Fantasy fuck and facial
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Winner lifts one of my feet out of the skirt and then the other. He
throws my skirt somewhere behind me.

The Winner stands in front of me. His hand touches me just below my
breasts. His hands move over my belly and work their way down. He
moves his hand down to my pantyhose and presses his palm against my
pussy. He says, “Oh, yeah… nice and hot…” He begins to rub his
fingers up and down. “See, I told you I wasn’t a tit man…” The
Leader tightens his grip on me as I squirm. He says, “Now be a good
girl… let him have his prize…” The Winner moves his hand to the
top of my pantyhose and reaches between it and my panties.

His fingers rub my pussy through my panties. I can sense my body
responding. My breathing gets deeper. I look up and see the Winner,
looking into my eyes while he continues his exploration. Behind him I
see three or four more men have entered the office. The room is
getting warmer from the heat of their bodies and mine.

The Winner stops fondling my pussy and reaches into his pocket. He
pulls out a pocket knife and says, “It’s showtime…” He opens the
knife, pulls out the top of my pantyhose and puts the blade between it
and my hip. He draws the knife down the side of my leg, slicing the
hose open. He repeats the cut on my other side, and my shredded
pantyhose peels down. While the Leader holds me up, the Winner pulls
off my shoes and what’s left of my pantyhose. He grabs my foot and
puts my high-heeled shoes back on. He looks up to me and says, “You
look good in shoes… makes your ass look good, too…” I am naked
now, except for my panties and shoes. I’ve been stripped almost naked
in front of all these men. My bonds give all of them free access to
my body. I’m shaking with fear.

The Winner turns me around so that my back faces the men. He pulls
the sides of my french-cut panties together to expose my butt and
pushes them into my butt crack. He runs his hand over my exposed
buns, admires its tightness and gives me a little whack. The Winner
stands back, so the others can see my ass. The Leader spins me around
to face the men again. There must be five or six of them in the
office now. Others are standing in the doorway or looking in through
the glass wall. I know I’m going to get a lot of attention.

He pulls my shoulders back, and my breasts are drawn up and thrust out
to their full prominence. For once, I wish my tits weren’t so large.
All the men stare at my breasts. The Leader says to them, “See what I
said about these tits? They’re like cow tits, aren’t they… ready
for milking…” He reaches around and bounces one of my breasts,
squeezes it and pinches the nipple to make it pointed. He says,
“She’s got 39 inch jugs on her… and they don’t sag much, do they
boys…” He grabs me by my arms and shakes me. “See how they just
slide around? They don’t sag, but they sure do wiggle, don’t they…”
I look around the room. Every man is focused on me, watching every
movement of my breasts.

He walks me around the office, taking me from one man to another. My
tits are easy prey for the men. They take their turns at touching my
breasts, some squeeze, some rub. One of them reaches for my left tit
and gives the nipple a quick tug. My tit jiggles, to everyone’s
amusement. He twists my nipple slightly and then pulls it out away
from my body, pinching it hard at the same time. I whine from the
pain, and he releases my nipple. He says, “Oh-h-h, baby… I didn’t
want to hurt you none… Let me make it better with some T-L-C…” He
spits on his fingers, and rubs his fingertips together covering them
with his saliva.

He rubs his wetness on the tips of my breasts. His fingers slide back
and forth over my nipples. His lubrication brings a higher level of
excitement to my breasts. His saliva makes the air cooler against my
flesh. He’s rolling my erect teats under his index fingers. He
plucks at them, and the others cheer and move closer. He pulls it a
few more times before the Leader moves me on. The men whistle as I am
paraded in front of them. My heavy tits bob with each step. Other
hands reach out to fondle my exposed breasts and buttocks.

He takes me over to the glass wall and pushes me against it. My
breasts are mashed against the cold glass. I know my nipples will
react. Someone on the other side of the wall taps on the glass where
my nipples are pressed. I feel the vibration radiate through my
breasts. The coldness of the glass makes my nipples tingle. He moves
his mouth down to my squashed tits and licks at my nipples through the
glass. The Leader spins me around to face him. The cold glass now
presses against my bound hands and my exposed ass. He says, “I told
these guys you had some of the biggest nipples I’ve seen in a long
time… but it looks like you’re trying to make a liar outta me…
we’ve got to prove to these guys that I don’t lie, now don’t we,

I weakly mutter, “No…”, but the Leader pulls me to the center of the
office. He says, “Do you remember what we did earlier, baby?…
remember how it started?… You don’t? Oh, Big Tits… how could
you forget something like that? Well, maybe you remember what you
were doing. Remember? You were sitting on the desk… and you were
bending over… you were bent over, and your tits were hanging down.”
Some of the men chuckle. Many of them are staring at my breasts and
smiling as they try to imagine the sight of my hanging boobs.

