My 33rd Birthday
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While we had often talked about it during sex, the fantasy of seeing and
hearing my wife with another man didn’t seem to ever come close to being
realized. I had brought home an eight inch vibrator, shaped and veined like a
massive cock. I would fuck her with it while she sucked me off. She
claimed to enjoy the sensation on two organs in her at the same time.
Yet, afterwards reality returned. She had no desire to have anyone in
her bed but me. And so I turned to the A.S.S. for the fictional and semi-fictional
descriptions of others who had enjoyed the fulfillment of this fantasy.
Occasionally I would share the writings with her, demonstrating that it
was not an unique or unusual fantasy, and that others had tried and
liked the experience. It was at the same time that I realized that vocalizations were an
incredible turn-on for me. While I cared little for “talking dirty”,
just the sound of an “Oh, that feels good,” or a “do it softer, harder,
etc.” made me wild with desire. We agreed to practice that aspect in
our sex lives. She said she could take it or leave it, but assented to
verbalizing her feelings for me. Within six months, she was talking a blue streak and our sex lives had
never been better. She was interested in trying different positions.
She settle on doggie style as her favorite. “It feels wonderful and dirty,” she said. “It’s very exciting.” “Now you know how I feel when you talk to me,” I responded. “And why
I’d like to see you with someone else.” Her second favorite position was astride me. “It gives me the feeling
of being in control. I like that,” she said. She paused one evening, while riding me and asked, “Tell me about your
fantasy. What would it be like?” And so, as she rode me, I described the whole scene to her. It made her
incredibly aroused. She bucked on me, squeezing me with her cunt
muscles and screaming the arrival of each new orgasm. Afterwards, during the snuggling session, she said, “Do you really want
to do all that?” “That’s my fantasy,” I replied. “Don’t you have one you’d like to see
come true?” “Not really,” she said. “I guess I’ll just share yours.” We celebrated my 33rd birthday on a Friday night. The house was full of
friends and a few relatives. Balloons and streamers hung everywhere.
We had wine, beer, snacks, and of course, birthday cake. The gifts were
decent and I was feeling warm and welcomed in my group of friends and
kinfolk. A single guy from my wife’s workplace, Patrick, was also in
attendance. I had seen him several times, but we had never really
gotten to know each other. Throughout the evening, Patrick, or Pat, as my wife called him, wore a
small red bow on his lapel. “Are you into AIDS support?” I asked, indicating the ribbon. “I’m not really an activist. No, Jan asked me to wear this,” he
answered. The party broke up at about eleven. Most of our friends had to work on
Saturday. The relatives all had children with baby-sitters they had to
collect. As the guests filtered out, my wife would wish them well and
thank them for coming. Eventually, the only ones left were Pat, Jan, my
wife, and I. “A real nice party, Jan,” I said. “Thank you.”
“The best is yet to come,” Jan giggled. I suspected she’d had a touch
too much of the wine.
“You haven’t asked about my present, yet,” she said.
“Well, I thought the party…” I began.
“Was just the start,” she smiled. “Did you see Patrick’s red bow?”
“He said you asked him to wear it,” I replied, somewhat proud of my
detective work.
“Did he tell you why?” Jan inquired.
“No. Just that you told him to wear it.”
“Pat is going to be my present to you,” Jan said with finality. What the hell? I looked at Pat. He shrugged. “You are to go upstairs, birthday boy, undress, and seat yourself in the
hardback chair in our bedroom,” Jan instructed me. “Do you understand
“Yes, I understand what you said.”
“Pat and I will be up in a few minutes,” she said.
“Oh,” she continued, “and before I forget,” she held out a triangle of
black cloth. “Form this into a blindfold and tie it on yourself.” I leapt for the stairs. In the room, is stripped, folded the triangular
cloth into a blindfold and tied it and sat in the hardback armchair as
Jan instructed me. I sat there, my mind racing through a variety of
scenarios while I waited for Pat and Jan to arrive. “Oh dear,” Jan exclaimed as she walked into he room. “This won’t do!
The chair is turned wrong. Stand up, Brian,” she instructed. I stood.
