his voice almost a purr.

“Another gift?”

“Well, I figure you could use something a little more
flexible than that old thing you had on the table. ‘All the
better to read my posts’,” he answered, embracing her.

“Love you, you extravagant man.”

End of Chapter Three
{empath} “A Birthday Wish Come True” ( M/F oral rom ) [4/4]

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They returned to town, with her insisting that he drive,
and she kept him stimulated all the way back. Despite these
distractions, Mikel returned them to the parking lot safely and
quickly. Getting back into the apartment was a different story.

“I thought YOU took the key back. It’s your apartment;
surely you’d concern yourself with it.”

“I figured you would make an EFFORT to give it back to me
and *don’t* call me Shirley!” she replied.

“Yuuuhhhhh; you’re right – I should have either thought to
keep the key with me, or consciously return it to you…I’m
sorry. But this doesn’t get us inside – do those windows open?”

Nadine sighed. “No; I’ve got central air, remember?”

“Well, we can get the super to let us in.”

“He doesn’t live in the building, and isn’t around on

“But you have a number to call in an emergency like this?”

“Oh, yeah…inside.”

Mikel said a bad word as he sat on the floor.

“Well, maybe the phone repairman will have something,” she
posed as she sat beside him. Mikel rested his head on her
shoulder, and looked up at her. He frowned for a second, then
straightened up. “Or maybe you’ve got something. It’s a good
thing you have long hair, honey – gimme one of those hairpins!”

“Oh, come ON – that’s so cliche,” she replied. She did
fulfil his request, though. “You mean to tell me you can pick

“No, this piece of metal is too thick, and I only know the
basic theory behind that, but I am gonna try something.”

“What – you’re MacGyver or something?” she joked.

“Almost certainly not – this probably won’t work!” He
straightened the curved strip of wire.

“It’s better than sitting in the hall here until Monday,
though” Nadine said, standing up and pulling her boyfriend up
after her. He knelt in front of the handle and fiddled with it
a bit.

“What’re you doing – I can’t see!”

“Good – this is a State Secret; if I told you, I’d have to
kill you,” he joked.

“Whatever, I’ll worm it out of you later.”

Before long he cried out with success and pushed the door
open. “Aprez-vous, Mademoiselle.”

“Merci, mon tres, tres cher amour!” She gave him a kiss
for his efforts and entered. He smiled and stood with a click.
She grabbed his hand and tugged him into the apartment.

Once Mikel was sure the door was securely shut, they hugged
and Nadine showed him around her small domicile. When they were
done, Mikel remarked, “I gotta get you a couch for Christmas,

“Oh, you’re so full of practical gift ideas.”

“Heh, you want to see just how *full* I am right now,
love?” Mikel asked in a deep voice as he stroked her back and
put on his ‘salacious grin’. His audience was prevented from
saying anything by a sudden buzz. “That’ll be the Phone Company
– keep that thought for another hour and I’ll make it worth your
while!” She slipped out of his embrace and answered the
intercom, allowing the real technician up.

She glanced back to see him putting the notebook on the
table before her other computer. “Eager to try my laptop out,

“Yes, and I’m dying to show you the ins and outs of your
new computer, too!” her beau replied, getting a throw pillow in
the back of the head for his troubles.

They both made for the door when a knock was heard, the
woman glancing through the peephole. “Could you show me some ID
or a work order, please?” she called. There was a short pause,
and she remarked “I *guess* that’ll do,” as she opened the door,
frowning disapprovingly at her lover.

The telephone repairman – or woman – stepped in, causing
Mikel to raise his eyebrows. The look on Nadine’s face said:
‘there; that’s one surprise I’ve given YOU’ before she turned to
the technician and asked “I’d like the plug over near the table
with the computer – computerS on it.”

“Oh, you want a MODEM line; we can put in a dedicated line
for that and get you a nice fast hookup. It’s not much more
expensive than the second phone line, anyway.”

As his belle was mulling it over, Mikel stepped up. “Well,
I think she was planning to save the money, uh, Joanne, but now
that her primary reason for email is HERE,” he announced as he
embraced Nadine from behind, “she MAY want to ‘spurge’ –
especially considering that we can afford it.”

“Yeah, go ahead with the special line,” the hugged woman

“Okay,” Joanne replied. “But I’ll need better cable, and
you’ll have to install a particular modem that we provide.”

