The Mansion
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I stepped out of the taxi, and paid the drive how much I owed. Quite a lot, but it was expected. After all, I simply told him to follow a car, without having any idea exactly where we’d be going. We arrived ata vague park, outside the city limits. Took about an hour to get here. Fortunately, there wasn’t any traffic to make it long, nor to make following difficult. I looked obviously suspicious with my sunglasses on at night, and a surgical mask over my mouth and nose. However, it was the best disguise I could think of, while I follow my soon-to-be ex boyfriend to what would be his next little escapade.

Perhaps it was by accident, but I’m kinda glad it happened. I saw on his phone a message to some kind of orgy, with a bunch of buddies of his. Assholes even sent pics of the girls they’d be bringing over, as well as ones expected to be there. Can’t believe how often I put up with this kind of crap from men. It was practically instilled in their minds, to stick their dick in whatever hole they could find. Needs, they called it. Needs that seemed to constantly rise to their convenience, and in an almost daily manner. I try my best to understand and fulfill those needs, yet they always seem to want more. It was getting frustrating, and I was honestly reaching my limits with having a proper relationship.

At the parking lot, I saw Martin step out of his car, with some of his closest buddies. Martin was around the age of twenty five. Had a broad, and muscular figure, the kind that you’d see often in fitness magazines that give false promises of making you look good. His curly black hair had been fashioned to appear trendy, and his irises resembled jade. Despite my frustration with him, I could not deny that he was still a handsome and attractive stud of a man. Unfortunately for him, it won’t be enough to save him from a scornful surprise I intended to give him. I’d surprise him at his orgy, and cause a bit of a scene. Hopefully, other girls will also see him for the two-timing son of a bitch he really is.

I kept my distance, as I followed him and his friends to the woods. Fortunately, there didn’t seem to be too much of a need to hide, as a crowd of people came along, and I was able to blend in with the faces. Young men and women from around the city came to this secret orgy. Honestly, I was kind of surprised to see how many people received an invite, and how this thing managed to stay under the radar. You’d think that someone would at least spread some kind of rumor post on social media about this. Suspicious, but I didn’t mind all too much.

As I tried moving around, I found myself bumping into another woman. Caucasian, she had a tall and rather athletic build, arms showing off muscle, yet still had a curvaceous figure that plenty men would have gone mad for. My eyes immediately looked to her short hair, which had a pretty dye of pink. Pretty snazzy color. Might try it out for myself, when I get the chance.

“Hey, sorry about that,” she apologized. “Didn’t see you down there.”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” I replied, my voice a somewhat muffled under the mask.

“First time to these things?” the woman chuckled.

“Eh, yeah,” I lied. “How’d you know?”

“Your disguise reeks of first timer,” the woman answered. “Most women come here embarrassed, and try to hide their identities. No need to worry about that.”

“If you say so,” I muttered, carefully removing my hat to show my black hair.

“Name’s Cindy, by the way. You?”

“Yasmin,” I answered.

“Well, Yasmin, hope you’re ready for a fun night!” she said, grabbing my ass. “It’s gonna be wild.”

I noticed her hands, and expression. “Are you bi, by any chance?”

Cindy laughed. “Obviously! But I lean more to girls. You?”

“Straight?” I answered.

“Well, expect that change soon enough,” Cindy giggled.

Further into the woods, the crowd gathered in front of a mansion. More than fifty people were present. Before we could enter, however, a woman in front started barking directions. Apparently, there were two entrances. One for men, and the other for women. We were supposed to change into our party attire, and leave whatever valuables we had in lockers. I cursed a little, knowing I didn’t have anything to change into. As if this getup weren’t a little awkward enough, I’d probably stick out like a sore thumb.

I followed the ladies to their side of the changing room. Went through what looked like regular protocol, where they check if we’ve got any weapons, drugs, or illegal substances. Also would have to leave phones and valuables in lockers. Apparently taking videos and pictures was prohibited.

I stood awkwardly at one of the lockers, waiting for the others to get undressed. All of them did, and that was pretty much it. They stripped down everything, and tossed them into the lockers.

“Something wrong, Yasmin?” Cindy asked, hanging her top on a hanger.

She had quite a fit figure, and a pair of abs on that chest. Gotta admit, they did look appealing. If I continued staring, I may end up as she said, and come out for a thing with women. Quickly, I snapped to my senses, and shook my head.

“Um… where are your party clothes?” I asked. “Aren’t you all gonna be wearing something like leather jeans and such?”

Several of the women laughed at me, and I simply chuckled alongside them like an idiot.

“This really is your first time here, isn’t it?” Cindy cackled. “Party clothes mostly mean naked, Of course, if you’ve got a gimp outfit on, you’re free to wear it. Just don’t expect others to start rolling along with the look.”

“Right…” I grunted, scratching my head.

