Fantasy fuck and facial 2.
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His balls bounce against my nose as he brushes his
cock across my cheek. He moves his dick toward my mouth and runs it
over my lips. He says, “Lick it, baby…”

My tongue emerges between my lips and touches the hot flesh of his
cockhead. I push my tongue out further and slide it along the bottom
of his shaft. He says, “That’s a good girl…” I flick my tongue and
bounce his cock back and forth. I can see his cock getting harder,
sticking out higher in the air. I watch his hairy balls bounce each
time my tongue flicks at his cock.

The Leader moves to the corner of the desk and puts his hands in my
arm pits. I can feel his hot cock and balls pressing against the top
of my head as he pulls me closer to the desk’s corner. The Winner’s
tongue is pulled away from my pussy, and he looks up to see what’s
happening. The Leader says, “Sorry, but she’s got something else to
do, too…” The Winner smiles, licks his lips and moves his head back
to my hot mound. His tongue dances around my clit and darts between
my cunt lips. My back arches at the intense pleasure.

The Leader pulls my head slightly off the corner of the desk, turns my
head to its side. His cock is bouncing in front of my eyes. I reach
up and cup his balls in my hand, squeezing them gently and rolling
them in their sac. His cock is crowned with clear droplets. I know
now that I want it. I want to clean his cock. I want to suck him.

He grips the back of my head, though he doesn’t need to, and places
his cock against my lips. He moves forward, and his hot cock
separates my lips and enters my mouth. I rub my tongue along its side
as he pushes further in. He pulls himself out, and I press my lips
together, hugging his shaft. He slides it in and out slowly. Each
time he pulls it out, my tongue lathers his cockhead then caresses it
when it returns in.

As his cock slide out he says, “Suck me, baby… suck my dick…”
With no second thoughts, I suck on the tip of his cock, trying to pull
it back into my mouth. The Leader stands motionless as I suck and
lather his shaft. He slides more of it into my churning mouth. All I
hear are my slurping sounds and my low guttural moans vibrating
against his cock. His hand holds my head firmly toward him as he
quickens the pace of his in and out motion. I rest my tongue against
the side of his sliding shaft as he fucks my face.

I notice other men are moving around to watch as his glistening cock
drives in and out of my mouth. Two of them each stroke my breasts.
One squeezes my tit flesh slowly. He shakes it, lessens his grip, and
repeats it over and over. The other begins to pinch my other nipple
harder and harder. I start having a small orgasm from this nipple
squeezing. I twist my head to look up, leaving the Leader’s cock
bobbing in the air. I say, “Somebody… suck my nipples… suck
them… bite them… I want someone to chew on my nipples… suck
and pinch them…”

The men roar, and the Winner stops eating me to laugh with them. The
Leader loudly says, “I’ll do that for you, baby…” “No!”, I say, “I
want to suck you some more…” My head turns back to face his cock.
He says, “Okay, baby… you can suck me some more…” He says, to
the two men working on my tits, “One of you better start sucking some
tit…” The man who was simply squeezing my tit leans over and licks
my nipple. The Leader says, “Don’t lick it… suck it… she wants
you to suck her tit… and when her nipple gets real hard, then use
you teeth… she wants you to chew on her tit, don’t you baby…” I
look over to the man and say,”Suck me… suck my tits hard…”

The man smiles and squeezes his fingers around the base of my breast
and pulls it up my chest until the nipple crowns the tip of my boob.
He presses his lips around my nub and flicks it from side to side with
his tongue. His lips open, and he sucks my tit flesh into his mouth.
His tongue is still rubbing my nub, and I feel his teeth press into my
tit flesh. He slowly pulls his head up and grinds his teeth on my
boob as it slides out of his mouth. Before his teeth reach my nipple,
his mouth opens to release its captive. Again, he sucks at the tip of
my breast and fills his mouth. As my tit slides out of his mouth
again, the man on my other nipple rubs his thumb over it, sending
chills through my breast.

