My StepSis and Her Friends
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My name is DJ and I’m a 20 year old sophomore at a college in the southeast. While not physically large (6’1” and 205 pounds), I am no doubt blessed to be well endowed with a large cock that swells to 91/2” when fully erect. My dad remarried 3 years ago and my now 18 year old step sister, Yvette, is totally hot. Although she and I never previously engaged in any sexual activity little did I know that this was all about to change. And so my story begins….

In late May, I was flying back home for a well needed break before our summer football workouts started. Upon landing at the airport, I called home to let my parents know that I had landed and that I would be taking a limo from the airport. Yvette answered the phone and said that dad had been called away to Europe for a business trip and that my step mom went with him. They we going to stay in Europe for another 2 weeks for a little vacationing. My dad is an executive VP with a large company and we do not hurt for much. Our house is extremely large with a nice pool area with cabana.

Yvette said she was just hanging out by the pool with her 2 best friends, Tammi and Liz who are both just as hot as Yvette. Upon arriving at the house, I was met at the front door by Yvette and her friends and my jaw almost hit the floor. We all kissed and hugged and said our hellos. The girls were each wearing thong bikinis and looking tan and hot as ever. Yvette is a 5’3” brunette with dark olive skin. She has a rock hard body and 34C tits. Tammi (18 years old) is the tallest of three at 5’6” with a golden tan and huge 36C tits. Liz (19 years old) is a slender brunette, stands about 5’3” and has tits about the same size as my step sister’s 34C. Yvette asked if I wanted to join them at the pool and I said sure, let me put my bags away and change and I’ll be right out. I could feel my cock begin to twitch a bit at the thought of hanging out with these young hotties especially since it had been about 3-4 weeks since I had pounded my last piece of pussy.

I made my way down to the pool and the girls were sitting on their lounge chairs drinking margaritas. I poured myself a tall glass and sat in a chair that was angled but facing the girls. With my mirrored shades on it was easy for me to enjoy the view. We were making small talk when Tammi says, “Hey DJ, is it true what we have heard at school about you?” “I don’t know,” I said, pouring myself another margarita. “It depends on what it is you have heard.” To which Liz piped in, “Come on, you know what we’re talking about.” Yvette then asked the girls, in sort of semi-slurred speech, to stop throwing questions at me and just chill. I could tell the girls were getting a bit tipsy and I was getting more turned on with the view. Tammi, ever the bold one, then looked at Yvette and said, “Come on, we have been waiting all day for DJ to get home and we want to see if his cock is as big as you have been telling us about.” Playing along, I got up and poured the girls some more margaritas looked at Yvette and asked her what exactly had she been saying. “Well I haven’t seen you hard or anything, but I have seen you naked and you are pretty big.

Bigger than any of the guys at our high school.” By now, I could feel my cock begin to grow and a small tent was beginning to form in my swim trunks. The girls noticed this as well. “Looks like the view from behind those shades is turning you on,” said Liz. “Yeah, not too shabby,” I replied. “Can we see your dick, DJ?” Yvette blurted. “Gosh, as much as I’d really like to show you girls, I’m not so sure it would be right.” I replied. “Well we’re all really horny and want to see your cock, so I don’t think you have any other choice,” said Tammi. By now, my cock was semi-erect knowing that I was about to happen. “OK,” I said as my cock was now about half hard. “Why don’t you three sit in front me and I’ll give you peek. But, you’ll have to agree to do exactly what I say from here on out.” “Sure,” they blurted jumping out of their chairs and gathering around my chair.

My cock was now fully rock hard and I could feel its pounding pulse in my trunks. I stood up in front of the girls so that they could see the large tent that had formed. “Gosh you must be really hard,” said Liz. “Go ahead, pull down your trunks and let us see your dick,” urged Tammi. I pulled my trunks down and out sprang my throbbing hard 91/2” cock that was pointing straight up at the sky. My cock and balls are clean shaven which further accentuates its size. The girls gasped and just stared. Words like wow, oh my gosh and it’s huge were whispered. “Can I touch it?” asked Yvette. To which I responded, “sure, why don’t each of you touch it and play with it if you like.” Yvette got on her knees and reached out with her right hand and grabbed my cock. Her tiny hand barely covered half my cock. “God you’re huge, look how purple the head is,” she said. Just then, Tammi cupped my tennis ball sized nut sack and gently began to message my balls. Liz then told Yvette to slide her hand down so that she could get a feel of my cock. I looked down and thought I was in heaven. I was standing in front of 3 hot girls in skimpy bikinis that were at the moment giving all of their attention to my cock.

Yvette and Liz started to slowly move their hands in unison up and down my cock shaft as Tammi kept working on my balls. “Does it feel good when we pump your cock?” asked Liz. “Oh yes,” I said. Just then, Tammi leaned in and began flicking her tongue out letting it tickle the underside of my cock head. The girls took turns pumping, licking and kissing my cock and balls. After what seemed like an eternity, but was actually only about 15 minutes, my cock was leaking pre-cum and I began to get that cum feeling. “We can’t believe you haven’t shot your cum yet. The high school boys would have gone off long ago,” said Yvette. “Well, in another minute or so I will shoot my cum, so why don’t you girls take a break and take off those bikinis so that I can see you naked,” I said.