“The guys wanna see it”, the Leader says, “…don’t you guys?” The men
rumble with approval. The Leader says, “We can’t disappoint the guys,
can we, baby… they wanna see how big your nipples get…” He
kneels in front of me, about three feet away. He says, “We’ll do it
just like before, baby… except this time your gonna be standing…
now, bend over for me… bend over and let those titties hang…”

I realize I’m not going to get out of this. I have to cooperate. I
have to put on this show. I have to let him abuse me again. The men
are going to watch. I bend forward slowly. The Leader says,
“Lower… lower… lower…” The lower I bend, the more my ass
sticks up, forcing my panties deeper into my butt crack. I bend over
until my chest is parallel with the floor. My breasts point toward
the floor and dangle in front of my nose.

The men are enjoying the pose. The Young One kneels to get a better
shot. The Leader says to him, “Why don’t you lay down on the floor
under her tits and shoot from there?” He crawls below me and aims the
camera up. An arm reaches down and bounces my left tit in his hand.
Someone says, “Here… you can focus on this…” The men laugh.

The light from another video camera comes on, and someone says, “We
can use another camera, here… we gotta get a shot from the side
too…” The men move around to get a better view. Some kneel to get
eye level with my swaying boobs. Someone’s hand rubs over my exposed
ass; first one cheek, then the other. He says, “Maybe we should get
another camera for her ass, too!” I feel him pulling up on the
waistband of my panties to wedge the material deeper into my crack.
More hands are on my ass, and someone says, “I could fuck this bitch’s
ass right now…”

The Leader gets my attention when he tweaks the nipples of my hanging
breasts. He looks up to me and says, “Ready for the good stuff again,
baby?” He inserts his hand between my dangling breasts and wiggles it
up to my chest. He keeps wiggling his hand and slowly moves it back
down until he’s slapping the fleshy part of my tits. He pulls his
hand out and quickly slaps the outside of my left tit with one hand
follows it with a slap to my right tit with his other hand.

He bangs them roughly back and forth a few times, then returns his
hand between my hanging tits and slaps their insides some more. I
feel no pleasure in the pain from his slaps. I hold my breath as he
slaps the outsides of my tits again, rocking them side to side. His
hands move lower until his fingers slap at the tips of my breasts. He
hits my nipples a few times, and the sharp pain makes me raise to move
my nipples away.

He says, “Why are you pulling away, baby?… you know how much you
like this…” He says to someone, “She needs some help… hold her
down a little more…” A hand presses down on my back. I’m bent over
until my breasts are again in the Leader’s control. He softly
squeezes my stiff teats and rolls them between his fingers. He says,
“You know you like this, baby… you like this a lot…” He raises
his voice and says, “While you guys may think her nipples were already
big… well, Big Tits and I know what makes ’em bigger… don’t we,
baby…” He grabs each of my nipples from below, pinches the areolas
up around my nubs and shakes my tits back and forth a little. The
Leader asks the Young One, “You getting all of this? Can you see her
tits move?” The Young One says, “Oh yeah, man… this is great…”
The Leader says, “Well hang on to that camera… we’re gonna go into
high gear now!”

He pinches the tips of my breasts hard and pulls them down. As he
stretches my breasts, his middle fingers flick at my nubs. Either I’m
getting accustomed to the pain, or the pleasure I feel when he flicks
my nipples is getting stronger. He lets go, and my breasts spring up.
His fingers seize my hard nubs, and he yanks my breasts down again,
letting my nubs slide free from his pinch. He plucks at both my nubs
several times before he starts to pull down on them one at a time. A
heightened pleasure fills my breast each time my nub is tugged. He
says, “See what I said… I told you these cow tits were made for
milking…” The men roar with laughter. The other camera moves close
to the side of my right tit. He’s filming just the tip of my breast,
holding the camera steady while my breast is stretches down and pops

The Leader stops his assault and gently rubs his fingertips over the
tips of my sensitive nubs. As the pain subsides, it’s replaced with a
growing arousal. The Leader whispers to me, “Does this feel better,
baby… do you like these soft strokes…” He gently rolls my nubs
between his thumb and forefinger and whispers, “Or do you like this
better… when I play with your nipples a little bit…” I have to
admit it; he’s increasing my arousal by rolling my teats.

