The conversation turns to sex and spankings
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We met them at our local pub when they sat in the bar
stools next to ours. They were an attractive couple,
physically fit and about our age. They struck up a
conversation with us, saying they were new in town and
could we recommend a good restaurant. They were easy
to talk to, and both Laura and I felt an instant
connection with them.

Karl was a tall man, well built, masculine, and well
dressed in a loose fitting shirt and pants. He had a
deep voice and a strong, almost dominating, presence.
He sat next to Laura and throughout the night gave her
plenty of attention, offering compliments and
occasionally touching her arm. At times they seemed to
be having a private conversation. When he swiveled in
his stool and pressed his thigh against hers, I
noticed that she didn’t object or move her leg. It was
easy to see that she found him attractive, and to be
honest, I was a little bit jealous.

His wife Cynthia was equally attractive, but smallish,
petite, and much quieter. She sat on the stool on his
other side, wearing a short skirt that exposed her
toned legs. Throughout the night Karl kept his hand on
her bare thigh, seemingly keeping her legs apart. At
first his hand remained near her knee, but as the
night progressed his hand slid up higher until it
reached just under her skirt.

The pub had had a jukebox, and when a sensual R&B song
played, Karl pushed his stool back, grabbed Cynthia’s
hand, and said, “Time to dance.” His abruptness caused
her to spill her drink. She placed the glass on the
bar and swiveled in her stool. As she brushed the
dampness from her skirt her legs parted, revealing a
white panty under her skirt. Laura caught me looking
and nudged me in the stomach. Karl also caught me
looking; he looked in my eyes but said nothing.

On the dance floor Karl wrapped his arms around his
wife who almost melted in his embrace. They danced
slowly, sensually, grinding their bodies into each
other. His hands rested on her lower back but by the
time the song ended they dropped down to her ass; she
offered no resistance. I have to admit – they put on a
pretty sexy show.

Back at the bar Karl talked about their recent
relocation. He explained why they moved to our town,
how they found the house, the problems with their
closing, and all the work they had been doing moving
in and fixing it up. Then he suggested we stop by ‘for
a peek’ since it was just two blocks from the pub.
“You’ll be our first guests.” We tried to protest but
he wouldn’t hear of it.

Neither Laura nor I were ready for the evening to end,
and since it was a perfect night for a walk we finally
agreed. I held Laura’s hand as we followed them to a
small but well-maintained corner house. Once inside,
Karl gave quick tour of the downstairs while Cynthia
went upstairs to change. In the kitchen Karl opened a
bottle of white wine and handed us cold beers, then
led us into the living room. We sat on a large,
overstuffed sofa; Karl sat in a wide chair across from
us. Cynthia returned from upstairs in a sheer blouse
with no bra, and tight black yoga pants that wrapped
her butt like cellophane. “Much better,” she said as
she walked towards a corner table.

“You gotta love yoga pants,” Karl joked.

“Oh, he does,” Laura said as she squeezed my thigh.

“They sure highlight a woman’s ass.” Karl just smiled
as his wife playfully pushed her butt out for us to
admire. “And look at that awesome ass!”

Slightly embarrassed, she stopped posing. She walked
over to him, gave him a peck on the cheek, and
squeezed herself into his chair.

“Are you an ass man?” Karl asked me.

The question took me by surprise – he was so blunt, so
direct – but before I could say anything Laura
answered for me: “Oh, most definitely.”

“Most men are. It’s a primeval sexual impulse.” With
this the conversation turned to sex, carefully guided
there by Karl. At first it was mostly generalities –
the difference between men and women, the change in
fashions and attitudes, the popularity of “50 Shades
of Gray”. But gradually Karl got more personal,
letting us know about their sex life. He said that for
them sex seemed to get better as they got older, that
they enjoyed an active and interesting sex life, that
Cynthia was quite the ‘willing and able’ bed partner.

