Wet Surprise
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Sandy was a beautiful, 32-year-old, real-estate agent in Atlanta, Georgia. She was about 5’6″ tall, and weighed approximately 125 pounds. She had deep blue eyes, golden blonde hair, and an infectious smile. Her beauty and friendly manner had helped in making Sandy a very successful real-estate agent. Though she had inherited a great deal of money from her family, Sandy also worked very hard. She had struggled her way to the top of one of the largest real-estate agencies in central Georgia.

Her inheritance and position as the agency’s top producer had allowed Sandy to acquire, at a young age, some nice rewards for her hard work. She lived in a large, two story, anti-bellum style house in one of Atlanta’s upscale suburbs. It sat on nearly four acres of well tended land and included a multi-car garage, pool, and tennis court.

Even though Sandy was smart, attractive, and friendly, she was still single. She frequently complained to her friends about her dates. She claimed most of the men she dated acted more like the bankers or stock brokers they were rather than real, take charge, men. Her dates usually ended more like business discussions about real-estate and other investments than being romantic evenings. What she wanted was a man who would treat her like the young, sexy, woman she was. Unfortunately, the “real men” she was attracted to seemed to be intimidated by her success.

The maintenance of Sandy’s house and grounds was tended to by two young men who worked full time for her. Rick, and his teenaged assistant Billy, kept the place looking and working great. Tanya, Sandy’s maid, kept the house immaculate. Sandy paid them well, and treated them more as friends than employees. So, they did their best to keep Sandy’s house and grounds in top shape.

Rick was about 25-years-old with dark, closely cropped, hair. He stood about 6’0″, had a muscular build, and deep tan. His solid build and tan were the result many hours of hard yard work. He was just the kind of man Sandy fantasized about. Rick was as infatuated with Sandy as she was with him. It was too bad he never had the nerve to ask her out. After all, one doesn’t date the boss.

The Atlanta locals frequently call their home town, Hot-lanta. The nick-name is well deserved. Summer temperatures frequently hover in the upper 80s and lower 90s with humidity percentages to match. On hot days like that, when she could get away from the office, Sandy often enjoyed sipping a cold glass of iced tea on her balcony while watching Rick work near her pool or tennis court.

It had been one of those hot, sticky, afternoons so common in late August in the South. A prospective home buyer had cancelled an appointment, and Sandy had gotten home a little earlier than usual. Tanya was out shopping for dinner, so Sandy had the house to herself. She had been home just long enough to fix a tall glass of tea before heading for a cooling shower.

As she climbed the stairs, she hoped she could catch a glimpse of Rick before getting in the shower. Entering her room, Sandy took a sip of tea and glanced out the window.

Sure enough, Rick was hard at work pressure washing the tennis court. His shirt hung on one of the net support poles. As he swept the pressure washer’s nozzle back and forth across the court, Rick’s muscled back rippled and glistened in the sun. Rick enjoyed his work, and he almost seemed to be dancing to whatever tune was coming from his Walkman earphones.

Since her windows were covered by reflective film, Sandy knew neither Rick, nor anyone else, could see her. She sat her tea on the near-by night stand, kicked off her shoes, and began removing her clothing. As she watched Rick, Sandy began to sway to a slow, unheard, musical rhythm that played in her head for her alone.

She slowly unfastened the buttons down the front of her dress. She gently slid it off her shoulders, and down her arms. With a little wiggle of her nicely rounded ass, the dress fell to the floor around Sandy’s feet. She stepped out of the dress and began pushing her pantihose off her shapely hips. Without taking her eyes off Rick, she bent at the waist and slid her hands down the outside of her smooth legs as she pushed the pantihose down and off her feet.

If only he knew of the strip tease Sandy was secretly doing just for him.

Sandy slowly stood up and slightly spread her legs. Her hands slid up the inside of her legs and trailed, oh so lightly, over her panty covered love lips. A wet spot had begun to appear on her panties. In the back of her mind, she noted the need for a shave. She unhooked the clasp of her front closing bra and released her firm c-cup breasts. Even at 32, there was not a sign of sag in her natural breasts. She cupped a breast in each hand and squeezed. Her nipples were already hard, and Sandy gave them a little pinch. A soft moan escaped Sandy’s throat.

With a longing sigh, Sandy turned from her window and headed to the shower. She dropped the panties along the way.

About that time, Tanya returned from her shopping trip. Since Sandy had parked in the garage, Tanya didn’t realize her employer was already home. As she put the groceries away, Tanya noticed Rick working at the tennis court. Only then did she remember the leaky faucet in the shower of the master bath.

Tanya was a little irritated with herself. She should have reported the bathroom leak much earlier that day. Tanya called Rick into the house and told him about the leak. Realizing Sandy was due home soon, both Tanya and Rick wanted to have the leak fixed before she arrived. So, Rick quickly retrieved his tools and rushed up to the master bath.