She shuffled the chair around then led me by the hand to the newly
situated seat. “Now you’re facing the corner, like you’re supposed to. And, no
“Pat, will you help me bind him to the chair?” “If that’s what you want,” Pat answered. My arms were tied to the chair arms with strips of cloth. Then my
ankles were bound to the legs of the chair. “There,” Jan pronounced. “I don’t think he can move out of there, do
you?” “I don’t see how,” Pat responded. Suddenly my wife’s lips were at my ear. I could feel her hot breath as
she whispered, “Remember. You asked for this. Tonight, I’m going to
let Pat fuck me. And you’re going to hear it all.” My heart leapt in my throat and my gut did a serious flip. She was
really going to do it. “Kiss me, Pat,” she ordered. I strained to hear the joining of their mouths and wet slurping of their
tongues dueling each other. My wife groaned gently. “Oh, that is so nice. You’re a wonderful kisser, Pat.” Then the sound
of more smacking and slurping. “I think we should take off our clothes, don’t you?” I heard my wife
say. Then, “Here, let me help you with your belt.” I heard the tinkle of metal as she unlatched the buckle. “Why, Pat? Are you hot for me already?” Jan giggled. I heard Pat groan
this time. “Oh, that’s a wonderful cock, Pat. Do you mind if I kiss it?” I strained at my bonds, briefly and turned my head to the side, hoping
to catch a glimpse through the bottom of the blindfold. But I had done
too good a job. All I could see was blackness. My ears stretched to hear. There was a smacking, then a small moan from
Pat. I could visualize my wife taking the head of his cock between her
lips. I let out my own groan. “Brian must be able to hear me sucking on your cock, Pat. Can you hear
that, Brian?” “Yes,” I breathed. “He has a wonderful cock, Brian. All hard and velvety smooth. I’m
going to lick and suck on it now,” she told me. The picture danced through my mind. I could see her licking his length
in my imagination, then taking him between her lips and sucking him into
his mouth. Her small groan indicated to me she had engulfed him. I listened to the silence as she worked on him. Very small sounds
emanated from the two as she sucked on his dick. My own cock was rock
hard with the anticipation. “Very nice,” she pronounced. “But I don’t want you to come too fast. “I’m going to finish undressing for Pat, now, Brian. First, my
T-shirt. Did you know I wasn’t wearing a bra tonight, Brian? Pat found
out when he caressed my breasts when I was sucking his dick. Now my
T-shirt is off and he can see them. “You can kiss them and suck on the nipples, if you like, Pat. I like
that.” My wife let out a low, wavering “ohhhhh” sounds. I knew that Pat had
affixed his lips to a nipple and was tonguing it. “Mmmmm,” Jan said. “That feels wonderful. Now I’m removing my jean
shorts while Pat sucks on my breasts. Mmmmmm. All I have left on are
my red panties, you know, the little ones you bought me from
Frederick’s, Brian?” I did know, indeed. They were little more than a red patch with three
strings. “I think I’d like you to remove these, Pat,” my wife directed. “That’s
right, hook your fingers in the strings and just slide them down my
hips.” I knew my wife was standing naked in front of a man I barely knew. “Do you like how I shaved my little patch for you, Pat? Just a
thumbnail of hair. You’ll find everything else is baby smooth down
there.” Patrick groaned and my wife yelled, “oooooo!” It was obvious to me that
Pat had buried himself in Jan’s almost naked thatch. “Nice tongue!” Jan exclaimed. “But, wait! Let me lie on the bed so you
can reach me easier.” I heard the sound of pressure on our bed. “Now, baby. Now, come eat my pussy,” Jan cooed. This time there was plenty of noise for me to discern. As Pat licked
and slurped at my wife’s pussy she moaned and whimpered, calling
instructions to him throughout. “Oh, yes. Lick my clit. Ummmm, yes. Like that. Ohhhhh, baby. I’m
so close to coming. Now, fuck me with your tongue. Oooooo, yes. Just
like that. Rub your nose on my clit and fuck me with your tongue.
That’s right. You hear, Brian? Pat is making me cum. Ooooooo!
