Unplanned Sex
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Much of our sex isn’t planned. It just seems to happen. For
example, we were lying in bed late last Friday spooning under our
duvet, when my wife stated quite boldly that she wanted me to fuck
her. Never one to turn down a chance to fuck my wife, I pulled down
my briefs and started to thrust myself against my wife’s smooth

This quickly got me hard, and I quickly slipped myself into her now
wet cunt. I wrapped my arms around my wife’s body and started to
thrust in and out of her tight hole. My hands roamed her body,
touching all of her secret places. In particular, I pawed at her
breasts and nipples. This excited her immensely, so much so, that
it makes her climax explosively.

I then flipped onto my back and had her mount me. She squatted down
on my cock and started to hump my cock rapidly. When she’s on top,
she can climax quite easily, and this session was no exception. She
had a quick climax within minutes of sinking her twat onto my eight
inch rod.

This exhausted her and she slumped onto me. I took advantage of
this and grabbed her ass and started to fuck her hard. This re-
energized her and she responded by moaning into my ear and clawing
at my back. I slipped a finger between her asscheeks and I started
to finger her asshole, which got her even more horny. I redoubled
my efforts and fucked her harder and harder. This brought her to
yet another climax that left her gasping for breath.

My wife then slid off me at my request and started to suck my cock.
I really love her blow-jobs as they really are well done. Just like
the one she did on our wedding night. But that is another story.
Right at this moment she was really doing a number on me by sliding
her mouth up and down my rod.

She’s never been able to fit all eight inches in, but she gives it
a good try every time. She also seems to be able to get the
pressure and the tempo just right, which brings me perilously close
to shooting my load. That’s when I figured that I should put a kink
into the proceedings. I asked her to stop sucking me off and get
into “the bitch position.”

Rear entry or “the bitch position” as we call it, is my wife’s
favorite position because I can grab her hips and ram my hard cock
in and out of her tight wet snatch making her squeal with delight.
Her pleasure is enhanced by the fact that I fill her hole
completely and I even touch her cervix consistently which makes her
spiral from climax to climax. She also becomes very vocal in this
position, either ordering me to fuck her harder, or screaming and
moaning when she cums. My wife was in fine form that night, taking
my thrusts with aplomb and ordering me to “grab her hips and fuck
her like a whore.”

Since I always do as I am told, I did just that. This brought me
close to the edge and I sensed my impending explosion. This made me
time it just right so that when I was within seconds of exploding,
I pulled out of her cunt and shot a huge load between her

Spurt after spurt of my jizz shot between her crack, making her
shiver and moan in pleasure. I collapsed beside her (being out of
breath from fucking her as hard as she wanted to be fucked) and
watched my slutty wife slide her hand between her legs and smear my
jizz all over her shaved pussy lips. All the while she was
murmuring “yes, so wet, so warm.” It was a sight to behold.

Little did I know, that this would be the first of six straight
nights of late night sex, and writing material!

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