Alison, a faithful wife
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The buzz of conversation coming through the open doorway
ahead told her she was in the right place. The hotel was
new to her but the receptionist had phoned through and
invited her to a party for guests that evening. ‘It’s at
6.30 in the courtyard and you’re welcome to come,’ she
had said. Great!

She had flown in to Darwin that afternoon at the start
of her first holiday alone in 25 years of married life.
The flight from her home city in one of Australia’s
south-eastern states had taken four hours, a long haul
across the dusty, dry inland of Northern Australia.
Darwin felt really exciting to her: it was tropical and
exotic, the air filled with strange and interesting
scents, and she was far from home in a place where not a
soul knew her.

She paused at the entrance to the party and looked
around to take in the scene. There were scattered groups
of people, drinking and chatting – travelers and
businessmen and probably some of the locals as well. As
Darwin has always been something of a frontier town
there were, as usual, more men than women.

A waiter brought her a drink and she looked around for
someone to talk to. A nice old couple spoke to her for a
while and when they drifted off she caught the eye of a
man in his early 40’s: around 5’8′ tall and sturdy, his
blonde hair thinning just a little, but with a big
friendly smile on his face. ‘Hello! My name’s Chris. Can
I get you another drink?’

‘I’m Alison and I’d love another drink,’ she said. ‘It’s
been a long day.’

They settled down to talk and after half an hour of
animated conversation she happily accepted his offer of
dinner in the hotel dining room. He was extremely
pleasant and clearly attracted to her.

Gently enquiring, he found out that she was married but
separated at the time. She felt she would get back
together with her husband but there had been a long
rocky patch. Her husband had been involved in an affair
for a couple of years and every time she had gone away
somewhere, even for a day or two, he had rushed off to
see his lover. She felt sure that this time would be no
exception – despite all the promises that the affair was

Chris listened attentively and with considerable
sympathy. ‘Why hasn’t he come with you?’ he asked.
‘Well, he said we needed some time on our own and I just
wanted to get right away from everything that’s happened
so I decided to take a package holiday and here I am,’
Alison replied. ‘I’m leaving to continue my holiday tour
in the morning but tonight I just want to enjoy myself.
And it’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m celebrating

‘Well, I’d certainly like to help you do that,’ he said.
It wasn’t hard to work out what he meant. ‘Hey, I’ve
been faithfully married for 25 years so don’t get your
hopes up,’ was Alison’s cheerful reply. But he was
rather nice and why the hell shouldn’t she enjoy herself
after all she’d been through with a husband who’d been
unfaithful and had deceived her for the past few years?
And besides, her husband hadn’t been interested in sex
with her for a long time – even though his lover was
supposedly off the scene.

The dinner was just perfect, the wine excellent and her
companion as ardent as any woman could want. The
conversation flowed very easily, even though she was
aware that they really didn’t have a great deal in
common. This was going to be a short-term acquaintance,
she decided, but so what? She enjoyed flirting with this
man: it really gave her a buzz to be with someone who,
quite clearly, was keen to take her to bed.

When Chris invited her to enjoy the lights of Darwin
from his room on the hotel’s top floor she accepted
readily. He ordered another bottle of wine to take with
them and they caught the lift to the top floor.

This is getting interesting, she thought, as they made
light conversation while the lift whirred upwards. I’m
feeling nervous and excited and there are definitely
butterflies in my tummy. I do believe I’m getting wet
down there. I think I’m going to have sex with this man
and what’s more I’m going to enjoy it! Yes, please!

Chris opened the door, found some side lights, turned on
the ceiling fan and poured them both another glass of
wine. Then he opened the door to the balcony and the
warm, tropical night invited them out. His arm went
around her waist as they leaned over the rail. She moved
closer and turned her head towards him as he bent to
kiss her. She has a soft, inviting kiss and after quite
a few drinks during the evening was feeling very relaxed
and sexy. Their tongues met inside her mouth and the
view of Darwin was swiftly forgotten.

‘May I see your breasts?’ he asked softly. ‘I don’t see
why not,’ she replied, knowing what he was really asking
and what she was actually saying ‘yes’ to. ‘Let’s go
inside,’ he said.