Ohhhhh, mmmmmm, yes. Just like that….oh, that was a good one. Now,
just the clit, very softly. It’s ready for your lips. Suck it in your
mouth, Pat, and tease it with your tongue. Ohhhhh. Good. Oh, you’re
very good. Make me come again, Pat. Lick the length. That’s it. Now
suck the inner folds in your mouth and tongue my clit. Mmmmmmm. Oh,
yesssss. Awwwwww. Ohhhhhhhh. Mmmmmm. Excellent!” My mind whirled with the image of my wife, on her back in our bed, with
Pat’s head buried between her thighs, his lips, teeth and tongue working
on my wife’s genitalia. My prick throbbed and bobbed. I strained at my
bonds again, desperate to touch myself and relieve the cum building in
my loins. “Oh, god!” I moaned. Jan’s lips were at my ear again, her breath steamy hot on the side of my
face. “Are you enjoying this, Brian? Do you like to hear your wife
being eaten and licked by another man?” “Mmmm, oh, yes,” I moaned. “I wish I could see.” “You’ll get your chance. “But, for now, I’m going to let Pat fuck me, fuck me from behind, the
way we do it. Is that what you want?” “Yes, yes! Let me see it!” “No, not yet. First, you’ll have to listen to it.” Jan left my side. “My pussy is all hot and wet for you, Pat. I want you to fuck me.
Fuck me like this.” The bed rustled as I heard Jan crawl on it. “Give me your cock, baby. That’s it. Slide it up and down my slit.
Mmmmmm. Like that. Now, put it in me. That’s it. Slowly. I can feel
the head right at the entrance. Push slowly. Nice. You feel how wet
my pussy is? Slide it in me. Oooooo. I feel all filled up with it.
All the way, now. Push it in. Ohhhhhhh. That’s heaven.” In my mind I could see her kneeling on the bed, Pat behind her, his cock
sliding slowly into her. She always wriggled a little as it when it,
making that “Oooooo” noise. “Pat’s got his hot, hard dick buried all the way in me now, Brian. I
love the feel of it inside me. “Now, Pat. Very slowly, fuck me. Fuck me slowly.” There was no sound as his cock slid silently in and out of her. I
surmised that the noise would start when she couldn’t stand it anymore
and directed him to pound into her. “Ohhhhhh. Feels so good. Mmmmmmm. Keep stroking me just like that.
I’m rocking backwards to take all of him in me, Brian. Mmmmmmm. What a
wonderful feeling. It’s like I can almost feel every ridge and vein on
his hard cock. Ohhhhhh. “Okay, Pat, faster now. Make me cum, Pat. Oooooooo. Faster.
Harder.” Now I could hear the slap as he pounded into her. Her wet pussy made
nasty slurping noises as he drove into her. “Yes, Pat. Hard. Fast. Just like that. Ohhhhhh. Mmmmmmm.” Suddenly there was a sound from Jan I’d never heard before. It was
almost a shriek. It started with a high pitched “Eeeeeee” and ended
with a low, warbling “oh oh oh oh oh” sound. “Pat has put a wet finger in my ass,” Jan breathed. “Oh oh oh, it’s
incredible. Mmmmmmmm. Oh, god! I’m cumming. I’m cumming, I’m
cumming!” she started to yell. In my mind I saw her pushing her ass toward him, banging back at him,
clutching him with her cunt muscles. The slap, slap, slap sounds got
faster and faster as they beat their bodies together. My wife screamed, “Awwwwwwww shit! Awwwwwwww shit! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Then there was the sound of several grunts. Then I hear Pat’s guttural,
“Unnnnnhhhhhhh.” I knew he was shooting his load into Jan. The noises in the room ceased, except for my wife’s breathless
repetition, “Oh, my god. Oh, my god.” “That was incredible,” I offered from my chair. “You’re not kidding,” Jan said from the bed. The next thing I knew she
was at my side. “How’s little Willie doing?” she asked. “He’s ready to shoot at the first touch.” I felt her fingernail scrape up the side surface. “Like that?” she
teased. “Certainly not too much more.” “Well, he’s going to have to wait,” she responded. “Pat, you can use the bathroom down the hall to get ready for the next
act,” Jan told him. I heard him pad out of the room. “So, how’s your birthday so far?” she asked, “So far it has been thoroughly delightful.” She untied the blindfold. My eyes took a moment to adjust to the
light. I saw my wife standing next to me, nude. Come was dribbling
down the inside of her thigh. “You’re going to make a mess,” I offered. She looked down, then scooped up the dribble on her finger. She looked
at it a second, then smeared it over the bulging bulb at the top of my
cock. “Please don’t do that,” I pleaded with her. “Why not? I’m going to take care of it.” With that, she leaned over
and licked the head of my dick. “If you do that, I’m going to shoot my load in your mouth.” “No you won’t,” she said, confidently. “Not until later tonight.” She
licked Pat’s come off my dick and then ran into the bathroom. “What’s act two?” I yelled to her. “You’ll see,” she yelled back. “Happy birthday!” “Thank you.” She was right. I did see. She and Pat helped me turn my chair around.
