Viva ! Las Vegas
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As soon as the girls got back from the shower, Roxanne asked me if they
could get high. I got out a joint and the three of us walked down the beach
and got real fucking stoned. Desiree kept saying over and over again, “Wow !
This is so good.” I kept laughing and Roxanne just kept tokin’. When we got
back to the van, we goofed a bit and I mentioned that Desiree better plan on
sleeping in the front seat. She was real stoned and had a hard time climbing
over the back of the front seat but eventually disappeared into the front of
the van. Both Roxanne and I laughed our asses off.

We stripped down to our underwear. As soon as Roxanne and I laid down on
top of the sleeping bag, she started to kiss me. I was positive that by the
end of the night I would have them both and let her have her way with me. Her
hand was in my shorts, stroking my cock and I had a hand in between her legs,
fingering her. Her mouth worked it’s way down my chest and soon had her
tongue buried in my belly button. I looked back over my head and saw Desiree
watching us from the front seat. I don’t think she noticed me watching her,
so intent was she on watching her blond headed friend reaming out my navel.
My cock was starting to get hard so I put a hand on Roxanne’s head and coaxed
her down to my growing boner.

She wasted no time fishing my cock out through the fly in my shorts and
wrapping her lips around the head. Desiree’s eyes got big and round as
Roxanne slid about three inches of my dick into her mouth. I reached down and
started to pull the “T” shirt, she was wearing, off over her head. She
straightened up and finished pulling it off. She spied Desiree watching and
giggled. I looked back and Desiree was looking into my face.

“Come join us, Desiree.” I said. My cock was as hard as rock; the now
naked, Roxanne stroking it.

“Come on, Desi.” Roxanne whispered. “He’ll make you wild with his
tongue, just like I told you.”

Desiree was still wearing her jeans as she climbed over the front seat.
She came feet first and I slid my hands up her legs to her waist. I worked on
the fly to her jeans as she pulled her blouse off over her head, still bent
over the front seat. Roxanne was laughing and then she gobbled up my cock. I
must have made a strange sound as Desiree pushed away from the back of the
front seat and looked down at me. Her blouse was off and I was working her
jeans down her legs. She was wearing a white bra but I don’t think she needed
it. She lifted a leg at a time and I managed to pull her jeans off. She had
on a pair of white bikini panties.

“Take your bra off, Desiree.” I rasped; Roxanne was still bobbing her
head in my crotch. She struggled to get the bra off and I dragged her panties
down her legs. Her cunt was covered with a thick patch of dark pubic hair and
as soon as I got her panties off, I pulled her down onto my face. She let out
a little yelp as she sat on my chest and I buried my mouth in her pussy. I
had my hands on her ass and like I said earlier, it was a fine little ass. My
tongue found her wet and I forced it into her cunt. She started moving on my
chest as I licked her from clitoris to her tight little hole. I pushed her
legs back a bit and worked my tongue down the crack of her ass to her asshole
and reamed it out. It was surrounded by a ring of dark pubic hair that hadn’t
started to curl yet. God ! Did she taste great.

Roxanne was really working on my dick, her lips sliding up and down my
shaft. When she got to the end of my cock, she’d lick right under the crown
and it was driving me crazy. My hands worked their way up to Desiree’s tits.
They were small mounds of flesh but topped with very prominent nipples that
were almost like cones and they were very hard. I pinched them and twisted
them with my fingers. Roxanne was back to sucking my dick in earnest and if I
let her continue, I’d blow the first load in her mouth. I didn’t want to do
that. I wanted to fuck Desiree’s little ass off.

I pushed her off my chest and grabbed Roxanne by the hair, pulling her off
my cock. Desiree felt like she weighed about eighty pounds as I pulled her
over to me and arranged her on her side with her butt facing me. I got to my
side and grabbed her thigh, pulling it over my hip. I reached around her and
guided my dick to her cunt. One thrust and I had the head of my dick in her.
She moaned real loud and then I felt Roxanne’s hand on my cock. I grasped
Desiree by the hips and pulled her onto my pole. Jesus, she was a tight
little girl. She threw her head back and hit my chin. I thrust again and was
in her – all the way.