“Ohhhh, this’ll take long, won’t it,” Mikel asked, nearly

“Um, yes – I may even need to call in for some help-”

“Oh, I can help!” he blurted out. “I’m rather adept with
electronics and computers; anything to save time – uh, well you
must have other customers to see this afternoon,” he added
hastily, provoking a vague smile from the woman in his arms.

“Okay; excuse me while I go down and get the gear from the
truck,” the technician replied.

“My, aren’t we gallant, Mikel; are we attracted to Joanne?”
Nadine asked after the other woman had left.

“Hardly, she’s too tall for one thing. Why do men prefer
short women?” he asked.

“Because they don’t like to get sore necks from looking up
all the time. Yeah, you told me.”

“Well, the reason I offered to help is to get her done and
out of here as fast as possible so you and I can-”


They laughed at the timing of the interruption, and let
Joanne back into the apartment. “Okay, this is the cable I’ll
be stringing through the wall,” she said, handing Mikel a coil
of heavy wire. “This is the modem you’ll have to install – and
here are the forms you’ll have to sign, miss – this is a
different job than what you asked us to do originally,” and she
handed Nadine two pieces of paper.

“Right, thanks.”

“Well, I’d better pop downstairs to see where the phone
switchbox is, could someone show me the way?”

“Nadine, you had better; I’ve only been here…five hours,”
Mikel admitted, checking his watch. He picked up the box with
the modem and opened it. “Mind if I use your tools, miss?”

“Not at all; like you say – you’ll save me time, and I only
need a measuring tape.”

“And maybe a flashlight,” Nadine added, “the lighting isn’t
very good – just the laundry area.”

“Right then,” Joanne grabbed the two items from her toolkit
and handed it to Mikel. “Let’s go.”

When they returned, Mikel had completed his task. Joanne
got to work and before long another plug was installed in the

“You’re now ready, hardware-wise,” Joanne declared,
ignorant of the smirks that her customers failed to suppress.

“But we still have create an account for you.”

Nadine spoke up. “So when all this is over, I can just…”

“When we have your account ready, you’re ready for anything!”

“How soon can you get the account ready?”

A pained expression accumulated on her face, “Now that’s
not so great – we’d usually have an account ready for you in a
matter of hours, but it’s Saturday…”

“And the guy who does that isn’t in on the weekends.”
Nadine realized.

“Sometimes,” the other woman countered, “but only if he
knows in advance he’ll be needed, and I thought you just wanted
a regular phone line.”

“Oh well, you’ll have it for her on Monday then?”

“But I’ve got to be at school on…” Nadine began, but was
cut off by her lover. “Remember, love – you don’t HAVE to do
anything anymore! Do you *want* to keep at the classes?”

She thought deeply for a moment, brow creased and a hand
over her mouth. “Yes,” she finally decided. “I started it, and
I’d like to finish it.”

“Good for you then,” and he hugged her from behind, his
chin on her shoulder. “You can go on to classes on Monday, and
I’ll hang around here take care of this for you; the phone call
won’t take long, will it?”

The technician looked surprised, “Oh, no – we’ll have to
drop off your information; we don’t give out that sort of stuff
get out over the phone!”

“But you’re the PHONE COMPANY,” he exclaimed.

“Yes, and they know just how vulnerable their system is;
why almost ANYONE could – I don’t know – maybe dress up like a
repairman, and claim to work for them, couldn’t they?” his lover
asked him with an evil grin.

He coloured, and gritted his teeth. “Gee, well I *guess*
that’s possible…I’ve never heard of it happening, but you’re
right – it wouldn’t take much to fool the average person…”

Joanne sensed a shift in the mood, but decided not to
follow it. “Anyway, someone will just drop off a sealed
envelope with your account name and starting password…uh, tell
you what; do you two want TWO accounts, or are you lovebirds
gonna be sharing this one?”

“Gee, is it that obvious?” Mikel asked insincerely as he
pulled Nadine even closer into his arms. The two women just
rolled their eyes. “Well, what do you think, hon? Are you
going to use this account in and of itself, or just use it to
piggyback to your HCC account or others you might get? If you
won’t use it for anything personal, we may as well both use it –
I’ll even be able to access my old freenet account back in Nova

“That sounds fine – I’ve been using my college account all
this time, and that’s where people expect to find me – I’d hate
to get them confused; we’ll just take the one and share,

“Okay then, good luck with your classes on Monday, and
you’ll get your account info sometime that morning.”