Sandy, in the mean time, had finished washing herself and had turned the water temperature down to enjoy the cool spray on her body. With her eyes closed, her head thrown back, Sandy quietly let the water cool and relax her.

With the Walkman still playing in his ears, Rick didn’t hear the water running as he entered the master bath. When Rick threw open the shower door, he, and Sandy, were frozen with shock.

Rick tried to speak, but all he could stammer was, “I uh, I uh, I uh, uh.” He stood without moving. All he could do was stare. He had seen Sandy in a modest two-piece bathing suit. He knew she was a beautiful woman. But here she was, standing in front of him, completely naked. Rick couldn’t help himself. He was captivated by Sandy’s beauty. She stood before him with her hands clinched at her sides, while sparkling droplets of water gave her entire body a silvery luster. Her breasts proudly standing firm, a drop of water hanging from each prominent nipple. And, and, and, she was shaved! There was no hair on her pubic mound. None!

Sandy was just as shocked as Rick. When Rick had suddenly opened her shower door, she too had frozen. Though she had fantasized many times about Rick, she certainly had not expected him to suddenly appear as she stood naked in her shower. She thought to herself, ‘his chest was nicely developed.’

As Sandy began to come out of her shock, she scanned Rick. His muscled chest, firm flat belly, and strong arms appealed to her. And, was that an erection beginning to bulge in his jeans.

A smile began to creep across Sandy’s face.

“I I I’mmm s s so sorry, Sandy.” Rick stammered, as he began to back out of the bathroom.

Seizing the moment, Sandy said, “It’s alright, Rick.”

Then a wicked thought found its way into Sandy’s mind. “Please, don’t go. Since you’re already here, and you’ve already seem me naked, would you mind washing my back? It’s so hard to reach back there.” Sandy said, holding out her wash cloth to Rick.

Without a word, and shaking like a leaf in the wind, Rick reached out and took the cloth. As Rick soaped up the cloth, Sandy turned her back to him.

Sandy’s ass, like her breasts, was round and very firm.

Tentatively, Rick began washing Sandy’s back. He slowly worked the cloth in small circles in the middle of Sandy’s back.

Sandy gave a soft groan and leaned back toward Rick. The circles gradually widened until he was completely covering her back.

Then, without warning, Sandy turn to face Rick. Rick found his hand with the soapy cloth pressed between Sandy’s breasts. He again seemed to freeze.

“Don’t stop now.” Sandy cooed. “You always finish your other jobs. So, finish this one.” Sandy had regained control, at least of her self.

Rick resumed washing Sandy. Only now, he was beginning to relax and get into her tits, er, the job at hand. He thoroughly washed Sandy’s shoulders, smooth flat belly, and both firm tits.

Sandy moaned her approval. Her moans grew a little louder when Rick gently pinched each nipple. Sandy was only slightly disappointed when Rick stopped without washing her pussy and ass.

With a broad smile, Sandy said, “It’s your turn now. Why don’t you undress and get in here with me?”

Rick was still hesitant about taking such liberties with his boss, even if she was beautiful and willing. Rick asked, “Are you sure?”

Rick’s smile was nearly as broad as Sandy’s when she said, “Drop those damn pants, and get in here. You’ve been working all day and need a shower.” Sandy hadn’t gotten to be the lead agent at the agency without being in control under stressful circumstances.

“Yes, Mamme.” Rick quickly shed his shoes, socks, and pants. He wore no underwear.

Sandy’s eyes widened when she saw what had caused the bulge in Rick’s jeans. She hadn’t been a virgin for a long time, but she hadn’t been with a great many men, either. The object in front of her was bigger than any piece of man-meat she had ever seen.

Rick’s cock was a little over 71/2″ long and thicker than most. When she reached out and took his cock in her hand, she wasn’t quite able to close her hand completely around it.

Gently pulling Rick by his cock, Sandy brought him into the shower with her. She took the wash cloth and thoroughly washed Rick from head to toe. As she washed Rick’s solid chest and belly, she told him of her frustrations with her dates and lack of a love life.

Rick was not highly educated, but he was pretty sharp. Before she could move down to wash his cock and ass, Rick took Sandy into his arms, pulled her to him, and very firmly hugged her. Her tits were crushed against his chest as he passionately kissed her lips.

“Oh my!” Sandy breathlessly said, as Rick released her. Sandy fell to her knees on the shower floor and lovingly washed his cock, balls, and ass. She kissed and licked nearly everywhere she cleaned. Then, Sandy kissed the head of Rick’s cock, which had become fully erect. When she kissed his cock’s head, Rick lurched forward. She opened her mouth widely and took in as much of him as she could.

