Chuck and Stinky Edith – Poop accident
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Hi everyone. I’m Dead Chuck, a 59 year old male and
have to admitedly confess that I love to
poop my pants in public. After I drop a
healthy load, I like to go somewhere like
a hotel and explain to a woman hotel clerk
that I just had an accident and crapped in
my pants, and could she help me out by
letting me use a more private bathroom
were I could possibly clean myself up.
Usually they’ll act sympothetic and guide
me to the restroom.
My girlfriend, Stinky Edith knows I poop myself, and is
very understanding of my fetish. Let me
explain a a true bathroom accident that I
had when me and her were together on
I had just eaten a roast beef sandwich with
gravy and was walking around looking for
a bike rental place. I kept on feeling the
increasing urge to take a shit. Finally,
when I realized that I had a serious
emergency, I started walking around this
rather unfarmiliar place looking for a
bathroom. I came across a pizza place
and the sign on the door said
FOR COSTUMERS ONLY, so I decided to
walk to the bathroom at the restuarant
where I had eaten the sandwich and also
were my girlfriend, Stinky Edith was waiting for me at.
All of a sudden I felt a totally uncontrollable
cramp and I really tried like anything to
hold it in. I took one step and the urge was
just incredible. I lost all control in a matter
of nanoseconds. I then, to my utter suprise,
realized that I had pooped my thin white
pants with
a huge massive pile of soft shit.
Unfortunetely for me it was a very fluid type
of shit. I glanced down at the front of my legs
and saw that the front of my white pant legs were
badly stained brown. I then reached back onto my
behind and felt the huge wet brown mess
that was running all the way down my legs.
The dark blue jockey briefs that I was wearing
had held absolutely nothing in.
Needless to say I was very embarressed,
because of the pradiciment of me having
such a huge soft pooping accident and also
the fact that I was wearing thin white pants
made the shit unhidable. Not to mention, the sorrounding place
was rather well populated with people.
While I was walking back to the resturaunt,
people stared at me in disbelief.
I felt very uncomfortable strolling into
the parking lot where there were people
and hand motioning my Stinky Edith to pay
the bill and come outside. As soon as she
saw me she looked at me a little disgusted
She told me that we were going to the car
to drive to a hotel so we could get me cleaned up.
While we walked to the car she told me
she felt very embarressed as people
looked on as we walked up the street with
me having just massively crapped my pants.
I said don’t worry, I’m the one that had the accident,
and that most likely nobody would have known us
at this place. The first hotel we stopped at, we walked
in and there was a heavy set woman and her husband.
I explained that I had just pooped myself and asked
if I could use one of their washrooms to clean myself up.
She said the only way would be to rent a very expensive
room for the night. My Stinky Edith and I decided to at a much
cheaper hotel up the road for the night instead of camping
out, as we had originally planned.
When we got into the bathroom in the
hotel room she pulled my shity pants off
and placed them in the sink. We then stepped into the shower
and she procedeeded to give me a good scrubbing.
I just loved the feeling of her washing my shity balls and dick
with her hand. Her scrubbing my backside
and the thought of her just witnessing my shamefull
pants pooping accident , turned me on in
in a very big way. I got real stiff boner as
she continued to wash my crappy crotch,
my shit stained bottom and my crapped
over legs. I was a little embarrassed
but I realized that I hadn’t planned to take
this particular crap in my pants.
I told her this, and I said I was sorry for
doing the awful thing in my pants while
being with her out in public. She said that it
was allright and that she was just a little
embarrassed and just wanted us to get away
from all the people so that she could get me cleaned up.
I can’t really explain the wonderful feeling of a lovely,
caring and understanding female cleaning
me up like a baby, but I’ll tell you its a
great turn on. Maybe part of it is that I like
to feel the shame of knowing that I just
literaly went and took a dump in my pants
in front of my girlfriend, Stinky Edith. After the clean up
was done we had a great sesion of heated
sex together.
Anyway, that is a true story of an accident
of me going to the bathroom in my pants.
My Stinky Edith isn’t into crapping her panties
but she lets me mess my pants in public
as long as she is not around. She tells me
that if she is confronted by a person who she
knows that said that they saw me crap myself,
She’ll just say I had an accident and that I just
totally couldn’t help myself and that I couldn’t hold it any longer.
When she’s around me when I poop my pants
she almost always offers to help clean it up.
She actually says she likes when I crap myself so
that she can clean me up. I feel fortunate
to have a Stinky Edith that does’t mind cleaning me up
when I again and again disgustly shit in my underpants
and pants. She has told me she loves to take care of my
fetish even though she herself isn’t
a dedicated panty pooper. She’s has pissed in her pants
in private on purpose 3 times for me ,
and recently she has begun attempting to shit her pants
so she can know what its like for me
to clean her up for a change of pace.
I may write about the poop coming out into her panties
and how she liked the in detail clean up job
that I gave her and how she felt about the overall experience
of her pooping on herself.
P.S. I have brought an extra pair of pants to school with me today and I am wearing girlie panties. In a few hours I plan to shit in them and my grey sweat pants while I am out walking around. I guess the fun of the whole adventure will kwowing that poeple know that I shit my pants and also to ask around so I can find a place to clean myself up and change!

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