Through all this, Cynthia sat quietly. When he began
asking questions about our sex life – about how
adventurous we were – Laura grew quiet and squeezed my
hand tightly. Clearly uncomfortable with the openness
of the topic she welcomed Cynthia’s offer of a second
beer, hoping the break would bring a change of

Cynthia headed to the kitchen and returned with a
round of drinks. She handed us our beers, then walked
to the chair. She set her glass on one side table. As
she leaned over Karl to set his glass on the other
side table, he gave her butt an ungentle slap. To us
he said, “Isn’t it surprising how many women enjoy a
good spanking?” He grabbed her wrist to keep her in
position, but continued talking to us. “Which is why
’50 Shades’ was so popular. I’m guessing most women
are like Cynthia here -sexually submissive.

She’ll do almost anything I ask her to.”

He tried to gauge our reaction. Had he shocked us?
Offended us? Scared us away? Realizing that he hadn’t,
he continued: “And she enjoys a good ass spanking –
the harder the better.” He looked at his wife
approvingly, then turned to us. “Do you ever spank
Laura?” he asked me.

Again Laura squeezed my hand tightly. I knew she
didn’t want me to answer, and normally I wouldn’t
have, but being a little buzzed from the beers and a
little turned on by the situation I was ready to go
where Karl led us. “Sometimes.”

“Does she enjoy it?”

“Yes, she does.”

“Do you enjoy doing it?”

“Yes. I do.”

“Is she like Cynthia? Is she sexually submissive?”

I knew we were discussing Laura as if she weren’t in
the room, but Karl was controlling the conversation.
Peripherally I saw that my wife was staring at the
floor. I gave her a few seconds to stop me, but there
was only silence. “Yes, she is,” I finally answered.
Laura released the pressure on my hand. Her legs,
which had been parted only an inch or two, now closed

Karl was still holding his wife’s wrist with his right
hand. With his left hand he began rubbing her ass
through the yoga pant. His hand moved in a seductive
circular motion. Laura and I watched in silence.

“Cynthia will do anything I ask her to do. Will Laura
do anything you ask her?”

I thought about this for a second. Again I waited for
Laura to object, but her lack of response revealed the
true answer: “Yes, I think she will.”

Karl then slapped his wife’s butt, hard. To me, he
asked, “Do you enjoy seeing other women spanked?”

Hopeful to see what I thought I was about to see, I

He looked up at this wife: “I want to show them.”
Cynthia glanced at us as if to see if we objected.
When we didn’t she took a step to his side, then
gracefully slipped onto his lap. She lowered herself
to rest her stomach on his lap. Her knees almost
touched the floor. At first her arms hung down,
touching the floor, but without being instructed she
crossed them behind her back.

“She’s well trained,” Karl told us. He grabbed her
wrists with his left hand, and held up his right hand,
open palm above her rear. “How many, Laura? How many
shall I give her?”

Both he and I then looked at Laura, awaiting her
reply. Even Cynthia – who had been looking down at the
floor – turned to look. Laura hesitated. Karl waited
patiently until I placed my hand on Laura’s shoulder
and said, “Answer him.”

And she did: “Ten.”

Karl smiled. Then he grabbed the waistband of
Cynthia’s yoga pants, and with a sharp tug he yanked
them over half her butt, exposing most of her ass and
a pink thong. When she raised her torso up from his
lap he pulled the pants lower, about halfway down her
thighs. He was right – she had a great ass: firm and

Then his hand came down, not too hard. “One,” Cynthia
let out, counting without being instructed. Karl
lifted his hand again and looked at us. He slapped her
again, harder this time (we could tell by the volume),
and Cynthia counted ‘two’. Karl rested his hand on her
ass and rubbed her cheeks, then slid it between her
legs, forcing her to spread them as much as the pants
around her thighs allowed.

He pulled the thong’s elastic band away from her and
let go. His hand went up; his hand came down, harder
this time: We could see the redness it left behind, we
watched her hands clench, we heard a tremor in her
voice when she counted ‘three’. The fourth slap was
softer and her hands unclenched. The fifth was harder;
Cynthia flinched in pain. Then ‘six’. And ‘seven’.

“Is this turning him on?” Karl asked my wife.

“I’m sure it is.”

“There’s only one way to be sure. Feel his cock.”

I was worried that Karl had crossed the line, but
Laura, as entranced as I was, reached over and set her
hand in my lap. She felt my erection through my pants.
“Yes, he’s turned on.”

“How do you know?”

