Drunken Beach Bash
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Page was wedged tightly between her boyfriend, Roger, and one of his pals in the back seat of the jeep. The seat was made for two smallish people; with her petite frame, Page qualified, but the boys were former high school football players. Every bump down the dirt road to the isolated beach resulted in the big men squashing poor, little Page. In truth, she didn’t mind. She had recently had fantasies about a “Page” sandwich after watching a DP porn with Roger.

Her girlfriend, Jan, turned and smiled at her from the front passenger seat. Her boyfriend, Doug was driving as Jan rubbed his cock through the thin material of his surf trunks. His cockhead emerged from the hem of his trunks, and Jan leaned over to give it a little lick. Page yelled out,“Hey, Jan! Don’t distract him. This road is bad enough as it is!” Jan flipped her friend off and continued to tend to Doug’s cockhead. Despite the distraction, he managed to make it down to the beach where three other 4-wheel drive vehicles formed an arc around a driftwood bonfire.

The crew pulled up by the fire and hopped out. Hugs and high fives were passed all around with the other college-aged guys and girls. There were 15 of them all together; 9 guys and 6 girls. The group looked like a Superbowl beer commercial; all of the men in their prime, tanned, toned, and shirtless, displaying rippled abs and thick muscles. The women were a spring-break fantasy harem. Most wore bikinis, including Page. Jan pulled off her thin shift, revealing a micro-kini with just enough fabric to cover her nipples and the opening of her cunt. Woof whistles and applause from the boys broke out at the sight.

The group now complete, the party started in earnest. Music blaring from one of the vehicles. Coolers full of ice and beer. Shots of tequila with lime and salt. Most of the group was drunk as the sun started to set over the ocean. Page felt very good as she swayed back and forth to a song. She felt Roger reach around her waist and slide his hand into her bikini bottom. She was too drunk to object. Besides two other couples were fucking on towels next to the fire. Roger slid his finger into Page’s wet cunt and started to rub the top of her slit…she moaned as she felt her clit start to swell.

She turned her head as she heard Jan scream in mock protest. One of the boys had put her onto the edge of a truck hood and raised her hips. He pushed a shot glass ½ way into her snatch and poured himself a shot of tequila. As Jan laughed and tried to push it out, he bent down and pulled the shot glass out with his lips, tipping it back into his mouth. He pressed his mouth back against Jan’s pussy and blew the tequila into her cunt. She threw her head back as she felt it the mild burning inside of her, and then squirted it back into his mouth. He swallowed this time and proceeded to lick her clean. Doug just watched and smiled. He knew Jan was a slut and there was nothing he could do to change her.

Page, on the other hand, was known by the group as a one-guy kind of girl. Her threesome fantasy was as close as she’d ever been to two cocks. The thought of the DP video and the feel of Roger’s finger rubbing her clit made her cheeks burn. She pressed her bikini-covered ass back up against Roger’s trunks, feeling his hard cock as he started to move it up and down the cleft of her ass. She’d never fucked in front of friends before, but she needed Roger’s cock and the alcohol suppressed her normal inhibitions. She took Roger’s free hand and slid it up under her bikini top. She closed her eyes as she feel the breeze on her bare nipples. Roger knew what she wanted and pulled her bikini bottom down. Page pressed her head back up against his chest as she felt her bottoms slide down her legs. She stepped out of them and parted her legs to let Roger’s fingers work their way deeper into her cunt.

Her eyes were still closed as Roger fucked her with his fingers and rubbed her nipple between his fingers. She moaned when she felt his mouth pressed up against her other nipple… Page’s eyes opened suddenly as she realized that Roger’s head was still behind her. Doug was standing in front of her with his mouth pressed up against her breast. Roger whispered “Shhhh. I know you’ve wanted two cocks inside of you for a long time.” Page trembled, but didn’t object. Her tequila-fueled libido overcame reason as she moved one hand to Roger’s cock…and the other to Jan’s boyfriend’s cock in front of her.