My tit pops out of the man’s mouth again. This time, though, he puts
his lips against my nub and holds it firmly as his tongue lathers it.
I moan from the pleasure. His lips tighten their hold, and his jaw
moves side to side, twisting my nub. The man on my other nipple
twists his captive too. I give out a long, guttural moan. It feels
so good. The man sucking my tit presses his lips tighter. His tongue
rolls the very top of my nub around. I say, “Yes… that feels so
good… Oh, yes…” The Leader breaks my trance by saying, “I thought
you wanted to suck my dick, Big Tits… are they distracting you too
much? I can have them stop, if you want…” “No!”, I plead, “let
them keep going… I can suck you now…”

I turn my head toward the Leader. His cock is still hard. He holds
my head still and moves the tip of his dick to my slightly parted
lips. He says, “Okay, Big Tits, are you ready for some face
fucking…” He pulls his groin away from me and moves his feet closer
to me, arching his back to keep his dick from touching my face. He
says, “Open up, baby…”, as he moves his groin toward me until the
tip of his cock touches my lips, “…here I come…” He slowly pushes
his cockhead between my lips. My mouth is forced open as his cock
moves its way past my teeth. He keeps pushing more in, and I feel his
cock touch the back of my throat.

He pulls back a little and starts making slow, short thrusts. He
says, “Use you lips, baby… squeeze my dick with your lips…” My
lips tighten around his shaft. His thrusts become longer. My lips
hug his shaft as he slowly strokes. He say, “That’s it, baby… hold
my dick tight… keep your lips tight…” The two men stop fondling
my nipples, and I groan with disappointment. The man who was sucking
my tit says, “Sorry, baby… but I wanna see this…” I give out
another soft groan, and he says, “Okay… maybe I can keep my hands
busy while I watch…” He gets on the desk and sits next to my

He leans over me and grabs a tit in each hand, massaging my tit flesh
and sometimes pinching my nipples. I moan with pleasure and press my
lips harder against the Leader’s shaft. I groan with surprise, as I
feel someone’s fingers on my pussy. The Winner says, It’s only me…”
I feel his tongue probing for my pussy lips. He says, “My Momma
always told me to finish what I start…” His tongue parts my lips
and enter my pussy. I give out a long moan, and the man on my breasts
pinches my nipples hard. A louder moan shows my appreciation.

The Leader is pumping faster. My grip had loosened while I was
enjoying the pleasure in my breasts and pussy. I press my lips
together as hard as I can. My jaw is starting to ache. The Leader
says, “Oh yeah, baby… suck me… suck me hard…” I curl my lips
over my teeth to squeeze his shaft harder. The Leader grips my head
tighter and starts to moan. My nipples are pinched and rolled. I
know I’m about to orgasm. As I give out a few short shudders, the
Winner rams his tongue deep inside me. His fingers rub against my
clit, then pull the flesh aside. His tongue moves to my exposed clit,
and he flicks it about. His teeth grip my clit and tug at it, then
his tongue roams all over it again. My nipples are pinched firmly and
are twisted hard.

It’s more than I can handle. I shake and jerk with an enormous
climax. The Leader holds my head tighter and continues his assault. I
tense all over and hear myself moan with pleasure as wave after wave
passes through my body. The Winner stops eating me, and I begin to
recover. The Leader pulls his cock out of my mouth, and I just lay
there breathing heavily. My nipples are released, and he softly
strokes my belly. The men are all talking, as I catch my breath.

The hand moves up from my belly and softly rubs over my right tit.
Gently, he moves to my other breast and strokes it with his
fingertips. I’ve recovered from my orgasms, and his soft touch is
relaxing and pleasurable. The Winner gets off the table, comes over
to the Leader and says, “Sure could use some of that sucking
myself…” The Leader steps back and says, “I think you deserve it…
don’t you think he deserves a little head, baby?…” I smile up at
him and say, “I’ll suck his dick dry!” The men chuckle and move about
as the Winner undresses.

The Leader stands on top of the desk. He is naked now, and his cock
bobs above me. He says, “And I just wanna shoot my load between those
huge knockers…” The man stops touching my breasts and gets down off
the desk. The Leader puts one leg on either side of me and kneels
down. He straddles my waist just below my jiggling breasts. I can’t
take my eyes away from watching him slowly stroke his firm cock. He
slides up some more until the tip of his penis can rub along the
undersides of my breasts. He moves closer again and lightly rubs the
fleshy head of his cock against my puffy nipples.

His hips move back and forth, as he slides the length of his cock on
my nipple. The sensation brings back memories of my boyfriend. He
use to do the same thing, before he tit fucked me. It felt good to me
then, and it feels good now. I look up to the Leader and see in his
face the passion I remember seeing in my boyfriend. I feel more
comfortable, more relaxed and let this familiar sensation flow all
over me.