They gathered her gear together and Joanne exited quickly,
noting the mood of those two changing yet again, and thought
wistfully of her schedule for the afternoon. ‘Two more calls,
and then I can get back home – oh, I hope Geoff got Mom to take
the kids!’ She grinned at the force with which the door was
shut behind her. ‘Huh! I got outta there not a moment too soon
for them!’

In fact the door had been closed by the weight of two
people leaning against it; Nadine, back against it and pressed
by Mikel who was diligently attempting to draw her very soul
from her through her open mouth. They kissed quietly but
passionately. When they had exhausted themselves of air, he
relinquished her lips and tilted his head down so that their
foreheads rested together and the tips of their noses just

“FINALLY, I couldn’t wait for her to leave!”

“Oh, is that why you helped her out?”

“Hey, I was just making sure you weren’t getting
screwed…that’s MY job,” he exclaimed with a wolf-like grin.

“Mmmmm, time to get back to work then, lover,” Nadine
ordered as she locked her hands behind his neck and drew him
back to her. She trailed her lips up his cheek to breathe hotly
in his ear, running the tip of her tongue around the ridges of
his earlobe. He was filled with desire and energy, and his arms
snaked around her body and bundled her up into his arms again.

She was surprised as he tilted back taking her body’s weight on
his abdomen, their combined center of gravity securely over his
hips and strong legs. “Careful,” she gasped, but he stepped
back, not staggering, striding slowly but steadily toward the
bedroom. They continued slowly and after what seemed to be an
age, they fell onto the bed side-by-side.

“Well, I don’t want to complain, but I got the impression
that you could’ve got us here faster…”

“S’good practice; if I keep at it, before long I’ll have
the build to easily carry you across the threshold…”

“You mean-”

Mikel took her head in his hands. “I love you, Nadine; I
want to spend the rest of my life with you. You are the most
important thing in the world to me – your happiness is foremost
in mind. And I’ve always skirted around this topic because I
couldn’t talk of it properly – say what you will, growing up in
a relatively isolated culture has left a large part of me as
old-fashioned: what I want to ask of you I can only do so in

She sat up cross-legged on the bed as he reached over to
his suitcase and removed a small square jewelry box. He slid
off the bed and knelt before her, taking her hand in his. “You
know what I’m gonna ask, love, but there is a protocol that’s to
be followed in these sorts of things,” he jokingly admonished
her, waggling a finger in her smiling face.

“Will you marry me?” she blurted out.

“That’s MY line!” he raged, grumbling as he eased up to the
bed and pressed her back into the mattress. “Yes, I will be
your husband, gladly and willingly and for as long as you will
have me, and you?”

“Yes,” Nadine whispered, gazing up into his glistening
eyes, and pressed her lips to his.

Mikel’s mouth opened and he sucked on her lips, coaxing her
tongue to explore him. It was met by its counterpart, and the
two muscles stroked each other and pressed back and forth over
teeth and lips. They rolled around like a pair of lovers,
mirroring the passions of their owners.

His hands unbuttoned her blouse, and hers did similarly to
him. She pushed him up and they stopped kissing to breathe. He
delicately removed her glasses, assuring her that “I don’t think
you’ll be interested in looking at anything more than six inches
from your face.” Each slipped their arms from their garments
and he encircled her, nibbling on her neck with tiny, tickling
bites. He reached behind and, while one hand moved her adust
mane clear, she felt a brief tightening in her brassiere strap,
then a release.

“Told ya I knew how to handle a bra-catch,” he announced to
her, smugly smiling as he slipped the straps from her shoulders,
revealing her breasts. He bent down to attend to her nipples,
warming the air surrounding these awakening rosebuds with his
breath. His fingers cradled her breasts gently squeezing and
stroking them. Her heavy breath was testament to his
activities’ success.

As Mikel’s lips encircled one nubbin, Nadine’s hands ran
through and grasped his thick brown hair, guiding him to the
intensity of his suckling. Her chest flushed, blood rushing to
her breasts, causing them to swell, and her breath came in gasps
and moans.

With his mouth firmly attached to one breast, and one hand
caressing the other, his free digits wended their way down her
torso, tickling this patch of skin, pinching that, until they
reached her only remaining articles of clothing. His hand
cupped her sex, grinding the fabric of her slacks against the
pubic hair. As his fingers began to stroke her labia through
the material, she tensed and sat up.

