Toby and the fuck guy
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Technically this was the first time I made love with another man with my husband watching. In the preceding few months since last autumn, I had been encouraged by David to have sex with a number of men. As I have previously told you prior to then my lovers since my wedding day could be counted on one hand. After I spent a weekend of rampant sex with David’s former boss whilst his escort at the Company’s annual Dinner Dance, thanks to a very sexy dress I’d worn that evening, combined with the effect that everyone seemed to know the Boss and I were in the same room; I had been inundated with requests from David’s former colleagues and a few of our social friends both male and female saw a change in me. I was frankly like a child in a sweet shop told to take whatever he or she wants.

By the end of April 2010, I estimated I had slept with around 40 new lovers in the past 5 months; the vast majority (31) were from David’s former company. None of these liaisons had been ‘just the one night’: most by that date had been 3 or 4 meetings. David’s dare for his ex-colleagues was if the guy contacted me I was to say yes to meeting “for a drink”, I was to dress up sexily, his dare was to at the very least give the guy ‘a blow job’ at the end of the evening, in fact whilst I did blow about 7 guys in their car with that in mind, I still ended up going to a motel and fucking all night.

The next part of David’s dare was, if I had fucked the guy, he should be entitled to follow up sex; so initially I should fuck (bareback) and suck (swallow); date 2 should include anal sex and rimming him; date 3 should include me pee drinking. For the vast majority of these guys date 3 was kinkier than anything they’d done before and they loved it all.

I broke several of my own records, 7 new lovers in one week, and 3 lovers in one day and sex with 2 couples. In both February and March I had sex with a man other than my own husband every day. David and I attended several small sex parties where I had sex with men I’d known for some time.

Most of 2010 and well into 2011, my sex life revolved around these guys I mentioned with me having evenings out, dressed sexily and getting kinkier, One of the guy from David’s ex-work organised a mini gang bag for me in March with him and 3 others, we then did one a month and by autumn the numbers were 6 or 7 (see separate tale of Liam)

During all this my sex life with my husband had reignited, better than even our early days together, but there was one thing he wanted to actually ‘watch me with another man’. At the four or five adult parties he’d glimpsed me at times and I was too nervous to invite any of my new lovers to do this, later on this year we did several of these plus threesomes. But at the time of this incident I was feeling he should be rewarded.

Through his confessions, I knew his ideal was to watch me with maybe 2 men at once, taking it all ways; he wanted to remaining hidden and suggested we get a cupboard installed in our bedroom which he could sit in and watch, unknown to my lover (s). He really fancied the idea that these lovers would be men he knew and I would be super slutty – why I am not sure but that is what was going to get him. It soon turned out that he wanted that concept more than say a threesome.

Another fantasy was for me to have sex with a total stranger, the circumstances changed. For example we might be in a pub and he’d dare me to approach a guy he ***********s and I invite him to have me in the gent’s loo or something equally tarty.

Neither of these things happened in any event, but here are some that did meet some of those criteria.

September 2009

An incident: about a year before my ‘extras’ were in the open, Dave and I went on holiday with 2 couples to Tenerife. On the penultimate night we 6 went into this rather raucous bar; we had been in there a few times over our 10 days, it was loud and crowded.

Like the other I’d had a few shots and drinks and by abut 1am was wobbling. This youngish (mid 20’s) guy had met my eye a few times and when I went for a much needed pee, I was aware of him following me. He pulled me into the gent’s toilet and I not unwillingly started to play. I was desperate for a piss, so I pulled him into a cubicle sat and relieved myself as I sucked him, when I was empty I turned around and told him to fuck me (doggie style), I was leaning over the loo holding onto the cistern pipe to keep myself steady because my head was spinning from the alcohol and so he entered me, problem was he came off too quickly. I wasn’t aware that the cubicle door wasn’t closed and as he backed away, I was trying to focus to get myself sorted, when another guy pushed first guy away and entered me and started fucking me, this time I was being done by an experienced cock and I was gasping for air and climaxing, he had lifted my T-top off my breasts massaging them as he pumped, I felt him cum inside me.