He rests his dick on my right breast. I feel its warmth. As it
throbs I see my tit flesh quiver with small ripples. He twists to
drag his cock off my breast, and its weight drops on my chest. His
hands move to my sides, and he cups the outsides of my breasts and
pulls them on top of my chest. His thumbs stroke my rigid nubs. He
pushes my breasts closer together and moves to position his cock
between them and closer to my face. My tit flesh touches each side of
his cock, and he holds them there. His thumbs roll my nipples firmly,
then he slides them off and squeezes my tits hard. I close my eyes
and enjoy the sensation.

He stops squeezing them, then he continues to push my breasts
together, wrapping them around his cock. He begins humping them,
moving his thick hard fuck meat in and out between my tits. I look
down and see his fingers are buried in my tit flesh as he squashes my
breasts together. He holds the tips of my breasts so tightly that my
nipples almost touch each other. The head of his cock emerges from
between my tits as he pushes forward, then disappears in them when he
pulls back. His thrusting cock is lubricated by my own sweat. As I
watch him pump his cock between my tits, I become aware of a need of
my own. I would love to have his cock in my cunt. I want his cock
there, now! I tell him, “Fuck me… please fuck me now… I want
your cock in my pussy.”

The men laugh and tease me as I beg to be fucked. The Leader says,
“Not me, baby… your tits are gonna fuck me…” The Winner turns my
head to face his erection and says, “…and this is what I’m gonna
fuck…” I say, “Somebody fuck me! Please, anybody… I need a dick
in my pussy…” The Young One quickly unzips and yanks his pants
open. The Leader says, “Wait a minute… she needs a man’s dick…
you’re not ready…” The Young One looks at me with disappointment as
one of the other men says, “I’ll fuck the bitch… I’ve god a man’s
cock here…” He moves next to the desk and strips.

The Winner now pushes his dick between my lips and into my mouth. It
goes all the way to the back of my throat before he pulls it back out.
He pumps my head, the Leader shakes my tits and pinches my nipples
between his fingers. The Young One is standing next to the Winner,
watching me suck him. I reach over to the Young One and inside his
unzipped pants. I pull down the top of his underwear and pull out his
hard cock. He looks down and smiles as my hand covers his shaft. I
pull on his cock in short, quick jerks.

Someone behind me says, “You got two hands, don’t you?… I’ll take a
hand job…” I reach up with my other hand, and a warm, big,
semi-hard dick is placed in it. It belongs to the man who said he’d
fuck me. It swells in my hand, and I try to wrap my fingers around
it, too. I stroke both cocks in rhythm with the Winner’s thrusts.
When he pulls out, I pull their cocks. When he pushes in, I slide my
hands to their balls. The men cheer at us.

The Leader begins fucking my fleshy mounds again. He pushes his cock
between my sweaty tits each time the Winner pushes in. It feels like
I’ve got one long cock that is going between my breasts and into my
mouth. For several minutes, the four cocks and I are in perfect

The Leader breaks the spell and starts pumping madly, pressing my tits
tighter around his cock. He grunts a couple of times, then says,
“Sweet Jesus!” I feel his cock erupting when it’s buried in my tit
flesh. He pushes forward and his cock shoots a long thick stream of
hot cum on my chest and neck. He lets go of my breasts. Out of the
corner of my eye a can see him grabbing hold of his cock. I stop
sucking on the dick in my mouth, but the Winner keeps sliding it in
and out.

The Leader strokes his shaft while he points it at my right breast. It
sputters again, and I feel a glob of cum land near my nipple. He
moves down until the tip of his cock presses against my nub, and he
beats his meat faster and faster. His cockhead pushes my nub around,
sending chills through me. I squeeze the cocks in my hands tighter
and twist them as I stroke them. The Leader groans as he spurts all
over and around my erect teat.

I squeeze the cocks in my hands hard and tug on them, as I feel the
hot cum slide slowly down along the tip of my pointy tit. The Leader
slows his strokes and squeezes his cock to milk the last drop of cum
onto the very tip of my coated nub. As he tries to catch his breath,
he uses the tip of his cock to spread his still warm cum over the tip
of my quivering breast. I stop squeezing the cocks and just hold
them, enjoying the feeling of his warm cock rubbing my tit. I press
my lips against the Winner’s cock a little to better feel his flesh
slide over them. The Winner responds by pushing it further in and
pulling it out until his cockhead almost escapes my lips.