I got to see my wife suck Pat’s cock until he got hard again. Then I
watched as he lay underneath her in a sixty-nine. He ate my wife’s
pussy while she sucked his cock. Then, she turned around on him and I
watched as his dick disappeared into my wife’s cunt as she slid down on
him. She rode him like a stud pony, milking him and bouncing on him
until she came while he pumped another load of his essence into her. She left me tied to the chair, and once again, spread the remains of his
essence on my stiff rod, then licked it off. “I like the way his come tastes,” she said. “That’s act three. In
thirty minutes.” She and Pat cleaned up and went, naked, to fetch the three of us
drinks. When they returned, Jan fed me from her glass while Pat savored
his own. “So, tell me, Pat. Did you ever envision a night like tonight?” I
asked. “Actually, I did,” he responded. “Jan came to me last week and said,
‘My husband wants to watch me fuck another man. You’re the man I’ve
chosen.’ I was flattered and very excited. This has been everything
I’d imagined.” “And, it’s not over yet,” Jan said. “Time for act three.” “And, just what it act three,” I inquired. “If you think you can behave yourself, we’ll untie you.” “I’ll behave,” I promised. As the pair undid my bonds, Jan outlined act three. “I told you I liked
the way Pat’s come tasted. So I’m going to suck him off while you fuck
me from behind. Go lie on the bed, Pat,” she ordered. Pat lay down on the bed. My wife crawled up between his legs and began
to lick and suck at his limp organ. “What about me?” I asked. “When you get hard, you can fuck me,” Jan said. “You can watch me blow
Pat, if that’s what turns you on, or you can eat me. Whatever works for
you.” I dove into my wife’s pussy. I lapped and slurped, nibbled and licked.
My member grew hard as hell within a few minutes. Then I stood behind
her and slid it in. I fucked her as hard as ever I had. Pat told me the experience of
feeling her mouth on him, jerked by the reaction to my fucking her was
as exciting as anything he’d ever felt. My darling Jan sucked and
licked him until he was ready to shoot his load. He warned her he was
ready to cum. When she heard that, Jan took the head between her lips
and sucked his little hole mightily, sucking every drop out of him,
rolling it around in her mouth and swallowing. Just as she finished, I felt her cunt muscles grab at my dick. I thrust
into her as she screamed her orgasm, and felt mine explode from my
engorged balls. In act four, Pat and I exchanged places. When Jan sucked my second load
of cum from me, I couldn’t help but holler. It was like having the very
life sucked out of me. By this time, we were all exhausted. We slept with Jan in the middle.
I awoke in the middle of the night. I found that Jan way lying on top
of Pat. She lay very still, using only her cunt muscles to milk his
cock which was planted deep inside her. “Act five?” I asked. “Nope,” she said. “Act five we’re saving for my birthday.” “And what is that?” I wondered. “When we get to fulfill my fantasy of watching you fuck Pat’s
girlfriend, Melanie, while I’m sitting up astride of him!” “I didn’t know you had a fantasy,” I observed. “Actually, it was Pat’s idea,” she whispered. “But, I love it.” “You think you can wait three months?” I asked. “You and I will have to practice.”

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