No sooner had he pulled away, he was replaced; this third guy also entered my arse as well as my pussy alternating between the two. Again I climaxed quickly. Three complete strangers fucking me in a dirty soiled gent’s toilet behind a bar without condoms would have been grubby enough, but the truth was things became blurry, at least a further 5 men (making 8) treated me the same way, but it could have been more. After the second guy I stopped trying to get away each time because the sexual stimulus each cock gave me was so good. I think the guys realised I was more than fully willing to play. The third guy definitely had cum in my pussy and been replaced by number 4 and he moved around to my mouth with a semi limp dick, turned out he need a pee, but didn’t want to lose his position and was aiming his urine stream into the bowl, I put my mouth over his dick as he started and drank 90% of his piss, I didn’t want him pulling out and spraying my hair etc., so I held on, he became hard again and then pumped cum into my mouth. By that time guy 4 had cum in me and guy 5 was in my pussy. By number 4 my anus was getting fucked as well, with slippery cock going in whichever hole it found. When number 4 replaced number 3 at my head end, he’d obviously seen what happed and wanted the same, he actually crouched own on the toilet bowl rim and as I had him in my mouth was squeezing my tits, when he peed and cum in my mouth he turned around and presented his arsehole for rimming, as I was being well fucked I probably gave him one of my longest and deepest rim jobs to date..

I think I repeated the same action of number 4 with three other guys. Some guys wanted just a blow job; but things were so blurred by then, I had lost count of numbers and actions; it could have been some of the same guys coming back for more.

When I did get out and made my way back to Dave and our friends nearly 90minutes had passed. I said I had drunk too much and sat outside to cool off. They were all so well-oiled by then and accepted my explanation without question. But I was aware of the slippery sensation of juices flowing out of me, but sexually satisfied. Only next day did I have an OMG moment when I recalled what had happened.

I didn’t even look back to see who was screwing me, I was too in a zone. I was really thankful that we were soon headed home. I was pretty sure the guys who’d enjoyed me had seen me around that bar a few times during our stay. We were all hung over the following day and didn’t go there for our last night, knowing we had an early flight home. But, you know what, even now I still get wet thinking about that.

I did eventually tell David in bed after I’d openly been with a few men then; at first I said it was just a fantasy, he had achieved a rampant erection and climaxed with me or him touching; 5 or so minutes afterwards he said would you be up for trying that and when I said I might he got hard all over again. When I admitted to him (months later) that it was true, it was like I’d pure a pure aphrodisiac into him that took a week or so to dissipate. I’ve used that scenario to turn him on many times since then, but his ultimate fantasy would be to watch a similar scene.

So the two other couples that we were on holiday with were friends of ours from some time before; but essentially the guys were friends with David first and foremost. I sort of knew that David fancied both the wives, one a lot more. What David didn’t know was Frank- one of the guy’s and I had been shagging off and on for about 18 months before that – like maybe over a dozen times; the other man Brian, had also tried his hand, but his pass was –wrong time – wrong place. Since then as things became more open between me and David, I confessed about Frank, and he said he had scored with Diane (frank’s wife) during that holiday, but I knew it was Sue (Brian’s wife) that he really wanted to bed.

But things didn’t really end there; I don’t believe David would have boasted about what happened to me to either of the two guys. When everything was open, Frank and I had sex quite regularly with David watching (hidden, later on openly), so I wasn’t surprised that Brian was one of the first ‘blindfold men’ – it was his distinctive aftershave that gave him away, but it also brought back a memory, I think he may have come to that toilet that night and had me.

My sister Katie, who wanted a ‘gap year’ before university (and then didn’t go anyway) worked as a party guide for an international explorer travel company (because she could speak reasonable French & German) . She was mostly working on her own with groups of 10 to 12; usually older German and British holiday makers in the Middle East and Africa.

The tale that always got my husband aroused was a trip when on the Jordanian border; her party were stopped by Border guards looking for some extra money (for themselves – as usual).