Her voice grew softer. “His cock is hard.”

“Louder,” he ordered. I was surprised to find him
commanding her, and equally surprised to see that she
fell under his control.

“His cock is hard.” Her hand began to massage my hard-

Karl’s hand went up, then applied a milder slap.
Cynthia counted ‘eight’ and Karl rubbed her now
reddening ass. For the ninth stroke, he gripped her
wrists tighter and gave her the hardest slap yet. Her
whole body flinched. Her face clenched up. Even Laura
jumped. Karl reached and stroked Cynthia’s head and
waited for Cynthia to moan a ‘nine’. The tenth slap
was barely a tap. He let his hand rest on her ass,
then it dipped down into her crotch.

“As you two seem to be enjoying the show I can
continue.” He looked at my wife. “It’s up to you,
Laura. Shall I stop? Or shall I give her five more?”

What would she say? I thought she give her new friend
some relief or want this to end quickly. Or was she
truly enjoying this? Was she as turned on as I was?
“Yes,” she said firmly as she squeezed my cock. “Five

Karl nodded and smiled.

Another slap, a hard one, and Cynthia counted
‘eleven.’ Then came the twelfth. After the thirteenth
he asked Laura: “Does watching this turn you on?”

She was still rubbing me. I watched as she nodded to

“How do I know this is turning you on?”

Laura shook her head.

Karl pulled his hand from his wife’s crotch.
“Cynthia’s panty is wet; that’s how I know this is
turning her on.” He rubbed his fingers with his thumb,
to show the dampness he had felt. “So how do I know if
this is turning you on?”

Her voice was shy, meek. “If my panty is wet?”

“I won’t know unless you show me.” His voice grew
firmer, and these words came out a command: “Show me.”

Again, I expected this to be the final straw, but
again she didn’t protest. But she also didn’t obey him
either – she merely sat there. I knew it was up to me
to make the next move. Would I let her expose herself
to a stranger? After seconds of indecision I placed my
hand on her left leg and pulled it towards me. I
expected her to resist, but to my surprise she allowed
me to move it to the side. And when I reached for her
right leg, she moved it on her own, spreading her

Her skirt was still covering her, but when Karl
ordered “Show me” a second time (even more firmly) she
lifted her skirt up to her belly, revealing her sheer
white panty. I doubt he could see it, but I made out
the patch of dampness in the fabric, and the outline
of her moist lips.

“Very good,” he said. Then another slap, and Cynthia
counted ‘fourteen.’ Karl smiled. Then came the final
slap, loud and hard. Cynthia flinched, counted
‘fifteen,’ and then slowly let her body release its
tension. In a fluid motion she slid off his lap until
she was kneeling at his side, the pants still
stretched around her thighs. Her erect nipples
stretched against her sheer blouse. She looked up at
her husband. “Thank you.”

He moved his hand to her face, then inserted two
fingers into her mouth, which she proceeded to suck
greedily. “You’ll thank me later. Upstairs. When I
fuck your pussy.” If Laura hadn’t stopped rubbing me I
would have cum in my pants.

As the show was over Laura began to close her leg, but
Karl looked cross, and said sternly: “I didn’t tell
you to stop.” I didn’t know what was going through her
mind, but she obediently opened her legs again. Karl
sat back into the chair, and nodded in approval.

By now Cynthia had pulled away, but remained kneeling
on the floor. Karl looked at us, and we at him, and no
one spoke. He reached over and petted his wife’s head.
“As you can see, Cynthia is sexually submissive. She
will do anything I ask her to do. If I want her to be
spanked in front of strangers, she will do it. And she
enjoys it.”

He picked up his drink and took a long sip, then set
the glass down carefully. “Now, you, Laura, are also
sexually submissive. And you would do anything your
husband asks of you. So if he wanted to spank you in
front of strangers you would let him do that. Wouldn’t
you?” A brief pause. “Of course you would. And do you
think it would turn him on to spank you in front of
someone else?”

She finally spoke. “Yes.” She placed her hand in mine
again and we knew where this was headed – it was now
our turn to put on a show.