“No; while I can still think – let me do something.”
Nadine pushed him over onto his back and stroked his bare chest.
Her hands moved from his well-defined shoulders, down past
undeveloped pectorals and traced circles around the slight bulge
of his abdomen.

Mikel noticed the focus of her attentions, and spoke.
“Yeah, I know, it’s not exactly the washboard abs of a
‘Baywatch’ beefcake…”

“Oo, hush,” she replied, lightly slapping his belly.
“What’s important is that it’s part of you, and – most of all –
it’s *here*.” She concluded her comment with a kiss on his
navel. “Now, there’s other parts of you that I’d to take a
closer look at.”

“Fine, fine – it’s not like I can’t guess what you’re
talking about,” he replied, grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

“Hey, careful, bub,” Nadine retorted, planting her hand
over his crotch and gently squeezing. Her lover’s eyes widened
with concern and he quickly blurted “Sorry, sorry – you’re
beautiful, lovely, gorgeous, witty, sexy, funny, you make people
feel better just by being around…”

She snorted derision at Mikel’s attempt of flattery, and
grasped his belt. “Whatever! I seem to notice that you’re not
quite so happy to see me…”

“Oh? Ah well, you have to remember that the poor little
guy has had more exercise today than he’s had in SEVEN YEARS;
it’s expected that he’d need a little more time to get ‘pumped’
for the next event!”

She pulled the zipper of his khakis, and slid her hand
under his jockeys to grasp the topic of their conversation.
“I’d have thought he’d be raring to go whenever I was around –
the available female?”

“Give him time – I’m sure he’s willing…I know I am,” the
supine man replied, his voice dropping to a lustful growl at the
end. And sure enough, as her hand shifted to encircle him, she
felt a twitch, and a slow warming of his manhood.

“Fine then, let me give him a little encouragement,” she
said as she drew his shaft from his underwear. “Aw, he looks so
cute when he’s little like that,” Nadine exclaimed, enjoying the
blush of Mikel’s cheeks. She lifted his prick with a finger and
thumb, taking a close look at the appendage in front of her
face. She bent down and lightly touched her lips to his
cockhead. In response, the shaft twitched again and his knob
swelled. “Oooo – he moved for me!”

“Yeahhhhhh,” came a moaned reply. Mikel’s eyes were closed
and his face a mask of pleasurable concentration. He frowned
and inhaled quickly as he felt his lover’s tongue run down his
prick. She kissed her way back up to the tip, and then slipped
him into her mouth. A hiss escaped from his lips as he she
licked the underside of his head, and her teeth grasped the
ridge of his glans. Nadine then plunged her head down an inch
or two on his cock, sucking as she drew back and leaving a
‘high-water mark’ of her saliva. Several more strokes had his
entire penis glistening and rigid. She let it slip from her
lips and said, “there – now he’s ready for action!”

With his eyes still shut, he heard the rasp of another
zipper, sighed as he felt a hand grasp him and awaited the feel
of the condom. He was surprised to feel something rather
different sliding over his cock.

“Woah, love – are we forgetting something?” he asked, as
his eyes opened.

“No, and since you love quantifying everything, try this
out,” she replied grinding her mound into his pubic hair as she
ticked off her fingers. “One: I’m only a few days away from
finishing my first prescription of birth-control, so there’s not
*that* much chance to start. Two: as you’ve said, this is
Little Willy’s third time at bat, so whatever you give up is
gonna be low on potency. And three: we’ve already gotten
engaged just a few minutes ago. Unless you’re a real two-timing
prick,” and her expression told Mikel that the pun was intended,
“I think if you did manage to knock me up, I wouldn’t be too
worried about bearing the child of the man I love. Just
remember that I get the drugs at the start this time, and get to
hold and crush your hand during delivery!”

“Well,” he gasped as she rode him, “I guess you’re right –
I’ve done a lot today, and I’ll almost be shooting blanks. And
as for your conditions,” he replied, pulling the woman down to
kiss her quickly but warmly on the cheek. “a) the thought of
you suffering the pain of merely a hangnail fills me with dread,
and b) I agree, it’d only be fair…but make it my right hand,

“Glad you consent, man – now let’s get going,” she sighed
as she lifted herself and slid down onto him again. He
responded by shifting his pants down to his knees, and thrusting
his hips up to meet her.