I plead, “Please… stop… let me go…” The Leader whispers,
“Don’t you like this, baby… maybe it’s still not right…” He
increases the pressure of his fingers on my nubs. A moan escapes from
my throat. He says, “See… you don’t want me to stop… you like
what I’m doing, don’t you… you like this, don’t you, baby… tell
the truth… tell me you like this… tell me you like this,
baby…” He pinches my nubs tightly and twists them.

I give out a loud cry from the pleasurable pain. He whispers, “Tell
me you like this, baby… tell me…” I try to whisper, but have to
almost shout, “I like it… I like it…” The Leader speaks louder
so his men can hear and says, “What do you like, baby… tell me
exactly what you like…” He squeezes my nubs hard and pulls them
down a little. The sensation is overwhelming. My body starts to
shake, and I sense a climax building. My voice crackles as I shout,
“I like… I like it when… you pinch… my tits…” I said it.
Everyone heard me, but I no longer care.

The Leader again whispers, “Good girl… you’re a good girl… I
know you like it when I pinch your tits… now that you said it…
everybody here knows… so you don’t have to pretend this hurts…
this feels good, doesn’t it, baby…” He stops squeezing and starts
to pinch my nipples over and over. I say, “Yes… it feels good…”
He says, “Do you want more, baby… do you want more…” I know I’m
close to another climax. I want it to happen. I want to cum.

I say, “Yes… I want more… give me more… pull my tits…
pinch my nipples…” The men are enjoying this; seeing my tits
grabbed and hearing me ask for more. The Leader says, “Okay, baby…
okay, Big Tits… I’ll give you what you want…” He grabs the tips
of my breasts with his fingers and starts to shake them. His fingers
slide further off my tips, until they hold only my nubs. He shakes my
boobs harder and harder, and squeezes my nubs tighter and tighter. The
men howl as my tit flesh wiggles. My nipples are on fire, and I hear
myself grunting loudly.

With one last tug, he pulls away and says, “Pull her up…” Someone
grabs me by the arms and stands me up. The men cheer when they see my
big, hard teats standing at attention. I gasp for air, as my near
climax fades. My nipples are throbbing. The man holding me pulls my
arms closer together behind me, and my chest lifts higher still. He
moves to my side and peers over my shoulder to enjoy the sight
himself. He shakes me to make my big tits wobble for the crowd.

The cameras are making a record of my hard, pointed nipples atop my
big, firm tits. My mind drifts, as the men talk about me and fondle
my breasts. They will probably play this video many times and show it
to countless men. I know they’ll all want me. They’ll want to
squeeze these tits of mine and pull or suck on my nipples. I also
know these men here aren’t going to stop now. They’re too worked up
from watching the Leader fondle me.

I can sense their lust building around me. I will have to satisfy
some of them before they leave me alone. I don’t want to fuck them
all. There’re too many. Maybe they’ll only want blowjobs. I could
do that, if I had to. Maybe they’ll only want to fondle me some more.
There’s not much more of me to see. But, they will have their way. I
know I can’t stop them. I may as well get it over with as quickly as
possible. I calm down and try to relax a little bit.

The man holding me from behind lets go of my arms, reaches around to
cover my breasts with his hands and pulls me back against his body.
His hands move to below my tits, and his thumbs press against the
outsides of my breasts. He squeezes my tits at their base. My senses
return, and I think I can feel his cock against my back. My heavy
breasts are shaken up and down. The men cheer him on. The cameras
record it all. From behind me I hear him say, “Man, are these tits
nice…” He stops shaking them and squeezes them over and over. “This
feels good,” he says. “There’s a lot to squeeze here.” He shakes
them again, then cups them in his hands and draws them up. He eases
the pressure slightly, and my breasts slowly slide down.