Her party were on the mini bus with a local driver, usually she took their passports into the border hut; they counted the passengers and looked over the passports and she paid a fee of $5 a head. This day back in the guard’s hut it seemed what she had in funds wasn’t enough to pay them and yet she had to get the party to the airport some 60 miles away.

She couldn’t understand to start with why the usual $50 bribe wasn’t acceptable; she’d been through this particular check point 3 times in the past 6 months. Their English wasn’t great and her Arabic was about the same. It slowly dawned on her what was wanted – in fact her. It was sex by blackmail, she succumbed extremely reluctantly, I mean she was no virgin, but it wasn’t in the job de***********ion.

Initially they said ‘show us your tits’, so she took off her shirt and bra and they crowded round her touching and pushing, although the hut was air conditioned it wasn’t that good, and one guy produced some ice and they were running ice cubes over her nipples and breasts. One of the guys started tugging at her shorts and before she could do anything together with her panties were round her ankles. There were gasps of surprise as they saw she was clean shaven. They were saying ‘porn star’ and pointing.

Now she was stripped off, it soon became obvious that they wanted her to do oral sex, of course their cocks were unwashed and sweaty and with full foreskins, each of which was ripe with prick cheese, they knew exactly what it was about. Katie said she almost gagged on each one. Each man came pretty quickly in her mouth and held her so she had to swallow. This had been done with her kneeling before each man who was seated on a wooden chair.

By the time the third guy was almost finishing off in her mouth the first one had manoeuvred himself behind her and pulling her hips towards him he entered her pussy with his hard again dick. She admits he went in easy, because contrary to expectation she was wet. In 20 minutes all three guys had fucked her and she staggered back to the minibus, no one aboard seemed concerned about the now 30 minute delay and no one had come to look for her, although she suspected the driver knew what was up!.

To be frank up till about that time I’d have been very reticent about telling my husband stuff like that, but Katie told me that Paul already knew all about it.

As she told her tale I knew this was bang on right up my husband’s dream sex encounter and I was proved right, even though I had told him about what happened to me that night in Tenerife, he was obviously more aroused by Katie’s confession. Her husband already knew about it. Later on that evening when the swap did take place I was with Paul and he was obviously pretty impressed with my confession, admitting he didn’t know I was ‘like that’ in so far as I obviously enjoyed it during and after the event. When I asked her, she told me that the 2nd time she’d had to go through there, she was dreading it, knowing what might be expected. During the day she had pushed it to the back of her mind but as they approached the checkpoint, she realised how wet she’d become and how hard her nipples were. It was her first experience of multiple men by her 3rd visit there were four men there, a few times they tried to use her arsehole as well, by her 3rd visit she gave up trying to stop them. She did 12 (sexual) visits in all – her ‘dirty dozen’ she called them. I found out that her husband Paul didn’t really know how many times she’d been taken and used.

Only later did my husband Dave tell me that my encounter was fantastic and admitted that my sister’s just ‘top trumped’ mine by a point. Both men wanted to know if there were others like that or where we’d maybe done something similar.

So those gave my David the lust for me to do more such stuff and has since tried to devise situations where I might end up like that again, but I think that sort of thing is more about opportunity and circumstances.

May 2010

We had been invited to a family wedding down in Cornwall held over the Whitsun bank holiday. It was a cousin of Dave’s that he knew quite well, and Dave’s parents weren’t able to go as they had already booked a holiday and so he felt obliged to attend and stay overnight at the hotel, which was okay as we could have a drink and my sister looked after our boys.

For us the event was really mostly with strangers because beyond the groom and his brother and their immediate family who were all on the “Top” table. We’d been put on a table with 8 others (15 tables of 10); ours seemed to be the misfit table as nobody seemed to know anybody else. There was a young man there totally on his own as he said his girlfriend had dumped him a month back, there were also some whose partners were on the top table. So we sorta befriended this lad of 22, whose name was Toby.

To cut a long story short after the meal and the speeches and when the general friends turned up at 8ish the dancing started and Dave was nudging me to indicate to Toby that I’d be ‘up for it’. I wasn’t too sure being nearly 16 his senior that he’d be interested in me. As it turned out he was, but was troubled by Dave’s presence. Dave pretended to be quiet drunk by about 10ish. We stayed in the hall till the Bride and Groom left (11pm) and then I asked Toby to help me get Dave up to our room.