Roxanne was kneeling at our feet just watching. I started thrusting in
and out of her friend. Desiree’s head was all bobbing all around as I fucked
my cock in and out of her cunt. She was very wet and warm and fuck ! Tight !
I reached out for Roxanne and she leaned over us and started frenching with
me. I put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her down on top of us. She
eventually straddled the both of us, rubbing her cunt against my hip. Her
tits were magnificent, bouncing around on her chest, her areola and nipples
all puffy. I kept fucking Desiree. She was making quite a racket and for a
few seconds I was afraid that someone would hear us. But my lust being what
it was, I soon forgot about anything except the tight little twat I was
pumping my dick in and out of.

I pulled Roxanne down again and whispered to her, “Suck on Desiree’s
nipples.” She immediately leaned over and started working on her friend’s
chest. I think that’s what did it for Desiree. She squealed and then started
bucking her ass back against my stomach. I put a little more effort into
fucking her and it was on me. I tried to hold off but couldn’t and pumped
three or four spurts of semen into her cunt. She got real slick and slimy; I
kept fucking her and didn’t stop until I had shrunk and slipped out of her. I
rolled on my back, panting. Roxanne was still working on her friend’s tits.

Pretty soon Desiree was on her back with Roxanne still sucking and biting
her titties. Roxanne then started humping her and I started to get excited
again just watching. I worked my way to the end of the van and buried my face
in Roxanne’s ass. I soon had my tongue reaming out her anus and shoving two
fingers into Desiree’s cunt. When I took a rest I found that the two young
ladies were kissing and decided that my cock needed a little work. I slid up
beside their heads and pulled them apart. In no time at all their mouths were
working on my cock and I was in Nirvana.

My cock was soon hard and I wanted another piece of ass. I pulled Roxanne
over on top of me. Her hand was between us, guiding my cock into her pussy
and I was fucking her. Her hands went to my shoulders and she was forcing her
ass back and forth on my pole. I had my hands caressing her butt and told
Desiree to suck on her tits. The dark haired little lady climbed on my face
and I buried my tongue in her leaky cunt. I just assumed she was sucking her
friend’s tits. The noise that Roxanne was making made me believe that my
assumption was correct.

With both of them on top of me, I couldn’t really fuck Roxanne the way I
wanted to, so after a while I rolled them both off of me and got between
Roxanne’s legs. I lifted them to my shoulders and bent her in half, filling
her with cock. As soon as I started fucking her, she started cuming.

“Aaagh ! I…I’m…cuuuming !” Her screams filled the van. Her crotch
was bucking up against me as I pounded my cock in and out of her. I kept
fucking her until she was quiet. I pulled out of her and was still hard as
rock. I climbed up on her chest and told her to push her tits together. They
were slick with our perspiration and my cock slid back and forth on them with
little effort. I finally buried my shaft between her breasts and in just a
short time deposited a good two or three spurts of cum between them. Sweat
was dripping off of me as I leaned down and sucked one of her puffy nipples
into my mouth.

It was late and I had a terrible backache after sleeping with the two of
them in the back of the van. I struggled out of the van and took a piss by
one of the trees. It was overcast and raining. The wind was blowing like
hell but the waves were twice the size they were yesterday. There was no way
I was going out in this blown out shit but I was already thinking about
tomorrow. The front would probably pass through, the clouds and rain gone and
the wind would, hopefully, switch to off shore. I lit up a joint and thought
about where I would like to be when the swell smoothed out.

The girls joined me about an hour later. The camp grounds were almost
totally empty. There were a couple of campers about a hundred yards South of
us but that was it.

Roxanne started with, “Ahh…Willy…You think you could drive us into
L.A. today. The surf doesn’t look too good…” I was still tokin’ on the
reefer that we didn’t finish the night before. Neither of the girls bugged me
for any so I finished the roach by myself.