There’s an intense sensation as my rock hard nipples encounter his
palms and my teats fold up as my falling tits rub against his hand. I
hear myself softly say, “O-o-o-o-o…”, then hope no one else heard
me. He draws my boobs back up, and they slide under his hands again.
A wave of pleasure flows over me. I hear him moan softly as my
nipples are dragged against his hand. He rubs himself against my
back. Another “O-o-o-o-o…” comes from me, this one a little bit
louder. I’m ashamed at my reaction, but I can’t deny my arousal. A
third time he pulls my breasts up and lets their weight pull my
sensitive nipples under his hands.

Before my aching nubs slide free, his fingers grasp them. He rubs
them between his forefinger and thumb. I have to take short breathes
through my mouth. Each time I exhale, a low gutteral moan rattles in
my throat. I’m enjoying this. I’m enjoying the excitement he gives
to my nipples. He pinches them slightly and pulls them up, lifting my
breasts up. He twists my nipples and pulls them outward. I feel a
sharp pain and give out a loud moan. His fingers release their hold,
and my heavy breasts drop. As the jiggling of my breasts stop, I am
shocked to see how big my teats are. They must be 3/4 of an inch long
now, jutting tense and erect from the tips of my breasts.

The Leader grabs hold of my right nipple and says, “Let’s get going.”
He leads me around by the tit, through the men and back to the desk.
My head spins as he moves me to the left and right by tugging on my
nipple. I’m getting a little bit scared of not knowing what will
happen next, but I also can’t deny a heightened sense of arousal. I
should not be getting turned on, but being almost naked in a room full
of strangers, my hands uselessly bound behind me and the abuse and
fondling of my breasts over the past hour has gotten something started
inside me that I can’t seem to stop. As we walk to the desk, he
pinches and tugs at my nipple, taking my arousal to a higher level of
excitement. I’m not sure I even want to stop my arousal.

The Leader spins me to face the men, and his hands scoop up my big
breasts. He squeezes them tightly, with both hands, avoiding my
nipples. He moves his index fingers up to my nipples and drags his
fingernails over the skin around my nipples. His nails drag along the
sides of my sensitive buds, and I shudder uncontrollably with
pleasure. He squeezes my left tit firmly, and his other hand moves
down my belly and over my pussy. He rubs me through my panties. He
says, “Check it out… she’s already wet…” He brings his hand up
to my nose, and I smell my own juices. He says, “I say she’s ready!”

The Winner steps back up to me, and the Leader and the Young One stand
on either side of me to hold me still. The Winner pulls the front
waistband of my panties up and watches as the material stretches over
my pussy and begins to press between my cunt lips. He says, “I also
heard you got to feeling real good earlier…” His palm of his other
hand rubs roughly over my tits as he winks at me. “Well, I’m gonna
make you feel good too…” He lets go of my waistband and slides his
hand down to my pussy. He rubs me through my panties and says, “I’ll
make you feel good… but in my own way…”

His hand moves between my legs, and I pull them tightly together. He
says, “Hey… don’t you want to feel good again?… it’ll be a lot
easier if you help a little…” I say, “No! Leave me alone… don’t
touch me anymore…” The Leader moves to my side and faces me. He
says, “I told you we won’t hurt you… take it easy…” He quickly
wedges his foot between my legs and pins me against the desk. The
Young One puts his foot in the space, too. They each move their leg
from my side, pulling with it one of mine. Pinned against the desk, I
can not free my legs from theirs. Soon my feet are spread a couple of
feet apart.

The Winner approaches me once more. He palms my breasts roughly
again, pushing them around and teasing my still hard nipples. He
says, “Now take it easy… I won’t hurt you… this won’t take
long…” He pinches one of my nipples hard, and at the same time his
other hand returns to my pussy. With my legs pinned apart, he has
easy access. His fingers massage my vulva through my panties. He
traces my panties down to the gap between my legs. He puts two
fingers under the narrow of my panties and slides them up to my pussy.
He rubs them over my pubic hair and up to the waistband.

His other hand resumes its fondling of my breasts, though more gently
this time. His fingertips draw slow circles on the outer edges of my
breast and slowly spiral closer to its erect nipple. He holds it
between two fingers and lightly strokes the nub slowly back and forth
with another finger. At times he pauses, pinches the nipple between
his fingers and pulls it away from my body. The feeling is intense,
yet pleasurable.