Up in the room, we dumped Dave on the sofa and I asked him to take off Dave’s shoes and I walked over to the bed. Toby had his back to me as I took off my jacket; I was still thinking ‘I’m making a bloody fool of myself’, as I unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it off, I turned just as Toby was standing up and looking at me. His eyes told me everything I needed to know. I unhooked my skirt and let it fall to the floor, leaving me in nothing but my beige high heels and hold up stockings. He took the three steps to me and we kissed hard.

The next half hour was really high tempo, I knew Dave was watching through half closed eyes and I was on fire, we did a long 69 and then I needed fucking. After we both cum off and got our breath back, he said I was, his first married woman and first who had a totally shaven pussy. He wanted to know if I’d been without underwear all day, I confirmed I had, he liked that a lot.

We then had sex more slowly, when I did oral on him, I also rimmed his arse and sucked his balls; later I guided his cock into my anus, several times and sucked him afterwards. I felt insatiable, so hot. He made me cum off time and time again and he came off a further twice, before we rested. It was nearly 1:30am and he began to get off the bed, thinking he was leaving I said ‘don’t go’ – I wanted more, but he needed a piss. A moment later I knelt in front of him told him to go slow and let him pee into my mouth, I drunk the lot, spilled a tiny drop and he was rock hard again. (And Dave had cum in his pants for the third time).

I was now fucked hard and rough his cock going into my sopping pussy, then up my arse, his cock was like a steel rod, I loved it. This time after he exploded, we fell into an exhausted sleep.

I came to at about 6:45am (normal waking time) and to feel my husband licking my pussy and arse, I enjoyed that beside my sleeping lover for 10 minutes or so, till my husband moved me onto my knees so he could fuck me and I went down on Toby’s cock to wake him. Toby, give him his due, didn’t seem fazed by the situation and soon I had both guys using me, all over again. It was marvellous fun.

We didn’t get to breakfast till 10:30, luckily they were serving a Sunday brunch, so the three of us had a laugh over the situation as we had our food. I don’t know what I must have looked like, a quick shower and some make up was all I managed. We agreed that Toby could come and stay with us at weekends whenever he wished.

I slept for most of the 3 hour journey back and yes Toby has been back more than a few times, since.

So that was incident number one that my husband saw me in action and I was amazed by how much extra I was aroused knowing he was there watching. It also was a major stepping stone into me accepting that he was really into this type of play. I suddenly felt a whole lot happier and Dave said it showed. It was at this point I knew I could and would fuck who I wanted and when I wanted, I would tell Dave, but not ask him.

Toby came to stay with us Friday and Saturday night 6 weeks later. He was much more open with us and saying how he was blown away by what happened at the wedding. He was also more confident in bed. We had agreed with him certain behaviour that (outside of our bedroom); he would treat me polite and respectful, no kissing and touching.

Friday night Toby and I went to bed with Dave sitting in a chair naked watching us for the first hour or so, we went through a more confident and relaxed version of what we’d done at the hotel. Once Toby had emptied his cum in my pussy Dave got onto the bed and on his back got in a “69” with me whilst Toby fucked me in the arse. This was great for me, more so when I felt a change, who initiated it I don’t know, Toby said it was Dave and I suspect it was, but Toby’s cock went from my arse to Dave’s mouth, as I saw my husband sucking cock; I ‘came off’ so heavily. It was unexpected, I’d never considered he’d do that and never considered how ‘hot’ it was for me to see that. Both guys noticed my reaction. This was repeated over the next 30 minutes several times with Toby’s cock in my arse for 5/6 minutes then to Dave’s mouth for 2-3 minutes and back again. As I suspected, my insides were churning up and each time Toby’s cock was more soiled, but Dave didn’t seem to mind. I think on the fourth slip into Dave’s mouth Toby shoot off. Dave swallowed.