Desiree broke in with, “It’s not really L.A. but Hollywood. It’s not too
far from here.” I grew up just South of Hollywood and Vine; that’s before the
family moved to the South Bay in ’51. I was thinking that I could drop them
off and be back at Rincon by late afternoon. I wandered back into the van and
ate an apple. The girls remained outside. “What the fuck…Let’s hit the
road.” I pulled on my jeans and jumped into the front seat. When I started
the engine, the girls looked back and rushed to get in the van. We motored
out of the parking lot and I told Roxanne to fire up another joint.

Desiree was right; in no time we were cruising through the San Fernando
Valley. I knew that Hollywood was just over the mountains. We wandered
through Hollywood and headed out to the Los Feliz area. I remembered that
Charlie Manson made a big name for himself here in ’69. Shit ! I was on my
way to Viet Nam in ’69. I followed the girls’ directions, “turn right,” “turn
left,” etc. I was totally lost and probably should have been feeling uneasy
but was too stoned to do much but keep the van on the road. We finally pulled
up in front of an old house, over grown with weeds and brush.

Desiree jumped out, when I parked the van in the driveway, and ran to the
front door. Roxanne followed her and I brought up the rear. The door was
open when I made it to the front porch but neither of the girls were in sight.
I must have hung around the open door for five minutes before I heard a sound.
The sounds got louder, at least three people, maybe four talking. Roxanne was
leading a guy by the hand. He was tall and skinny, wearing just jeans. He
had tattoos all over his arms and chest, you know, snakes, and oriental signs
and even an American flag. He had a skin head hair cut.

“J.J., this is Willy…The guy I told you about…” Roxanne started.

“Oh ! Wow ! He’s old.” J.J. started laughing. He appeared to be in his
late teens maybe early twenties. I was a little embarrassed and didn’t know
how to proceed. Just then, Desiree and another girl walked out of the back of
the house. The girl looked exactly like Desiree and I figured they had to be
sisters. Same dark hair but this young lady had a side of her head shaved.
Well, maybe not shaved but she didn’t have much hair on it. She was much
better built than Desiree and was wearing a man’s shirt that wasn’t buttoned.
Her bare breasts bounced around as she walked. I tried not to ogle them; it
appeared that maybe her nipples were pierced as there was a gold chain that
was visible along with part of her breasts.

“Desiree says you’ve got some real cool dope. You gona share some with
us ?”

“Ah…Yea…I guess so. I was kind of thinking about heading back to the
beach…If that’s all right.”

Desiree’s sister came up real close to me and looked up at my face, “Oh !
Come on now, Mister Willy.” She spread her blouse and gave me an unrestricted
view of her tits. They were real nice, well over a hand full, topped with
small, dark areola and nipples and Yes ! Her nipples were pierced, the gold
chain connected to the hoops that hung from her nipples. “Gee Gee would sure
like to get stoned. What’d you say, Mister Willy.”

“Ah…Yea…I think we could all get stoned. I’ll be back in a second.”
I was already a little stoned and damn near tripped over the door jam as I
went out to the van. I arrived back in just a few minutes and found the four
of them sitting on the floor in a circle. They were all holding hands,
chanting something that I didn’t understand. I went over and sat on the beat
up old couch. In seconds, I had a joint fired up and tapped J.J. on the

J.J. seemed to come out of a trance and accepted the joint that I offered.
The joint made the rounds and I lit up another one. In about a half hour the
chanting stopped as everyone in the room was stoned as shit. J.J. tried to
rise but couldn’t and the two younger girls were laughing uncontrollably. Gee
Gee was staring at me.

J.J. finally got to his feet and pulled the younger girls up. The three
of them headed down the hallway to the rear of the house. Gee Gee struggled
to her knees and I thought she was going to join them. Instead she crawled
over to my knees and put her elbows on them. She stuck out her tongue and I
saw a silver stud stuck in her tongue.

“Ever had a blow job from a girl with one of these ?” She asked. I shook
my head from side to side but could already feel my cock getting hard. “J.J.
says I give the best head he’s ever had. How about it. You want some head ?”
I smiled and lifted my hips so that I could lower my pants. Before I had my
pants past my knees, Gee Gee had a hand on my cock, clearing the pubic hair
away from my boner.