He repeats the process and moves from one tit to the other. So
intense is this feeling, I do not notice his fingers in my panties
moving down and over my cunt lips. The pleasure in my breasts is
interrupted when his finger rubs across my slit. He slides one finger
along my slit, slowly working it between my lips. He slides it up and
down with more and more pressure. He pulls it up until it brushes
against my clit. When he touches it, I have an uncontrollable shudder
and a long moaning sound escapes from my throat. When he sees me
react, he pulls on my nipple and shakes my tit around. Both my
breasts and pussy are getting aroused.

He continues to massage my pussy lips. His finger glides easily
between my lips, lubricated by my own juices. His finger slides into
my cunt while his palm massages my clit. I have to respond. I relax
my legs by reflex. He shakes my tit again, and I breath deeply, then
let out a low moan. He says to me, “You’re liking this, aren’t you…
I told you I was gonna make you feel good too…” He pulls his hand
out of my panties and says, “Well you ain’t seen nothing yet…”

His knife reappears. He pulls the thin waistband of my panties away
from my hip, slides the knife over it and cuts it apart. He moves to
the waistband on my other hip, holds it in his hand and cuts it too.
The front of my panties falls down and bares my patch of black pubic
hair. The men groan in approval at finally seeing me completely
naked, except for my high-heeled shoes. The Winner reaches between my
legs, grabs my hanging panties and pulls them free from my butt
cheeks. He finds what was once their front and shows me the wetness
it caught from my pussy. He tosses it to the men behind him, and they
pass it around, some smelling my juices.

The Winner returns his attention to me. Both his hands roam over my
neck and breasts. He sucks on one tit, while pinching and shaking the
other, then he switches. The feeling is incredibly intense. After
lathering each nipple to renew its hardness, he kisses my neck, throat
and cleavage. He kisses and licks the bottom of my breasts, then he
continues kissing and licking down my belly. He pauses for a moment
as he drops down to his knees. His mouth is level with my belly
button. He kisses it and sticks in his tongue. He looks up to me and
says, “Now this is what I like…”

He kisses my belly button again, and then follows it with another, but
just a bit lower. His lips make their way down to my pubic hairs, and
he keeps going down my mound until he is pressing his lips on my
vulva. His breath is warm against my pussy lips. He pulls my lips
apart with his fingers, then kisses my clit. I feel a large rush of
excitement, and it is followed by a body shaking shudder as he follows
the kiss with a darting tongue against my clit. The others notice my
shudder and react with cheers and chants to encourage the Winner’s
assault. His tongue moves up and down my slit, forcing itself past my
pussy lips. I am so aroused, I notice I’ve spread my legs further
apart so they’re no longer be held by the Leader and the Young One.

The Leader moves to my side. He watches the Winner work on my pussy.
He watches my breasts heave as I gasp for air. His hand moves over to
tickle the bottom of my left breast. I close my eyes, giving in to
the lust they have finally aroused within me. The Winner’s tongue
keeps moving its way deeper into my pussy. The Leader is rubbing his
hand around my breast and over my nipple. The Young One even joins in
and squeezes the tip of my right breast, twirling my teat around.

The Leader whispers to me, “Hey, baby… I told you we take care of
our friends… friends want friends to feel good, right?… Well, I
think we can make this more comfortable for you, now…” The Leader
moves behind me, and I feel him pulling my bound arms over toward him.
The next thing I hear and feel is the tape being pulled off my wrists.
He cuts it off freeing my arms. I put my arms down on the desktop to
brace myself better.

The Winner sees this and more aggressively licks my pussy. He moves
back to my clit, licking and sucking it with authority. I lean back
over the desk as the Winner gives my clit more action than it has seen
in months. I lean back over the desk so far that the Young One and
the Leader can not now reach my breasts. Everything is focused on the
pleasurable feelings coming from my pussy. The men become so quiet,
all I hear is the Winner’s slurping and my breathing. I watch my
breasts quivering with each short breath.