On the Saturday evening, a hot humid day, Toby insisted that he take us down the road to our local pub for a meal. Somehow I agree to him dressing me as he wants. He chooses just three items, No underwear of course, my sexiest highest black heels (with 5” stilettos) that Dave bought me last Christmas and I have only ever worn in house and for 2 parties at Matt’s, because I can barely walk in them); he finds a minuscule leather mini skirt in black I’d forgotten I had (I’d brought it for a ‘Tarts and Vicars party’ not worn it since as it has a tendency to creep up); finally a totally sheer cream blouse, that Dave had purchased for me and never dared to wear, as it hides nothing, maybe enhances everything. As I protest Toby is touching and kissing me and turning me on. As our sons will be with us and I think I’m showing too much, he is surprised to learn they haven’t seen or caught me naked or topless at some point before now. After a few moments, he relents and lets me wear a jacket but not do it up, but I have to agree to lose it once we return home. I haven’t ever gone out in public dressed like this before in my life, I feel very sluttish, but hugely excited.

When we get to the pub, which Dave and I go to about once a month, but I feel very strange being in a public place like this, we might not know anybody there that night (by chance) but I certainly feel sure people know us. I’m not embarrassed, maybe emboldened by my forced attire, because I feel quite sexy in an exhibitionistic way. A nice meal and a couple of large wines and I’m relaxed. I’m quite conscious that my skirt has bunched up to the top of my thighs, but I’m seated at a table no one in the pub can see (so I think). Both Dave and Toby are touching me at times and I’m very wet.

Back home, and I surrender my jacket to Toby without protest, it just gone 9pm and too early to send the boys off to bed, I know they are looking but pretending they aren’t, but suddenly I didn’t mind. That night after the boys had gone to bed, I was relieved of my skirt and top in the lounge and for the first time I was walking in just heels around my own house. That night in bed with Dave and Toby I was just so horny, I was open for everything Toby wanted. It was my first instance of rough sex with him.

It was a few weeks later that year when I went with David took me and our boys to our local pub for Sunday lunch, and he asked me to ‘dressed’ as I had done for Toby when we went to that same pub. But I had ruined the see thru blouse when I washed it in the machine by mistake, so David said my ‘punishment’ was to just wear my leather jacket on top, It has three buttons and I can only do one up. I’m getting pretty accustomed to being out like this by this time.

So in the pub we have our Sunday lunch and have just finished our deserts, we are seated in a alcove to one side with two bench seats which can seat three on each. when this guy sidled up to the table and introduced himself, he name was Sean and turned out he had seen us there with Toby and to-day I had given him not only a smile but a flash of pussy as I sat down (which he took as his invitation) not that I was aware of either. He had sussed the situation almost correctly and he was quite charming.

David took our sons away for 5 minutes to go to the gents, during which time my new man sat opposite me and asked me to show him my breasts by undoing the one fastened button of my jacket and opening it up. I was getting turned on and so I did flash him one boob for maybe 2 seconds, he shook his head and said no-no, both and slowly, Now this is a busy Sunday pub, but we were seated in high backed benches in the far end and I was facing a wall, my adrenaline was rocketing and my wetness too.

Taking the edges of my jacket I opened up, slowly letting him see, feeling my nipples harden, my heart rate was increasing as I said this was a busy pub and whist I was sheltered a bit, I was aware I could be seen. Maybe my eyes were darting around to make sure nobody came over, when he said ‘look at me’ after a pause he said ‘very nice’. I’d been exposed for maybe 15 seconds, I was waiting for him to say close or whatever, but with each moment that passed, it became easier for me to be like that. I didn’t know when Dave and the boys were coming back because they would be behind me. He reached over and with each hand cupped a breast, running his thumb over my harden nipples. It felt so good, (it must have been 30 seconds by now). His hands left my boobs and he took hold of my jacket and pulled it down to where my elbows stopped it, leaving me more exposed than ever, I didn’t stop him or try to pull back. He was grinning, so was I (I think) he said something like ‘you like enforced exposure’. Yes he was so right, I’d become so wet, in the last year it was now getting to be an action that aroused me.

‘Just stay there like that till I tell you to cover up, will you”? I nodded.