Gee Gee started sucking me before I could get my pants off so I just
leaned back against the couch and watched her partially shaved head bob around
in my crotch. At first it felt no different from any other blow job I’d ever
had. I was sure, though, that this young thing was no stranger to sucking
cock; her mouth was like warm butter and her lips like feathers. Then I felt
the stud, right under the head of my cock and I almost jumped off the couch.

She raised her head and said, “Cool…huh ?” Her mouth went back around
my dick and now I could feel the stud just about continuously. Jesus, it felt
fucking great, well, maybe not great but different, that’s for sure ! She’d
rub the stud up and down my shaft and then grind it into my cock head or just
below it and drive me damn near out of the couch again. I was trying to hold
off but her tempo picked up, sensing that I was about to lose my load. Her
head started bobbing faster in my lap, my hands were on her head and here it
came. Two maybe three strong spurts of semen erupted out of the head of my
cock. She kept bobbing her head until I was no longer hard and then just
sucked on my limp dick, every once and a while, digging the stud into my soft
meat and causing me to jump on the couch.

“For an old man, you sure came a lot.” She was licking her lips. I just
laughed. “My little sister says that you give the best head. How about
trading places ?” I was already getting up out of the couch. I pulled my
jeans off and fiddled with her blouse as she worked on her jeans. She wasn’t
wearing any panties and I figured, if she shaved her head ? No, she had quite
a growth of pubes. I wasn’t disappointed though, I liked women with hair
between their legs. She wasted no time when she was naked and sat on the
couch with her legs spread.

I found the stud right away. It was high up in her vagina, hidden in her
dark curls, and seemed to pierce her labia right about where her clit should
be. I spread her cunt lips and ran my tongue up to the stud. It was like I
had touched a hot wire to her. Her ass jumped off the couch and I kept
teasing the stud with my tongue. She must have cum a half dozen times before
I slid my tongue into her cunt and started tongue fucking her. She was making
quite a racket and I was getting hard listening to her. I pushed her thighs
up into her chest and worked my tongue down to her asshole. She had a nice
growth around it and in no time I had buried my tongue in her anus. She
started cuming again.

I replaced my tongue with a finger and went back to her cunt. Pumping my
finger in and out of her asshole and my tongue in and out of her cunt. I slid
my thumb into her cunt, kept my finger in her anus and rubbed them together
through the membrane of flesh that separated them. At the same time I teased
the silver stud near her clit and she lost her mind.

“Oh…Fuck…Fuck…Aaaagh ! Ooooh ! Fuuuck meeee ! Aaaagh !” I wasn’t
quite ready. My cock was rubbery and nowhere near as hard as I’d like it but
I was sure I could force it into her. I got to my feet and stroked myself a
couple of times. Gee Gee had her hands behind her knees and was spreading her
crotch before me, giving me an unrestricted view of her dark haired twat. I
could see a little pink in the dark curls as I leaned over her and placed the
head of my cock at the opening of her cunt. I had no problem getting it into
her but had to be cautious so it wouldn’t slip out as I started fucking her.

She was wild below me and I was getting harder by the second. Her hands
had come up to hold her ankles, which were up by my neck. I had my hands on
the back of the couch and then started sawing my cock in and out of her. I
fucked her fast and hard, wanting her to go off again. Every time I filled
her she groaned, “Uuugh !” It was almost like the chanting, earlier. I
forced myself all the way into her and then took a hold of her ankles and
pushed them back against the couch. I ground my pubic bone against her cunt
and could feel the stud between us. Gee Gee was yelling at the top of her

“Fuck…Fuck…Fuck…Ooooh ! Shit…I…I’m cummming !” I started
fucking her again – deep thrusts – all the way in and all the way out of her.
She was throwing her head from side to side but had stopped screaming and
yelling. Abruptly I pulled out of her. My cock was slick with her cunt
butter, hard up against my stomach. I grabbed her by the hips and turned her
so that she was on her knees against the back of the couch. She had a
terrific butt, just like her sister but with a little more meat on it. I put
a knee on the couch and spread her ass cheeks. I took my cock in my hand and
guided it to her cunt; grabbed her hips and filled her. With my feet back on
the floor, I pummeled her behind, just fucking in and out of her as fast as I
could. I was so close.