The Leader says, “We can make this easier for everyone,” and
interrupts the Winner. I take a few deep breaths when he pauses. The
Leader moves to the other side of the desk and sweeps everything off
it with his arm. The unexpected crashing of tapes, the phone and
books onto the floor excites me even more. The Leader comes in front
of me, grabs me by the waist and lifts me onto the center of the
desktop. The metal top is cold against my bottom, especially in
contrast to my hot pussy. Moving behind the desk, the Leader eases my
back down onto the desk. He positions me with my head at one corner
of the desk. My legs stretch out to the opposite corner. I raise my
knees and try to balance on the heels of my shoes. My knees wobble in
the air.

I lay naked on top of my desk, in front of seven or eight strangers. I
have climaxed once already while one of them ravished my tits, and now
I’m waiting for another stranger to continue sucking my pussy. For
some reason though, it all seems right. I’m excited about going on.
The lust within me has emerged. My body wants more sexual pleasure.
I want more attention; I want more action; I want to feel more now.

I rub my hand over my throat and slide it down to my left breast. I
cup it in my palm and gently squeeze it again and again. The distance
between my knees gets larger. I press my feet together and let my
knees spread even more. I bring both my hands up and lightly glide my
fingertips across my breasts and over my softening, swollen nipples. I
enjoy the feeling of my excitement. There’s a camera shooting me from
between my legs. The Young One is filming me from my side. He’s
focused on my breasts as I stroke them. I roll and pinch my fat
nubs. The feeling is intensely pleasurable. I want them to film me
pinching my nipples. I want them to see me making my nubs hard and
erect again.

I look at the men down by my feet. Some are mesmerized by my little
show. Others are talking about me. I know they’re getting excited by
what they see. They probably all want to fuck me, too. As I look at
them I see my breasts gently rise and fall with each breath. If I
move at all, my tit mounds quiver. They watch every movement of my
breasts. I long for a man’s hands on my boobs; squeezing them;
pinching my nipples. All the men now have their eyes on me and begin
to move around the desk. Each one seems to have a bulge showing
through their pants. The Leader has a big bulge. His eyes are
focused on my body as he moves his cock around in his pants.

The men standing near my feet move aside, and the Winner approaches.
“Yeah, this is much better,” he says as he looks at my waiting body
lying before him. He climbs up and crawls between my knees. I spread
my legs to give him room. He looks down on me. My breathing begins
to deepen. He watches my tits rise and fall. My rigid teats point
straight up. He rubs his hand over one breast and then the other. His
hands travel down to my belly, and he brushes them over my mound. He
crawls down to his prize and positions his head between my legs. I
spread my legs apart as he approaches, but he gently spreads them even
further. His fingers pull my pussy lips open, and he continues where
he left off.

The other men crowd closer around the table. Every one of them is
close enough to reach out and touch me. Some watch the Winner eat my
pussy. Others watch my breasts jiggle and heave. I close my eyes,
not wanting to be distracted by their leers. At first I could hear
every word they said. “Look at him go after that pussy… I wanna
suck those tits, too… that’s one fine piece of ass… she’s really
liking it…” But soon their voices fade as my passions begin to
rise. The Winner’s tongue is all I think about.

I can no longer simply lie on the desk. My lust for sexual excitement
is increasing more and more. I move my hips around as the Winner’s
tongue swirls around my clit. I reach up and rub my breasts. I pinch
my erect nipples, twisting and pulling on them. Someone touches my
breast and says, “I’ll do that for you…” My hand is replaced by
another’s. He massages my tit mounds and taut nubs. When he shakes
my tits while pinching my nipples, waves of arousal consume my
breasts. I open my eyes to see if it’s the Leader, but it’s one of
the other men in the crowd. He had seen what worked on me and was
doing a good job at mimicking it.

I look around and see the Leader standing over me at the desk corner
near my head. Turning my head to the side, I see his cock almost at
eye level looking even bigger than before. He unzips his jeans. My
eyes focus on his hand. I watch, as if in a dream, while he reaches
into his unzipped pants and brings out his cock. To my surprise, it’s
only semi-hard.

He moves closer to the corner of the desk. His hand strokes his shaft
only inches from my eyes, and it grows harder and larger. He stands
over my head. I see the bottom of his veined cock as he shakes it to
life above me. He moves to the side of my head and turns my head to
face directly at him. He holds his cock near its base and rubs it’s
tip over my face.

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