The men guided Page to a huge blanket on the sand a few steps away and lowered her onto her back. Roger spread his legs over her face and lowered his crotch to her mouth. She opened her lips and sucked one of his balls into her warm mouth. He reached down and started to play with her nipples as she worked his scrotum with her tongue. At the same time, Doug buried his face into her pussy, pushing her legs up over his shoulders as he plunged his tongue into her dripping pussy. He sealed his lips up against her clit and sucked, letting the tip of his tongue flick across her swollen nub. Page shuddered from her first orgasm as Roger was sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. She pressed him back and said, “Fuck me, now…please…I want both of you to fuck me.”

“Get on your back, Doug,” Roger instructed. Doug complied, pulling his trunks off and releasing his thick cock in one motion. Page straddled him and Doug rubbed his cockhead between her wet pussy lips. Roger grabbed a bottle of suntan lotion and started to squirt it between Page’s cheeks. The bottle had been warmed by the sun; Page felt the hot lotion slipping between her ass cheeks as Doug started to pull her down onto his thick shaft. His cockhead penetrated her, stretching her tight cunt around his girth. Roger rubbed his fingertip around her anal opening, pushing it inside of her as Doug started to pump his dick into her. Roger pushed a second finger into Page’s ass and drizzled more of the hot lotion onto his fingers and into her ass.

As Doug pumped her cunt from below, Roger positioned himself between their legs and pressed his hard cockhead up against her asshole. She felt the hot cock and pressed back against him. She gasped as he started to enter her…stretching her asshole. They’d had anal sex before, but never with another thick cock buried deep into her cunt. She felt like Roger might rip her apart as he started to push more of his dick inside of her ass. But, the pain blurred with pleasure as the feeling of being filled overcame her. She was living her DP fantasy…and wanted both men to cum inside of her tight holes.

Roger felt Doug’s cock brushing against his balls as Doug slipped in and out of Page’s sopping wet cunt. He felt Page loosening the muscular band of her ass and pressed forward…pushing his thick cock fully into her. He left it there and felt Doug’s cockhead sliding along the base of his cock, separated by a thin layer of her flesh. He started to move in time with Doug, pistoning in as Doug pulled back. Moving together to fill Page’s holes. She moaned loudly with pleasure, which caught the attention of the crowd. She was oblivious to her friends gathering to watch as the men fucked her.

Suddenly, Doug grabbed her hips and thrust his cock fully into her cunt. His cock began to squirt his hot cum against her cervix. She almost passed out as he withdrew. Roger was still hard inside of her, as he flipped her over off of Doug. He was now on his back, having her ride him reverse cowgirl in the ass, inviting another hard cock to fuck her cum-filled cunt. The guy that rode in the back seat with them pulled off his trunks and jerked his cock to life. He pushed her legs back toward her body as Roger fucked her ass from below, and slid his full length into her slick cunt. He found a rhythm with Roger, not alternating, but pushing both of their dicks into her at the same time. She made whimpering noises as wave after wave of orgasms washed over her.

Roger finally thrust into her and froze as his cum shot into her asshole. His orgasm amplified by the feel of another cock sliding along his. The second man finally neared his climax and straddled Page’s face. She opened her mouth for him, sucking his cockhead as she pumped his shaft with her hand. He made a guttural noise as he started to spurt into her mouth. She sucked and swallowed his load as he fucked her face till he was done.

As Roger’s cock softened in her asshole, he slid out, letting his cum drip down out of her stretched anus. Jan came over and buried her face in Page’s crotch, sucking the rest of the cum out of her holes. Jan took her mouthful and moved to Page’s mouth, wanting her to share the taste of the loads from her ass and pussy. As their tongues intertwined, Roger moved out from under Page and asked the crowd who wanted to go next.

He didn’t have to ask twice. Both Page and Jan were fucked multiple times until they were covered with cum. At one point, someone shoved the neck of the tequila bottle into Page’s ass and poured a shot into her. The alcohol moved through her like a brushfire, making her even drunker…and hornier. But that is another story.

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