Gee Gee had started to yell and scream again and then I blew a load into
her cunt. My orgasm started slow but soon filled her cunt with gobs of warm
cum. It squished out into my pubic hair as I kept pumping more semen into
her. I just ground my shrinking penis into her as the room got quiet and then
I heard them behind me. I pulled out of Gee Gee and found J.J., Roxanne and
Desiree, all naked, watching the two of us on the couch. I could see that
Desiree’s pubic hair was matted with cum and J.J.’s dick was hanging down
between his legs. Shit ! He was about as long soft as I was hard. It too
was coated with semen and other body fluids.

Gee Gee remained kneeling on the couch and as I got a joint out of my
jeans, I saw my spunk dribbling out of her raw cunt lips. After lighting the
joint I held it up as if offering it to the group. Roxanne almost ran across
the room to get it.

She took a big hit off the joint and then asked me, “Ah…Can you drive us
to Las Vegas ?”

Slap…Slap…Slap…Slap…Slap ! That’s all I heard on the whole trip
to Las Vegas. I was still stoned, in fact I had just finished a joint as J.J.
finished fucking Gee Gee for the second time. The younger girls started in
the front seat with me but soon moved into the back. Jesus ! It was a
fucking orgy but I didn’t trust J.J. enough to let him drive. I was confident
that I’d catch up when we got to Las Vegas.

I rented a couple of nice connecting rooms at one of the hotels on the
South edge of the Strip. I was kind of stoked being back in town and planned
on stopping by to visit with Mrs. Abernathy. The girls all piled into the
bathrooms and started showering. I started to get undressed and J.J. told me
that we needed to talk. “Easy for you to say after fucking every one of them
on the way here.” I thought as I raised my pants and got another joint going.

J.J. told me that we would shower later. He went on to explain the plan;
I put my shirt back on. “This was going to be interesting !”

The room phone rang at eight o’clock. The girls had been gone since six.
J.J. remarked that this was pretty quick after he finished on the phone. He
said that Gee Gee and Roxanne were on their way up with a “friend.” Desiree
was working on her own. J.J. said he thought that two would be enough. I
agreed – with the three young things we had already – two would be plenty.

There was a light tap at the door. J.J. went to answer it. In walked Gee
Gee, Roxanne and another girl. She was a skinny blond, wearing a jacket that
was three sizes too big for her. The three of them sat on the edge of the
bed. J.J. and I were sitting at the table and chairs. The only other
furniture in the room.

The girls introduced everyone. I was Uncle Willy. I got a joint going as
the introductions were going. The girl’s name was Carla and I handed her the
joint after I took a hit. The girls left after a couple of rounds and that
left J.J. with me and Carla.

J.J. wasted no time and got to his feet. He walked over to Carla and
started running his hand through her hair. After a couple of swipes through
her hair he took off his “T” shirt. The girl was impressed with his tattoos
and was just gawking at them. “You don’t mind if Uncle Willy watches do
you ?” She shook her head. J.J. took her by the hand and lead her into the
other room. They were furnished the same. He told me to lock the door and I

I went and sat in the chair as J.J. started unbuttoning Carla’s blouse. I
didn’t remember where her jacket went. Carla was working on her jeans and I
was starting to get a hardon. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her tits were
hardly that – just nipples. Small ones but they poked out of her chest like
thimbles. J.J. was playing with them, twisting them between his fingers and
pulling on them. Carla was struggling to get her underpanties off. I started
throbbing when I saw her bush. She was a natural blond with lots of curly
pubic hair at the juncture of her thighs.

When she was naked, J.J. told her to work on his pants. She went right to
her knees and worked his pants to his ankles. His cock sprang out as he
wasn’t wearing any underwear. Shit ! It was about seven or eight inches and
almost pointing level. J.J. stepped out of his jeans and pulled Carla to her
feet. They ended up on the bed and then J.J. was forcing her down to his
cock. It was standing straight up out of forest of dark pubic hair.

