Me and my sex machine
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I have to tell you about an embarrassing situation that actually turned out pretty well. I think of myself as an above average looking young woman. I am in my mid-twenties and moved into the city about 9 months ago. I have met some guys and have had some pretty good sex since living on my own. Even with the sex I have been having I still love to masturbate. The greatest thing about living on my own is that I can come home, get naked and do what ever I want to do with myself. I love to have cyber-sex and realize that the internet is by far the greatest masturbation tool every invented.

Well one day I was going through my e-mail and there was an adult site ad (I get a few as I have ordered “toys” through the net.) I usually don’t click through to the site, but this ad was intriguing to me. The site was selling porn of girls with sex machines. I had never heard of sex machines before. I looked at the samples on the tour and then left the site to do some research. Over the next hour or so I had checked out a bunch of sites selling all different kind of machines. I was totally turned on by the idea of all this and half way through the search had started to play with myself and by the time I had finished my searching I had my favorite vibrating egg inside my pussy and was creaming like crazy.
The machines were great but had one huge draw back, they were expensive.

A couple of weeks had gone by and although I had masturbated a few times thinking about being rammed by a machine, I had stopped my search and put it in my mind as a “someday” fantasy. I was at work and our top sales guy stops by my desk and says to me, “here Sheryl, this is for you. I would not have made that huge sale last month without your help.” With that he handed me an envelope with 10- 100 dollar bills. I was in shock. No one had ever split their commission with me before. I kept looking at the money and knew exactly what I could use this unbudgeted money for.

That night I searched the sites again and was hoping that I could buy a machine, a bunch of attachments and maybe have a few dollars left over. Well I found one and a week later I got my delivery. I couldn’t wait to unwrap my new toy. The box was big (I expected that) and the super had to help me upstairs with it. He wanted to help me un-box it, but I pushed him out of my apartment. For my money this is what I got, this wooden stool, with the machine attached so that when you turned it on the dildo came through the top. Seeing as I love to masturbate while on line it was perfect. Not only that, I have a small studio apartment so I bought a piece of fabric to cover it so that when it was not in use it served as a table for one of my plants.

With the machine I got a few standard dildos (well not really standard, one of them was real big), a g-spot dildo and 2 different anal probes (yes I am into that-sorry if that turns some of you off).

So I had been using the “stool” everyway you can think of for a couple of weeks and each morning (usually because I was too tired the night before) I would cover the table so no-one would know what it was. That was a long intro I guess into what happened…

One day my sister-in-law comes over to visit me. She has stopped in once a month since I moved in to make sure I am OK. Sometimes my brother comes with her, but he travels a lot, so she usually comes over when he is away and even pays for dinner some times. Anyway one night she brings over some wine and all these pictures of her and my brother’s vacation and she is trying to figure out which ones to put in this new frame she had ordered on line. We were drinking and having a good time. Anyway the pictures are all over the place; I had to pee and went into the bathroom (the second room in my 2 room apartment). I hear her say- I am going to move your plant and bring this little table over for the good pictures. Well I couldn’t stop in mid stream and by the time I got out of the bathroom she had moved the stool and was looking at it with a weird look. The damn thing was still plugged into the wall and the remote had fallen on the floor. I raced to the table trying to explain and as I got to her she was just pulling off the fabric. I got to the stool just as the fabric had uncovered the top and the hole on the top was visible. I stopped dead in my tracks.

I was so embarrassed that I didn’t know what to do- so I just froze and brought my hands up to my face. She leaned over the top and looked into the hole and saw the top of the dildo. She then leaned over and looked from the side. “what the hell is this?” I couldn’t respond. I just wanted to disappear. She studied the stool and then said “how ingenious…. what a great idea…., did you make this yourself? ” I shook my head no, and thought about what she had just said and saw this big smile on her face as she was studying the stool. She wasn’t mad at me she actually liked it I think.

“Sheryl, you could walk into any bar and walk out with a guy, do you really need toys?” I didn’t answer again. Finally she says “Sheryl- I am talking to you, relax I think this is the greatest thing I ever saw.” I finally snapped out of it. I told her that I had seen it on line and thought it would be fun. She totally agreed and then asked me to show her how it worked.

I took the remote control and moved the dong up through the hole and then pushed the button and we both watched the dong go up and down at a pretty good pace. She then says “I’ve got to try this.” I looked at her with disbelief. She looks back at me and says ‘I am married, not dead. Your brother is away more than he is home; do you think I don’t have toys of my own hidden around the house?” I felt it best not to answer that one.

I showed her the remote and explained that one button brings the arm up, one controls the depth of penetration and one controls the speed, it’s pretty simple.
She looks at me and says “Ok, lets clear some so this stuff away” It finally hit me what she was saying and I looked at her and said “look the wine is getting to me a little- I have a craving for some ice cream, why don’t I go get some and while I am away you can play.” She tells me that she is not embarrassed to be naked in front of me. Naked was one thing, she was talking about masturbating in front of me. I tried to get out of staying there, but she told me she was not technical and I should at least stay till she was sure of what she was doing. I agreed.