At least that’s what we thought. Karl had other ideas:
“And would it turn him on to have another man spank
you? For him to watch you in another man’s lap,
spanked by another man’s hand? Would that turn him

She squeezed my hand hard. I recalled all the nights I
had fantasized about seeing her with another man, but
that was just fantasy. Would I really want it in
reality? She looked at me but I said nothing.

“Well? Would that turn him on?” A pause. “Ask him if
he wants it.”

Again she turned to me. What was she feeling… was
that fear or excitement? Was it uncertainty at what
could transpire or desire for a new experience? She
cleared her throat. When she spoke it was like she was
issuing a challenge. “Do you want to watch Karl spank

Now it was my time to decide how far this would go,
how far we would go. But I had trouble deciding what I
truly wanted and I took too long to reply.

“Answer her,” Karl ordered.

It was time to sink or swim. “I do,” and I watched
Laura carefully as she bit her lip.

“Then bring her.” As he patted his lap Karl resembled
a king on a throne. I guess that made me his obedient
servant. And being under his spell I slowly rose up
from the sofa. Laura’s hand was still in mine, so it
was easy to help her stand up. We both avoided eye as
we walked across the room and approached Karl’s chair.
His throne. He sat up straight and again patted his

We squeezed each other’s hands as if we were both
waiting for the other to stop this, but when neither
of us did I helped my wife lower herself onto his lap.
She squirmed to find a comfortable position, and soon
was in an all-fours position, but with her knees and
hands not reaching the floor.

Cynthia, still kneeling, watched in silence.

“Her hands,” Karl ordered, and I reached for Laura’s
left hand and twisted it around her back. She lifted
her right arm to join it. I placed my hands around her
wrists, as if checking to ensure they were bound

Karl’s voice remained firm: “Her skirt.”

I trembled to think about what I was about to do – to
reveal Laura’s ass to a stranger – but I followed his
order. I lifted the skirt up, over her ass, and
brought the hem up to her hands so she could hold it
steady, to keep her panty-clad ass exposed to Karl and

“Tell her to enjoy herself.”

I crouched down and used my hand to turn her face to
me. She looked flush. “Enjoy this,” I told her. I
leaned close and kissed her, letting my tongue slip
into her mouth. When I pulled away I heard her gasp.

“Now go. Sit,” Karl instructed. “Enjoy the show.”

I nodded obediently, then returned to the sofa. I
watched as Karl firmly held my wife’s wrists with one
hand, while his other hand massaged the back of her
head. He rubbed her gently, then moved his hand down
her back. Again, he was gentle, rubbing her shoulder
blades, the center of her back, then the small of her

Leaning over he reached to rub the back of her left
thigh, then the right, squeezing the flesh, before
letting his large hand rest atop her the back of her
panty. I was amazed to see this – another man’s hand
on her ass – but felt only excitement. As he began to
rub her ass, he looked over at me, sizing me up,
pleased to have both her and I under his power.

He lifted up his hand. “How do you want this, Laura –
gentle or rough.”

Her answer shocked me. “Don’t be gentle.”

Seconds later his open palm came down. Without being
asked, she let out a firm ‘one.’ I was surprised to
hear her count – she had never done this with me.

The next slap was a little harder, and Laura counted
‘two.’ The third was even harder, and I saw her body
flinch. “Three.” Karl reached to her panty and pulled
each side into the crack of her ass, turning it into a
makeshift thong and exposing her cheeks. He then
slapped the inside of her thigh to force her to spread
her legs. A louder slap. “Four.” The fifth slap was

As Karl massaged her ass he told me, “I told you to
enjoy this. Take off your pants.”

All three of them watched as I undid my zipper and
opened my pants. Too turned on to feel embarrassed I
lifted my rear up and slid the pants down to ankles,
then tugged the waistband of my underwear to expose my
erection. There I sat on the sofa, bare-assed with a

“Stroke it, but don’t cum,” he instructed.

As my hand grasped my cock, his fingers stroked the
white flesh of my wife’s ass. Her butt wasn’t as firm
and round as Cynthia, but I had no complaints. Neither
did Karl, who was smiling as he examined it. He
kneaded the flesh, and pinched it a few times. At one
point his fingers dipped between her legs. Was that a
moan I heard?