“Suck it, honey.” Carla started sucking his cock. I got up out of the
chair and started to undress. She was on her knees between his legs and I
could see her head bobbing. J.J. let his mouth break into a big grim as he
caught sight of my boner. “Worth waiting for ?” I laughed and strolled over
to bed. Carla had the hips and ass of boy, with hardly any padding on them at
all. I ran my hand up into her crotch and rubbed her pussy. Her head jerked
out of J.J.’s lap and looked to where a middle-aged man was rubbing her pussy.

“You don’t mind if Uncle Willy joins us do you ? He gives terrific head
and I’m willing to bet he licks your pussy in just a few seconds.” Carla went
back to sucking cock. I traced her cunt lips with my finger and then dropped
my head down and licked her ass. In seconds I was under her with my face
plastered to her pubic hair and my tongue pumping in and out of her cunt.

“What ever you’re doing…She likes it. If she keeps this up I’ll blow
the top of her head off.” He laughed. I could care less. I was reaming this
young thing’s cunt like she’d never been reamed before. She was sloppy wet
and bucking her crotch into my face. I still had a hardon and she was ready
to be fucked. I got out from underneath and wiped some of her cunt butter off
of my face with my arm. I hardly glanced at J.J., just knee walked up between
Carla’s legs and stuck a finger into her. She was nice and tight – maybe two
fingers. I took a hold of my cock and rubbed the head up and down her slit.
She had a surprising amount of hair growing on her pussy – all curly and

I eased my cock into her. Oh ! Jesus ! Is this fucking good ? She was
real hot inside and I started fucking her. I tried to slow myself but was out
of my mind with lust. I was watching my cock slide in and out of Carla’s
pussy. Her asshole was stretched wide and also surrounded by a surprisingly
large amount of blond hair.

The tap on the shoulder surprised me. J.J. was kneeling right next to me
with a hardon about a foot long – Well, maybe not a foot but well over eight
inches. It wasn’t any thicker than mine but at least twice the length. “Let
me cum in her first.”

I pulled out. Her cunt almost made a slurping sound when I pulled my cock
out of her. If I hadn’t pulled out then I would have filled her myself. I
moved off the bed and sat in the chair. J.J. by that time, was fucking the
shit out of her. I hardly got comfortable and J.J. was cuming. He motioned
me over as he spread her ass cheeks, well, hardly spread them and showed me
the cum that was leaking out of her cunt. He would fill her and his frothy
semen would dribble out from around where his cock was buried in her.

He finally pulled out and I took over. This was a different cunt I was
getting into – a little looser. I wasted no time and fucked her down on to
the mattress. I was just about there when Carla made her first sound since
entering the room.

“Omigod…I’mmm cummming.” Followed by a long scream. My cock exploded
in her womb. I thought my orgasm would last forever. I just kept squirting
more and more cum into her. I finally came to rest on top of her. Both of us
were panting. I rolled off of her. The phone rang. J.J. answered it.

After he hung up the phone, he said. “Desiree is bringing up a ‘friend,’
ok with you ?” I just smiled. Carla was still on her stomach. “Why don’t
you prep her, I’m going to work on seconds here.” He laughed. “I guess it’s
really thirds so take your time. You can handle it ?”

By way of an answer, I struggled to my feet and pulled on my pants. By
the time I got to the other room, I could hear the light knocking at the door.
I rushed to open it. Desiree entered the room with a girl about her age. I
guessed fourteen, maybe fifteen. The girl had her hair braided in a long
braid down her back. She looked uncertain. She was a little plump but real
cute with lots of freckles on her face. I just noticed that I forgot my

The girls sat on the bed and Desiree introduced Uncle Willy to Annie.
“Where’s brother J.J. ?” She asked as I fired up a joint. I just nodded my
head in the direction of the other room. “Boy ! I bet that little cunt is
having a good time.” If that fazed Annie, she didn’t show it, so intense was
her concentration on the joint, I was holding in my hand. When I offered it
to her, her face lit up with a big smile.

After just a couple of drags, Desiree got up and said she was going back
to the video arcade. I was on my own. The two of us were silent after
Desiree left, just passing the joint back and forth.