She then took off her clothes- I didn’t think she needed to take off her blouse, but she goes to the gym like everyday and I guess she wanted to show off a bit. The next thing I know she is standing in front of me totally naked and as excited about the stool as I was when I first got it. She actually looked pretty good for a 32 year old. Then I looked down and noticed that she was totally shaved. She saw me look and said “pretty hot, huh?” I had to agree and thought I might try that myself. She asked me what to do next and I told her to get on the stool. She did- Then I told her to move back a little so the hole was visible. I moved the dong up so it was in front of her, I had her move up so it was pressing into her labia and just touching her clit, which I could see was a lot bigger than mine.

I could also see that her nipples were now hard as bullets and she was wet between her legs. I asked her how deep she wanted to get penetrated- she told me that she want to take it all- I suggested we start off at 4” and then move it up. She agreed. I then told her that I usually mount the dong while it is not moving. She asked me to turn it on the way it was, that she wanted to feel it move right where it was. So I turned it on in slow speed. the dong started to pump up and down rubbing her from the outside. At the 4” level it did not go all the way up to her clit so she asked me to turn up the penetration. So I did and brought it up to 8”. The head of the dong then hit her clit on the way up and down as it went higher than her clit. She was moaning already and telling me that she loved it. She told me she was ready to be “fucked” but she didn’t want me to stop it. I did however bring down the penetration. She slid forward and the dong went right inside her. She yelled out a “holy shit” and took the thing in… after a moment or two she told me to increase the penetration and a few moments later the speed.

I felt a little funny just standing there, but I couldn’t stop staring at her pussy as she was being fucked. I didn’t want to look at her face. After a few minutes she was moaning like crazy. She asked me how I stimulated my clit while being fucked and I told her she needed to use her hand, but I could see that she was holding onto the stool for dear life. I told her she could take her hands off the side of the stool, but I could see she was nervous about doing so. To my disbelief she then asked “please come over her and rub my clit- please”. I don’t know if it was the wine, the fact that I could see she was on the edge and needed help to get over- or the fact that I was now horny as hell myself, but I moved over to her, licked my fingers and moved my hand down to her pussy. I put my fingers over her labia and clit and started to rub.

She started to talk dirty and I almost laughed till I actually got into it a bit. She was heading for an orgasm and started to buck against the stool. I guess I was close enough to her so she took a hand off the stool and put it around my shoulders. Her right tit was now rubbing against my arm as she was moving. She was on the verge and I could tell. She then grabbed my head and pushed it onto her nipple. I went along with it and started to suck. She started to cum and kept telling me so: ‘I’m fucking cumming, suck my tit you hot bitch, make me cream” I was getting so turned on I wanted her to get off the stool and give me a turn. I kept sucking and rubbing my hand against her now very wet pussy.

My hand was getting tired and I stopped rubbing. I also stopped sucking and she started to come down a bit. As I straitened up she used her hand, which was still on my head and steered my face into hers. She gave me a kiss on the lips and then opened her mouth. I must have been on auto pilot or something as I opened mine and the two of us began to French. While we were kissing I could feel her starting to cum again and damn if she didn’t start playing with my nipples. I have very sensitive nipples and I can cum by just playing with them. Both of us were now breathing heavily in our kiss- she finally broke it and hit her climax- I was close but not over the top. We finally parted.

I was on fire- luckily she said “I guess it’s your turn” – damn straight it was. I started to get undressed as she got off the stool. I told her there were other attachments in my drawer and we should probably switch. I had my top off and unlocked the dong on the stool- it was soaked. As I put it aside I actually licked my hand – to taste another woman’s cum. Mary, was looking at the other attachments and took out the big dong- she said “I’ll save this guy for round two” and then took out one of the anal attachments- it is light purple and is like a bunch of beads connected that get bigger on the way down- she lifted it up and said “now this is interesting looking.” I said “fine- just get over here with it as I am going to explode. Just bring the lube with it.” She looked back in the drawer and picked it up. She was walking toward me looking at the things in her hand when I heard her say, “oh my god, you kinky thing.” I guess it hit her like a brick that this was not a dildo for my pussy.

I locked the dong in place and rode it in my pussy for a little while. I almost came right then, but took it out, took the lube from my sister-in-law and slowly took my purple friend in my butt. When I had it all the way in I bounced on it a few times and then turned on the machine. My sister-in-law started to feel me up and then moved in and sucked on my nipples- I knew it wasn’t going to take me long and I was already moaning loudly. She then looked down at my legs spread wide open and lowered her mouth over my pussy and started to suck my clit. Well that is all it took, I started to have an anal orgasm and wound up pushing her head into me. As my anal orgasm was subsiding I started to have one from my clit and came as close to squirting as I ever had, I could actually feel my cum pouring out of me and onto the stool.

I don’t think her mouth was low enough to take the flood, but she definitely must have felt it as she took 3 fingers and drove them into my pussy- well having my clit sucked, my pussy filled with fingers and my ass being pounded at like 100 pumps per minutes brought me to my 3rd climax in like 5 minutes- I figured I would totally go over the edge and started to squeeze my nipples- hard. My body was in total sexual overload and I just kept cumming and actually I think I was screaming.

I didn’t want it to stop, but eventually my sister-in-law backed off my clit, took her fingers out of me and I eventually turned off my machine. She was so turned on that she needed the 12” x 3” dong in her, but not till I got off the stool and we had a real long sensual kiss.

The two of us still get together once a month, but dinner and drinks are just part of our evening. We also instant messenger a lot and she knows I can use both hands to type while she only can use one (:

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