I suck deeply on the Winner’s cock and rub my tongue back and forth
against it. I tighten my lips around his hot flesh, and he groans
loudly. The Leader rubs my left tit and pushes my nipple around with
his thumb. I am moaning with every breath. It’s hard to concentrate
on the three cocks I’m servicing. I tighten my grip around the cocks
in my hands. I pump them quickly in short strokes and rub my thumbs
over the smooth flesh on their tips. There is a loud moan, and the
cock in my right hand erupts and cum flies onto the desk top. I look
up and see the Young One grinning and looking glassy-eyed, apparently
satisfied. I have to stop stroking the other cock still in my hand. I
hold on to it and squeeze it for a while, then I let go completely.

The Leader rubs his fingers on the desk and coats them in the Young
One’s cum. His fingers drip with cum as he moves them to my right
nipple and rubs the Young One’s cum around to mix it with his. He
coats my nipple with their cum and rolls it between his slippery
fingers. He says, “Does this feel smooth, baby… it feels real
smooth to me… but that’s gonna change… pretty soon it’s gonna
feel sticky…” He rubs his fingertips all over the tip of my

His fingertips scrap up the cum off the sides of my tit, and he says,
“We can’t let this tit have all the fun, can we, baby…” He wipes the
warm cum on the tip of my left breast, not touching its nub, though.
Using a finger not covered with cum, he finally rubs it against my
left nub. He says, “See how this feels, baby… see how it feels
without cum on it… it feels soft, doesn’t it, baby…” His other
hand moves to my cum-coated nipple, and he rubs the flesh around my

The sticky cum pulls on my flesh as his finger jumps across it. He
says, “This tit’s already getting sticky… you’ll like it when it
gets real sticky, baby… you’ll like me rubbing your sticky boobs…
but we’ve got to get this other boob ready, don’t we…” His fingers
smear the cum all over the tip of my other breast, and he makes
certain both my nubs have a good coating.

He says to the Winner, “How you doing?” The Winner softly says, “I’m
doing fine… just fine… I could fuck this mouth for hours… and
she knows how to suck…” The Leader says, “You look good with a dick
in your mouth, baby… do you like sucking dick… it felt real good
when you were sucking me, baby…” He slides his finger over my
breasts. The sticky cum makes my tit flesh pull against his fingers.
He rubs them to the left, until my tits drag themselves against his
fingers and pop free. He goes back the other way, but softer so that
only my erect nubs are touched.

I moan softly, as my nubs are bent over, dragged against his fingers,
and then pop up. The Winner says, “Yeah, baby… I like it when you
moan… I can feel it in my dick…” With no more encouragement, I
moan a little louder and longer. The Leader’s fingers match the
motion of the Winners thrusts. My nubs drag against his fingers as
the Winner’s cock slides between my lips.

I shudder with a small climax, making my lips press tighter around his
cock. He says, “Yeah, baby… suck my dick…” I try to ignore the
sensation in my tits and concentrate on the cock in my mouth. When he
pulls out, I lather the tip of his cock with my tongue, and he moans
deeply. When he pushes in, I squeeze my lips tight.

The Leader must have noticed my lips tightening. He stopped rubbing
my nubs and started to roll them between his finger and thumb. When
the cock slides in my mouth, the Leader pinches and twists my nubs.
For several minutes the Winner and I alternate moans. Finally the
sliding of the Winner’s cock against my lips and the punishment of my
nipples is more than I can handle. A small climax rolls within me. I
groan loudly from the pleasure and the pain. The Leader pinches my
nipple hard and pulls on them. Another give out another load groan,
as the climax continues.

The Winner pulls his dick partially out of my mouth and makes short,
fast thrusts. I hold my tongue up and rub it against the tip of his
cock. His hands grasp the sides of my head to keep me steady. He
pumps his cock faster and faster, and I realize he’s fucking my face.
I’m only a tool to be used for his pleasure. Each time the Winner
thrusts in, the Leader pinches my nipples. A stronger climax runs
through me, and my lips squeeze tight on the Winner’s cock. It
twitches in my mouth, and he presses my head close to him. His cum
hits the back of my throat, and I start to gag. He pulls his dick
out, and I swallow his salty sperm. The Leader releases my nipples.
My tit mounds quiver as I catch my breath. He says, “Great tit
fuck…” The Winner adds, “Great head, too…”