They caressed each other, and moved to meet at the apex of
each stroke, starting slowly, and building in tempo as her
pleasure increased. Mikel adjusted their positioning so that
his shaft brushed her engorged clitoris every time. He was
rewarded with Nadine flushing with ecstasy soon after, her hands
tweaking her breasts, her voice a soft moan, her body shivering
and her cunt clasping him inside her. She collapsed onto him,
taking his head in her hands and initiated a long, passionate
kiss. He encircled her shoulders, hugging her to him, and
kissed her back with equal verve.

They broke off, her nuzzling into the crook of his neck, he
kissing his way up her cheek to brush his lips across her
temple. “Mmmmm, I have to thank you, honey; you had the right
idea with leaving off the condom – it just feels…so…well,
better unfettered.”

“I miped id doo,” she mumbled indistinctly into his

“So you’re saying it was also an improvement for you?” he asked,
stroking her eyebrow with his cheek.

“Ef, I mean ‘yes’,” came the reply as she moved her face to
speak clearly. “If I wanted the feel of rubber inside of me,
I’d grab my vibrator.” She ran a finger along his collarbone.
“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“Everything: coming to see me, treating me the way you
have, being so kind,”

“…And making you come so often!” he finished, a familiar
sly grin returning to his face.

“Yeah, that too,” she admitted, twirling some of his sparse
chest hair. “I mean here we are; I’m in the aftermath, and
you’re still inside me and hard as wood.”

“Heh, well since you’ve pointed out that I like lists,
three things: A) I once heard or read some guy say ‘if it feels
so good, why let it end so quickly?’ so I guess I like the
feeling too much to rush things. B) I’m not sure, but I think I
must have some sort of ‘chivalry’ gene – every time I help
someone out or do them a favor or even just make them feel a
little happier for just a moment, that makes me feel really
good. And I’m talking like a hit of seratonin or something – I
get a real high off of altruism.” He ran his hands over her
back, enjoying the feel of her body shrouded in her long hair.
“Oh, and take it from me I’ve felt better than I have…well
ever, ever since I first made you laugh over the phone.”

“Ah-HA, so the real reason comes out why you said my
happiness was the most important goal in your life!” Nadine
exclaimed, raising herself up to her elbows and smiling evilly
at him.

He broke comically into tears, pressing his hands to his
face, and hamming it up. “Yes, YES! I confess: I’ve been
making you feel good solely for selfish reasons; I was only
interested in myself! I admit it, I’m addicted to charitable
behavior; I’m hooked on good deeds!” “HELP ME,” he wailed.
Slowly his ‘sobbing’ petered out, and peeking one eye through
his fingers, asked “So, did ya buy it?” and received a pillow
for his troubles.

“No I didn’t buy it, you silly man,” she giggled. “So
what’s the third reason?”

“Oh, well. Anyway, C)…” His smile remained, but she
noticed that Mikel seemed somewhat more serious. “C is that
ever since I grabbed hold of you in the hall, just a few hours
and half a lifetime ago, the very feel of your body, your every
touch, makes me feel just…so…agh, what’s the word!” A frown
took possession of his visage, indicating his struggle to
express the feelings he now experienced. “Oh, it’s happiness,
and it’s pride, and it’s strength, and so many things I can’t
even identify them – if this is what being in love is like,
don’t let it EVER stop, I say. I…<sigh>…I just feel so
perfect when I’m with you; like something God designed is
finally happening the way he wanted…every stupid little saying
about love is true – I’m feeling them all the time now; I’m so
awash with emotion I’m surprised I can even talk coherently! I
LOVE you, Nadine Sanders, and that you’ve consented to marry me
makes me feel just so right!”

“Mmmmm; you’re right – I feel just like you do.” Nadine
rested on his chest, listening to his heartbeat, and riding his
lungs as they lifted her…up…and down…and up…and down.
“I’ve said that my previous experiences haven’t been quite so
good. And now, you’re with me, and you’re so nice, and you
treat me like how I feel matters to you.”

“Ah, but it does, darling,” he proclaimed, lightly tapping
her nose with a finger. “Everyone who’s treated you badly or
stepped on your feelings or just basically been less than civil
has been, to put it simply, ignorant. To not notice a lovely,
funny, sexy woman, so full of the capacity to cheer others, and
to be SO wonderful; it’s just a crime…”

“So you’re gonna jail the asshole who cut me off in the
supermarket yesterday?”