“Want to go see J.J. ?” I asked. Annie just nodded her head. I stood
and dropped my jeans. Annie’s eyes got big and round and she let out the lung
full of smoke she was holding. “Well, you’re a little over dressed.” I
approached her and she took another drag. She stood when I got close to the
bed and continued to smoke as I stripped her clothes off. She had a blouse
full of tit and I wasted no time taking off her bra. Her breasts were milk
white, about the size of apples and surrounded by a dark tan with thousands of
freckles. Her areola were about the size of silver dollars and covered with
goose bumps, the nipples, small little bumps in the middle. My cock started
to harden.

I worked her pants down and along came her underwear. The light furry
covering of her lower stomach, surprised me. I thought she’d have a lot more
developed bush. Before I had her pants down past her knees, I had a hand
between her legs. Her pubic hair was real soft and had hardly any curl to it.
She had real plump cunt lips and I traced them with my finger. She lost
another lung full of smoke when I poked a finger between the fat lips of her
cunt. My cock was throbbing and so intense was I on the delightful young
thing before me that I didn’t notice she was jacking me off.

I tasted my finger and then pushed her back on to the bed. I quickly
crawled up between her legs and got to my stomach. I spread her thighs apart
and snaked up so that my face was right over her loins. I pushed her thighs
back and gazed at her lightly haired cunt lips. They were slightly spread and
glistened with the juice that I had stirred up with my finger. I licked her.
Her ass came off the mattress and I forced it down by burying my face in her
crotch. I nibbled on her cunt lips, licked up and down her slit, teased her
clitoris and then tongue fucked her until she came. Her body tensing up, her
thighs closing on my head. I rolled her over and began on her ass. Licking
the crack and fingering her until I finally let my tongue find her asshole. I
reamed it out while fingering her – her well padded little butt bouncing up
and down on the bed. My cock was captured between my stomach and the bed and
still hard.

I lifted her to her knees and placed my cock right at her entrance. One
push and I was half the way in her. I started fucking. She started to make a
moaning sound and it drove me mad. I was fucking her brains out, had spread
the cheeks of her ass wide apart and was watching my cock slide in and out of
the sparse pubic hair between her legs. Her asshole was stretched wide and
had only a couple of hairs surrounding it.

The opening of the connecting doors made me jump but after seeing J.J. and
the blond girl standing in the door way naked, I went back to fucking Annie.
She was making quite a racked when J.J. got up on the bed. He was stroking
his cock and again it looked about a foot long. He reached over and stuck one
of his fingers in Annie’s butt and she jumped up. She looked behind her and I
noticed a shocked look on her face. I was still fucking her brains out.

“Who’s this ?” J.J. asked. Annie tried to tell him but could never quite
get the word out. I yelped, “Annnieeee !” As I filled her cunt to over
flowing, my semen leaking out around my cock like J.J.’s had when he fucked
Carla. As soon as I stopped thrusting, J.J. pushed me away. Annie got wild
again after J.J. fucked her for a few minutes. He finally deposited his seed
in her and rolled onto his back.

It was the middle of the afternoon when I finally got out of the hotel
room. A third “friend” showed up about ten. She was a skinny little
brunette, almost a carbon copy of the blond girl, Carla. Her name was Helen
and soon after getting stoned, got naked with the rest of the girls. Gee Gee
led her over to where I was lying on one of the beds and told her to suck me
off. J.J. was back to fucking Annie for the second time. Roxanne and Desiree
took Carla to the other room and I could only imagine what they were doing.

I eventually joined them after J.J. pulled out of Annie and started
fucking Helen’s brains out as she gave me head. Roxanne was up on her knees
between the blond girl’s legs, eating her. Desiree was sitting on the young
thing’s face. I had a semi but was pretty sure I’d have to get it harder to
poke it into any of the tight little twats in this room. I stood on the bed
and watched Roxanne chow down on Carla as Desiree sucked my cock. It took me
a long time but I finally got hard and moved to Roxanne’s ass. I lined up and
filled her with one thrust. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t cum for a long time
so just fucked the hell out of her.