I placed my clothes in the locker, but kept my glasses on, thinking it still counted as a disguise. Walking out, we arrived at the mansion’s hall. It was a bit drafty to be walking without clothes on. Even amongst girls, it felt a little strange. Could feel some of the eyes focus on me, Cindy among them. On the other side of the hall, I saw the men also in the nude. My head nearly popped at the massive sight of muscle and meat. Not to mention the sausage fest between their legs. Quite the buffet on display. Perhaps I’ll sample a few of the delicacies before pissing on Martin’s parade?

Some kind techno fusion played from the speakers, making a few of the people tap to a certain beat. Colored lights beamed from the ceiling, and there was even a machine making artificial mist. Long tables of food and drinks were prepared, for anyone who wanted nibble. Suddenly, a microphone turned on, and two MCs started speaking.

“Welcome, everyone to this year’s Lilithian Orgy!” one of the MCs announced. “I’m your host, Ada! And with me is my lovely partner, Eve!”

“Hope you’re all excited for tonight!” Eve added. “I know it’ll be especially fun for the ladies, who’ve come here every year!” There was a bit of laughter from the women and men. “Now, I want you all to remember the rules! No pictures or videos! You are not allowed to just share what happened here to anyone, unless given approval by our sponsors! I hope you all remember that there’ll be a heavy fine to anyone who breaks this important rule!”

Yasmin snorted. This was gonna be a secret she’ll have difficulty keeping, especially since she intended to rub this coming incident to Martin’s face, every time she’d meet with him again.

“With that said, we won’t keep any of you waiting!” Ada announced. “We hereby declare this event opened! Enjoy it!”

At once, the two sides approached one another, and started mingling. Light flirting gave way to touching and fondling. Partners and groups formed, as Yasmin wandered around like a lost sheep. I found myself greeted by a damn good number of fine studs, who made plenty offers of great nights. In hindsight, I should have just accepted, but my mind was practically programmed to decline.

“Yasmin!” Cindy called.

I turned and found Cindy with three other people. One was another woman, black and quite thick in around the hips and bust. The other two were a pair of hunks. One also black, the other Caucasian, both muscular, hung, and quite the attractive duo. I almost had to look away at how damn fine they looked, especially when I tried to visually compare them to Martin.

“Having trouble finding someone?” Cindy asked. “Boys, this right here is Yasmin. Sweet thing, ain’t she? Perhaps you both can make her more comfortable, as Gracey and I get it on in the same room?”

“Can do. Jackson’s the name,” the black stud winked.

“Sam,” the Caucasian grinned.

“Err…” before I could say a thing, they gently placed their arms on my back, and led me from the crowd.

As we moved, I could see the number of crowds already kissing, and feeling one another. Looking at it closer, I realized there were a lot more women than there were men in this orgy. Lots of guys would have more than one girl feeling their muscular frame. I immediately scowled, when I saw Martin getting frisky with three girls for himself. A piece of me really wanted to head over there, and ruin his fun. However, I found myself really being led off my new company. No point letting a good thing going to waste right now.

We headed over to the second floor, and entered one of the many vacant bedrooms. There, Jackson and Sam immediately got to work on me. Jackson moved in and gave me a firm and forceful kiss that I could not reject. My hands instinctively pressed against his muscular chest to push him away. However, he kissed with such intensity that I felt myself melt in his tight grip. Instead, my fingers began caressing his broad frame.

Behind me, I felt Sam also scour my whole body, making me feel even more submissive. His fingers touched and massaged all the right places to make me quiver. Gasps of breath escaped my lungs, as I held my head up. Sam kissed me on my neck, his tongue tasting my skin, as sweat started to run down my body. I bit my lips, as electricity ran through my nerves.

Cindy and her female friend added to the atmosphere. At the corner, I saw them share tenderly kiss and feel one another, as they shot a few gazes at my direction. They gave a voyeuristic feeling of pleasure that I never knew that I enjoyed. Stimulation coursed through my body, as these two muscular men went to work on me.

I felt Jackson cup my breasts with both hands, as his tongue played with my nipples. Behind, Sam began to finger my ass, and pussy. Soft moans continued to escape my lips, as my mind trailed off into bliss.

“Love that, baby?” Jackson asked in an assertive voice.

“Y-yeah,” I admitted.

Moving on their own, my hands reached to their dicks. I began to stroke their erect shafts. My fingers made their way also to their balls. These small movements caused the two to move with more heat and energy, as the huffed and grunted.

I felt myself slowly kneel, as I gazed at their giant dicks. Both already dripping with pre cum. I stroked harder and faster, spitting on them both to add lubrication. The two raised their heads, and stiffened, as they pressed their penises against my cheeks, begging to be tasted. Who was I to deny such a delicious meat set in front of me? I started with Jackson, and began to suck. It could barely fit in my mouth, and I needed to push it a slightly deep into my throat, to get it in. I gagged and coughed a bit, but did not stop. After a time, I moved to Sam and blew him off as well. My mouth switched between to the two, as I serviced them both to the best of my knowledge. Their expressions and movements showed intense delight.