He lifted his hand, and then brought it down hard on
Laura’s ass. “Six.” The next slap came down harder
than anything she had ever experienced before. Her
whole body rocked and she screamed “Ow!” I could see
the red marks forming. I waited for her to count, but
she didn’t. This would not do; Karl grabbed her hair
and pulled her head up. His roughness took her by
surprise. He didn’t care. “I can’t hear you.”

She instantly remembered what was required of her:

After a gentle eighth slap, he commanded her to look
at me. She turned to watch me stroking my cock. “He
likes this,” he told her. I could see his hand settle
onto her ass. He pushed the underwear out of her crack
and ran a finger up and down the crack. “You’re lying
half naked in another man’s lap, with his fingers in
your ass, and your husband is jerking off.”

Laura’s eye had a glassy stare.

“Ask him if he minds me playing with your ass?”

She was breathing heavy as she spoke. “Do you enjoy
watching Karl … play with my ass?”

I nodded unsurely.

She let out a wild, erotic smile, but then her face
clenched when the ninth slap came suddenly. And she
almost teared up when the final, tenth slap came. She
started to lift herself up, but Karl used his hand to
push her down, restraining her in his lap. “Cynthia,
dear.” He waited for his wife to look up at him.
“Shall I stop at ten?” She shook her head; hers was an
almost cruel smile.

And then came the eleventh slap. And the twelfth. Karl
placed his hand on the back of her head and massaged
her scalp again. “Do you think I’m enjoying this?” he
asked her.


“How can you tell?”

I could barely hear her, but hear her I did: “You’re

“What’s hard?”

“Your cock is hard.”

“Can you feel it?”


I realized that she had been lying on his erection the
whole time. Of course he was; how could he not be
turned on. There he was, having my wife rub against
his cock while his hands were all over her.

“What does it feel like?”

“It’s big.” And then, as if for my benefit: “Your cock
feels so big.”

“Of course it is.” The next slap took her by surprise.
“Thirteen!” she said, almost crying. He went easy for
the next one. But then came the final, fifteenth, and
I could see how much it hurt her. But soon Laura’s
body relaxed. She pushed herself up, out of his lap,
until she was kneeling on the floor. Her skirt dropped
down to cover her rear, and I watched her reach behind
her to fix her panty and rub her ass.

Karl relaxed, positioning his legs on each side of
her. He sat back in the chair and took the final sips
of his drink. His legs were spread, and the bulge in
his pants was easy to see. Laura started to get up,
but Karl pushed down on her shoulder. He stared into
her eyes and waited, until she finally realized what
was required: “Thank you, Karl.”

“Is that the proper way to thank a man for giving you
what I gave you?”

“Huh?” She seemed confused, a little disoriented.

To me he asked: “How does she thank you after you
spank her? After she gets your cock this hard?” He
grabbed himself through his loose-fitting pants and
even from across the room I could see the form of his

Laura looked at me and shook her head, almost pleading
me with her eyes to not answer. But being so turned on
I couldn’t help it. “She… She sucks my cock.”

Karl smiled. “Yes, that sounds like an appropriate
‘thank you’.”

He moved his hand to her chin. “Doesn’t it?”

Laura started to shake her head slowly, but with his
hand on her chin he physically forced her head up and
down. He nodded his head up and down, in unison. She
looked up at him and I knew there was no turning back.
Karl knew, too. “Do you like big cocks?”

She just knelt there, staring until he said, “Do you?”
in a firm voice, and she meekly replied, “Yes.”

He released her chin, sat back in the chair, and
deftly unsnapped his pants. He lowered the zipper,
waited a few seconds, then lowered it all the way. He
pulled the fly flaps apart, revealing his underwear-
encased cock, fully hard and pushing against the
fabric. “Take it out.”

She hesitated, but soon lifted her hand. Was it
shaking? Entranced, she placed it on the top of his
underwear and began to free his cock. He lifted his
butt up and inched his pants down, freeing his cock
and balls. “Take it in your hands,” he instructed and
she wrapped her fingers around it.