“If I have to, yes. Remember it won’t be long before I’m
rather wealthy, my wild rose, and with wealth comes influence;
maybe the local police need the building renovated, or new cars
or maybe a dental plan…pretty soon, that lout is being watched
by the cops for the slightest infraction. And since people who
cut in lines tend to be equally thoughtless – on the road, for
example – it wouldn’t be long before the guy who slighted you
winds up with a handful of traffic violations.”

“Mmmmm, you’d do that for me?”

“Well, actually, the cops would do that for me, and I’d
arrange it for you – just putting credit where credit is due,
love” and he kissed the top of her head.

“Oh no – I’ve created a nit-picking *monster*” Nadine
murmured, running her nose across one of her lover’s nipples.
His body flinched pleasantly, reminding her of something. “Oh!
I can’t believe we’ve been lying here talking all this time, and
you’re still in me.”

“Oooohhhh, I never forgot – it’s been fantastic, feeling
your every move on my dick.”

“But you got me off, so fair’s fair…” and she shifted her
hips and clenched her cunt muscles.

“Oh…all right,” Mikel replied, locking one leg around
hers, clasping her to him, and he rolled them onto their side.
He kissed her cheek and pushed himself into her, feeling his
erection regain strength from the feel of her silky insides.

She planted her hands on his shoulders, getting her entire
body moving with their stroke for a while, enjoying the feel of
his hardening member brush her clit. Once he was fully erect
again, she let him take over, thrusting into her with all the
passion and love he mentioned during their pillow-talk.

She ran her fingers down his chest, and circled his tiny,
vestigial nipples. ‘Hmmmmmm. Who was it that started talking
about the redundancy of men’s nips on the newsgroup – Jane?
Heather? Aw, who CARES!’ she thought, as a wave of warm
pleasure soaked through her.

She glanced down to see Mikel teasing her tits with his
moustache. She brought her arms up around his head and pulled
it into her chest. He replied by latch his lips around one of
her aroused nubs, rolling gently between his teeth. She gasped
as he flicked his tongue around her sensitive flesh, and a
trickle of moisture seeped onto his prick as it slid into her
with gorgeous repetition. His head eased back and he groaned
softly with the pleasure he was surely feeling.

As he gave her other nipple the same treatment, her fingers
worked into his hair and massaged his scalp. Another shift in
his posture caused multi-coloured stars to appear behind her
eyelids as her clit was pressed back into her nether lips. She
pulled him up to her face, and sloppily kissed him, hugging him
as if she wanted to pull his entire body into her. She felt his
hands pull her legs over his hips, and they rolled onto her
back. His cock was lower in her vagina as her legs encircled
him, but a thumb pressed into her moist cavern attended to her

She pulled at his lower lip with her teeth and moaned,
feeling his tongue caress the inside of her upper lip and gums.
Nadine giggled as his moustache tickled her nose. A twinkle in
her man’s brown eyes showed he was inwardly laughing with her.
She released his lip and her tongue pushed his back into its
home, stroking the roof of his mouth. Mikel shivered in
response and his thrumming of her engorged clit skipped a beat,
causing a jolt of ecstasy to course through her veins.

The man above her knitted his eyebrows in concentration,
beginning to pant with lust and arousal. He slid slightly
higher on her body, and Nadine felt her nexus of so many
pleasurable nerves dragged into her pussy. She scratched his
back with her fingernails, wordlessly encouraging him to greater
and greater activity. His pace increased, blurring the feelings
that came from between her legs. She sighed with the feel of his
hot breath on the side of her neck.

A few strokes more and she was in the throes of orgasm, her
fingers digging into the muscles over his shoulder blades, her
thighs squeezing his waist, and her inner labia clenching his
swelling prick. A high, quiet keening came from her mouth,
accompanied by a roaring sigh from her lover’s. Even in the
sensory overload of her climax, she felt his hot seed filling
her cunt.

Nadine’s mind cleared, and she found herself lying across
the bed with this man’s recumbent body resting over her, limp.
She kissed his nose and Mikel sighed, shifting slightly. It
took little effort for her to coax him to slide off of her and
he curled up, his face smothering itself in her hair and his
slick, slowly softening organ pressed into her leg. His arm was
still draped over her chest, a bar of warmth on her cooling
skin. After a few moments she felt him shiver, and his eyes
slowly opened.