Sandy had never given head before, but instinctively knew how to lick and suck at the same time. She soon had Rick slowly thrusting in and out of the her mouth. All the while she continued washing Rick’s ass and legs.

When she finished washing Rick, she stood, and he again wrapped his strong arms around her. With the cool water splashing over them, rinsing the soap away, Rick passionately kissed Sandy again. She eagerly yielded when his tongue began exploring her mouth. At the same time, Rick began firmly fondling Sandy’s tits.

When he squeezed firmly, but not hard enough to hurt her, Sandy gave an approving moan. Rick’s firm pinch of her nipples caused Sandy to thrust her chest toward him. Nibbling on her ears and kissing her neck, Rick continued fondling and pinching Sandy’s tits and let a hand slide down her belly to her bare pussy. Rick thrilled at the way her freshly shaved pussy felt. It was so soft and smooth.

Sandy quickly spread her legs wide to give Rick easy access to her pussy.

Rick found Sandy’s pussy soaking wet with lubricating juices. His finger easily slid into the snug confines of her love tunnel as he moved his kisses to her tits. A second finger was added to her pussy as he sucked and nipped her hardened nipples.

Rick then dropped to his knees and, took an ass cheek in each hand, firmly squeezed them, and planted a firm kiss on the top of Sandy’s bald pussy.

With her legs still widely spread, Sandy instinctively pivoted her hips to give Rick better access to the center of her desires.

With the easier access, Rick began giving Sandy long slow licks. An occasional flick of his tongue to her clit brought gasps from Sandy. She soon had her hands on the back of Rick’s head pulling his face tightly to her hungry hole. He could hear her softly saying, “Oh God, yes! Don’t ever stop.” Her pussy juices were soon covering his face.

All the while, Rick was firmly massaging both cheeks of Sandy’s tight ass.

Abruptly, Rick stood up. Still holding an ass-cheek in each hand, Rick easily lifted Sandy off the shower’s floor, pressed her back against the wall, and leaned into her with his body. Slowly, oh so slowly, he lowered her to his waiting rock-hard cock.

As the head of his cock touched Sandy’s outer pussy lips, she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips. Rick continued to lower Sandy. Her outer pussy lips stretched open to accommodate his large cock. Inch by inch, Rick lowered Sandy onto his turgid shaft.

“Oh, oh, oh!” Sandy gasped with each additional inch.

Rick hesitated just a few seconds before impaling Sandy on the last couple inches of his 71/2″ cock. When she began swiveling her hips, Rick gave her the last of his shaft.

Sandy’s eyes, which had been closed, snapped open. “Oh shit! Damn I’m full!” She exclaimed.

“Are you OK?” Rick asked.

“Oh yes! I’m fine. I’ve just never had so much man inside me before. Damn that feels good.” She replied.

After giving Sandy a minute to get used to having her pussy so full, Rick began rhythmically lifting and lowering her ass. He repeatedly impaled her pussy on his cock.

Sandy grunted each time she was fully lowered onto Rick’s cock. She was soon helping by pushing down with each of Rick’s upward thrusts. Her downward pushes seemed to get more and more urgent, until she screamed, “I’m cuming! Oh damn! Fuck me hard, Rick. please, fuck me hard.”

Rick, more than happy to oblige, squeezed her ass, pushed her back firmly against the shower wall, and repeatedly slammed his engorged cock up into Sandy’s hungry pussy. Her ass, pinned against the wall, was squashed flat each time Rick rammed his cock into Sandy’s tight hole.

It didn’t take too much of this hard fucking before Rick told Sandy, “I’m going to cum, Baby.”

“Cum in me, Rick. It’s OK! I’m on the pill, and my pussy is so hungry for a real man’s cum.”

And cum he did! Rick pumped four, five, six good solid shots of cum deep into Sandy’s depths. He added a few dribbles as they held each other tightly, still locked together. They kissed passionately until Sandy realized her legs, still wrapped around Rick’s hips, were beginning to fatigue.

Sandy slowly dropped her legs, and Rick gently lowered her to the shower floor.

“Do you have plans for dinner?” Sandy asked.

Gently cupping her pussy with his hand, Rick said, “I think I can find something to eat.”

“Good,” Sandy said with a giggle, “but for now, I think we need another shower.”

After showering, they got dressed, and had dinner. Neither would of them would remember what Tanya served. They were too engrossed with each other.

Rick couldn’t get over how lucky he was to be with Sandy. She was his dream come true.

Sandy kept thinking over and over, “I have finally found a real man that will treat me like I’m a sexy woman, and not just a business partner.” She also couldn’t help but think of Rick’s thick 7″ cock that had so filled her pussy. Hell, she was still oozing a little cum.

The evening promissed to be the start of a wonderful relationship.

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