As I sat there with my breasts still on view, he asked me if I would come back to his place that afternoon, would my hubby be a problem and so on. I was saying that would be fine etc.

He asked how often I had cuckolded my husband, I lied and said I’d only done it with 4 men so far, he liked that.

“He enjoys that you are open to play around?” – ‘yes’.

“Bareback or condoms?” – ‘Nearly always bareback’

“He likes cream pie”? – ‘Oh yes’.

“How often do you play”? – ‘3 or 4 times a month’.

“Do your sons know what is going on”? – ‘I hope not, I don’t think so’. His questions are making me blush a little but I’m so turned on.

“If you are still sat there like you are when your boys and your husband get back, will your husband be cross”? – ‘No, I think he’d enjoy it very much’.

“Do you think your sons will enjoy seeing mum’s bare boobs”? – Yes, they probably would.

“So I’m enjoying you being there like that, your husband will enjoy it, your sons will enjoy it; that leaves only you, I think you are enjoying it as your nipples have gone from soft and pink to swollen hard and red, you are blushing slightly, you are obviously sexually aroused, you are a bit nervous but you haven’t really looked around the pub to see if anyone else is looking, but if anyone is, I doubt you would cover up, I think you’d enjoy it”.

“You enjoy being submissive to demands, if I told you to take that jacket right off and hand it to me I think you would”? He leaves that question hanging in the air. But he is right and he can see me nod slightly.

“Tell me what you will do for me this afternoon; ladies like you should be very sexual and kinky, I like kinky mums”.

Before I can answer he says “Okay, pull your jacket up but leave it open don’t do the button up”.

As I did so the boys and Dave got back. As I sat there as Dave and the boys got into their seats I was well aware that my unbuttoned jacket was showing about 2” of bare skin just because of the way it sat on me. I also noticed that Dave had a semi as he sat down, obvious aware that something was going to take place. Only later that same night did he tell me that as he came out of the ‘Gents’ He saw in a large mirror that I was sat there with my jacket half off and my breasts exposed, we both mused as to if anyone else had seen me, which in turn he said both our boys must have seen.

As we left the pub and going back to the car, my mind was all over the place as to how this was going to happen, but Dave giving my new lover a lift ½ mile back to his flat, all became a blur. Less than 15 minutes after my exposure to him I was naked on his lounge floor with him in me. It was then 2 hours of frenetic sex. Early on I remember telling him to treat me like ‘a dirty, nasty sex slut’ and he sure did, it was dirty, rough, bit of spanking and slapping, biting and I let him do everything he wanted. Between bouts of recovering breath, he grilled me on my past sex life and life style, my confessions of which spurred him on. I gave him the rim job of his life and invited him to piss down my throat (which he did twice); he pushed me down on his cock three or four times after he’d been up my arsehole.

So yes, Dave loved the fact that I was picked up by a stranger on our pub visit and then less than an hour later spent 4 hours playing my whole sexual repertoire with him in his bed.

David wanted to know what had transpired whilst he with the boys in the toilets and admitting he took extra time.

He asked ‘so it was he who opened up your jacket and slid it down your arms’ I nodded

‘So would you have really taken off the jacket if he asked.

I told him that I think I might have!

‘Wow that would have been something’ he said,

We’d already had sex twice in the last 40 minutes and he was hard again.

‘So it was Sean who said cover up’ I nodded. ‘If not, you would have stayed exposed as we sat down and continued talking’

It had already occurred to me that had Sean not told me to cover up I would have been exposed as he said, but I wasn’t too sure how that would have felt; would I have been cool enough just to sit there with my breasts in the open like that, but I did feel a surge of wetness in my pussy as I thought it.

Had it been evening time with Just Dave around then I would have gone with either leaving it as I was or taking it off; but add in our sons, well that was different. But David’s erect cock dribbling precum told me how he felt about it.

Sean said I was oozing sex appeal when he saw me that day and the previous time. He’s only 24 (looks much older), yet says he is really into MILF types, especially in cuckold situations and that I am in no way his first. He said the first time he saw me, he sorta knew what I was up to with Toby because of how Toby and I were interacting etc., as well as how I was dressed that day (leather mini skirt, see thru blouse and jacket with 4½” heels). He liked the fact that I was dressed like that with my family. He also appreciates the thrill of exhibitionism.