The Leader give my tits a couple of slaps, then gets off me, sitting
on the desk next to me. While I look at him, I feel hands on my
ankles. I look down and see the man whose big cock I had been
stroking. He crawls up on the desk, and his rigid cock bounces. He’s
on his hands and knees, and he moves up next to me. One of his hands
rubs my belly. He slides it up my chest and rubs my nipples. My eyes
are glued to the sight of his big, hairy balls as they sway beneath
his erect cock. His hand moves to my bush, and I spread my legs
slightly. He says, “I’m gonna give you the fucking of your life,

He raises to his knees and grabs me by my waist. He rolls me over,
and the coldness of the new part of the desk top sends pleasurable
chills through my breasts and pussy. He slides his hand over my back
and down to my behind. His hands move to the sides of my hips, and he
pulls me up. Taking his queue, I raise up to my knees and elbows. My
large breasts press against the cool desk top, and my tit flesh
presses against my elbows.

He says, “That’s better…”, and he moves behind me. He places his
hands on the sides of my hips, nudges my legs apart with his knees and
moves forward until I feel his hot cock flesh rubbing against my
cooled, wet bush. He leans over my back and pulls my shoulders up. He
positions me on my hands and knees. His hands move to my hanging
breasts, and he squeezes their tips firmly. I watch his hands as they
roughly massage my dangling tits. He says, “You got some pretty messy
tits, bitch…”

His hands move to my throat and he slides them down my boobs, pressing
them firmly against me. He draws my breasts apart as his hands slide
over my nipples. My tits fall from his hands as he rubs the cum off
his hands and onto my back. His hands go back to my neck, and he rubs
me down again. He cups the tips of my swaying breasts and rubs them
in small circles. My tits are still sticky from the cum. He says,
“That’s better now…” He kneads my tit flesh and says, “I think
you’re ready, don’t you?” He pinches my teats hard, and I groan. He
says, “I’m gonna fuck you good, bitch… you’re gonna remember this

He releases my tits and leans back. His fingers probe my bush and
work their way between my wet pussy lips. He slides a finger inside
me and feels my juices. He pulls his hand away, and I feel him rub
the tip of his cock over my pussy lips. With one hand on the small of
my back, he uses the other to guide his cock into my pussy. I let out
deep moans of pleasure as he nudges his cock further and further in,
pushing my pussy lips apart as they hug his thick cock. At last, I’ve
a cock in me. I really want this fuck. He slowly pulls out and
slides back in. Each stroke goes deeper and deeper. Finally, his
belly pounds against me, signalling his cock is completely in my

With his hands on my hips, he pushes me away from him, and his cock
slides out. Slowly, his hands pull my hips back toward him, and his
cock slides back in. I lower myself back down on my elbows and raise
my hips to give his cock better access. I arch my back just enough to
keep only my nipples touching the desktop. He continues to guide my
hips in and out, and my pussy slides over his cock. Each time he
pushes me away, my nipples get dragged over the cold desktop. It
feels terrific. He quickens the pace. I raise up onto my hands, drop
my head and watch my hanging boobs flop wildly. My lust builds, and
soon the slap of my ass against his belly becomes rapid. I close my
eyes and enjoy this pleasurable pounding. I have to breath through my
mouth as the tension raises.

I lift one of my hands off the desk and reach between my legs. My
fingers find his swaying balls. I cup them in my palm and gently
massage them. He moves one hand onto my back and continues to guide
my motion. He says, “I think you need to do some of this work
yourself… you’ve got the rhythm now, bitch… I want you to slide
your pussy over my dick…” His hand stops moving me, and after a
little hesitation I release his balls, prop myself up with both hands
and resume the pace myself. The men get louder as I quicken the pace
even more. I feel a climax building. The man leans over me and cups
my breasts, restraining them from their violent flopping.

I fill with pleasure as he squeezes my tits hard. His fingers move to
find my aching nipples, and he pinches them, too. He pulls my nipples
down and back toward him. As I slide forward, my boobs are stretched;
a delicious pain fills my breasts. When I slide back, it lessens. I
gulp for air and concentrate on sliding the entire length of his hard
cock in and out of my pussy. He puts one hand on my back while his
other hand rubs over my swinging breasts. He rubs them hard, back and
forth, up and down. I am constantly moaning, enjoying the pleasure
shooting through my tits. I hear the men hooting and cheering me to
go faster.