He lowered the lighting by flicking off the room’s
sidelights and turning on the bathroom light, leaving
the door open a fraction. She took off her jacket and he
began to unbutton her blouse.

‘I’m a little self-conscious about this,’ she said. ‘I’m
not some skinny young thing and it’s been a long time
since anyone but my husband saw my breasts.’

‘Don’t worry Alison,’ he said, ‘I really like big
girls.’ His hands found the hooks at the back of her bra
and flicked them open one by one, releasing her large
breasts. ‘Oh, they’re really nice,’ said Chris. ‘May I?’
he said as he reached out and cupped one in each hand.

Alison’s breasts more than filled his hands. He began to
squeeze, gently and then more firmly as he saw her eyes
close in delight. His fingers and thumbs closed on her
nipples and applied gentle pressure. He bent to suck
first one nipple and then the other, continuing to knead
her breasts with his fingers. Her knees buckled beneath
her and she slowly sank onto the bed.

Chris bent over her to work on her breasts with his lips
and one hand. His other hand caressed her thighs and
gently began to explore the valley between them.
Alison’s breath came faster and she began to moan as
Chris’s sucking and stroking became more insistent. She
had always been responsive to having her breasts fondled
and before she was married any man who managed to fasten
his lips to a nipple had a very good chance of getting
everything he wanted.

Chris slipped off his shirt and undid his belt, then
continued to fondle Alison’s breasts.

He worked his hand under her skirt and began to ease her
panties off. There was no resistance there either. In
fact, she lifted her bottom to help him slip them off.
It was all so very easy. The rest of her clothes came
off and his fingers caressed her mound, sliding gently
into her vagina to stroke her clitoris. She was soaking
wet already!

Alison fumbled for his zipper and her hand slipped into
his trousers, searching for his cock. She squeezed and
stroked it, lubricating the head and the shaft with the
juice that was seeping out of the tip.

Breaking off for a moment, Chris found the packet of
condoms he always carried and, discarding the rest of
his clothes, quickly slipped a condom onto his large
penis. He moved between Alison’s wide-open legs and bent
to kiss her thighs and abdomen, beginning at the tuft of
pubic hair and moving up to suck and squeeze her
breasts. She was begging for it now, moaning, her eyes
glazed and half-closed, her legs wide open and her hips
softly bucking. She needed his cock in her right now!
She reached down and guided it to the entrance. He
pushed in slowly, the tip of his cock opening her up and
the long, thick shaft occupying the conquered territory.

Her cunt was very wet and warm and welcoming and he
gently thrust all the way home as she moaned and
shuddered in ecstasy. It had been a long time since she
had enjoyed sex and this was a man she could fuck
without any of the tension, anger and recriminations
that surrounded her marriage. ‘Oh, God,’ she thought,
‘that feels so good. I’m being fucked by a stranger and
I love it!’

Her hands flew to his chest, stroking his nipples and
moving around to clutch his back. She reached down to
his buttocks and grasped them, pulling him further into
her. Her legs locked around him, fastening him in place.
The body language was very clear: ‘fuck me deeper, fuck
me harder, fuck me faster. FUCK ME!’

Chris was delighted to oblige. Slowly at first but with
increasing speed he began to hump her, the muscles in
his back and buttocks taut as he pumped in and out in a
rhythm that brought gathering excitement and tension to
both of them.

For the next 10 minutes or so he gave her what she later
described as ‘really good, exciting sex.’ The excitement
for Alison, she said, was in enjoying a new body with
its different skin texture, scent, flesh and muscle
shape. Chris’s movement was different to her husband’s
and this was really thrilling. And he grunted in
appreciation as he pounded it into her. She loved that.

‘My husband is fairly quiet when we’re having sex and it
was exciting to have a man who grunted as he fucked me.
It really turned me on,’ she said. ‘I was determined to
have an orgasm. Even though it was my first experience
with another man for 25 years I found it really easy to
have sex with him. That surprised me. And, with a
strange man heaving away on top of me, having an orgasm
was also easy. It was like I was experiencing one of my
fantasies. It was really good, really exciting. It was
just great!’

Alison explained that there was a reason for it, apart
from the sheer pleasure of sex with a new man. ‘I wanted
to have sex with someone else in order to break the
bonds of fidelity. With my husband having sex with
another woman what was the point of me being faithful?’