“Ngggggg…mmmmmuuu. Wwwwooooooowwwww,” he indistinctly
intoned, bringing a smile to her lips. “Are you as chilly as

“Yeah, I’m sort of cold,” she sighed, rolling to face him
and stroking his arm with her free hand.

“Is the heat working?”

“It should be…”

“And those windows aren’t open, so…oh, wow – I can feel
your heartbeat!”

“So, we’re pressed toget-”

“No, you don’t understand – I can feel it in your

She grasped his wrist and draped his hand over her mouth;
he was right, she could feel a faint but rhythmic throbbing on
her lips.

“Gee, did we heat up that much?”

“I guess so; we’re just so hot together even room
temperature seems cold,” Nadine mused as she shifted them to the
head of the bed, pushing the suitcase onto the floor. Mikel
stopped suddenly, dozy but alert to something she didn’t notice.

“You know something, beautiful? We forgot to finish something.”
His arm reached behind him.

She frowned and tried to recall the events on her bed.
“Well, I came, we talked, and then both you and I came; I don’t
see anything missing with that.”

“Not that – that was perfect, love. I’m talking about
before that.”

“Oh gee, that’s a little hazy-”

“Flatterer! Here, maybe this’ll refresh your memory,” and
Mikel opened the small jewellery box in his hand a held it in
front of her face.

She regarded the small, hazy diamond in her vision, vaguely
disappointed, until she realized her eyes were focusing properly
– the central stone was nestled in a ring…no a *halo* of tiny
diamond chips that stretched down one side of the gold band.
She sighed and took the box in her hands.

“It’s a comet – you probably don’t remember that I
commented about Hale-Bopp early in our relationship, how we
could look up at the sky and see the same thing at the same time
despite the distance between us. It’s stuck in my mind ever
since. Now that I look back upon it, that errant lump of ice
could’ve been a sign that we were meant for each other, and I
wanted to remember that lucky coincidence.”

“It’s…c’mere you!” She kissed him and nestled her head
under his. Mikel sighed, half from happiness and half from
exasperation. “Nadine, darling? We’re still not done with

“What? Oh, right. Here.” She returned the ring to him,
and pulled her left arm out from under his body. He had the
circle of gold in his fingers, and grasped her hand in his,
kissing each knuckle softly. “So, wanna get hitched, missus?”
he asked smiling as she laughed at his affected Cockney accent.
“Naah, let’s try it like this,” and his voice shifted up several
classes. “Dear, dear lady. Would you grant me the endless
pleasure of being my soulmate *officially*? To be there both to
console me and be consoled by me? To share in my happiness and
yours? To love me and be forever loved in return? Will you
marry me?”

“Yes. I love you, Mikel, and everything you asked of me
I’m only too happy to agree to; I found you, and I don’t ever
want to let you go.”

He slipped the ring onto her finger, fighting back tears of
joy at her requiting his love. He pulled her to him, and kissed
her passionately, a salty wetness running down his nose and
crossing onto hers.

“God, you ARE a soft one, aren’t you, man?”

“Well, it’s rather sappily romantic, isn’t it? Getting
engaged a few days before your birthday! But yeah, I’m a big
marshmallow. <sniff> Just imagine it – a wedding where the
GROOM is crying! It’s just I’ve never been so happy in my

“And how did you get the size right?”

“Huh? Oh…I didn’t.”

“Yeah, right!”

He smirked guiltily. “No, you’re right – I can’t lie to
you. Do you remember that letter you sent me?”

“Which one?”

“The one where you traced your hand on the page? I got a
jeweller to take a guess from that – looks like he was right!”
Mikel shivered as their bodies cooled.

“Oooo, let’s get under the covers!”

Her new fiance made no protest, his heavy-lidded eyes
gazing possessively over her as she shifted their bodies and
pulled the comforter over them. “Thank you, fiancee,” he
sighed. And kissing her on the forehead, he nestled into her
shoulder and drifted off.

She looked down his back to her left hand, watching the
play of light on the symbol of their love. She whispered into
his ear, “Thank YOU, husband-to-be, for the best birthday
present I could ever get,” closed her eyes and dreamed of their
happy future.

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