When I tired of that I drooled some spit on her anus and forced the head
of my dick into her asshole. Her face came out of Carla’s crotch and she
almost yelled, “That’s my asshole.” I grinned and nodded my head as I began
to pack her fudge. Roxanne’s face never made it back to Carla’s crotch. I
was right, I was going to last a long time. I finally squirted a couple of
weak spurt’s into Roxanne’s hairless little asshole but there wasn’t even
enough to squish out around my cock. I was disappointed and fell to the bed,

I was about a mile from my condo. I parked in the same parking lot I used
the night I left home – Jesus, that was over a year ago. As I made my way
through the green belt I kept alert, looking for signs of surveillance. I
didn’t think there would be any but didn’t want to get caught with my pants
down. J.J. told me when I left the hotel that the girls would be going out
about six again, so I should be back about seven or so. I was looking forward
to it and couldn’t believe I had fucked three different young ladies last
night – hardly knew their names and I bet that none of them had been over

I knocked on Mrs. Abernathy’s door. She answered it wearing a house
dress. She threw her arms around my neck and gave me a big hug, then dragged
me in doors. She made tea as she told me that my place was ok. She did a
little dusting every month or so. I asked her about the mail and she went and
got it.

That’s when she mentioned, Wayne Montana. Special agent, Wayne Montana,
of the Drug Enforcement Agency. She showed me the guy’s card. She went on to
say that this Wayne guy wanted to look through my mail, without a search
warrant. Mrs. Abernathy was real proud of herself that she refused. “What’s
this country coming to ? This is something that you’d expect in Nazi Germany
or Soviet Russia, not here in America !” I could have kissed her. I asked if
any other “authorities” were looking for me.

Dorthy said, “Not for a long time. Right after you left there was a
couple of black officers and the local guys too. The same two that gave us so
much trouble when you rescued that young girl. You remember that, Willy ?”

I nodded that I did; figuring that Wayne, if he was real, was at the air
strip. Had to be. Shit ! That was over six months ago. This must have
become personal as I thought the bust was small time – a one time thing. I
was pretty positive that the government had bigger fish to fry than to come
after me. The D.E.A. guy was probably pissed that I got away and was still
putting in a little effort trying to catch up with me. I wondered how the guy
got this far. He must have got my name from the apartment in Atlanta.

Mrs. Abernathy said that Wayne was real happy with the cooperation that
“sneak” Anthony gave him. Anthony was the manager of the place. Mrs.
Abernathy was sure the “little shit” was sneaking around and peeking in open
windows. Several of the tenants had complained a couple of years ago, she
remembered. I was more concerned about what Anthony told Wayne. I spent the
rest of the afternoon drinking tea and having lunch with Dorthy. I told her
when I left that I wasn’t sure when I would be back, probably in the Spring

Dorthy gave me a big hug and I gave her a couple of hundred bucks for
looking after the place. She protested for a moment but finally swallowed her
pride and accepted the money. I wandered over to the managers office and rang
the bell. Anthony answered. His eyes got big when he saw me and I pushed him
right back into the office, against the wall. I closed the door with my foot.

My face was about six inches from Anthony’s when I whispered. “I hear
you’ve been talking to some people about me.” Anthony just nodded his head.
“They show you a warrant or anything else with my name on it ?” Anthony shook
his head “No.”

“Have I ever caused you any trouble, Anthony, buddy ?” A whispered “No”
escaped from Anthony’s mouth. “Then why are you talking to these people ?”
Anthony didn’t have an answer. “Tell you what, Anthony. I’ll forget that you
really pissed me off this time but if you ever talk to another person about
me, unless of course they show you a warrant for my arrest or a search warrant
– – I’ll have to spend some of my valuable time catching you peaking in some
windows and when I do…I’ll make sure that the people you’re peeping on will
find out about it and then you’ll end up in a nice cell with a roommate named
‘Bubba’. Got any questions ?”

Anthony nodded his head back and forth. I turned and left. I drove right
to the strip and wandered the parking lots until I found a van that was nearly
a twin of the one I was driving. I stripped off the guy’s plates and was on
I-15 for California in under an hour.

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