Alison’s orgasm was shattering and she slumped back on
the bed, exhausted. Chris paused for a moment to let her
get her breath and then resumed thrusting for another
couple of minutes. She was happy to just lie back and
let him pound away.

‘I think he’d been waiting for me to come,’ she said,
‘and he exploded not long after I came. I was quite
pleased and flattered when he came because it’s a really
nice compliment when a man does that because of you.’
Chris gave a final hard thrust and then groaned,
shuddered and collapsed on top of her as he fired his

Alison found the experience fulfilling on several
levels. ‘Well, first of all, he was a good lover and
that was clearly very satisfying. But it also gave me
back some of my self-respect – the feeling that I was an
attractive woman who could still excite and arouse men
and make them want to take me to bed. He was very ardent
and I liked that.’

I’d been very hurt and depressed as a result of my
marriage problems and I had lost a lot of my self
esteem. Chris really wanted to fuck me and that was very
pleasing and exciting. Going to bed with him was a very
healing and positive experience for me. I was presented
with the opportunity at just the right moment and
although I regret the fact that my marriage had reached
a very low ebb I’m very glad that fate gave me the
opportunity. I didn’t do for revenge but simply to
balance up the scales.’

They lay on the bed for a while. Chris was clearly
hoping for more. He invited Alison to stay the night and
have breakfast with him but she said she had to get back
to her room and get ready to leave early in the morning.
She dressed and left, accepting his compliments (‘You’re
a very sexy lady.’) and taking the telephone number,
which he gave her. He pressed her to call him when she
got home, as they both lived in the same city and he
wanted to see her again.

Back in her room, Alison was jubilant and very excited.
‘YES! I really did it! And it was great!’ She had a long
shower, and then sat down to watch television because
she was too excited to sleep.

She crept out of the hotel the following morning, hoping
she wasn’t going to run into Chris on the way out. He’d
served his purpose and she had no intention of seeing
him again. The scrap of paper with his telephone number
was left in the wastebasket in her room.

As for Chris, he could be proud of his conquest. Chris
is like a lot of men who get a big kick out of having
sex with other men’s wives. This had been a special
occasion: a virgin wife of 25 years seduced. And she had
loved every minute of it. The big surprise for Alison
was the discovery that she could thoroughly enjoy sex
with other men without the experience having the
slightest effect on her love for her husband.

For the next few weeks, Alison looked back on that night
with a little thrill and a warm feeling between her
legs. She had learned a lot about herself but most of
all she had discovered that sex and love are two
separate areas for her. She could gain great pleasure
from a one-night stand with a strange man – even though
she is still happily married to me.

As for me, I discovered to my great surprise that the
thought of my wife being fucked by other men is
enormously exciting and thrilling. I’ve told her that
she’s welcome to do it again – any time she likes. I’m
very pleased that she’s not the virgin wife any more. I
love her all the more because of what happened that
night in Darwin.

We now have a new arrangement for our marriage: her vow
of fidelity has been erased. She can please herself if
she wants to have sex with other men. And she knows that
I’m very proud of her. She’s a sexy woman who attracts
other men, as well as being my best friend, my business
partner and a great cook.

So far, she hasn’t taken advantage of our new marriage
arrangement. All that’s happened is that we have bought
her some sexy new bras, which show off her breasts
really well. She’s encouraged to flirt with other men
and she enjoys that a lot. I’m hoping that sooner or
later one of them is going to pin her to a mattress and
give her a good fucking. It’s fine by me if she decides
to go out on her own at night and come home the next day
with her hair all messed up, her makeup smudged and her
knickers in her handbag. She’s a woman who really enjoys
sex and now she knows how good it can be with a

This is a true story. The names have been changed but
the facts are correct. Alison told me all about her
night in Darwin. Chris, the man who had sex with Alison,
doesn’t know it but I’m really grateful to him. He
introduced us both to a new world of sexual pleasure at
a time when our marriage was on the rocks. My affair is
in the past and there won’t be any others. I don’t need
a lover now that I’ve discovered how sexy my wife really

So, Chris, if you’re reading this: thanks for fucking my

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