I know he is playing with me seeing how far he can push and he admitted he has two other milfs ‘on the go’, but not cuckolds. He says that fucking married women is just so sexy especially when the husband is a cuckold, and we MILF’S tend to go along with the kinkier things in sex. After I told him about my walk to Ben’s and my return from my sister’s party, he has dared me to have David drive me over to him, naked and in just heels and get out of the car like that and then have David collect me later or just drive over myself like that; he lives about two miles from us, at the initial time (summer of 2010) I declined his suggestion as it’s too light in the evenings at the time; but when he realised that I was seriously considering it, he was very interested.

In September of that year I did indeed do as he asked and I drove over to him in just a pair of high heels. By that time I had become far more used to being exhibitionistic and I found out that Ben was insisting that my sister and three of my friends whom I introduced him to were regularly driving to his place, in states of nudity.

Toby’s Day

Toby lives in the West Country and he is welcome anytime, but he does have work commitments and by mid-2010, so he visits usually for a long weekend. When he came down to stay for the May Bank holiday 2011; after the usual antics of the Saturday night, we all went for a walk out there; but also our boys came with us. David had obviously told Toby about my previous exposure in the parkland and hot sex with him. I was wearing my original outfit a denim mini skirt and red tank top, obviously no underwear; I sorta knew what was going to happen. It was a variation of what Dave and I had done previously, but David this time took the boys off to go ahead of us, knowing where we’d meet up.

Toby was much bolder than those first few time I’d been with Dave, (Dave had vastly exaggerated how far I’d gone previously); for me it seemed to be so much more exciting to go along with Toby’s commands. On the few times I’m alone with him I do contemplate the fact that we have a 16 year age gap – my toy boy. It was a lovely day and we were in a part as usual where very few people bother to go. I don’t think anybody saw us, but over the next 90 minutes we had sex twice and he had me walking naked and semi naked for minutes on end. I had no idea where Dave and our boys were during this time.

As we nearer the rendezvous point, Toby had when I last pulled my skirt on, dared me to take a turn on the waistband, thus lifting my mini skirt hem even higher, I looked down and it seemed okay and he assured me that I wasn’t actually showing pussy, but I sorta knew it was close; At that point he’d had me pull my top down so both breasts were free and bared. All this was no different from my walks with David really, it just seemed so much more exciting with Toby, maybe because I knew David really wanted and longed for me to be caught just like that, whereas with Toby I wasn’t so sure.

As we got nearer, I started to see people in the distance – Toby looked at me and said in a minute I’ll pop one boob back into cover, if you want! He had his arm around my back and gave me a long kiss. He remarked that ‘you really love this stuff – don’t you, and that wasn’t based on the passion of our kiss, more the swollen nipple of each breast.

A minute later and 200 yards further on he did pull with his fingers the top over my left boob, with his arm still around me my right boob was covered by his body from most sides except direct front. We were following my directions, we walked around a clump of dense trees and bushes and there was David and my two boys they were heading in the same direction with their backs to us at that moment, maybe 300 yards away; we were also on a main path and there were other people around. Not that many, and I hoped most would assume Toby and I were just an amorous couple with his arm still around me, so my right breast was almost covered by his body, as we moved closer, I was almost side by side with Toby and it was me who moved that way, for some reason I wasn’t aware of being scared, just nervous excitement.

We had closed maybe half he distance to them, when Toby said softly ‘you okay (with this?)’

‘Yes’ was my reply,

What I didn’t want is one of the boys turning around and to see Toby hugging me especially with a bared breast on view, but they were in front of David. At the moment Toby’s left arm was around my waist, as we walked side by side. Soon we had closed the gap on David to maybe 50 yards, the only person I could see coming our way was a male jogger maybe 200 yards away. I felt Toby’s hand on my top on my left hand side, the side that was covered, he pulled at it and my left breast popped free, so now both boobs were exposed; at the same time he whispered ‘dare you’. I felt a charge go through me; I could have so easily stopped him. Toby’s hand which had freed my left breast; now was lightly holding my right hand.