Before long, we took this over to the bed. I was at their mercy. Jackson spread my legs far apart, and forced his cock inside of me. I jerked with a moan, as I felt those eleven inches enter my vagina. Before my mind could even register, Sam went back to work on my mouth, and shoved it in as well. I felt their hands restrain my wrists and ankles, as they simultaneously pulled. It felt as if they were tugging for possession of me, when they were really trying to push their dicks in as deep as they could. I could not resist, only comply.

On the corner, Cindy and her friend were also moving to other positions. I could spot Cindy just tongue the other woman hard, making her squeal and twist on the floor. While my mind was focused on these two studs, I will admit that a part of me wanted to try what Cindy was giving over. The thoughts soon vanished, when Jackson and Sam continued to plow their dicks into me. From there, they too would experiment different positions, and switch it up a bit. They filled my mouth, ass, and pussy, driving me insane over a rocking bed.

After a minute, it finally happened. They came together, and released a heavy load in my ass and mouth.

“Oh, that felt good,” Jackson muttered.

“Damn good,” Sam admitted. “Ready for another round?”

Before I could answer, Cindy and the girl suddenly appeared behind the two. They suddenly placed a napkin around Jackson and Sam’s mouths and noses, suffocating the two. Both resisted, and tried to fight back, but it took a mere seconds for their movements to slow down in more weakened states. It did not stop there, however. From under the bed, they grabbed some thick wire, and began strangling the two.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” I yelled, snapping out of my sensual state.

“Rub their dicks!” Cindy ordered.

“W-what?!” I yelled.


Shocked by this sudden change, I simply obeyed, and began rubbing Jackson, and Sam’s still erect dicks. As I did, Cindy and the other woman tightened the wire around the necks of the two. The women’s faces displayed psychotic pleasure in seeing the two men lose oxygen. Their eyes rolled up, and their tongue stretched out, as their arms gradually stopped moving. Moment after, Jackson and Sam ejaculated an explosive load on my face that I quite literally fell back from this sudden release. Usually, I’d enjoy getting a bit on my face, but I found myself shocked and speechless. I wanted to scream, yet could not find my voice.

Cindy and the woman released Jackson and Sam. The two studs dropped to the ground, knocked out unconscious. I stared, horrified with what I had just seen. This was not exactly a kink I was right into.

“Oh… did you see the look on their faces?” Cindy purred to the woman, kissing her. “Made me feel so good!”

“Still got a bit of life in them,” the other woman smirked, kissing back. “Looks like we’re gonna have a lot of fun, wringing every ounce of life.”

“What about you, Yasmin? Ready for this snuff party?”

Although unable to speak, my body got up, and rushed right outside the room. I held my mouth, wanting to gag. What the hell just happened back there? What kind of fucked up kink was that? Was this normal? My answer soon arrived.

In the next room, I heard other similar struggling noises. I took a peek inside, and found one of the men being strangled and choked by the company of women he had with him. They took immense pleasure in his struggle and suffering.

At another room, a man tried to crawl away. However, other women dragged him back inside. It was not just the rooms. Down at the hall, I could see all the women attacking the men, taking delight in their pain and futile resistance. It was not the playful kind either. Some women literally punched them across the face, kicked them in stomach, and even outright bit them. The entire mansion became drowned with the screams of pained men, and pleasured women. Several of the men stopped moving completely, but the women did not stop using their lifeless bodies for their own fun.

Soon, I saw Martin also being attacked, and trying to get away. I rushed over, and just slammed the women off him. I then took his hand, and led him outside of this madhouse. Fortunately, no one really gave chase, as they quickly had their attentions drawn to other men.

We ran outside the mansion, naked. None of us really cared. We just had to get away from there. The two of us ran, until we felt ourselves a comfortable distance from the mansion.

“Are you okay?” I asked, huffing.

“Y-yeah,” Martin answered, shivering on the ground. He was folded into a ball, with eyes full of trauma.

I placed my hand to comfort him. As I did, he immediately gave me a tight hug, and sobbed his eyes out, apologizing for all this. He made several promises of being a better boyfriend, a better man, and a better person. Never before had I seen him in such a broken and miserable state. The entire ordeal may not have been too long, but it left a clearly deep scar in his mind.

“There, there,” I sighed, patting his head. “Everything will be fine.”

“Y-Yasmin, w-why’re you holding me like that?” he asked, looking at me.

I did not understand his question, until I saw my face reflected in his eyes. I wore a sadistic expression, one which I did not know I could even make. Suddenly, I reached for his neck.

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