Cynthia, still kneeling on the side of the chair,
watched with glassy eyes, and began to rub herself
between her legs. I was rubbing myself, too. When
Laura’s hand began to move faster I knew she was lost
in the moment and there was no turning back. When Karl
told her to “Spit on my cock” she lowered her head,
swished some spit in her mouth, then let a wad of
wetness drop from her mouth onto the head of his cock.
“More,” he ordered, and she spread her fingers to let
the next mouthful wet her palm. With her hands fully
lubricating, she proceeded to give him an intense
handjob. She was getting into it now.

He leaned forward to place his hand on the top of her
head; as he forced it down a few inches he commanded
her to spit again. As she opened her mouth he pushed
the head down more, forcing her lips onto his cock.
“Kiss it,” he said, but she needed no further

She planted several kisses on the cockhead, and even
dabbed her tongue on it. She opened her mouth wider to
suck on the head of his cock. I knew she was swirling
her tongue on the head, and watched her right hand
pump him. Then she licked the length of his shaft up
and down like a lollipop, until finally moving her
mouth up to finally engulf his cock with her wet lips.
Her passion was building, and she leaned in closer to
him. It looked like she was in heat, going to town on
that cock, slurping it up.

Karl kept talking to her: “That’s so good.” “Suck it,
honey.” “Take my cock, all of it.” He even held her
hair away from her face to give me a good view of the
blowjob. “That’s quite the cocksucker you have here.”
When I started to rub myself again, Karl caught me:
“Come and fuck her while she sucks my cock.”

I hurried over, and knelt behind her. Cynthia,
kneeling beside us, was bringing herself to climax. I
flipped Laura’s skirt onto her back and saw her free
hand between her legs, rubbing her pussy inside her
panty. I pulled the panty down to her knees and jammed
my fingers to meet hers inside her cunt. She was
wetter than I ever remembered feeling.

“Look at that sweet ass of hers,” Karl told me. It was
covered it patches of bright redness and I rubbed my
cock over the sore flesh, then let it slide inside her
ass crack. “And that mouth-”

Unable to wait, I angled my cock into her pussy. As I
pressed my body into her, she pressed her ass towards
me. My cock dug deep inside her. I grabbed her hips
with both hands and began to hump her. Laura’s left
hand moved from her pussy to Karl’s lap; she cupped
his balls and squeezed and fondled them.

Karl placed both of his hands on her head, holding her
head down to keep her mouth on his cock. “You’re going
to take this now, all of it, all … of my… hot…
cum. Take it!” And with that he lifted his butt to
shove his cock further into her mouth, while still
holding her head firmly. “Take it… Swallow it…
Don’t lose a drop.”

I heard her moan and groan, and felt her ass begin
quiver. Her mouth she kept affixed to his cock, as if
glued around it, sucking it. Her hands kneading his
balls as she wanted to fill her mouth with even more
cum. His face twisted up as Laura kept sucking every
last drop, just as he ordered. My orgasm was building,
as was Laura’s. Finished now, Karl pulled her face
away from his crotch; his cock flopped onto his thigh
and a few more drops of cum spurted onto his thigh.
Then he pushed her face down and forced her to lick up
those drops.

And there I was with my cock deep inside my wife,
while another man held her head down forcing her to
greedily lick up his last drops of cum. I couldn’t
hold on any longer. I felt my body shake and the most
intense orgasm of my life overtake me. As my cum
spurted inside her juicy pussy, Laura, too, began to
shake and quiver. She came furiously, her body almost
thrashing about, trying to force my cock deeper and
deeper inside her.

After the orgasm, we didn’t move or speak for several
minutes. The spell that Karl had cast had been broken,
and both Laura and myself were overcome with doubt at
what had just transpired. With my softening cock still
inside her, she backed away from Karl’s lap, forcing
me to back up as well. My cock slipped out of her and
she move to lie down on the rug. I moved towards her
and laid next to her. I put my arm around her and held
her close.

We stared into each other’s eyes, neither of us
speaking. I wasn’t sure if she was about to cry or
laugh. We were both trembling from nerves. But then I
leaned closer to kiss her cum dampened lips, and she
hugged me tighter, keeping me pressed against her

Behind us Karl stood up and took his wife by the hand.
“Let’s go upstairs,” he told her in a quiet voice.
They walked to the staircase behind them, and as they
left, he said, “Turn off the light before you leave.”

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