The jogger was nearly with us I was open to his sight, he looked at me passing about 3 yards away, my boobs were on full display to him, our eyes met and he just winked, barely breaking his step and was gone. I was buzzed.

Three or four steps and I stepped up behind David and wrapped my arms around him from the back. I wasn’t sure as I hugged him he was aware of my bare breasts against his thin t-shirt, so I whispered, ‘my boobs are out in the open’. David tried to pull away and turn to look, I held him, Toby had stepped up distracting the boys, I let David go, he turned and took a step back. David had a huge grin on his face. He knew I had deliberately flashed the jogger, I could have avoided it. He hugged me and let me cover up and I could feel his hard on against me. He whispered in my ear, ‘you should have done it for longer’ as he said it, I thought to myself yes I could have. I felt empowered.

It was a 5 to 6 minute walk back to where we’d parked up. There were a lot more people around this area, it was a nice day and there were maybe 50 or more cars parked up there now, and some people still milling around; I was still buzzing and forgotten all about Toby lifting my skirt hem higher, till I climbed into the car.

Toby & Dave had sat upfront and I had the boys in the back with me, it was tight in the back and I only just realised I was partly showing pussy as looking down I tried to slot home the seat belt buckle. My younger son – who was seated in the middle unasked turned to help me.

As he did so I lifted my arm up out of his way and then my thin cotton T top which had been pulled and stretched every which way that morning, was now no longer covering my right boob at all, I saw his eyes light up; they were glued on my exposed nipple, which was sitting rather hard and proud. I looked across at my other son and he was leaning forward to get his view. I moved in my seat to help and it was at that moment that I realised my skirt was higher and looking down I was showing pussy lip, because my skirt hem had shifted so much higher as I moved. He clicked my seat belt home. But it was as Dave moved off, hitting the ruts of the woodland car park, that I was jolted, my right boob was already free then the other seconds later on another jolt, I had instinctively moved my hand to steady myself on the front seat and spread my legs wider; a minute later as we reached the proper rod I had been on full display, both men upfront had seen what was happening and laughing to themselves.

They teased me about popping into the pub for a quick drink on the way home, I wasn’t too sure how much of a bluff it was. In the end we didn’t, but when we pulled onto our drive, my older boy was out of the car like a shot and around to my side opening the door for me even as I was still freeing myself from the seat belt. There was no way I could avoid giving him a real eyeful of pussy as I got out of that back seat, both breasts popped out again as I turned, as I stood up I wondered to myself whether he’d enjoyed it more than me. As I stood I felt my denim skirt seemed lodged around my hips, it wasn’t going to slip back down because it was held by my butt cheeks, both breasts were still fully exposed and I couldn’t hide the fact that my nipples were out like pegs. My younger son was now standing with his brother as was Toby looking over as I closed my car door; all three were grinning. David being on the other side of the car maybe didn’t see my predicament.

Toby looked at me and said over his shoulder ‘David, maybe we should go to the pub’ I started to walk the few feet to the back door where my husband already was, Followed by the others at my heels. My eyes met David’s, he was enjoying this and he could recognise that I was in an aroused state.

‘What do you think, are you up for it?’ He asked a raised eyebrow, but he was showing a bulged in his trousers now.

It was the last thing I wanted, I felt things had gone far enough, but I wasn’t going to back down said ‘we could if you want’

I think we both knew that such a visit would be too much for your average citizen on Sunday lunchtime, and so we went into the house. Dave insisted I prepare some lunch as I was, but allowing me to smooth down my skirt and unhitch it, I was still flashing boob from time to time and liking the looks I got from four sets of eyes, Both Toby and Dave were stirred by my flashing not to themselves, but to my boys. As lunch time went by I became more relaxed, but still enjoying the sensation of showing myself off. Toby left about 4pm to get back home down West, but I had tired him out over the past days. David was as randy as I’d ever seen him that evening and seemed convinced now that something would go down with our boys.

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