They stood up and removed their bikinis and I thought I would shoot my cum right then and there without anyone even touching my cock. Tammi is a true blonde with a shapely ass and a small patch of hair covering the length of her pussy crack. Her nipples on those 36C sized tits were large and golden brown. Liz’s tits were also gorgeous with dark brown nipples and her pussy had a small patch of hair just above the top of her crack. Glancing over at Yvette almost made me spurt cum. She’s a work-out queen with tight abs, firm 34C tits and a plump J-Lo ass. Her pussy was completely clean shaven. Standing there we were all just sort of kissing and rubbing each other. I suggested that we move into the bedroom in the pool cabana and continue our action. Once inside, Yvette turned to me and said, “God I want you to fuck me hard with that big dick. We all want you bad.” I locked lips with her for a deep french kiss and then looked at all them and said, “I’m going to try and cum in each of your holes as many times as I can until my dick just won’t get hard. How does that sound?” Tammi kneeled down and started to suck my cock while Liz dove between Yvette’s legs to give her pussy a good licking.

I shifted my position a bit so that I could finger fuck Liz’s pussy and ass which was sticking up as she was bent over. Tammi was just licking and sucking my cock head while her right hand pumped the base of my cock and her left hand squeezed my ball sack. Yvette was really starting to grind her pussy into Liz’s face and announced that she was close to cumming. I had my thumb in Liz’s pussy while my middle finger was rubbing her now swollen clit. Yvette groaned and screamed that she was cumming. I rubbed Liz’s clit faster and heard her moan as her pussy had a spasm around my pumping thumb. All of this was too much and I felt the cum start to rise from the base of my cock. “I’m gonna shoot my cum,” I said looking down at Tammi. Liz and Yvette heard this and hopped down from the bed kneeling on either side of Tammi who was now pumping my cock with both hands. “Oh fuck, I can’t hold it anymore, pump my cock hard.” The first blast sprayed all over Tammi’s face and tits. I grabbed my cock and aimed it at Yvette and then Liz. After 7 or 8 blasts, I finally stopped cumming and the girls took turns licking me clean. They each had cum on their face and tits.

Yvette grabbed a towel and the girls cleaned up a bit. I was sitting on the edge of the bed when Liz said, “Look, his cock is still hard.” Actually, I was only half hard when Yvette kneeled in front me and said, “Let me get that monster back in action.” She lifted my heavy ball sack and slowly traced her tongue from my ass crack all the way up the length of my cock and then her tongue tickled the sensitive spot on the underside of my cock head. I lay down on the bed and Liz straddled my head and leaned forward to help Yvette with my cock. Tammi slipped under Liz to suck her tits and spread her legs so that I could play with her pussy and asshole. My cock quickly got super hard again and we were all moaning in unison. It did not take Tammi long to cum especially since her pussy was already boiling hot after sucking my cock earlier. She groaned really load and asked me to rub her clit faster. “Fuck yes…rub it faster…fuck I’m cumming.” Liz was not far behind as I furiously licked her clit. She must have had her hand wrapped around my cock because as soon as her pussy started to spasm and cum hard, I felt a tight squeeze on my cock as if she was holding on for dear life. I told the girls to line up along the side of the bed and bend over because I wanted to take turns fucking their pussies.

My eyes immediately went to Yvette’s J-Lo ass and I rubbed my fat cock head along the length of her wet pussy crack. “Fuck me now, come on I want you to fuck me hard,” she said. She pushed her ass back towards me and my cock began to slowly enter her pussy. I grabbed her hips and steadily sank my entire cock into her all the way to my balls. “God you’re huge, that feels sooooo fucking good.” With that, I began to pump in and out of her pussy with long strokes from the base of my cock all the way to just the tip of my cock head. I picked up the pace and her breathing got harder. After about 10 minutes of pounding into Yvette’s pussy, I looked over to Tammi and asked if she was ready for a good fucking. “Yes,” she said as her and Liz were fingering each other. I slowly pulled my rock hard pussy-juice covered cock from Yvette and stepped behind Tammi. She raised her ass a bit and I found her sweet honey hole and slowly pushed my cock all the way inside. Tammi groaned and asked me to go slow until she could get used to my size. I complied and slowly started to pump in and out of her pussy.

After 10 or 12 strokes she began to pump her ass back into me at a faster pace. I took that as my queue and started to pound away at her pussy. “Oh yeah, fuck me, shit yeah fuck me,” she gasped in between breaths. I kept this pace up for a while, but knew that I would have to slow down soon or I would fill her little blonde cunt with a large load of cum. “Bet you like this fucking better than what you get from Bobby,” chimed Liz referring to Tammi’s boyfriend. “Bobby’s dick is nothing compared to this,” Tammi said in between her heavy breathing. “He would have cummed in me after 5 strokes.” I then slowed my pace a bit because I started to get that familiar cum feeling and I still had to take care of Liz’s pussy. I winked at Liz and told her that I was ready for her pussy. But first, I withdrew my cock from Tammi and told her and Yvette to slowly clean me using only their tongues…no hands or sucking allowed.

My cock was throbbing and pointing straight up to the ceiling. The girls complied and did a good job of cleaning their cunt juice off my cock. This gave me a little time to settle back down and lose that cum feeling. I turned to Liz and pressed my cock against her cunt hole. My head popped into her hole. She was a bit tighter than the other 2 girls even though her cunt was wet. I started to pump in and out of her hole with a slow pace. Tammi climbed under us and had me spread my legs a little bit. My balls were slapping against Liz’s tiny cunt and then I felt Tammi’s hands and tongue against on my sack. I told her that if she kept that up I was going to blow my load in Liz’s pussy. “Yeah DJ, please shoot your cum in me. I want to feel you cum” Liz said looking back at me. From behind me, Yvette stuck her cunt juice soaked middle finger into my ass and started pumping it in and out. With that, I rammed my cock harder into Liz until I could no longer hold my cum. With one last thrust, I held her hips tightly and splattered the inside of her cunt with 6 or 7 blasts of cum. I slowly withdrew my now spent cock and watched the girls lick each other clean.

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