Amy always gets her man
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Amy was getting her ass fucked. Hard. She buried her head in her pillow and muffled a scream. She wished it didn’t feel this good. She wanted to hate it. She wanted to despise every part of sex that night. Because she despised the man who was doing it to her. But she had become a slut and developed a mild addiction to sex. Not just plain missionary, making love to your partner type sex. She could have lived with that. But picking up men in bars or anywhere and having them fuck her. In every hole. Just like Jarryd was doing. Another orgasm swept through her body as she convulsed in ecstasy. She hated it. She needed to keep control. She squeezed her ass as tight as she could to make him come quicker. It seemed to work as he pounded her faster. He had hold of her hair and was forcing her head into the pillow with one hand whilst the other was on her back keeping her still. She could barely breath, which unfortunately, made it even more exciting.

“I’m coming, bitch.” Jarryd growled at her.

“Not inside,” she mumbled. “I want your come on my tits. Please baby, on my tits.”

That sounded hot to him, how could he refuse? A few seconds later he withdrew his cock, flipped her over and delivered a sizeable amount of pale sticky liquid across her chest. She smiled, almost a laugh, as she took a small amount of his cum on her finger and played with it.

He climbed off her and she carefully slid off the bed. She grabbed her purse and tip-toed into the bathroom. Time to clean up and do the necessary. As she was wiping the mascara from her face, she reflected on a successful night. She had arranged almost everything. Amy first met Jarryd at his local gym. She had managed to wangle herself a part time job as a receptionist and recognised him the moment he walked through the door. He was a small-time celebrity in the area. She had expected him to be brash and arrogant but he was really actually quite sweet when he introduced himself. He had no need to introduce himself but he wasn’t to know that. She flirted with him briefly and it was no surprise that he asked for her number on the way out. They exchanged numbers and Amy messaged him the next day. That Friday they met at the bar where he performed. He was only a half decent singer but was a real showman and the girls loved him. He loved them too, and even though he was on a date with Amy, he flirted outrageously with just about anyone who spoke with him. Particularly the younger ones. Amy tolerated his act as she did his banal conversation before an after. She really had no time for his personality, she was there for one thing that night, and she got what she wanted.

She almost had to drag him from the bar. It was quite sickening the attention he was getting from college students, most of whom were too young to drink but did anyway, and the attention was reciprocated. Once she got him from the bar though, it was a different story. He was all over her and at one stage she thought he was going to try and fuck her in the car park. He had already asked for a blow job in the toilet. Neither of those things were happening. She was quite happy for him to do almost anything he wanted to her but it was going to be in a secure environment. That’s why she convinced him to go to a local motel. It was walking distance and she knew the owner. He was pretty drunk and insisted on singing as they walked. She just wanted him to shut the fuck up. Obnoxious pig.

She got him into a room safely and mostly unnoticed. This is when he sobered up and his testosterone took over. She had barely gotten her jacket off when he pulled her arm and started kissing her. He ripped her shirt off and was mauling her. As vile as his actions were, she was loving it. Their kissing was animalistic, biting each others lips, as she tore at his clothes. Before they got fully naked, she had to stop him briefly.

“Wait, wait.” She said, taking a step back. “A few things before we start. I’ll blow you and you can fuck my ass without protection. But you cover up when you go in my pussy. You don’t’ ever cum inside me ONLY on my body. Other than that you can do what you like.” A smile lit up his entire face.

“Sure babe. That sounds perfect.” He replied, dropping his pants.

“Oh, and one more thing. Don’t leave any marks. Nothing too visible anyway.” Instructions received, he took hold of Amy and pushed her to her knees. She started sucking like the slut she was.

He was taking ages to get hard. She was beginning to worry that this might be a total failure but eventually she worked her magic with her mouth, assisted by some filthy words of encouragement. Seeing and hearing her in action, you would find it hard to believe she went to private school. Her language was as base as it gets. Once Jarryd was hard, there was no stopping him. He dragged her onto the bed and began rubbing on her clit. She was wet enough already but this made matters worse. The kissing started again and he inserted a couple of fingers inside her. Amy responded, both by arching her back and expleting profusely. He fucked her with three fingers, that’s about as much as he could get inside, even with her being soaked. He sucked and bit on her nipples which she loved. His biting was hard and his hands were rough. She knew he was going to leave marks. Oh well. She had a condom ready in her hand and offered it to him. Jarryd rubbered up and pushed his cock gently passed her labia. After that, nothing was gentle. He lifted her legs up so they were over her head and about touching the headboard behind her. His balls slapped against her ass as he kept banging away at her pussy. She was having the best time but she had to move this along.

“Fuck my ass now. I need it bad.” Amy implored. Jarryd whisked off his condom and immediately found a tube of lubricant flying towards him. He was impressed. Amy must have been a girl scout. Always prepared.

He squeezed a generous amount of lube onto his finger and eased it into her rear entrance. He then applied some to his cock and slipped it in. Amy groaned. It was divine. This was her favourite now. She hadn’t even tried anal up to maybe a year ago but she was introduced to it by an experienced older man and learned to love it. Most men rarely turned it down but they weren’t all good at it. She had to offer a lot of instruction. Jarryd seem to know what he was doing though. Starting with just the tip of his cock and working up to his full length. Slow and rhythmical. Amy began screaming, which was a massive turn on for Jarryd, but there was a danger the other guests might start to complain. With that in mind, he turned her over, lay her face down and re-entered her again. Her ass fucking resumed.

This mascara was supposed to be waterproof but there was no evidence of that. It made a complete mess during sex or an even greater mess when she was deep-throating a guy and her eyes watered. But she was all clean now and the night was a success. She picked up her purse again and went back in the bedroom. Jarryd was sitting up in bed, very casual and smiling at her. She noticed he was still wearing his cowboy boots. Amy had been so carried away during the sex that the small matter of a huge pair of snake-skinned boots had eluded her. He did look sexy in them. He was playing with his cock and it was starting to get hard again. She wasn’t planning for any more activities that night. She looked down at him and stared at his erect dick. Her ass twitched. Well maybe one more round wouldn’t hurt. She hated herself. But she hated Jarryd even more.

Barely a week later Amy was sat eating breakfast at a local diner. The coffee here was passable but the eggs were delicious. And they kept a copy of the local newspaper for customers. It was that newspaper she was reading right now. The story she was interested in was front page news but it continued on pages 3,4 and 5.

‘Jarryd Woodwater, local night club singer and former contestant on Canadian Idol, was last night arrested for the alleged rape of a 19 year old student. The alleged offence happened a month ago but new evidence came to light this week. A sample of semen taken from the girl’s jacket that she wore on the evening in question has now tested positive for Jarryd’s dna. A police spokesman said that it was a surprising and significant discovery.’

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