As I pump quicker in response, I tune out their voices, and enjoy the
sensation in my breasts and snatch. My eyes close, and I can’t hold
back a small smile. The pleasure from my pussy and the pain from my
tits are overpowering. I shudder as several climaxes erupt within
me. My shoulders shake from the intenseness of the pain shooting from
my nipples and tits. My pussy lips clamp around his cock. As my pace
slows, he releases my tortured nipples. My need for a fucking has
been satisfied.

I feel his dick pulling out of my pussy, as I try to catch my breath.
He says, “That was just your warm up, bitch… my dick’s still hard
and hungry… time for the main course…” His hand moves over my
ass, and he pinches it. His fingers slide along my ass cheeks, and
work their way to my butthole. I gasp, turn my head to him and say,
“No! Don’t do that to me!”

Smiling, he says, “You mean you ain’t never had a cock up your ass,
bitch? Boy, oh boy… does this ass need fucking or what?” His
fingers spread my cheeks, and his other hand guides his cock to its
target. Its tip presses against me, and I feel the wetness of my own
juices as it lubricates his cock’s entry. He pushes firmly forward.
It hurts. He pushes again, and I squeal in pain as his cock pushes
into my asshole. He pulls out slightly, then pushes further in. I
try to relax, and the pain subsides.

He keeps edging his cock deeper and deeper. I feel my heavy breasts
begin to swinging. Perspiration covers my forehead, slides down my
face and drops onto the desk. He leans over me and grabs the tips of
my hanging boobs. As he drives deeper, he squeezes my breasts hard.
He pulls on my nipples and pinches them between his fingers. The pain
in my breasts matches the pain in my ass. His hands move up to my
neck, then slides around and behind it. With his arms under my
shoulders, he pulls me up onto my knees and locks his fingers together
behind my neck.

My arms stick straight up and dangle over my head. I place my palms
on the top of my head to rest my arms. As he pushes his dick in more,
he pulls his arms back, and my arms must go back, too. The men gawk
as my large, bouncing breasts are drawn upward. I look down to see my
boobs are bright pink from the mauling they’ve received. They are
filled with blood and, though firm, still quiver with a life of their
own. The tips of my tits are swollen, and my jutting nubs are the
size of grapes.

I lay back against him. He shakes me with his shoulders to wiggle my
abused tits for the men. He slowly pulls his cock out of my ass a
little, then eases it back in. After six or eight strokes, he pulls
it out a bit further before pushing it in deeper still. My asshole
twitches uncontrollably and clenches around his shaft. His hardness
has returned, and his hips against my backside with more and more
forceful thrusts. My tit flesh ripples from the impact. Instead of
squealing in pain, I moan with each stroke.

He says to the men, “It’s about time this bitch makes me feel good,
too… Huh, guys?” The men roar with, “Yeah, fuck her good!… give
it to her!… fuck the bitch’s ass!…” As they continue yelling, he
pulls me more upright, pulls my arms back further and shakes me hard
to make my big tits bounce and slide over my chest. His mouth moves
to my ear, and he softly whispers, “You’ve already had your fuck,
bitch… now I’m gonna have mine…”

Holding me tightly, his moves his dick back and forth in short
strokes. He quickens the pace a little, then he slows a bit to
lengthen the stroke and, again, slowly picks up speed. My moans have
become longer and more guttural. My body is glistening with sweat. I
can taste its saltiness as it enters my mouth. For several minutes,
he works my ass until the entire length of his cock is finally sliding
in and out. I feel his balls bouncing softly against my ass cheeks as
he thrusts.

He takes control of the pace and drives his cock into me quicker and
rougher. He is no longer servicing me. He is using me for his
private pleasure, just like the Winner used my mouth and the Leader
fucked my tits. I feel like a puppet as he rams into me harder and
harder. I’m not participating in this; my body is used to only
satisfy his lust. He pulls himself nearly all the way out and pauses.
I take a few deep breaths, hoping he’s through. Suddenly, he slams
his cock all the way in. I let out a load groan, and before I can
catch my breath, he’s already pulled out and slammed into me again.
He forcefully rams me again and again. He stretches my body higher
and pulls me back. My big, firm tits jut up toward the ceiling.

My glistening breasts bounce spastically as his body slams into mine.
I squeal from his abuse, but he only goes faster. One of the other
men reaches out to grab the nipple of one of my bouncing boobs. He
holds it steady and lets my tit bounce around it.

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